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Deuteronomy 30:16

  16 H6680 [H8764] In that I command H3117 thee this day H157 [H8800] to love H3068 the LORD H430 thy God, H3212 [H8800] to walk H1870 in his ways, H8104 [H8800] and to keep H4687 his commandments H2708 and his statutes H4941 and his judgments, H2421 [H8804] that thou mayest live H7235 [H8804] and multiply: H3068 and the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8765] shall bless H776 thee in the land H935 [H8802] where thou goest H3423 [H8800] to possess it.

Isaiah 61:1-11

  1 H7307 The Spirit H136 of the Lord H3069 GOD H3068 is upon me; because the LORD H4886 [H8804] hath anointed H1319 [H8763] me to proclaim good tidings H6035 to the meek; H7971 [H8804] he hath sent H2280 [H8800] me to bind up H7665 H3820 [H8737] the brokenhearted, H7121 [H8800] to call H1865 liberty H7617 [H8803] to the captives, H6495 and the opening of the prison H631 [H8803] to them that are bound;
  2 H7121 [H8800] To call H7522 the acceptable H8141 year H3068 of the LORD, H3117 and the day H5359 of vengeance H430 of our God; H5162 [H8763] to comfort H57 all that mourn;
  3 H7760 [H8800] To appoint H57 to them that mourn H6726 in Zion, H5414 [H8800] to give H6287 to them beauty H665 for ashes, H8081 the oil H8342 of joy H60 for mourning, H4594 the garment H8416 of praise H7307 for the spirit H3544 of heaviness; H7121 [H8795] that they may be called H352 trees H6664 of righteousness, H4302 the planting H3068 of the LORD, H6286 [H8692] that he may be glorified.
  4 H1129 [H8804] And they shall build H5769 the old H2723 dry places, H6965 [H8787] they shall raise up H7223 the former H8074 [H8802] desolations, H2318 [H8765] and they shall repair H2721 the dry H5892 cities, H8074 [H8802] the desolations H1755 of many H1755 generations.
  5 H2114 [H8801] And strangers H5975 [H8804] shall stand H7462 [H8804] and feed H6629 your flocks, H1121 and the sons H5236 of the alien H406 shall be your plowmen H3755 and your vinedressers.
  6 H7121 [H8735] But ye shall be named H3548 the Priests H3068 of the LORD: H559 [H8735] men shall call H8334 [H8764] you the Ministers H430 of our God: H398 [H8799] ye shall eat H2428 the riches H1471 of the nations, H3519 and in their glory H3235 [H8691] shall ye boast yourselves.
  7 H1322 For your shame H4932 ye shall have double; H3639 and for confusion H7442 [H8799] they shall rejoice H2506 in their portion: H776 therefore in their land H3423 [H8799] they shall possess H4932 the double: H5769 everlasting H8057 joy shall be to them.
  8 H3068 For I the LORD H157 [H8802] love H4941 judgment, H8130 [H8802] I hate H1498 robbery H5930 for burnt offering; H5414 [H8804] and I will direct H6468 their work H571 in truth, H3772 [H8799] and I will make H5769 an everlasting H1285 covenant with them.
  9 H2233 And their seed H3045 [H8738] shall be known H1471 among the nations, H6631 and their offspring H8432 among H5971 the people: H7200 [H8802] all that see H5234 [H8686] them shall acknowledge H2233 them, that they are the seed H3068 which the LORD H1288 [H8765] hath blessed.
  10 H7797 [H8800] I will greatly H7797 [H8799] rejoice H3068 in the LORD, H5315 my breath H1523 [H8799] shall be joyful H430 in my God; H3847 [H8689] for he hath clothed H899 me with the garments H3468 of salvation, H3271 [H8804] he hath covered H4598 me with the robe H6666 of righteousness, H2860 as a bridegroom H3547 [H8762] decketh H6287 himself with ornaments, H3618 and as a bride H5710 [H8799] adorneth H3627 herself with her jewels.
  11 H776 For as the earth H3318 [H8686] bringeth forth H6780 her bud, H1593 and as the garden H2221 causeth the things that are sown H6779 [H8686] in it to spring forth; H136 so the Lord H3069 GOD H6666 will cause righteousness H8416 and praise H6779 [H8686] to spring forth H1471 before all the nations.

Matthew 22:37-40

  37 G1161   G2424 Jesus G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him, G25 [G5692] { Thou shalt love G2962 the Lord G4675 thy G2316 God G1722 with G3650 all G4675 thy G2588 heart, G2532 and G1722 with G3650 all G4675 thy G5590 breath, G2532 and G1722 with G3650 all G4675 thy G1271 mind.}
  38 G3778 { This G2076 [G5748] is G4413 the first G2532 and G3173 great G1785 commandment.}
  39 G1161 { And G1208 the second G3664 is like G846 G3778 [G5625] it, G25 [G5692] Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G4572 thyself.}
  40 G1722 { On G5025 these G1417 two G1785 commandments G2910 [G5743] hang G3650 all G3551 the law G2532 and G4396 the prophets.}

Romans 12:1-2

  1 G3870 [G5719] I beseech G5209 you G3767 therefore, G80 brethren, G1223 by G3628 the compassions G2316 of God, G3936 [G5658] that ye present G5216 your G4983 bodies G2198 [G5723] a living G2378 sacrifice, G40 holy, G2101 well-pleasing G2316 to God, G5216 which is your G3050 reasonable G2999 ministry.
  2 G2532 And G4964 0 be G3361 not G4964 [G5728] conformed G5129 to this G165 age: G235 but G3339 [G5744] be ye transformed G342 by the renewing G5216 of your G3563 mind, G1519 that G5209 ye G1381 [G5721] may prove G5101 what G18 is that good, G2532 and G2101 well-pleasing, G2532 and G5046 perfect, G2307 will G2316 of God.

Romans 13:1

  1 G3956 Let every G5590 breath (person) G5293 [G5732] be subject G1849 to the authorities G5242 [G5723] being superior. G1063 For G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G1849 authority G1508 except G575 from G2316 God: G1161 and G3588 the G1849 authorities G5607 [G5752] existing, G1526 [G5748] are G5021 [G5772] arranged G5259 by G3588   G2316 God.

Ephesians 5:1-2

  1 G1096 [G5737] Be G3402 0 ye G3767 therefore G3402 imitators G2316 of God, G5613 as G27 dear G5043 children;
  2 G2532 And G4043 [G5720] walk G1722 in G26 love, G2531 as G5547 Anointed G2532 also G25 [G5656] hath loved G2248 us, G2532 and G3860 [G5656] hath given G1438 himself G5228 for G2257 us G4376 an offering G2532 and G2378 a sacrifice G2316 to God G1519 for G2175 a sweetsmelling G3744 savour.

James 2:8

  8 G3305 However, 1487 if G5055 [G5719] ye fulfill G937 the royal G3551 law G2596 according to G3588 the G1124 scripture, G25 [G5692] "Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G4572 thyself," G4160 [G5719] ye do G2573 well:

Psalms 1:1-6

  1 H835 Blessed H376 is the man H1980 [H8804] that walketh H6098 not in the counsel H7563 of the wicked, H5975 [H8804] nor standeth H1870 in the way H2400 of sinners, H3427 [H8804] nor sitteth H4186 in the seat H3887 [H8801] of scoffers.
  2 H2656 But his delight H8451 is in the law H3068 of the LORD; H8451 and in his law H1897 [H8799] doth he meditate H3119 day H3915 and night.
  3 H6086 And he shall be like a tree H8362 [H8803] planted H6388 by the rivers H4325 of water, H5414 [H8799] that bringeth forth H6529 its fruit H6256 in its time; H5929 its leaf H5034 [H8799] also shall not wither; H6213 [H8799] and whatever he doeth H6743 [H8686] shall prosper.
  4 H7563 The wicked H4671 are not so: but are like the chaff H7307 which the wind H5086 [H8799] driveth away.
  5 H7563 Therefore the wicked H6965 [H8799] shall not stand H4941 in the judgment, H2400 nor sinners H5712 in the company H6662 of the righteous.
  6 H3068 For the LORD H3045 [H8802] knoweth H1870 the way H6662 of the righteous: H1870 but the way H7563 of the wicked H6 [H8799] shall perish.

Matthew 5:43-48

  43 G191 [G5656] { Ye have heard G3754 that G4483 [G5681] it hath been said, G25 [G5692] Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour, G2532 and G3404 [G5692] hate G4675 thy G2190 enemy.}
  44 G1161 { But G1473 I G3004 [G5719] say G5213 to you, G25 [G5720] Love G5216 your G2190 enemies, G2127 [G5720] bless G2672 [G5740] them that curse G5209 you, G4160 [G5720] do G2573 good G3404 [G5723] to them that hate G5209 you, G2532 and G4336 [G5737] pray G5228 in behalf of G3588 them who G1908 [G5723] despitefully use G5209 you, G2532 and G1377 [G5723] persecute G5209 you;}
  45 G3704 { That G1096 [G5638] ye may be G5207 the sons G5216 of your G3962 Father G3588 who G1722 is in G3772 heaven: G3754 for G393 0 he maketh G846 his G2246 sun G393 [G5719] to rise G1909 on G4190 the evil G2532 and G18 on the good, G2532 and G1026 [G5719] sendeth rain G1909 on G1342 the just G2532 and G94 on the unjust.}
  46 G1063 { For G1437 if G25 [G5661] ye love G3588 those G25 [G5723] loving G5209 you, G5101 what G3408 wage G2192 [G5719] have ye? G4160 [G5719] Do G3780 not G2532 also G3588 the G5057 tax collectors G3588 the G846 same?}
  47 G2532 { And G1437 if G782 [G5667] ye greet G5216 your G80 brethren G3440 only, G5101 what G4160 [G5719] do G4053 ye more G4160 [G5719] than others? do G3780 not G2532 even G5057 the tax collectors G3779 so?}
  48 G2071 [G5704] { Be G5210 ye G3767 therefore G5046 perfect, G5618 even G5216 as your G3962 Father G3588 who G1722 is in G3772 heaven G2076 [G5748] is G5046 perfect.}

Matthew 19:5

  5 G2532 { And G2036 [G5627] said, G5127 For this G1752 cause G444 shall a man G2641 [G5692] leave G3962 father G2532 and G3384 mother, G2532 and G4347 [G5701] shall cleave G846 to his G1135 wife: G2532 and G1417 they two G2071 G1519 [G5704] shall be G3391 one G4561 flesh?}

Mark 12:31

  31 G2532 { And G1208 the second G3664 is like, G3778 G846 [G5625] namely this, G25 [G5692] Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G4572 thyself. G2076 [G5748] There is G3756 no G243 other G1785 commandment G3187 greater G5130 than these.}

1 John 4:7-12

  7 G27 Beloved, G25 [G5725] let us love G240 one another: G3754 for G26 love G2076 [G5748] is G1537 from G2316 God; G2532 and G3956 every one G25 [G5723] that loveth G1080 [G5769] is born G1537 of G2316 God, G2532 and G1097 [G5719] knoweth G2316 God.
  8 G25 [G5723] He that loveth G3361 not G1097 [G5627] knoweth G3756 not G2316 God; G3754 for G2316 God G2076 [G5748] is G26 love.
  9 G1722 In G5129 this G5319 [G5681] was revealed G26 the love G2316 of God G1722 toward G2254 us, G3754 because G2316 that God G649 [G5758] sent G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son G1519 into G2889 the world, G2443 that G2198 [G5661] we might live G1223 through G846 him.
  10 G1722 In G5129 this G2076 [G5748] is G26 love, G3754 not G3756 that G2249 we G25 [G5656] loved G2316 God, G235 but G3754 that G846 he G25 [G5656] loved G2248 us, G2532 and G649 [G5656] sent G846 his G5207 Son G2434 to be the atonement G4012 for G2257 our G266 sins.
  11 G27 Beloved, G1487 if G2316 God G3779 so G25 [G5656] loved G2248 us, G2249 we G3784 [G5719] ought G2532 also G25 [G5721] to love G240 one another.
  12 G3762 No man G2300 [G5766] hath seen G2316 God G4455 at any time. G1437 If G25 [G5725] we love G240 one another, G2316 God G3306 [G5719] dwelleth G1722 in G2254 us, G2532 and G846 his G26 love G2076 [G5748] is G5048 [G5772] perfected G1722 in G2254 us.

John 13:34-35

  34 G2537 { A new G1785 commandment G1325 [G5719] I give G5213 to you, G2443 That G25 [G5725] ye love G240 one another; G2531 as G25 [G5656] I have loved G5209 you, G2443 that G5210 ye G2532 also G25 [G5725] love G240 one another.}
  35 G1722 { By G5129 this G1097 0 shall G3956 all G1097 [G5695] men know G3754 that G2075 [G5748] ye are G1699 my G3101 disciples, G1437 if G2192 [G5725] ye have G26 love G1722 G240 one to another.}

Romans 13:8-10

  8 G3784 [G5720] Owe G3367 no man G3367 any thing, G1508 but G25 [G5721] to love G240 one another: G1063 for G25 [G5723] he that loveth G2087 another G4137 [G5758] hath fulfilled G3551 the law.
  9 G1063 For G3431 0 this, Thou shalt G3756 not G3431 [G5692] commit adultery, G5407 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G5407 [G5692] murder, G2813 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G2813 [G5692] steal, G5576 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G5576 [G5692] bear false witness, G1937 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G1937 [G5692] covet; G2532 and G1536 if there is any G2087 other G1785 commandment, G346 [G5743] it is briefly comprehended G1722 in G5129 this G3056 saying, G1722 namely, G25 [G5692] Thou shalt love G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G1438 thyself.
  10 G26 Love G2038 [G5736] worketh G3756 no G2556 bad G4139 to one's neighbour: G3767 therefore G26 love G4138 is the fulfilling G3551 of the law.

Genesis 29:18-20

  18 H3290 And Jacob H157 [H8799] loved H7354 Rachel; H559 [H8799] and said, H5647 [H8799] I will serve H7651 thee seven H8141 years H7354 for Rachel H6996 thine younger H1323 daughter.
  19 H3837 And Laban H559 [H8799] said, H2896 It is better H5414 [H8800] that I give H5414 [H8800] her to thee, than that I should give H312 her to another H376 man: H3427 [H8798] abide with me.
  20 H3290 And Jacob H5647 [H8799] served H7651 seven H8141 years H7354 for Rachel; H5869 and they seemed H259 to him but a few H3117 days, H160 for the love he had for her.

Romans 12:9-11

  9 G26 [G5753] Let love G505 be without hypocrisy. G655 [G5723] Abhor G4190 that which is evil; G2853 [G5746] cleave G18 to that which is good.
  10 G5387 Be kindly affectioned G1519 G240 one to another G5360 with brotherly affection; G5092 in honour G4285 [G5740] preferring G240 one another;
  11 G3361 Not G3636 slothful G3588 in the G4710 diligence; G2204 [G5723] fervent G3588 in the G4151 spirit; G1398 [G5723] being a slave G3588 to the G2962 Lord;

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532 And G4964 0 be G3361 not G4964 [G5728] conformed G5129 to this G165 age: G235 but G3339 [G5744] be ye transformed G342 by the renewing G5216 of your G3563 mind, G1519 that G5209 ye G1381 [G5721] may prove G5101 what G18 is that good, G2532 and G2101 well-pleasing, G2532 and G5046 perfect, G2307 will G2316 of God.

Galatians 5:22-23

  22 G1161 But G2590 the fruit G4151 of the Spirit G2076 [G5748] is G26 love, G5479 joy, G1515 peace, G3115 longsuffering, G5544 gentleness, G19 goodness, G4102 faith,
  23 G4236 Meekness, G1466 self-control: G2596 against G5108 such G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G3551 law.

1 John 4:16

  16 G2532 And G2249 we G1097 [G5758] have known G2532 and G4100 [G5758] believed G26 the love G3739 that G2316 God G2192 [G5719] hath G1722 to G2254 us. G2316 God G2076 [G5748] is G26 love; G2532 and G3306 [G5723] he that dwelleth G1722 in G26 love G3306 [G5719] dwelleth G1722 in G2316 God, G2532 and G2316 God G1722 in G846 him.

1 Corinthians 13:1-13

  1 G1437 Though G2980 [G5725] I speak G1100 with the tongues G444 of men G2532 and G32 of messengers, G1161 and G2192 [G5725] have G3361 not G26 love, G1096 [G5754] I am become G2278 [G5723] as sounding G5475 brass, G2228 or G214 [G5723] a tinkling G2950 cymbal.
  2 G2532 And G1437 though G2192 [G5725] I have G4394 the gift of prophecy, G2532 and G1492 [G5762] understand G3956 all G3466 mysteries, G2532 and G3956 all G1108 knowledge; G2532 and G1437 though G2192 [G5725] I have G3956 all G4102 faith, G5620 so G3179 [G5721] that I could remove G3735 mountains, G1161 and G2192 [G5725] have G3361 not G26 love, G1510 [G5748] I am G3762 nothing.
  3 G2532 And G1437 though G5595 0 I bestow G3956 all G3450 my G5224 [G5723] goods G5595 [G5661] to feed G2532 the poor, and G1437 though G3860 [G5632] I give G3450 my G4983 body G2443 to G2545 [G5703] be burned, G1161 and G2192 [G5725] have G3361 not G26 love, G5623 [G5743] it profiteth me G3762 nothing.
  4 G26 Love G3114 [G5719] suffereth long, G5541 [G5736] and is kind; G26 love G3756 is not G2206 [G5719] zealous; G26 love G4068 0 vaunteth G3756 not G4068 [G5736] itself, G5448 0 is G3756 not G5448 [G5743] puffed up,
  5 G807 0 Doth G3756 not G807 [G5719] behave itself unseemly, G2212 [G5719] seeketh G3756 not G1438 its own, G3947 0 is G3756 not G3947 [G5743] easily provoked, G3756 is not G3049 [G5736] reckoning G3588 the G2556 bad;
  6 G5463 [G5719] Rejoiceth G3756 not G1909 in G93 injustice, G1161 but G4796 [G5719] rejoiceth G225 in the truth;
  7 G4722 [G5719] Covereth G3956 all things, G4100 [G5719] believeth G3956 all things, G1679 [G5719] expectantly awaiteth G3956 all things, G5278 [G5719] endureth G3956 all things.
  8 G26 Love G3763 never G1601 [G5719] falleth out: G1161 but G1535 whether G4394 there are prophecies, G2673 [G5701] they shall be rendered useless; G1535 whether G1100 there are tongues, G3973 [G5695] they shall cease; G1535 whether G1108 there is knowledge, G2673 [G5701] it shall be rendered useless.
  9 G1063 For G1097 [G5719] we know G1537 from out of G3313 a part, G2532 and G4395 [G5719] we prophesy G1537 from out of G3313 a part.
  10 G1161 But G3752 when G3588 the G5046 perfect G2064 [G5632] should come, G5119 then G3588 the thing G1537 from out of G3313 a part G2673 [G5701] shall be rendered useless.
  11 G3753 When G2252 [G5713] I was G3516 an infant, G2980 [G5707] I spoke G5613 as G3516 an infant, G5426 [G5707] I understood G5613 as G3516 an infant, G3049 [G5711] I reckoned G5613 as G3516 an infant: G1161 but G3753 when G1096 [G5754] I became G435 a man, G2673 [G5758] I rendered useless G3588 the things G3588 of the G3516 infant.
  12 G1063 For G737 now G991 [G5719] we see G1223 by G2072 a mirror, G1722 in G135 an enigma; G1161 but G5119 then G4383 face G4314 to G4383 face: G737 now G1097 [G5719] I know G1537 from out of G3313 a part; G1161 but G5119 then G1921 [G5695] I shall recognize G2531 just as G2532 also G1921 [G5681] I was recognized.
  13 G1161 And G3570 now G3306 [G5719] abideth G4102 faith, G1680 hope, G26 love, G5023 these G5140 three; G1161 but G3187 the greatest G5130 of these G26 is love.
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