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Esther 2:7

  7 H539 [H8802] And he brought up H1919 Hadassah, H635 that is, Esther, H1730 his uncle's H1323 daughter: H1 for she had neither father H517 nor mother, H5291 and the damsel H3303 H8389 was fair H2896 H4758 and beautiful; H4782 whom Mordecai, H1 when her father H517 and mother H4194 were dead, H3947 [H8804] took H1323 for his own daughter.

Isaiah 4:4

  4 H136 When the Lord H7364 [H8804] shall have washed away H6675 the filth H1323 of the daughters H6726 of Zion, H1740 [H8686] and shall have purged H1818 the blood H3389 of Jerusalem H7130 from the midst H7307 of it by the spirit H4941 of judgment, H7307 and by the spirit H1197 [H8763] of burning.

Isaiah 49:22

  22 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD, H5375 [H8799] Behold, I will lift up H3027 my hand H1471 to the nations, H7311 [H8686] and set up H5251 my standard H5971 to the people: H935 [H8689] and they shall bring H1121 thy sons H2684 in their arms, H1323 and thy daughters H5375 [H8735] shall be carried H3802 upon their shoulders.

Ezekiel 14:20

  20 H5146 Though Noah, H1840 Daniel, H347 and Job, H8432 were in it, H2416 as I live, H5002 [H8803] saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD, H5337 [H8686] they shall deliver H1121 neither son H518 nor H1323 daughter; H5337 [H8686] they shall deliver H5315 their own breaths H6666 only by their righteousness.

Joel 2:28

  28 H310 And it shall come to pass afterward, H8210 [H8799] that I will pour out H7307 my spirit H1320 upon all flesh; H1121 and your sons H1323 and your daughters H5012 [H8738] shall prophesy, H2205 your old men H2492 [H8799] shall dream H2472 dreams, H970 your young men H7200 [H8799] shall see H2384 visions:

Luke 12:53

  53 G3962 { The father G1266 [G5701] shall be divided G1909 against G5207 the son, G2532 and G5207 the son G1909 against G3962 the father; G3384 the mother G1909 against G2364 the daughter, G2532 and G2364 the daughter G1909 against G3384 the mother; G3994 the mother in law G1909 against G846 her G3565 daughter in law, G2532 and G3565 the daughter in law G1909 against G846 her G3994 mother in law.}

1 Timothy 5:1-2

  1 G1969 [G5661] Rebuke G3361 not G4245 an elder, G235 but G3870 [G5720] exhort G5613 him as G3962 a father; G3501 and the younger men G5613 as G80 brethren;
  2 G4245 The elder women G5613 as G3384 mothers; G3501 the younger G5613 as G79 sisters, G1722 with G3956 all G47 purity.

Genesis 19:30-38

  30 H3876 And Lot H5927 [H8799] went up H6820 from Zoar, H3427 [H8799] and dwelt H2022 in the mountain, H8147 and his two H1323 daughters H3372 [H8804] with him; for he feared H3427 [H8800] to dwell H6820 in Zoar: H3427 [H8799] and he dwelt H4631 in a cave, H8147 he and his two H1323 daughters.
  31 H1067 And the firstborn H559 [H8799] said H6810 to the younger, H1 Our father H2204 [H8804] is old, H376 and there is not a man H776 on the earth H935 [H8800] to come in H1870 to us after the manner H776 of all the earth:
  32 H3212 [H8798] Come, H8248 0 let us make H1 our father H8248 [H8686] drink H3196 wine, H7901 [H8799] and we will lie H2421 [H8762] with him, that we may preserve H2233 seed H1 of our father.
  33 H8248 0 And they made H1 their father H8248 [H8686] drink H3196 wine H3915 that night: H1067 and the firstborn H935 [H8799] went in, H7901 [H8799] and lay H1 with her father; H3045 [H8804] and he perceived H7901 [H8800] not when she lay down, H6965 [H8800] nor when she arose.
  34 H4283 And it came to pass on the next day, H1067 that the firstborn H559 [H8799] said H6810 to the younger, H7901 [H8804] Behold, I lay H570 last night H1 with my father: H8248 [H8686] let us make him drink H3196 wine H3915 this night H935 [H8798] also; and go thou in, H7901 [H8798] and lie H2421 [H8762] with him, that we may preserve H2233 seed H1 of our father.
  35 H8248 0 And they made H1 their father H8248 [H8686] drink H3196 wine H1931 that H3915 night H6810 also: and the younger H6965 [H8799] arose, H7901 [H8799] and lay H3045 [H8804] with him; and he perceived H7901 [H8800] not when she lay down, H6965 [H8800] nor when she arose.
  36 H8147 Thus were both H1323 the daughters H3876 of Lot H2029 [H8799] with child H1 by their father.
  37 H1067 And the firstborn H3205 [H8799] bore H1121 a son, H7121 [H8799] and called H8034 his name H4124 Moab: H1931 the same H1 is the father H4124 of the Moabites H3117 to this day.
  38 H6810 And the younger, H3205 [H8804] she also bore H1121 a son, H7121 [H8799] and called H8034 his name H1151 Benammi: H1 the same is the father H1121 of the children H5983 of Ammon H3117 to this day.

Numbers 30:3-5

  3 H802 If a woman H5087 [H8799] also shall vow H5088 a vow H3068 to the LORD, H631 [H8804] and bind H632 herself by a bond, H1 being in her father's H1004 house H5271 in her youth;
  4 H1 And her father H8085 [H8804] shall hear H5088 her vow, H632 and her bond H631 [H8804] by which she hath bound H5315 her breath, H1 and her father H2790 [H8689] shall hold his peace H5088 at her: then all her vows H6965 [H8804] shall stand, H632 and every bond H631 [H8804] by which she hath bound H5315 her breath H6965 [H8799] shall stand.
  5 H1 But if her father H5106 [H8689] shall overrule H3117 her in the day H8085 [H8800] that he heareth; H5088 not any of her vows, H632 or of her bonds H631 [H8804] by which she hath bound H5315 her breath, H6965 [H8799] shall stand: H3068 and the LORD H5545 [H8799] shall forgive H1 her, because her father H5106 [H8689] overruled her.

Numbers 27:1-11

  1 H7126 [H8799] Then came H1323 the daughters H6765 of Zelophehad, H1121 the son H2660 of Hepher, H1121 the son H1568 of Gilead, H1121 the son H4353 of Machir, H1121 the son H4519 of Manasseh, H4940 of the families H4519 of Manasseh H1121 the son H3130 of Joseph: H8034 and these are the names H1323 of his daughters; H4244 Mahlah, H5270 Noah, H2295 and Hoglah, H4435 and Milcah, H8656 and Tirzah.
  2 H5975 [H8799] And they stood H6440 before H4872 Moses, H6440 and before H499 Eleazar H3548 the priest, H6440 and before H5387 the princes H3605 and all H5712 the company, H6607 by the door H168 of the tent H4150 of meeting, H559 [H8800] saying,
  3 H1 Our father H4191 [H8804] died H4057 in the wilderness, H8432 and he was not in H5712 the company H3259 [H8737] of them that gathered themselves together H3068 against the LORD H5712 in the company H7141 of Korah; H4191 [H8804] but died H2399 in his own sin, H1121 and had no sons.
  4 H8034 Why should the name H1 of our father H1639 [H8735] be done away H8432 from among H4940 his family, H1121 because he hath no son? H5414 [H8798] Give H272 to us therefore a possession H8432 among H251 the brethren H1 of our father.
  5 H4872 And Moses H7126 [H8686] brought H4941 their cause H6440 before H3068 the LORD.
  6 H3068 And the LORD H559 [H8799] spoke H4872 to Moses, H559 [H8800] saying,
  7 H1323 The daughters H6765 of Zelophehad H1696 [H8802] speak H3651 what is right: H5414 [H8800] thou shalt surely H5414 [H8799] give H272 them a possession H5159 of an inheritance H8432 among H1 their father's H251 brethren; H5159 and thou shalt cause the inheritance H1 of their father H5674 [H8689] to pass to them.
  8 H1696 [H8762] And thou shalt speak H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel, H559 [H8800] saying, H376 If a man H4191 [H8799] shall die, H1121 and have no son, H5159 then ye shall cause his inheritance H5674 [H8689] to pass H1323 to his daughter.
  9 H1323 And if he shall have no daughter, H5414 [H8804] then ye shall give H5159 his inheritance H251 to his brethren.
  10 H251 And if he shall have no brethren, H5414 [H8804] then ye shall give H5159 his inheritance H1 to his father's H251 brethren.
  11 H1 And if his father H251 shall have no brethren, H5414 [H8804] then ye shall give H5159 inheritance H7607 to his kinsman H7138 that is next H4940 to him of his family, H3423 [H8804] and he shall possess H1121 it: and it shall be to the children H3478 of Israel H2708 a statute H4941 of judgment, H3068 as the LORD H6680 [H8765] commanded H4872 Moses.

Proverbs 31:30

  30 H2580 Favour H8267 is deceitful, H3308 and beauty H1892 is vain: H802 but a woman H3373 that feareth H3068 the LORD, H1984 [H8691] she shall be praised.

Acts 21:8-9

  8 G1161 And G1887 the next G4012 0 day we that were of G3972 Paul's G4012 company G1831 [G5631] departed, G2064 G2064 [G5627] and came G1519 to G2542 Caesarea: G2532 and G1525 [G5631] we entered G1519 into G3624 the house G5376 of Philip G2099 the evangelist, G5607 [G5752] who was G1537 one of G2033 the seven; G3306 [G5656] and abode G3844 with G846 him.
  9 G1161 And G5129 the same man G2258 [G5713] had G5064 four G2364 daughters, G3933 virgins, G4395 [G5723] who prophesied.

Ruth 3:10

  10 H559 [H8799] And he said, H1288 [H8803] Blessed H3068 be thou of the LORD, H1323 my daughter: H3190 [H8689] for thou hast shown H2617 more mercy H314 in the latter end H7223 than at the beginning, H3212 H310 H1115 [H8800] inasmuch as thou didst not follow H970 young men, H1800 whether poor H6223 or rich.

Isaiah 32:9

  9 H6965 [H8798] Rise up, H802 ye women H7600 that are at ease; H8085 [H8798] hear H6963 my voice, H982 [H8802] ye careless H1323 daughters; H238 [H8685] give ear H565 to my speech.

2 Corinthians 6:18

  18 G2532 And G2071 G1519 [G5704] I will be G3962 a Father G5213 to you, G2532 and G5210 ye G2071 [G5704] shall be G3427 my G5207 G1519 sons G2532 and G2364 daughters, G3004 [G5719] saith G2962 the Lord G3841 Almighty.

Mark 5:34

  34 G1161 And G2036 [G5627] he said G846 to her, G2364 { Daughter, G4675 thy G4102 faith G4982 0 hath made G4571 thee G4982 [G5758] well; G5217 [G5720] go G1519 in G1515 peace, G2532 and G2468 [G5749] be G5199 healed G575 from G4675 thy G3148 scourge.}

Ezekiel 16:44

  44 H4911 [H8802] Behold, every one that useth proverbs H4911 [H8799] shall use this proverb H559 [H8800] against thee, saying, H517 As is the mother, H1323 so is her daughter.

Psalms 144:12

  12 H1121 That our sons H5195 may be as plants H1431 [H8794] grown up H5271 in their youth; H1323 that our daughters H2106 may be as corner stones, H2404 [H8794] polished H8403 after the similitude H1964 of a palace:
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