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2 Chronicles 36:9-18

  9 H3078 Jehoiachin H8083 was eight H8141 years H1121 old H4427 [H8800] when he began to reign, H4427 [H8804] and he reigned H7969 three H2320 months H6235 and ten H3117 days H3389 in Jerusalem: H6213 [H8799] and he did H7451 that which was evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD.
  10 H8141 And when the year H8666 had ended, H4428 king H5019 Nebuchadnezzar H7971 [H8804] sent, H935 [H8686] and brought H894 him to Babylon, H2532 with the precious H3627 vessels H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD, H6667 and made Zedekiah H251 his brother H4427 [H8686] king H3063 over Judah H3389 and Jerusalem.
  11 H6667 Zedekiah H259 was one H6242 and twenty H8141 years H1121 old H4427 [H8800] when he began to reign, H4427 [H8804] and reigned H259 H6240 eleven H8141 years H3389 in Jerusalem.
  12 H6213 [H8799] And he did H7451 that which was evil H5869 in the eyes H3068 of the LORD H430 his God, H3665 [H8738] and humbled H6440 not himself at the face of H3414 Jeremiah H5030 the prophet H6310 speaking from the mouth H3068 of the LORD.
  13 H4775 [H8804] And he also rebelled H4428 against king H5019 Nebuchadnezzar, H7650 [H8689] who had made him swear H430 by God: H7185 [H8686] but he stiffened H6203 his neck, H553 [H8762] and hardened H3824 his heart H7725 [H8800] from turning H3068 to the LORD H430 God H3478 of Israel.
  14 H8269 Moreover all the chief H3548 of the priests, H5971 and the people, H4603 [H8800] committed treachery, H7235 [H8689] much H4604 treachery, H8441 after all the abominations H1471 of the nations; H2930 [H8762] and polluted H1004 the house H3068 of the LORD H6942 [H8689] which he had hallowed H3389 in Jerusalem.
  15 H3068 And the LORD H430 God H1 of their fathers H7971 [H8799] sent H3027 to them by H4397 his messengers, H7925 [H8687] rising up early, H7971 [H8800] and sending; H2550 [H8804] because he had commiseration H5971 on his people, H4583 and on his dwelling place:
  16 H3931 [H8688] But they mocked H4397 the messengers H430 of God, H959 [H8802] and despised H1697 his words, H8591 [H8700] and misused H5030 his prophets, H2534 until the hot anger H3068 of the LORD H5927 [H8800] arose H5971 against his people, H4832 till there was no remedy.
  17 H5927 [H8686] Therefore he brought H4428 upon them the king H3778 of the Chaldees, H2026 [H8799] who slew H970 their young men H2719 with the sword H1004 in the house H4720 of their sanctuary, H2550 [H8804] and had no commiseration H970 upon young man H1330 or virgin, H2205 old man, H3486 or him that stooped for age: H5414 [H8804] he gave H3027 them all into his hand.
  18 H3627 And all the vessels H1004 of the house H430 of God, H1419 great H6996 and small, H214 and the treasures H1004 of the house H3068 of the LORD, H214 and the treasures H4428 of the king, H8269 and of his princes; H935 [H8689] all these he brought H894 to Babylon.

Luke 10:16

  16 G191 [G5723] { He that heareth G5216 you G191 [G5719] heareth G1700 me; G2532 and G114 [G5723] he that despiseth G5209 you G114 [G5719] despiseth G1691 me; G1161 and G114 [G5723] he that despiseth G1691 me G114 [G5719] despiseth G649 [G5660] him that sent G3165 me.}
  17 G2532 And G1607 [G5740] when he had gone forth G1519 into G846 G3598 the way, G4370 0 there came G1520 one G4370 [G5631] running, G2532 and G1120 [G5660] kneeled G846 to him, G1905 [G5707] and asked G846 him, G18 Good G1320 Teacher, G5101 what G4160 [G5661] shall I do G2443 that G2816 [G5661] I may inherit G166 age-during G2222 life?
  18 G1161 And G2424 Jesus G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him, G5101 { Why G3004 [G5719] callest thou G3165 me G18 good? G3762 there is none G18 good G1508 but G1520 one, G2316 that is, God.}

John 8:28

  28 G5119 Then G2036 [G5627] said G2424 Jesus G846 to them, G3752 { When G5312 [G5661] ye have lifted up G5207 the Son G444 of man, G3767 then G1097 [G5695] shall ye know G3754 that G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G2532 he, and G4160 [G5719] that I do G3762 nothing G575 from G1683 myself; G235 but G2531 as G3450 my G3962 Father G1321 [G5656] hath taught G3165 me, G2980 [G5719] I speak G5023 these things.}

Colossians 4:6

  6 G5216 Let your G3056 speech G3842 be always G1722 with G5485 grace, G741 [G5772] spiced G217 with salt, G1492 [G5760] that ye may know G4459 how G5209 ye G1163 [G5748] ought G611 [G5738] to answer G1538 every G1520 man.

John 5:31

  31 G1437 { If G1473 I G3140 [G5725] bear witness G4012 concerning G1683 myself, G3450 my G3141 witness G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G227 true.}

John 5:30

  30 G1473 { I G1410 [G5736] can G575 from G1683 mine own self G4160 [G5721] do G3756 G3762 nothing: G2531 as G191 [G5719] I hear, G2919 [G5719] I judge: G2532 and G1699 my G2920 judgment G2076 [G5748] is G1342 just; G3754 because G2212 [G5719] I seek G3756 not G1699 my own G2307 will, G235 but G2307 the will G3962 of the Father G3992 [G5660] who hath sent G3165 me.}

Philippians 2:1-10

  1 G3767 If there is therefore G1536 any G3874 consolation G1722 in G5547 Anointed, G1536 if any G3890 comfort G26 of love, G1536 if any G2842 fellowship G4151 of the Spirit, G1536 if any G4698 affection G2532 and G3628 compassions,
  2 G4137 [G5657] Fulfil ye G3450 my G5479 joy, G2443 that G846 G5426 [G5725] ye be likeminded, G2192 [G5723] having G846 the same G26 love, G4861 unanimous, G1520 of one G5426 [G5723] mind.
  3 G3367 Let nothing G2596 be done through G2052 contention G2228 or G2754 vainglory; G235 but G3588   G5012 in humility of mind, G2233 [G5740] esteeming G240 one another G5242 [G5723] as being superior G1438 to themselves.
  4 G4648 [G5720] Look G3361 not G1538 every man G1438 on his own things, G235 but G1538 every man G2532 also G3588 on the things G2087 of others.
  5 G1063   G5426 0 Let G5124 this G5426 [G5744] mind be G1722 in G5213 you, G3739 which G2532 was also G1722 in G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus:
  6 G3739 Who, G5225 [G5723] being G1722 in G3444 the form G2316 of God, G2233 [G5662] thought it G3756 not G725 robbery G1511 [G5750] to be G2470 equal G2316 with God:
  7 G235 But G2758 [G5656] emptied G1438 himself, G2983 [G5631] having taken G3444 the form G1401 of a slave, G1096 [G5637] and was made G1722 in G3667 the likeness G444 of men:
  8 G2532 And G2147 [G5685] being found G4976 in fashion G5613 as G444 a man, G5013 [G5656] he humbled G1438 himself, G1096 [G5637] and became G5255 obedient G3360 to G2288 death, G1161 even G2288 the death G4716 of the stake.
  9 G1352 Therefore G2316 God G2532 also G5251 [G5656] hath highly exalted G846 him, G2532 and G5483 [G5662] given G846 him G3686 a name G3588 which G5228 is above G3956 every G3686 name:
  10 G2443 That G1722 at G3588 the G3686 name G2424 of Jesus G3956 every G1119 knee G2578 [G5661] should bend, G2032 of things in heaven, G2532 and G1919 things on earth, G2532 and G2709 things under the earth;

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