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Exodus 14:14-15

  14 H3068 The LORD H3898 [H8735] shall fight H2790 [H8686] for you, and ye shall hold your peace.
  15 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] said H4872 to Moses, H6817 [H8799] Why shriekest H1696 [H8761] thou to me? speak H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H5265 [H8799] that they go forward:

Romans 12:21

  21 G3528 0 Be G3361 not G3528 [G5744] overcome G5259 by G2556 bad, G235 but G3528 [G5720] overcome G2556 bad G1722 with G18 good.

2 Thessalonians 1:1-12

  1 G3972 Paul, G2532 and G4610 Silvanus, G2532 and G5095 Timothy, G1577 to the congregation G2331 of the Thessalonians G1722 in G2316 God G2257 our G3962 Father G2532 and G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed:
  2 G5485 Grace G5213 to you, G2532 and G1515 peace, G575 from G2316 God G2257 our G3962 Father G2532 and G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed.
  3 G3784 [G5719] We are bound G2168 [G5721] to thank G2316 God G3842 always G4012 for G5216 you, G80 brethren, G2531 as G2076 [G5748] it is G514 worthy, G3754 because G5216 your G4102 faith G5232 [G5719] groweth exceedingly, G2532 and G26 the charity G1538 of each G1520 one G5216 of you G3956 all G1519 toward G240 each other G4121 [G5719] aboundeth;
  4 G5620 So G2248 that we G846 ourselves G2744 [G5738] boast G1722 in G5213 you G1722 in G3588 the G1577 congregations G2316 of God G5228 for G5216 your G5281 patience G2532 and G4102 faith G1722 in G3956 all G5216 your G1375 persecutions G2532 and G2347 tribulations G3739 that G430 [G5736] ye bear:
  5 G1730 Which is a manifest token G1342 of the righteous G2920 judgment G2316 of God, G1519 that G5209 ye G2661 [G5683] may be counted worthy G932 of the kingdom G2316 of God, G5228 for G3739 which G3958 0 ye G2532 also G3958 [G5719] suffer:
  6 G1512 If indeed G1342 it is a righteous thing G3844 with G2316 God G467 [G5629] to recompense G3588 the ones G2346 [G5723] pressing G5209 you G2347 with pressure;
  7 G2532 And G5213 to you G2346 [G5746] who are pressed, G425 rest G3326 with G2257 us, G1722 in G3588 the G602 revelation G3588 of the G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G575 from G3772 heaven G3326 with G846 his G1411 powerful G32 messengers,
  8 G1722 In G5395 flaming G4442 fire G1325 [G5723] taking G1557 vengeance G1492 [G5761] on them that know G3361 not G2316 God, G2532 and G5219 [G5723] that obey G3361 not G2098 the gospel G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed:
  9 G3748 Who G1349 for punishment G5099 [G5692] shall pay G166 age-during G3639 destruction G575 from G4383 the face G3588 of the G2962 Lord, G2532 and G575 from G3588 the G1391 glory G846 of his G2479 strength;
  10 G3752 When G2064 [G5632] he shall come G1740 [G5683] to be glorified G1722 in G846 his G40 holy ones, G2532 and G2296 [G5683] to be admired G1722 by G3956 all G4100 [G5723] them that believe G3754 (because G2257 our G3142 testimony G1909 among G5209 you G4100 [G5681] was believed) G1722 in G1565 that G2250 day.
  11 G1519 G3739 Therefore G2532 also G4336 [G5736] we pray G3842 always G4012 for G5216 you, G2443 that G2257 our G2316 God G515 0 would count G5209 you G515 [G5661] worthy G2821 of this calling, G2532 and G4137 [G5661] fulfil G3956 all G2107 the good pleasure G19 of his goodness, G2532 and G2041 the work G4102 of faith G1722 with G1411 power:
  12 G3704 That G3686 the name G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed G1740 [G5686] may be glorified G1722 in G5213 you, G2532 and G5210 ye G1722 in G846 him, G2596 according to G5485 the grace G2257 of our G2316 God G2532 and G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed.

1 John 2:1-29

  1 G3450 My G5040 little children, G5023 these things G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G3363 0 that G264 [G5632] ye sin G3363 not. G2532 And G1437 if G5100 any man G264 [G5632] sinneth, G2192 [G5719] we have G3875 an advocate G4314 with G3962 the Father, G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed G1342 the righteous:
  2 G2532 And G846 he G2076 [G5748] is G2434 the atonement G4012 for G2257 our G266 sins: G1161 and G3756 not G4012 for G2251 ours G3440 only, G235 but G2532 also G4012 for G3650 the sins of the whole G2889 world.
  3 G2532 And G1722 G5129 by this G1097 [G5719] we do know G3754 that G1097 [G5758] we know G846 him, G1437 if G5083 [G5725] we keep G3588   G846 his G1785 commandments.
  4 G3004 [G5723] He that saith, G1097 [G5758] I know G846 him, G2532 and G5083 [G5723] keepeth G3361 not G846 his G1785 commandments, G2076 [G5748] is G5583 a liar, G2532 and G225 the truth G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G1722 in G5129 him.
  5 G1161 But G3739 whoever G302 G5083 [G5725] keepeth G846 his G3056 word, G1722 in G5129 him G230 verily G5048 0 is G3588 the G26 love G2316 of God G5048 [G5769] perfected: G1722 in G5129 this G1097 [G5719] we know G3754 that G2070 [G5748] we are G1722 in G846 him.
  6 G3004 [G5723] He that saith G3306 [G5721] he abideth G1722 in G846 him G3784 [G5719] ought G846 himself G2532 also G3779 so G4043 [G5721] to walk, G2531 even as G1565 he G4043 [G5656] walked.
  7 G80 Brethren, G1125 [G5719] I write G3756 no G2537 new G1785 commandment G5213 to you, G235 but G3820 an old G1785 commandment G3739 which G2192 [G5707] ye had G575 from G746 the beginning. G3820 The old G1785 commandment G2076 [G5748] is G3056 the word G3739 which G191 [G5656] ye have heard G575 from G746 the beginning.
  8 G3825 Again, G2537 a new G1785 commandment G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G3739 which thing G2076 [G5748] is G227 true G1722 in G846 him G2532 and G1722 in G5213 you: G3754 because G4653 the darkness G3855 [G5731] is past, G2532 and G228 the true G5457 light G2235 now G5316 [G5719] shineth.
  9 G3004 [G5723] He that saith G1511 [G5750] he is G1722 in G5457 the light, G2532 and G3404 [G5723] hateth G846 his G80 brother, G2076 [G5748] is G1722 in G4653 darkness G2193 even until G737 now.
  10 G25 [G5723] He that loveth G846 his G80 brother G3306 [G5719] abideth G1722 in G5457 the light, G2532 and G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G4625 trap-stick G1722 in G846 him.
  11 G1161 But G3404 [G5723] he that hateth G846 his G80 brother G2076 [G5748] is G1722 in G4653 darkness, G2532 and G4043 [G5719] walketh G1722 in G4653 darkness, G2532 and G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3756 not G4226 where G5217 [G5719] he goeth, G3754 because G4653 that darkness G5186 [G5656] hath blinded G846 his G3788 eyes.
  12 G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G5040 little children, G3754 because G266 your sins G863 [G5769] are forgiven G5213 you G1223 0 for G846 his G3686 name's G1223 sake.
  13 G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G3962 fathers, G3754 because G1097 [G5758] ye have known G575 him that is from G746 the beginning. G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G3495 young men, G3754 because G3528 [G5758] ye have overcome G4190 the evil one. G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you, G3813 little children, G3754 because G1097 [G5758] ye have known G3962 the Father.
  14 G1125 [G5656] I have written G5213 to you, G3962 fathers, G3754 because G1097 [G5758] ye have known G575 him that is from G746 the beginning. G1125 [G5656] I have written G5213 to you, G3495 young men, G3754 because G2075 [G5748] ye are G2478 strong, G2532 and G3056 the word G2316 of God G3306 [G5719] abideth G1722 in G5213 you, G2532 and G3528 [G5758] ye have overcome G4190 the evil one.
  15 G25 [G5720] Love G3361 not G2889 the world, G3366 neither G1722 the things that are in G2889 the world. G1437 If G5100 any man G25 [G5725] loveth G2889 the world, G26 the love G3962 of the Father G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G1722 in G846 him.
  16 G3754 For G3956 all G1722 that is in G3588 the G2889 world, G3588 the G1939 lust G3588 of the G4561 flesh, G2532 and G3588 the G1939 lust G3588 of the G3788 eyes, G2532 and G3588 the G212 ostentatiousness G979 of existence, G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G1537 from out of G3588 the G3962 Father, G235 but G2076 [G5748] is G1537 from out of G3588 the G2889 world.
  17 G2532 And G2889 the world G3855 [G5731] passeth away, G2532 and G846 its G1939 lust: G1161 but G4160 [G5723] he that doeth G2307 the will G2316 of God G3306 [G5719] abideth G1519 into G3588 the G165 age.
  18 G3813 Little children, G2076 [G5748] it is G2078 the last G5610 hour: G2532 and G2531 as G191 [G5656] ye have heard G3754 that G500 anti-anointed G2064 [G5736] cometh, G2532 even G3568 now G1096 [G5754] are there G4183 many G500 anti-anointeds; G3606 by which G1097 [G5719] we know G3754 that G2076 [G5748] it is G2078 the last G5610 hour.
  19 G1831 [G5627] They went out G1537 from among G2257 us, G235 but yet G2258 [G5713] they were G3756 not G1537 from among G2257 us; G1063 for G1487 if G2258 [G5713] they were G1537 from among G2257 us, G302 they would G3306 [G5715] have continued G3326 with G2257 us: G235 but rather G2443 they went out, in order that G5319 [G5686] they may be made apparent G3754 that G1526 [G5748] they were G3756 not G3956 all G1537 from among G2257 us.
  20 G2532 But G5210 ye G2192 [G5719] have G5545 an anointing G575 from G40 the Holy One, G2532 and G1492 [G5758] ye know G3956 all things.
  21 G1125 0 I have G3756 not G1125 [G5656] written G5213 to you G3754 because G1492 [G5758] ye know G3756 not G225 the truth, G235 but G3754 because G1492 [G5758] ye know G846 it, G2532 and G3754 that G3956 G3756 no G5579 lie G2076 [G5748] is G1537 of G225 the truth.
  22 G5101 Who G2076 [G5748] is G3588 the G5583 liar G1508 but G3588 the one G720 [G5740] denying G3754 that G2424 Jesus G2076 G3756 [G5748] is G3588 the G5547 Anointed? G3778 He G2076 [G5748] is G3588 the G500 anti-anointed, G3588 the one G720 [G5740] denying G3588 the G3962 Father G2532 and G3588 the G5207 Son.
  23 G3956 Every one G3588   G720 [G5740] denying G3588 the G5207 Son, G3761 neither G2192 [G5719] hath he G3588 the G3962 Father.
  24 G3306 0 Let G3767 that therefore G3306 [G5720] abide G1722 in G5213 you, G3739 which G5210 ye G191 [G5656] have heard G575 from G746 the beginning. G1437 If G3739 that which G191 [G5656] ye have heard G575 from G746 the beginning G3306 [G5661] shall remain G1722 in G5213 you, G5210 ye G2532 also G3306 [G5692] shall continue G1722 in G5207 the Son, G2532 and G1722 in G3962 the Father.
  25 G2532 And G3778 this G2076 [G5748] is G1860 the promise G3739 that G846 he G1861 [G5662] hath promised G2254 us, G166 even age-during G2222 life.
  26 G5023 These G1125 [G5656] things have I written G5213 to you G4012 concerning G4105 [G5723] them that seduce G5209 you.
  27 G2532 But G5545 the anointing G3739 which G5210 ye G2983 [G5627] have received G575 from G846 him G3306 [G5719] abideth G1722 in G5213 you, G2532 and G5532 G2192 [G5719] ye need G3756 not G2443 that G5100 any man G1321 [G5725] should teach G5209 you: G235 but G5613 as G846 the same G5545 anointing G1321 [G5719] teacheth G5209 you G4012 concerning G3956 all things, G2532 and G2076 [G5748] is G227 truth, G2532 and G2076 [G5748] is G3756 no G5579 lie, G2532 and G2531 even as G1321 [G5656] it hath taught G5209 you, G3306 [G5692] ye shall abide G1722 in G846 him.
  28 G2532 And G3568 now, G5040 little children, G3306 [G5720] abide G1722 in G846 him; G2443 that, G3752 when G5319 [G5686] he shall appear, G2192 [G5725] we may have G3954 confidence, G2532 and G3361 not G153 [G5686] be ashamed G575 before G846 him G1722 at G846 his G3952 coming.
  29 G1437 If G1492 [G5762] ye know G3754 that G2076 [G5748] he is G1342 righteous, G1097 [G5719] ye know G3754 that G3956 every one G4160 [G5723] that doeth G1343 righteousness G1080 [G5769] is born G1537 of G846 him.

Isaiah 40:29-31

  29 H5414 [H8802] He giveth H3581 power H3287 to the faint; H202 and to them that have no might H7235 [H8686] he increaseth H6109 strength.
  30 H5288 Even the youths H3286 [H8799] shall faint H3021 [H8799] and be weary, H970 and the young men H3782 [H8800] shall utterly H3782 [H8735] fall:
  31 H6960 [H8802] But they that wait H3068 upon the LORD H2498 [H8686] shall renew H3581 their strength; H5927 [H8799] they shall mount up H83 with wings H5404 as eagles; H7323 [H8799] they shall run, H3021 [H8799] and not be weary; H3212 [H8799] they shall walk, H3286 [H8799] and not faint.

Matthew 7:15

  15 G1161 G4337 [G5720] { Beware G575 from G5578 false prophets, G3748 who G2064 [G5736] come G4314 to G5209 you G1722 in G4263 sheep's G1742 clothing, G1161 but G2081 inwardly G1526 [G5748] they are G727 ravening G3074 wolves.}

2 Corinthians 5:7

  7 G1063 (For G4043 [G5719] we walk G1223 by G4102 faith, G3756 not G1223 by G1491 sight:)

Psalms 91:1-16

  1 H3427 [H8802] He that dwelleth H5643 in the secret H5945 place of the most High H3885 [H8698] shall abide H6738 under the shadow H7706 of the Almighty.
  2 H559 [H8799] I will say H3068 of the LORD, H4268 He is my refuge H4686 and my fortress: H430 my God; H982 [H8799] in him will I trust.
  3 H5337 [H8686] Surely he shall deliver H6341 thee from the snare H3353 of the fowler, H1942 and from the perilous H1698 pestilence.
  4 H5526 [H8686] He shall cover H84 thee with his feathers, H3671 and under his wings H2620 [H8799] shalt thou trust: H571 his truth H6793 shall be thy shield H5507 and buckler.
  5 H3372 [H8799] Thou shalt not be afraid H6343 for the terror H3915 by night; H2671 nor for the arrow H5774 [H8799] that flieth H3119 by day;
  6 H1698 Nor for the pestilence H1980 [H8799] that walketh H652 in darkness; H6986 nor for the destruction H7736 [H8799] that swelleth up H6672 at noonday.
  7 H505 A thousand H5307 [H8799] shall fall H6654 at thy side, H7233 and ten thousand H3225 at thy right hand; H5066 [H8799] but it shall not come near thee.
  8 H5869 Only with thy eyes H5027 [H8686] shalt thou behold H7200 [H8799] and see H8011 the reward H7563 of the wicked.
  9 H7760 [H8804] Because thou hast made H3068 the LORD, H4268 who is my refuge, H5945 even the most High, H4583 thy habitation;
  10 H7451 There shall no evil H579 [H8792] befall H5061 thee, neither shall any plague H7126 [H8799] come near H168 thy tent.
  11 H4397 For he shall give his messengers H6680 [H8762] charge H8104 [H8800] over thee, to keep H1870 thee in all thy ways.
  12 H5375 [H8799] They shall bear thee up H3709 in their hands, H5062 [H8799] lest thou dash H7272 thy foot H68 against a stone.
  13 H1869 [H8799] Thou shalt tread H7826 upon the lion H6620 and adder: H3715 the young lion H8577 and the dragon H7429 [H8799] shalt thou trample under feet.
  14 H2836 [H8804] Because he hath set his love H6403 [H8762] upon me, therefore will I deliver H7682 [H8762] him: I will set him on high, H3045 [H8804] because he hath known H8034 my name.
  15 H7121 [H8799] He shall call H6030 [H8799] upon me, and I will answer H6869 him: I will be with him in trouble; H2502 [H8762] I will deliver H3513 [H8762] him, and honour him.
  16 H753 With long H3117 life H7646 [H8686] will I satisfy H7200 [H8686] him, and show H3444 him my salvation.

Isaiah 43:18-20

  18 H2142 [H8799] Remember H7223 ye not the former things, H995 [H8709] neither consider H6931 the things of old.
  19 H6213 [H8802] Behold, I will do H2319 a new thing; H6779 [H8799] now it shall spring forth; H3045 [H8799] shall ye not know H7760 [H8799] it? I will even make H1870 a way H4057 in the wilderness, H5104 and rivers H3452 in the desert.
  20 H2416 The beast H7704 of the field H3513 [H8762] shall honour H8577 me, the dragons H1323 H3284 and the owls: H5414 [H8804] because I give H4325 waters H4057 in the wilderness, H5104 and rivers H3452 in the desert, H8248 [H8687] to give drink H5971 to my people, H972 my chosen.

Romans 12:9

  9 G26 [G5753] Let love G505 be without hypocrisy. G655 [G5723] Abhor G4190 that which is evil; G2853 [G5746] cleave G18 to that which is good.

Philippians 4:6

  6 G3309 [G5720] Be anxious G3367 for nothing; G235 but G1722 in G3956 every thing G4335 by prayer G2532 and G1162 supplication G3326 with G2169 thanksgiving G1107 0 let G5216 your G155 requests G1107 [G5744] be made known G4314 to G2316 God.

Jeremiah 29:11

  11 H3045 [H8804] For I know H4284 the thoughts H2803 [H8802] that I think H5002 [H8803] toward you, saith H3068 the LORD, H4284 thoughts H7965 of peace, H7451 and not of evil, H5414 [H8800] to give H8615 you an expected H319 end.

Philippians 3:14

  14 G1377 [G5719] I pursue G2596 toward G4649 the aim G1909 upon G3588 the G1017 prize G3588 of the G507 upward G2821 calling G3588   G2316 of God G1722 in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus.

Romans 8:18

  18 G1063 For G3049 [G5736] I reckon G3754 that G3804 the sufferings G3568 of this present G2540 season G3756 are not G514 worthy G4314 to be compared with G1391 the glory G3195 [G5723] which shall G601 [G5683] be revealed G1519 in G2248 us.
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