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Proverbs 31:1-31

  1 H1697 The words H4428 of king H3927 Lemuel, H4853 the prophecy H517 that his mother H3256 [H8765] taught him.
  2 H1248 What, my son? H1248 and what, the son H990 of my womb? H1248 and what, the son H5088 of my vows?
  3 H5414 [H8799] Give H2428 not thy strength H802 to women, H1870 nor thy ways H4229 [H8687] to that which wipeth out H4428 kings.
  4 H4428 It is not for kings, H3927 O Lemuel, H4428 it is not for kings H8354 [H8800] to drink H3196 wine; H335 H176 [H8675] nor for H7336 [H8802] princes H7941 strong drink:
  5 H8354 [H8799] Lest they drink, H7911 [H8799] and forget H2710 [H8794] the decree, H8138 [H8762] and pervert H1779 the judgment H1121 H6040 of any of the depressed.
  6 H5414 [H8798] Give H7941 strong drink H6 [H8802] to him that is ready to perish, H3196 and wine H4751 to those that are bitter H5315 in breath.
  7 H8354 [H8799] Let him drink, H7911 [H8799] and forget H7389 his poverty, H2142 [H8799] and remember H5999 his misery no more.
  8 H6605 [H8798] Open H6310 thy mouth H483 for the dumb H1779 in the cause H1121 of all the sons H2475 of the surviving.
  9 H6605 [H8798] Open H6310 thy mouth, H8199 [H8798] judge H6664 righteously, H1777 [H8798] and plead H6041 the cause of the poor H34 and needy.
  10 H4672 [H8799] Who can find H2428 a virtuous H802 woman? H4377 for her price H7350 is far H6443 above rubies.
  11 H3820 The heart H1167 of her husband H982 [H8804] doth safely trust H2637 [H8799] in her, so that he shall have no need H7998 of spoil.
  12 H1580 [H8804] She will do H2896 him good H7451 and not evil H3117 all the days H2416 of her life.
  13 H1875 [H8804] She seeketh H6785 wool, H6593 and flax, H6213 [H8799] and worketh H2656 willingly H3709 with her palms.
  14 H5503 [H8802] She is like the merchant H591 ships; H935 [H8686] she bringeth H3899 her food H4801 from afar.
  15 H6965 [H8799] She riseth H3915 also while it is yet night, H5414 [H8799] and giveth H2964 food H1004 to her household, H2706 and a portion H5291 to her damsels.
  16 H2161 [H8804] She considereth H7704 a field, H3947 [H8799] and buyeth H6529 it: with the fruit H3709 of her palms H5193 [H8804] she planteth H3754 a vineyard.
  17 H2296 [H8804] She girdeth H4975 her loins H5797 with strength, H553 [H8762] and strengtheneth H2220 her arms.
  18 H2938 [H8804] She perceiveth H5504 that her merchandise H2896 is good: H5216 her lamp H3518 [H8799] goeth not out H3915 by night.
  19 H7971 [H8765] She layeth H3027 her hands H3601 to the spindle, H3709 and her palms H8551 [H8804] hold H6418 the distaff.
  20 H6566 [H8804] She stretcheth out H3709 her palm H6041 to the poor; H7971 [H8765] yea, she reacheth forth H3027 her hands H34 to the needy.
  21 H3372 [H8799] She is not afraid H7950 of the snow H1004 for her household: H1004 for all her household H3847 [H8803] are clothed H8144 with scarlet.
  22 H6213 [H8804] She maketh H4765 herself coverings of tapestry; H3830 her clothing H8336 is silk H713 and purple.
  23 H1167 Her husband H3045 [H8737] is known H8179 in the gates, H3427 [H8800] when he sitteth H2205 among the elders H776 of the land.
  24 H6213 [H8804] She maketh H5466 fine linen, H9001 and H4376 [H8799] selleth it; H9002 and H5414 [H8804] giveth H2289 waistbands H9005 to H3669 the merchant.
  25 H5797 Strength H1926 and honour H3830 are her clothing; H7832 [H8799] and she laugheth H3117 in time H314 to come.
  26 H6605 [H8804] She openeth H6310 her mouth H2451 with wisdom; H3956 and on her tongue H8451 is the law H2617 of mercy.
  27 H6822 [H8802] She looketh well H1979 H1979 [H8675] to the ways H1004 of her household, H398 [H8799] and eateth H3899 not the bread H6104 of idleness.
  28 H1121 Her sons H6965 [H8804] rise up, H833 [H8762] and call her blessed; H1167 her husband H1984 [H8762] also, and he praiseth her.
  29 H7227 Many H1323 daughters H6213 [H8804] have done H2428 virtuously, H5927 [H8804] but thou excellest them all.
  30 H2580 Favour H8267 is deceitful, H3308 and beauty H1892 is vain: H802 but a woman H3373 that feareth H3068 the LORD, H1984 [H8691] she shall be praised.
  31 H5414 [H8798] Give H6529 her of the fruit H3027 of her hands; H4639 and let her own works H1984 [H8762] praise H8179 her in the gates.

John 9:4

  4 G1691 { I G1163 [G5748] must G2038 [G5738] work G2041 the works G3992 [G5660] of him that sent G3165 me, G2193 while G2076 [G5748] it is G2250 day: G3571 the night G2064 [G5736] cometh, G3753 when G3762 no man G1410 [G5736] can G2038 [G5738] work.}

Genesis 12:12

  12 H4713 Therefore it shall come to pass, when the Egyptians H7200 [H8799] shall see H559 [H8804] thee, that they shall say, H802 This is his wife: H2026 [H8804] and they will kill H2421 [H8762] me, but they will save thee alive.

Galatians 5:22-24

  22 G1161 But G2590 the fruit G4151 of the Spirit G2076 [G5748] is G26 love, G5479 joy, G1515 peace, G3115 longsuffering, G5544 gentleness, G19 goodness, G4102 faith,
  23 G4236 Meekness, G1466 self-control: G2596 against G5108 such G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G3551 law.
  24 G1161 And G3588 they that are G5547 Anointed's G4717 [G5656] have impaled G4561 the flesh G4862 with G3804 the passions G2532 and G1939 lusts.

1 John 1:1

  1 G3739 That which G2258 [G5713] was G575 from G746 the beginning, G3739 which G191 [G5754] we have heard, G3739 which G3708 [G5758] we have seen G2257 with our G3788 eyes, G3739 which G2300 [G5662] we have looked upon, G2532 and G2257 our G5495 hands G5584 [G5656] have handled, G4012 of G3056 the Word G2222 of life;

Titus 2:2-4

  2 G4246 That the aged men G1511 [G5750] be G3524 sober minded, G4586 serious, G4998 discreet, G5198 [G5723] being sound G3588 in the G4102 faith, G3588 in the G26 love, G3588 in the G5281 patience.
  3 G4247 The aged women G5615 likewise, G1722 that they be in G2412 consecrated G2688 demeanor, G3361 not G1228 slanderers, G3361 not G1402 [G5772] being enslaved G4183 to much G3631 wine, G2567 teachers of good things;
  4 G2443 That G4994 0 they may teach G3501 the young women G1511 [G5750] to be G4994 [G5725] sober minded, G5362 to be ones fond of their husbands, G5388 to be ones fond of their children,

Isaiah 62:3

  3 H5850 Thou shalt also be a crown H8597 of glory H3027 in the hand H3068 of the LORD, H4410 and a royal H6797 H6797 [H8675] diadem H3709 in the palm H430 of thy God.

Proverbs 31:25

  25 H5797 Strength H1926 and honour H3830 are her clothing; H7832 [H8799] and she laugheth H3117 in time H314 to come.

1 Timothy 3:1-16

  1 G4103 This is a true G3056 saying, G1536 If a man G3713 [G5731] reacheth for G1984 overseership, G1937 [G5719] he desireth G2570 a good G2041 work.
  2 G1985 An overseer G3767 then G1163 [G5748] must G1511 [G5750] be G423 blameless, G435 the husband G3391 of one G1135 wife, G3524 temperate, G4998 discreet, G2887 orderly, G5382 given to hospitality, G1317 apt to teach;
  3 G3361 Not G3943 given to wine, G3361 not G4131 a striker, G3361 not G146 greedy for money; G235 but G1933 patient, G269 not a brawler, G866 not covetous;
  4 G4291 [G5734] One that ruleth G2573 well G2398 his own G3624 house, G2192 [G5723] having G5043 his children G1722 in G5292 subjection G3326 with G3956 all G4587 gravity;
  5 G1161 (For G1536 if a man G1492 0 knoweth G3756 not G1492 [G5758] how G4291 [G5629] to rule G2398 his own G3624 house, G4459 how G1959 [G5695] shall he take care of G1577 the congregation G2316 of God?)
  6 G3361 Not G3504 a novice, G3363 lest G5187 [G5685] being wrapped in smoke G1706 [G5632] he fall G1519 into G2917 judgment G3588 of the G1228 slanderer.
  7 G1161 G2532 Moreover G846 he G1163 [G5748] must G2192 [G5721] have G2570 a good G3141 report G575 from G1855 them who are outside; G3363 lest G1706 [G5632] he fall G1519 into G3680 reproach G2532 and G3803 the snare G3588 of the G1228 slanderer.
  8 G5615 Likewise G1249 must the servants G4586 be serious, G3361 not G1351 doubletongued, G3361 not G4337 [G5723] given G4183 to much G3631 wine, G3361 not G146 greedy for money;
  9 G2192 [G5723] Holding G3466 the mystery G4102 of the faith G1722 in G2513 a clean G4893 conscience.
  10 G1161 And G1381 0 let G3778 these G2532 also G4412 first G1381 [G5744] be proved; G1534 then G1247 [G5720] let them serve, G5607 [G5752] being G410 found blameless.
  11 G5615 Even so G1135 must their wives G4586 be serious, G3361 not G1228 slanderers, G3524 sober minded, G4103 faithful G1722 in G3956 all things.
  12 G2077 0 Let G1249 the servants G2077 [G5749] be G435 the husbands G3391 of one G1135 wife, G4291 [G5734] ruling G5043 their children G2532 and G2398 their own G3624 houses G2573 well.
  13 G1063 For G3588 the ones G1247 [G5660] having served G2573 well G4046 [G5731] purchase G1438 to themselves G2570 a good G898 rank, G2532 and G4183 great G3954 boldness G1722 in G4102 the faith G3588 which G1722 is in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus.
  14 G5023 These things G1125 [G5719] I write G4671 to thee, G1679 [G5723] expecting G2064 [G5629] to come G4314 to G4571 thee G5032 shortly:
  15 G1161 But G1437 if G1019 [G5725] I tarry long, G2443 that G1492 [G5762] thou mayest know G4459 how G1163 [G5748] thou oughtest G390 [G5745] to behave thyself G1722 in G3624 the house G2316 of God, G3748 which G2076 [G5748] is G1577 the congregation G2198 [G5723] of the living G2316 God, G4769 the pillar G2532 and G1477 ground G225 of the truth.
  16 G2532 And G3672 without controversy G3173 great G2076 [G5748] is G3466 the mystery G2150 of piety: G2316 God G5319 [G5681] was revealed G1722 in G4561 the flesh, G1344 [G5681] justified G1722 in G4151 the Spirit, G3700 [G5681] seen G32 by messengers, G2784 [G5681] proclaimed G1722 to G1484 the nations, G4100 [G5681] believed on G1722 in G2889 the world, G353 [G5681] received up G1722 into G1391 glory.

1 Corinthians 11:3

  3 G1161 But G2309 [G5719] I would have G5209 you G1492 [G5760] know, G3754 that G2776 the head G3956 of every G435 man G2076 [G5748] is G5547 Anointed; G1161 and G2776 the head G1135 of the woman G435 is the man; G1161 and G2776 the head G5547 of Anointed G2316 is God.

Proverbs 31:10

  10 H4672 [H8799] Who can find H2428 a virtuous H802 woman? H4377 for her price H7350 is far H6443 above rubies.

Proverbs 31:31

  31 H5414 [H8798] Give H6529 her of the fruit H3027 of her hands; H4639 and let her own works H1984 [H8762] praise H8179 her in the gates.

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