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1 Chronicles 29:10-20

  10 H1732 Therefore David H1288 [H8762] blessed H3068 the LORD H5869 before H6951 all the congregation: H1732 and David H559 [H8799] said, H1288 [H8803] Blessed H3068 be thou, LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H1 our father, H5704 for H5769 ever H5769 and ever.
  11 H3068 Thine, O LORD, H1420 is the greatness, H1369 and the power, H8597 and the glory, H5331 and the victory, H1935 and the majesty: H8064 for all that is in the heaven H776 and on the earth H4467 is thine; thine is the kingdom, H3068 O LORD, H4984 [H8693] and thou art exalted H7218 as head above all.
  12 H6239 Both riches H3519 and honour H6440 come from thee, H4910 [H8802] and thou reignest H3027 over all; and in thy hand H3581 is power H1369 and might; H3027 and in thy hand H1431 [H8763] it is to make great, H2388 [H8763] and to give strength to all.
  13 H430 Now therefore, our God, H3034 [H8688] we thank H1984 [H8764] thee, and praise H8597 thy glorious H8034 name.
  14 H5971 But who am I, and what is my people, H6113 [H8799] that we should be H3581 able H5068 [H8692] to offer so willingly H3027 after this sort? for all things come from thee, and of thy own H5414 [H8804] have we given thee.
  15 H1616 For we are guests H6440 before H8453 thee, and resident aliens, H1 as were all our fathers: H3117 our days H776 on the earth H6738 are as a shadow, H4723 and there is no abiding.
  16 H3068 O LORD H430 our God, H1995 all this abundance H3559 [H8689] that we have prepared H1129 [H8800] to build H1004 thee an house H6944 for thy holy H8034 name H3027 cometh from thy hand, and is all thy own.
  17 H3045 [H8804] I know H430 also, my God, H974 [H8802] that thou triest H3824 the heart, H7521 [H8799] and hast pleasure H3476 in uprightness. H4339 As for me, in the uprightness H3824 of my heart H5068 [H8694] I have willingly offered H7200 [H8804] all these things: and now have I seen H8057 with joy H5971 thy people, H4672 [H8738] who are present H5068 [H8692] here, to offer willingly to thee.
  18 H3068 O LORD H430 God H85 of Abraham, H3327 Isaac, H3478 and of Israel, H1 our fathers, H8104 [H8798] keep H5769 this to the age H3336 in the imagination H4284 of the thoughts H3824 of the heart H5971 of thy people, H3559 [H8685] and prepare H3824 their heart to thee:
  19 H5414 [H8798] And give H8010 to Solomon H1121 my son H8003 a perfect H3824 heart, H8104 [H8800] to keep H4687 thy commandments, H5715 thy testimonies, H2706 and thy statutes, H6213 [H8800] and to do H1129 [H8800] all these things, and to build H1002 the palace, H3559 [H8689] for which I have made provision.
  20 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H6951 to all the congregation, H1288 [H8761] Now bless H3068 the LORD H430 your God. H6951 And all the congregation H1288 [H8762] blessed H3068 the LORD H430 God H1 of their fathers, H6915 [H8799] and bowed their heads, H7812 [H8691] and worshipped H3068 the LORD, H4428 and the king.

1 Chronicles 29:13

  13 H430 Now therefore, our God, H3034 [H8688] we thank H1984 [H8764] thee, and praise H8597 thy glorious H8034 name.

Psalms 92:1

  1 H2896 It is a good H3034 [H8687] thing to give thanks H3068 to the LORD, H2167 [H8763] and to sing praises H8034 to thy name, H5945 O most High:

Psalms 107:1

  1 H3034 [H8685] O give thanks H3068 to the LORD, H2896 for he is good: H2617 for his mercy H5769 endureth to the age.

Luke 6:38

  38 G1325 [G5720] { Give, G2532 and G1325 [G5701] it shall be given G5213 to you; G2570 good G3358 measure, G4085 [G5772] having been compressed, G2532 and G4531 [G5772] wavered, G2532 and G5240 [G5746] running over, G1325 [G5692] shall men give G1519 into G5216 your G2859 bosom. G1063 For G846 with the same G3358 measure G3739 that G3354 [G5719] ye measure G488 0 it shall be measured G5213 to you G488 [G5701] again.}

2 Corinthians 9:7

  7 G1538 Every man G2531 according as G4255 [G5736] he purposeth G2588 in his heart, G3361 so let him give; not G1537 from out of G3077 sadness G2228 or G1537 from out of G318 necessity: G1063 for G2316 God G25 [G5719] loveth G2431 a cheerful G1395 giver.

Ephesians 5:20

  20 G2168 [G5723] Giving thanks G3842 always G5228 for G3956 all things G2316 to God G2532 and G3962 the Father G1722 in G3686 the name G2257 of our G2962 Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Anointed;

Hebrews 13:15

  15 G1223 By G846 him G3767 therefore G399 [G5725] let us offer G2378 the sacrifice G133 of praise G2316 to God G1275 continually, G5123 [G5748] that is, G2590 the fruit G5491 of our lips G3670 [G5723] giving thanks G846 to his G3686 name.

Psalms 150:6

  6 H5397 Let every thing that hath breath H1984 [H8762] praise H3050 the LORD. H1984 [H8761] Praise H3050 ye the LORD.

James 1:17

  17 G3956 Every G18 good G1394 gift G2532 and G3956 every G5046 perfect G1434 gift G2076 [G5748] is G509 from above, G2597 [G5723] and cometh down G575 from G3962 the Father G5457 of lights, G3844 with G3739 whom G1762 [G5748] is G3756 no G3883 variableness, G2228 neither G644 shadow G5157 of turning.

Psalms 100:1-5

  1 H7321 [H8685] Make a joyful noise H3068 to the LORD, H776 all ye lands.
  2 H5647 [H8798] Serve H3068 the LORD H8057 with gladness: H935 [H8798] come H6440 before his presence H7445 with singing.
  3 H3045 [H8798] Know H3068 ye that the LORD H430 he is God: H6213 [H8804] it is he that hath made H5971 us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, H6629 and the sheep H4830 of his pasture.
  4 H935 [H8798] Enter H8179 into his gates H8426 with thanksgiving, H2691 and into his courts H8416 with praise: H3034 [H8685] be thankful H1288 [H8761] to him, and bless H8034 his name.
  5 H3068 For the LORD H2896 is good; H2617 his mercy H5769 is everlasting; H530 and his truth H1755 endureth to all H1755 generations.

Philippians 4:6

  6 G3309 [G5720] Be anxious G3367 for nothing; G235 but G1722 in G3956 every thing G4335 by prayer G2532 and G1162 supplication G3326 with G2169 thanksgiving G1107 0 let G5216 your G155 requests G1107 [G5744] be made known G4314 to G2316 God.

Colossians 3:17

  17 G2532 And G3748 G3956 whatever G302 G4160 [G5725] ye do G1722 in G3056 word G2228 G1722 or G2041 deed, G3956 do all G1722 in G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus, G2168 [G5723] giving thanks G2316 to God G2532 and G3962 the Father G1223 by G846 him.

1 Thessalonians 5:18

  18 G1722 In G3956 every thing G2168 [G5720] give thanks: G1063 for G5124 this G2307 is the will G2316 of God G1722 in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus G1519 concerning G5209 you.
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