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Exodus 32:27-28

  27 H559 [H8799] And he said H559 [H8804] to them, Thus saith H3068 the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel, H7760 [H8798] Put H376 every man H2719 his sword H3409 by his side, H5674 [H8798] and go H7725 [H8798] in and out H8179 from gate H8179 to gate H4264 throughout the camp, H2026 [H8798] and slay H376 every man H251 his brother, H376 and every man H7453 his companion, H376 and every man H7138 his neighbour.
  28 H1121 And the sons H3878 of Levi H6213 [H8799] did H1697 according to the word H4872 of Moses: H5307 [H8799] and there fell H5971 of the people H3117 that day H7969 about three H505 thousand H376 men.

Exodus 34:11-14

  11 H8104 [H8798] Observe H6680 [H8764] thou that which I command H3117 thee this day: H1644 [H8802] behold, I drive out H6440 at the face of H567 thee the Amorite, H3669 and the Canaanite, H2850 and the Hittite, H6522 and the Perizzite, H2340 and the Hivite, H2983 and the Jebusite.
  12 H8104 [H8734] Take heed H3772 [H8799] to thyself, lest thou make H1285 a covenant H3427 [H8802] with the inhabitants H776 of the land H935 [H8802] where thou goest, H4170 lest it be for a snare H7130 in the midst of thee:
  13 H5422 [H8799] But ye shall tear down H4196 their altars, H7665 [H8762] break H4676 their images, H3772 [H8799] and cut down H842 their groves:
  14 H7812 [H8691] For thou shalt worship H312 no other H410 god: H3068 for the LORD, H8034 whose name H7067 is Jealous, H7067 is a jealous H410 God:

Leviticus 26:7-9

  7 H7291 [H8804] And ye shall chase H341 [H8802] your enemies, H5307 [H8804] and they shall fall H6440 at the face of H2719 you by the sword.
  8 H2568 And five H7291 [H8804] of you shall chase H3967 an hundred, H3967 and an hundred H7233 of you shall put ten thousand H7291 [H8799] to flight: H341 [H8802] and your enemies H5307 [H8804] shall fall H6440 at the face of H2719 you by the sword.
  9 H6437 [H8804] For I will have respect H6509 [H8689] to you, and make you fruitful, H7235 [H8689] and multiply H6965 [H8689] you, and raise H1285 my covenant with you.

Deuteronomy 2:19-23

  19 H7126 H4136 [H8804] And when thou comest near H1121 the sons H5983 of Ammon, H6696 [H8799] distress H1624 [H8691] them not, nor meddle H5414 [H8799] with them: for I will not give H776 thee of the land H1121 of the sons H5983 of Ammon H3425 any possession; H5414 [H8804] because I have given H1121 it to the sons H3876 of Lot H3425 for a possession.
  20 H2803 [H8735] (That also was accounted H776 a land H7497 of giants: H7497 giants H3427 [H8804] dwelt H6440 there in times past; H5984 and the Ammonites H7121 [H8799] call H2157 them Zamzummims;
  21 H5971 A people H1419 great, H7227 and many, H7311 [H8802] and tall, H6062 as the Anakims; H3068 but the LORD H8045 [H8686] desolated H6440 them at the face of H3423 [H8799] them; and they succeeded H3427 [H8799] them, and dwelt in their stead:
  22 H6213 [H8804] As he did H1121 to the sons H6215 of Esau, H3427 [H8802] who dwelt H8165 in Seir, H8045 [H8689] when he desolated H2752 the Horims H6440 from the face of H3423 [H8799] them; and they succeeded H3427 [H8799] them, and dwelt H3117 in their stead even to this day:
  23 H5761 And the Avims H3427 [H8802] who dwelt H2699 in Hazerim, H5804 even to Azzah, H3732 the Caphtorims, H3318 [H8802] who came forth H3731 from Caphtor, H8045 [H8689] desolated H3427 [H8799] them, and dwelt in their stead.)

Deuteronomy 7:2

  2 H3068 And when the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8804] shall give H6440 them at the face of H5221 [H8689] thee; thou shalt smite H2763 [H8687] them, and utterly H2763 [H8686] seclude H3772 [H8799] them; thou shalt make H1285 no covenant H2603 [H8799] with them, nor show favour to them:

Deuteronomy 7:16

  16 H398 [H8804] And thou shalt consume H5971 all the people H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] shall give H5869 to thee; thine eye H2347 [H8799] shall have no pity H5647 [H8799] upon them: neither shalt thou serve H430 their gods; H4170 for that will be a snare to thee.

Isaiah 14:21

  21 H3559 [H8685] Prepare H4293 slaughter H1121 for his sons H5771 for the perversity H1 of their fathers; H1077 that they may not H6965 [H8799] rise, H3423 [H8804] nor possess H776 the land, H4390 [H8804] nor fill H6440 the face H8398 of the world H6145 H5892 [H8676] with cities.

Jeremiah 50:21-22

  21 H5927 [H8798] Go up H776 against the land H4850 of Merathaim, H3427 [H8802] even against it, and against the inhabitants H6489 of Pekod: H2717 [H8798] waste H2763 [H8687] and utterly seclude H310 after H5002 [H8803] them, saith H3068 the LORD, H6213 [H8798] and do H6680 [H8765] according to all that I have commanded thee.
  22 H6963 A sound H4421 of battle H776 is in the land, H1419 and of great H7667 fracturing.

Deuteronomy 13:15

  15 H5221 [H8687] Thou shalt surely H5221 [H8686] smite H3427 [H8802] the inhabitants H5892 of that city H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword, H2763 [H8685] secluding it utterly, H929 and all that is in it, and its cattle, H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword.

Judges 20:48

  48 H376 And the men H3478 of Israel H7725 [H8804] turned again H1121 upon the sons H1144 of Benjamin, H5221 [H8686] and smote H6310 them with the edge H2719 of the sword, H4974 both the entire H5892 city, H5704 and H929 the beast, H4672 [H8737] and all that they found: H7971 [H8765] also they set H784 on fire H5892 all the cities H4672 [H8737] that they found.

Isaiah 13:15-18

  15 H4672 [H8737] Every one that is found H1856 [H8735] shall be thrust through; H5595 [H8737] and every one that is joined H5307 [H8799] to them shall fall H2719 by the sword.
  16 H5768 Their children H7376 [H8792] also shall be dashed to pieces H5869 before their eyes; H1004 their houses H8155 [H8735] shall be plundered, H802 and their wives H7901 H7693 [H8735] ravished.
  17 H5782 [H8688] Behold, I will stir up H4074 the Medes H2803 [H8799] against them, who shall not regard H3701 silver; H2091 and as for gold, H2654 [H8799] they shall not delight in it.
  18 H7198 Their bows H7376 0 also shall dash H5288 the young men H7376 [H8762] to pieces; H7355 [H8762] and they shall have no pity H6529 on the fruit H990 of the womb; H5869 their eye H2347 [H8799] shall not spare H1121 sons.

Deuteronomy 3:4-6

  4 H3920 [H8799] And we took H5892 all his cities H6256 at that time, H7151 there was not a city H3947 [H8804] which we took H8346 not from them, sixty H5892 cities, H2256 all the region H709 of Argob, H4467 the kingdom H5747 of Og H1316 in Bashan.
  5 H5892 All these cities H1219 [H8803] were fortified H1364 with high H2346 walls, H1817 gates, H1280 and bars; H6521 besides unwalled H5892 towns H3966 a great H7235 [H8687] number.
  6 H2763 [H8686] And we utterly secluded H6213 [H8804] them, as we did H5511 to Sihon H4428 king H2809 of Heshbon, H2763 [H8687] utterly secluding H4962 the men, H802 women, H2945 and children, H5892 of every city.

Deuteronomy 20:16-17

  16 H5892 But of the cities H5971 of these people, H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] doth give H5159 thee for an inheritance, H2421 [H8762] thou shalt save alive H5397 nothing that breatheth:
  17 H2763 [H8687] But thou shalt utterly H2763 [H8686] seclude H2850 them; namely, the Hittites, H567 and the Amorites, H3669 the Canaanites, H6522 and the Perizzites, H2340 the Hivites, H2983 and the Jebusites; H3068 as the LORD H430 thy God H6680 [H8765] hath commanded thee:

Joshua 10:40

  40 H3091 So Joshua H5221 [H8686] smote H776 all the land H2022 of the mountains, H5045 and of the south, H8219 and of the vale, H794 and of the springs, H4428 and all their kings: H7604 [H8689] he left H8300 none remaining, H2763 [H8689] but utterly secluded H5397 all that breathed, H3068 as the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel H6680 [H8765] commanded.

Hosea 13:16

  16 H8111 Samaria H816 [H8799] shall become guilty; H4784 [H8804] for she hath rebelled H430 against her God: H5307 [H8799] they shall fall H2719 by the sword: H5768 their infants H7376 [H8792] shall be dashed in pieces, H2030 and their women with child H1234 [H8792] shall be ripped up.

Deuteronomy 2:34

  34 H3920 [H8799] And we took H5892 all his cities H6256 at that time, H2763 [H8686] and utterly secluded H4962 the men, H802 and the women, H2945 and the little ones, H5892 of every city, H7604 [H8689] we left H8300 none to remain:

Joshua 6:21

  21 H2763 [H8686] And they utterly secluded H5892 all that was in the city, H376 both man H802 and woman, H5288 young H2205 and old, H7794 and ox, H7716 and sheep, H2543 and donkey, H6310 with the edge H2719 of the sword.

1 Samuel 15:2-3

  2 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H6485 [H8804] I remember H6002 that which Amalek H6213 [H8804] did H3478 to Israel, H7760 [H8804] how he laid H1870 wait for him in the way, H5927 [H8800] when he came up H4714 from Egypt.
  3 H3212 [H8798] Now go H5221 [H8689] and smite H6002 Amalek, H2763 [H8689] and utterly seclude H2550 [H8799] all that they have, and spare H4191 [H8689] them not; but slay H376 both man H802 and woman, H5768 infant H3243 [H8802] and suckling, H7794 ox H7716 and sheep, H1581 camel H2543 and donkey.

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