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John 3:16

  16 G1063 { For G3779 thus G2316 God G25 [G5656] loved G3588 the G2889 world, G5620 that G1325 [G5656] he gave G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son, G2443 that G3956 every G3588 one G4100 [G5723] believing G1519 in G846 him G622 0 should G3361 not G622 [G5643] be lost, G235 but G2192 [G5725] have G166 age-during G2222 life.}

1 Peter 3:18

  18 G3754 For G5547 Anointed G2532 also G530 hath once G3958 [G5627] suffered G4012 for G266 sins, G1342 the just G5228 for G94 the unjust, G2443 that G4317 [G5632] he might bring G2248 us G2316 to God, G2289 G3303 [G5772] being put to death G4561 in the flesh, G1161 but G2227 [G5685] made alive G4151 by the Spirit:

James 1:15

  15 G1534 Then G1939 when lust G4815 [G5631] hath conceived, G5088 [G5719] it bringeth forth G266 sin: G1161 and G266 sin, G658 [G5685] when it is finished, G616 [G5719] bringeth forth G2288 death.

Hebrews 9:24-26

  24 G1063 For G5547 Anointed G1525 0 hath G3756 not G1525 [G5627] entered G1519 into G39 the holy places G5499 made with hands, G499 which are the figures G228 of the true; G235 but G1519 into G3772 heaven G846 itself, G3568 now G1718 [G5683] to appear G4383 in the presence G2316 of God G5228 for G2257 us:
  25 G3761 Nor G2443 yet that G4374 [G5725] he should offer G1438 himself G4178 often, G5618 as G749 the high priest G1525 [G5736] entereth G1519 into G39 the holy place G2596 every G1763 year G1722 with G129 blood G245 of others;
  26 G1893 For then G1163 [G5713] must G846 he G4178 often G3958 [G5629] have suffered G575 from G2602 the casting down G2889 of the world: G1161 but G3568 now G530 once G1909 at G4930 the entire completion G3588 of the G165 ages G5319 [G5769] hath he appeared G1519 to G115 put away G266 sin G1223 by G2378 the sacrifice G846 of himself.
  27 G2532 And G2596 G3745 as G606 [G5736] it is appointed G444 to men G530 once G599 [G5629] to die, G1161 but G3326 after G5124 this G2920 the judgment:

John 19:30

  30 G3753 When G2424 Jesus G3767 therefore G2983 [G5627] had received G3588 the G3690 vinegar, G2036 [G5627] he said, G5055 [G5769] { It is finished: G2532 } and G2827 [G5660] having leaned G3588 the G2776 head, G3860 [G5656] gave up G3588 the G4151 spirit.

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