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Leviticus 18:24-28

  24 H2930 [H8691] Defile H428 not ye yourselves in any of these things: H1471 for in all these the nations H2930 [H8738] are defiled H7971 [H8764] which I cast out H6440 before you:
  25 H776 And the land H2930 [H8799] is defiled: H6485 [H8799] therefore I do visit H5771 its perversity H776 upon it, and the land H6958 [H8686] itself spueth out H3427 [H8802] her inhabitants.
  26 H8104 [H8804] Ye shall therefore keep H2708 my statutes H4941 and my judgments, H6213 [H8799] and shall not commit H8441 any of these abominations; H249 neither any of your own nation, H1616 nor any guest H1481 [H8802] that sojourneth H8432 among you:
  27 H411 (For all these H8441 abominations H582 have the men H776 of the land H6213 [H8804] done, H6440 who were before H776 you, and the land H2930 [H8799] is defiled;)
  28 H776 That the land H6958 [H8686] may not spue you out H2930 [H8763] also, when ye defile H6958 [H8804] it, as it spued out H1471 the nations H6440 that were before you.

Leviticus 20:22

  22 H8104 [H8804] Ye shall therefore keep H2708 all my statutes, H4941 and all my judgments, H6213 [H8804] and do H776 them: that the land, H935 [H8688] where I bring H3427 [H8800] you to dwell H6958 [H8686] in it, may not spue you out.

Genesis 8:22

  22 H776 While the earth H3117 remaineth, H2233 seedtime H7105 and harvest, H7120 and cold H2527 and heat, H7019 and summer H2779 and winter, H3117 and day H3915 and night H7673 [H8799] shall not cease.

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