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Job 39:27-30

  27 H5404 Doth the eagle H1361 [H8686] mount up H6310 at thy mouth, H7311 0 and make H7064 her nest H7311 [H8686] on high?
  28 H7931 [H8799] She dwelleth H3885 [H8698] and abideth H5553 on the rock, H8127 upon the crag H5553 of the rock, H4686 and the strong place.
  29 H2658 [H8804] From there she seeketh H400 the prey, H5869 and her eyes H5027 [H8686] behold H7350 afar off.
  30 H667 Her young ones H5966 [H8762] also suck up H1818 blood: H2491 and where the slain H1931 are, there is she.

Malachi 4:2

  2 H3373 But to you that fear H8034 my name H8121 shall the Sun H6666 of righteousness H2224 [H8804] arise H4832 with healing H3671 in his wings; H3318 [H8804] and ye shall go forth, H6335 [H8804] and grow up H5695 as calves H4770 of the stall.

Isaiah 40:1-31

  1 H5162 [H8761] Comfort H5162 [H8761] ye, comfort H5971 ye my people, H559 [H8799] saith H430 your God.
  2 H1696 [H8761] Speak H3820 to the heart H3389 of Jerusalem, H7121 [H8798] and call H6635 to her, that her warfare H4390 [H8804] is accomplished, H5771 that her perversity H7521 [H8738] is pardoned: H3947 [H8804] for she hath received H3068 from the LORD'S H3027 hand H3718 double H3605 for all H2403 her sins.
  3 H6963 The voice H7121 [H8802] of him that calleth H4057 in the wilderness, H6437 [H8761] Prepare H1870 ye the way H3068 of the LORD, H3474 [H8761] make straight H6160 in the desert H4546 a highway H430 for our God.
  4 H1516 Every valley H5375 [H8735] shall be exalted, H2022 and every mountain H1389 and hill H8213 [H8799] shall be made low: H6121 and the crooked H4334 shall be made straight, H7406 and the rough places H1237 plain:
  5 H3519 And the glory H3068 of the LORD H1540 [H8738] shall be revealed, H1320 and all flesh H3162 together H7200 [H8804] shall see H6310 it: for the mouth H3068 of the LORD H1696 [H8765] hath spoken it.
  6 H6963 The voice H559 [H8802] said, H7121 [H8798] Call. H559 [H8804] And he said, H7121 [H8799] What shall I call? H1320 All flesh H2682 is grass, H2617 and all its beauty H6731 is as the flower H7704 of the field:
  7 H2682 The grass H3001 [H8804] withereth, H6731 the flower H5034 [H8804] fadeth: H7307 because the spirit H3068 of the LORD H5380 [H8804] bloweth H403 upon it: surely H5971 the people H2682 is grass.
  8 H2682 The grass H3001 [H8804] withereth, H6731 the flower H5034 [H8804] fadeth: H1697 but the word H430 of our God H6965 [H8799] shall stand H5769 to the age.
  9 H6726 O Zion, H1319 [H8764] that bringest good tidings, H5927 [H8798] go up H1364 upon the high H2022 mountain; H3389 O Jerusalem, H1319 [H8764] that bringest good tidings, H7311 [H8685] lift up H6963 thy voice H3581 with strength; H7311 [H8685] lift it up, H3372 [H8799] be not afraid; H559 [H8798] say H5892 to the cities H3063 of Judah, H430 Behold your God!
  10 H136 Behold, the Lord H3069 GOD H935 [H8799] will come H2389 with strong H2220 hand, and his arm H4910 [H8802] shall rule H7939 for him: behold, his reward H6468 is with him, and his work H6440 at the face of him.
  11 H7462 [H8799] He shall feed H5739 his flock H7462 [H8802] like a shepherd: H6908 [H8762] he shall gather H2922 the lambs H2220 with his arm, H5375 [H8799] and carry H2436 them in his bosom, H5095 [H8762] and shall gently lead H5763 [H8802] those that are with young.
  12 H4058 [H8804] Who hath comprehended H4325 the waters H8168 in the hollow of his hand, H8505 [H8765] and measured H8064 heaven H2239 with the span, H3557 [H8804] and comprehended H6083 the dust H776 of the earth H7991 in a measure, H8254 [H8804] and weighed H2022 the mountains H6425 in scales, H1389 and the hills H3976 in a balance?
  13 H8505 [H8765] Who hath directed H7307 the Spirit H3068 of the LORD, H376 H6098 or being his counsellor H3045 [H8686] hath taught him?
  14 H3289 [H8738] With whom took he counsel, H995 [H8799] and who instructed H3925 [H8762] him, and taught H734 him in the path H4941 of judgment, H3925 [H8762] and taught H1847 him knowledge, H3045 [H8686] and showed H1870 to him the way H8394 of understanding?
  15 H1471 Behold, the nations H4752 are as a drop H1805 of a bucket, H2803 [H8738] and are counted H7834 as the small dust H3976 of the balance: H5190 [H8799] behold, he taketh up H339 the isles H1851 as a very little thing.
  16 H3844 And Lebanon H369 is not H1767 sufficient H1197 [H8763] to burn, H2416 nor its beasts H1767 sufficient H5930 for a burnt offering.
  17 H1471 All nations H2803 [H8738] before him are as nothing; and they are counted H657 to him less than nothing, H8414 and vanity.
  18 H1819 [H8762] To whom then will ye liken H410 God? H1823 or what likeness H6186 [H8799] will ye compare him to?
  19 H2796 The workman H5258 [H8804] casteth H6459 a graven image, H6884 [H8802] and the goldsmith H7554 [H8762] spreadeth H2091 it over with gold, H6884 [H8802] and casteth H3701 silver H7577 chains.
  20 H5533 H5534 [H8794] He that is so impoverished H8641 that he hath no oblation H977 [H8799] chooseth H6086 a tree H7537 [H8799] that will not rot; H1245 [H8762] he seeketh H2450 for himself a skilful H2796 workman H3559 [H8687] to prepare H6459 a graven image, H4131 [H8735] that shall not be moved.
  21 H3045 [H8799] Have ye not known? H8085 [H8799] have ye not heard? H5046 [H8717] hath it not been told H7218 you from the beginning? H995 [H8689] have ye not understood H4146 from the foundations H776 of the earth?
  22 H3427 [H8802] It is he that sitteth H2329 upon the circle H776 of the earth, H3427 [H8802] and its inhabitants H2284 are as grasshoppers; H5186 [H8802] that stretcheth out H8064 the heavens H1852 as a curtain, H4969 [H8799] and spreadeth them out H168 as a tent H3427 [H8800] to dwell in:
  23 H5414 [H8802] That bringeth H7336 [H8802] the princes H6213 [H8804] to nothing; he maketh H8199 [H8802] the judges H776 of the earth H8414 as vanity.
  24 H5193 [H8738] Yea, they shall not be planted; H2232 [H8795] yea, they shall not be sown: H1503 yea, their stock H8327 [H8782] shall not take root H776 in the earth: H5398 [H8804] and he shall also blow H3001 [H8799] upon them, and they shall wither, H5591 and the whirlwind H5375 [H8799] shall take H7179 them away as stubble.
  25 H1819 [H8762] To whom then will ye liken H7737 [H8799] me, or to whom shall I be equal? H559 [H8799] saith H6918 the Holy One.
  26 H5375 [H8798] Lift up H5869 your eyes H4791 on high, H7200 [H8798] and behold H1254 [H8804] who hath created H3318 [H8688] these things, that bringeth out H6635 their host H4557 by number: H7121 [H8799] he calleth H8034 them all by names H7230 by the abundance H202 of his might, H533 for that he is strong H3581 in power; H376 not one H5737 [H8738] faileth.
  27 H559 [H8799] Why sayest H3290 thou, O Jacob, H1696 [H8762] and speakest, H3478 O Israel, H1870 My way H5641 [H8738] is hid H3068 from the LORD, H4941 and my judgment H5674 [H8799] is passed over H430 by my God?
  28 H3045 [H8804] Hast thou not known? H8085 [H8804] hast thou not heard, H5769 that the everlasting H430 God, H3068 the LORD, H1254 [H8802] the Creator H7098 of the ends H776 of the earth, H3286 [H8799] fainteth H3021 [H8799] not, neither is weary? H2714 there is no searching H8394 of his understanding.
  29 H5414 [H8802] He giveth H3581 power H3287 to the faint; H202 and to them that have no might H7235 [H8686] he increaseth H6109 strength.
  30 H5288 Even the youths H3286 [H8799] shall faint H3021 [H8799] and be weary, H970 and the young men H3782 [H8800] shall utterly H3782 [H8735] fall:
  31 H6960 [H8802] But they that wait H3068 upon the LORD H2498 [H8686] shall renew H3581 their strength; H5927 [H8799] they shall mount up H83 with wings H5404 as eagles; H7323 [H8799] they shall run, H3021 [H8799] and not be weary; H3212 [H8799] they shall walk, H3286 [H8799] and not faint.

Daniel 7:1-28

  1 H2298 In the first H8140 year H1113 of Belshazzar H4430 king H895 of Babylon H1841 Daniel H2370 [H8754] had H2493 a dream H2376 and visions H7217 of his head H5922 upon H4903 his bed: H116 then H3790 [H8754] he wrote H2493 the dream, H560 [H8754] and told H7217 the sum H4406 of the matters.
  2 H1841 Daniel H6032 [H8750] spoke H560 [H8750] and said, H2370 H1934 [H8751] I saw H2376 in my vision H5974 by H3916 night, H718 and, behold, H703 the four H7308 winds H8065 of heaven H1519 [H8683] strove H7229 upon the great H3221 sea.
  3 H703 And four H7260 great H2423 beasts H5559 [H8751] came up H4481 from H3221 the sea, H8133 [H8750] different H1668 one H4481 from H1668 another.
  4 H6933 The first H744 was like a lion, H5403 and had eagle's H1611 wings: H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 till H1611 its wings H4804 [H8760] were plucked, H5191 [H8760] and it was lifted up H4481 from H772 the earth, H6966 [H8717] and made to stand H5922 upon H7271 the feet H606 as a man, H606 and a man's H3825 heart H3052 [H8753] was given to it.
  5 H718 And behold H317 another H2423 beast, H8578 a second, H1821 [H8751] like H1678 a bear, H6966 [H8684] and it raised H2298 itself on one H7859 side, H8532 and it had three H5967 ribs H6433 in the mouth H997 of it between H8128 the teeth H560 [H8750] of it: and they said H3652 thus H6966 [H8747] to it, Arise, H399 [H8747] devour H7690 much H1321 flesh.
  6 H870 After H1836 this H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld, H718 and lo H317 another, H5245 like a leopard, H5922 which had upon H1355 the back H703 of it four H1611 wings H5776 of a fowl; H2423 the beast H703 had also four H7217 heads; H7985 and dominion H3052 [H8753] was given to it.
  7 H870 After H1836 this H1934 H2370 [H8754] I saw H3916 in the night H2376 visions, H718 and behold H7244 a fourth H2423 beast, H1763 [H8753] dreadful H574 and terrible, H8624 and strong H3493 exceedingly; H7260 and it had great H6523 iron H8128 teeth: H399 [H8750] it devoured H1855 [H8683] and broke in pieces, H7512 [H8751] and stamped H7606 the remainder H7271 with its feet: H1932 and it H8133 [H8743] was different H4481 from H3606 all H2423 the beasts H6925 that were before H6236 it; and it had ten H7162 horns.
  8 H1934 H7920 [H8754] I considered H7162 the horns, H431 and, behold, H5559 [H8754] there came up H997 among H317 them another H2192 little H7162 horn, H6925 H4481 before H8532 whom there were three H4481 of H6933 the first H7162 horns H6132 [H8725] plucked up by the roots: H431 and, behold, H1668 in this H7162 horn H5870 were eyes H5870 like the eyes H606 of a man, H6433 and a mouth H4449 [H8743] speaking H7260 great things.
  9 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 till H3764 the thrones H7412 [H8752] were cast down, H6268 and the Ancient H3118 of days H3488 [H8754] did sit, H3831 whose garment H2358 was white H8517 as snow, H8177 and the hair H7217 of his head H5343 like the pure H6015 wool: H3764 his throne H5135 was like the fiery H7631 flame, H1535 and his wheels H1815 [H8751] as burning H5135 fire.
  10 H5135 A fiery H5103 stream H5047 [H8743] issued H5312 [H8750] and came forth H4481 from H6925 before H506 him: thousand H506 thousands H8120 [H8741] ministered H7240 to him, and ten thousand H7240 times ten thousand H6966 [H8748] stood H6925 before H1780 him: the judgment H3488 [H8754] was set, H5609 and the books H6606 [H8760] were opened.
  11 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H116 then H4481 because H7032 of the voice H7260 of the great H4406 words H7162 which the horn H4449 [H8743] spoke: H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld H5705 even till H2423 the beast H6992 [H8752] was slain, H1655 and his body H7 [H8717] made lost, H3052 [H8753] and given H3346 to the burning H785 flame.
  12 H7606 As concerning the rest H2423 of the beasts, H7985 they had their dominion H5709 [H8684] taken away: H2417 yet their lives H3052 [H8753] were prolonged H5705 for H2166 a season H5732 and time.
  13 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I saw H3916 in the night H2376 visions, H718 and, behold, H1247 one like the Son H606 of man H858 [H8750] came H5974 with H6050 the clouds H8065 of heaven, H4291 [H8754] and came H5705 to H6268 the Ancient H3118 of days, H7127 [H8684] and they brought him near H6925 before him.
  14 H3052 [H8753] And there was given H7985 him dominion, H3367 and honour, H4437 and a kingdom, H3606 that all H5972 people, H524 nations, H3961 and languages, H6399 [H8748] should serve H7985 him: his dominion H5957 is an everlasting H7985 dominion, H3809 which shall not H5709 [H8748] pass away, H4437 and his kingdom H3809 that which shall not H2255 [H8721] be ruined.
  15 H576 I H1841 Daniel H3735 [H8730] was grieved H7308 in my spirit H1459 in the midst H5085 of my body, H2376 and the visions H7217 of my head H927 [H8792] troubled me.
  16 H7127 [H8754] I came near H5922 to H2298 one H4481 of H6966 [H8750] them that stood by, H1156 [H8748] and asked H4481 him H3330 the truth H3606 of all H1836 this. H560 [H8754] So he told H3046 [H8681] me, and made me know H6591 the interpretation H4406 of the things.
  17 H459 These H7260 great H2423 beasts, H581 which H703 are four, H703 are four H4430 kings, H6966 [H8748] which shall arise H4481 out of H772 the earth.
  18 H6922 But the saints H5946 of the most High H6902 [H8741] shall take H4437 the kingdom, H2631 [H8681] and possess H4437 the kingdom H5705 for H5957 ever, H5705 even for H5957 ever H5957 and ever.
  19 H116 Then H6634 [H8754] I would H3321 [H8742] know the truth H5922 of H7244 the fourth H2423 beast, H1934 [H8754] which was H8133 [H8750] different H4481 from H3606 all H3493 the others, exceeding H1763 [H8753] dreadful, H8128 whose teeth H6523 were of iron, H2953 and his nails H5174 of brass; H399 [H8750] which devoured, H1855 [H8683] broke in pieces, H7512 [H8751] and stamped H7606 the remainder H7271 with his feet;
  20 H5922 And of H6236 the ten H7162 horns H7217 that were in his head, H317 and of the other H5559 [H8754] which came up, H4481 H6925 and before H8532 whom three H5308 [H8754] fell; H7162 even of that horn H1797 that H5870 had eyes, H6433 and a mouth H4449 [H8743] that spoke H7260 very great things, H2376 whose look H4481 0 was more H7229 stout H4481 than H2273 his fellows.
  21 H1934 H2370 [H8754] I beheld, H1797 and the same H7162 horn H5648 [H8751] made H7129 war H5974 with H6922 the saints, H3202 [H8750] and prevailed against them;
  22 H5705 Until H6268 the Ancient H3118 of days H858 H1768 [H8754] came, H1780 and judgment H3052 [H8753] was given H6922 to the saints H5946 of the most High; H2166 and the time H4291 [H8754] came H6922 that the saints H2631 [H8684] possessed H4437 the kingdom.
  23 H3652 Thus H560 [H8754] he said, H7244 The fourth H2423 beast H1934 [H8748] shall be H7244 the fourth H4437 kingdom H772 upon earth, H8133 [H8748] which shall be different H4481 from H3606 all H4437 kingdoms, H399 [H8748] and shall devour H3606 the whole H772 earth, H1759 [H8748] and shall tread it down, H1855 [H8681] and break it in pieces.
  24 H6236 And the ten H7162 horns H4481 out of H4437 this kingdom H6236 are ten H4430 kings H6966 [H8748] that shall arise: H321 and another H6966 [H8748] shall rise H311 after H8133 [H8748] them; and he shall be different H4481 from H6933 the first, H8214 [H8681] and he shall subdue H8532 three H4430 kings.
  25 H4449 [H8741] And he shall speak H4406 great words H6655 against H5943 the most High, H1080 [H8741] and shall wear out H6922 the saints H5946 of the most High, H5452 [H8748] and think H8133 [H8682] to change H2166 times H1882 and laws: H3052 [H8725] and they shall be given H3028 into his hand H5705 until H5732 a time H5732 and times H6387 and the dividing H5732 of time.
  26 H1780 But the judgment H3488 [H8754] shall sit, H5709 [H8681] and they shall take away H7985 his dominion, H8046 [H8682] to consume H7 [H8682] and to make lost H5705 it to H5491 the end.
  27 H4437 And the kingdom H7985 and dominion, H7238 and the greatness H4437 of the kingdom H8460 under H3606 the whole H8065 heaven, H3052 [H8753] shall be given H5972 to the people H6922 of the saints H5946 of the most High, H4437 whose kingdom H5957 is an everlasting H4437 kingdom, H3606 and all H7985 dominions H6399 [H8748] shall serve H8086 [H8721] and obey him.
  28 H5705 H3542 Here H5491 is the end H4406 of the matter. H576 As for me H1841 Daniel, H7476 my thoughts H7690 much H927 [H8792] troubled H2122 me, and my countenance H8133 [H8721] changed H5922 in me: H5202 [H8754] but I kept H4406 the matter H3821 in my heart.

Deuteronomy 32:11

  11 H5404 As an eagle H5782 [H8686] stirreth up H7064 her nest, H7363 [H8762] fluttereth H1469 over her young, H6566 [H8799] spreadeth abroad H3671 her wings, H3947 [H8799] taketh H5375 [H8799] them, beareth H84 them on her wings:

Exodus 19:4

  4 H7200 [H8804] Ye have seen H6213 [H8804] what I did H4714 to the Egyptians, H5375 [H8799] and how I bore H5404 you on eagles' H3671 wings, H935 [H8686] and brought you to myself.

Isaiah 40:31

  31 H6960 [H8802] But they that wait H3068 upon the LORD H2498 [H8686] shall renew H3581 their strength; H5927 [H8799] they shall mount up H83 with wings H5404 as eagles; H7323 [H8799] they shall run, H3021 [H8799] and not be weary; H3212 [H8799] they shall walk, H3286 [H8799] and not faint.

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