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2 Samuel 11:1-17

  1 H8141 And it came to pass, after the year H8666 had ended, H6256 at the time H4428 H4397 [H8675] when kings H3318 [H8800] go forth H1732 to battle, that David H7971 [H8799] sent H3097 Joab, H5650 and his servants H3478 with him, and all Israel; H7843 [H8686] and they decayed H1121 the sons H5983 of Ammon, H6696 [H8799] and besieged H7237 Rabbah. H1732 But David H3427 [H8802] tarried still H3389 at Jerusalem.
  2 H6153 H6256 And it came to pass in an evening, H1732 that David H6965 [H8799] arose H4904 from off his bed, H1980 [H8691] and walked H1406 upon the roof H4428 of the king's H1004 house: H1406 and from the roof H7200 [H8799] he saw H802 a woman H7364 [H8801] washing H802 herself; and the woman H3966 was very H2896 beautiful H4758 to look upon.
  3 H1732 And David H7971 [H8799] sent H1875 [H8799] and enquired H802 after the woman. H559 [H8799] And one said, H1339 Is not this Bathsheba, H1323 the daughter H463 of Eliam, H802 the wife H223 of Uriah H2850 the Hittite?
  4 H1732 And David H7971 [H8799] sent H4397 messengers, H3947 [H8799] and took H935 [H8799] her; and she came in H7901 [H8799] to him, and he lay H6942 [H8693] with her; for she was purified H2932 from her uncleanness: H7725 [H8799] and she returned H1004 to her house.
  5 H802 And the woman H2029 [H8799] conceived, H7971 [H8799] and sent H5046 [H8686] and told H1732 David, H559 [H8799] and said, H2030 I am with child.
  6 H1732 And David H7971 [H8799] sent H3097 to Joab, H7971 [H8798] saying, Send H223 me Uriah H2850 the Hittite. H3097 And Joab H7971 [H8799] sent H223 Uriah H1732 to David.
  7 H223 And when Uriah H935 [H8799] had come H1732 to him, David H7592 [H8799] enquired H3097 of him how Joab H7965 did, H5971 and how the people H7965 did, H4421 and how the war H7965 prospered.
  8 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H223 to Uriah, H3381 [H8798] Go down H1004 to thy house, H7364 [H8798] and wash H7272 thy feet. H223 And Uriah H3318 [H8799] departed out H4428 of the king's H1004 house, H310 and there followed H4864 him a present H4428 from the king.
  9 H223 But Uriah H7901 [H8799] slept H6607 at the door H4428 of the king's H1004 house H5650 with all the servants H113 of his sovereign, H3381 [H8804] and went not down H1004 to his house.
  10 H5046 [H8686] And when they had told H1732 David, H559 [H8800] saying, H223 Uriah H3381 [H8804] went not down H1004 to his house, H1732 David H559 [H8799] said H223 to Uriah, H935 [H8802] Camest H1870 thou not from thy journey? H3381 [H8804] why then didst thou not go down H1004 to thy house?

2 Samuel 11:12-17

  12 H1732 And David H559 [H8799] said H223 to Uriah, H3427 [H8798] Tarry H3117 here to day H4279 also, and to morrow H7971 [H8762] I will let thee depart. H223 So Uriah H3427 [H8799] abode H3389 in Jerusalem H3117 that day, H4283 and the next.
  13 H1732 And when David H7121 [H8799] had called H398 [H8799] him, he ate H8354 [H8799] and drank H6440 at the face of H7937 [H8762] him; and he made him drunk: H6153 and at evening H3318 [H8799] he went out H7901 [H8800] to lie H4904 on his bed H5650 with the servants H113 of his sovereign, H3381 [H8804] but went not down H1004 to his house.
  14 H1242 And it came to pass in the morning, H1732 that David H3789 [H8799] wrote H5612 a letter H3097 to Joab, H7971 [H8799] and sent H3027 it by the hand H223 of Uriah.
  15 H3789 [H8799] And he wrote H5612 in the letter, H559 [H8800] saying, H3051 [H8798] Set H223 ye Uriah H6440 H4136 in the front line H2389 of the hottest H4421 battle, H7725 [H8804] and retire H310 ye from him, H5221 [H8738] that he may be smitten, H4191 [H8804] and die.

2 Samuel 11:11-17

  11 H223 And Uriah H559 [H8799] said H1732 to David, H727 The ark, H3478 and Israel, H3063 and Judah, H3427 [H8802] abide H5521 in booths; H113 and my sovereign H3097 Joab, H5650 and the servants H113 of my sovereign, H2583 [H8802] are encamped H6440 in the open H7704 fields; H589 shall I H935 [H8799] then go H1004 into my house, H398 [H8800] to eat H8354 [H8800] and to drink, H7901 [H8800] and to lie H802 with my wife? H2416 as thou livest, H5315 and as thy breath H2416 liveth, H6213 [H8799] I will not do H1697 this thing.

2 Samuel 11:16-17

  16 H3097 And it came to pass, when Joab H8104 [H8800] observed H5892 the city, H5414 [H8799] that he assigned H223 Uriah H4725 to a place H3045 [H8804] where he knew H2428 that valiant H582 men were.
  17 H582 And the men H5892 of the city H3318 [H8799] went out, H3898 [H8735] and fought H3097 with Joab: H5307 [H8799] and there fell H5971 some of the people H5650 of the servants H1732 of David; H223 and Uriah H2850 the Hittite H4191 [H8799] died also.

Micah 2:1-13

  1 H1945 Woe H2803 [H8802] to them that devise H205 nothingness, H6466 [H8802] and work H7451 evil H4904 upon their beds! H1242 when the morning H216 is light, H6213 [H8799] they practise H3426 it, because it is H410 in the power H3027 of their hand.
  2 H2530 [H8804] And they desire H7704 fields, H1497 [H8804] and take them by plucking; H1004 and houses, H5375 [H8804] and take them away: H6231 [H8804] so they oppress H1397 a man H1004 and his house, H376 even a man H5159 and his inheritance.
  3 H559 [H8804] Therefore thus saith H3068 the LORD; H4940 Behold, against this family H2803 [H8802] do I devise H7451 an evil, H4185 [H8686] from which ye shall not remove H6677 your necks; H3212 [H8799] neither shall ye go H7317 haughtily: H6256 for this time H7451 is evil.
  4 H3117 In that day H5375 [H8799] shall one take up H4912 a parable H5091 [H8804] against you, and lament H5093 with a grievous H5092 lamentation, H559 [H8804] and say, H7703 [H8800] We are utterly H7703 [H8738] wasted: H4171 [H8686] he hath changed H2506 the portion H5971 of my people: H4185 [H8686] how hath he removed H7725 [H8788] it from me! turning away H2505 [H8762] he hath divided H7704 our fields.
  5 H7993 [H8688] Therefore thou shalt have none that shall cast H2256 a cord H1486 by lot H6951 in the congregation H3068 of the LORD.
  6 H5197 [H8686] Prophesy H5197 [H8686] ye not, say they to them that prophesy: H5197 [H8686] they shall not prophesy H5253 [H8799] to them, that they shall not take H3639 disgrace.
  7 H559 [H8803] O thou that art named H1004 the house H3290 of Jacob, H7307 is the spirit H3068 of the LORD H7114 [H8804] shortened? H4611 are these his doings? H1697 do not my words H3190 [H8686] do good H1980 [H8802] to him that walketh H3477 uprightly?
  8 H865 Even of late H5971 my people H6965 [H8787] hath risen up H341 [H8802] as an enemy: H6584 [H8686] ye pull off H145 the robe H4136 with H8008 the garment H5674 [H8802] from them that pass H983 by securely H7725 [H8803] as men averse H4421 to war.
  9 H802 The women H5971 of my people H1644 [H8762] have ye driven out H8588 from their pleasant H1004 houses; H5768 from their children H3947 [H8799] have ye taken away H1926 my magnificence H5769 to the age.
  10 H6965 [H8798] Arise H3212 [H8798] ye, and depart; H4496 for this is not your rest: H2930 [H8800] because it is polluted, H2254 [H8762] it shall bind H4834 [H8737] you, even with a grievous H2256 binding.
  11 H3863 If H376 a man H1980 [H8802] walking H7307 in the spirit H8267 and falsehood H3576 [H8765] doth lie, H5197 [H8686] saying, I will prophesy H3196 to thee of wine H7941 and of strong drink; H5197 [H8688] he shall even be the prophet H5971 of this people.
  12 H622 [H8800] I will surely H622 [H8799] assemble, H3290 O Jacob, H6908 [H8763] all of thee; I will surely H6908 [H8762] gather H7611 the remnant H3478 of Israel; H7760 [H8799] I will put H3162 them together H6629 as the sheep H1223 H1224 [H8677] of Bozrah, H5739 as the flock H8432 in the midst H1699 of their fold: H1949 [H8686] they shall make an uproar H120 by reason of the multitude of men.
  13 H6555 [H8802] The breaker H5927 [H8804] is come up H6440 at the face of H6555 [H8804] them: they have broken up, H5674 [H8799] and have passed through H8179 the gate, H3318 [H8799] and have gone out H4428 by it: and their king H5674 [H8799] shall pass H6440 at the face of H3068 them, and the LORD H7218 on the head of them.

Matthew 6:33

  33 G1161 { But G2212 [G5720] seek ye G4412 first G932 the kingdom G2316 of God, G2532 and G846 his G1343 righteousness; G2532 and G3956 all G5023 these things G4369 [G5701] shall be added G5213 to you.}

Ephesians 4:28

  28 G2813 0 Let G2813 [G5723] him that stole G2813 [G5720] steal G3371 no more: G1161 but G3123 rather G2872 [G5720] let him weary from labour, G2038 [G5740] working G5495 with his hands G18 the thing which is good, G2443 that G2192 [G5725] he may have G3330 [G5721] to give G5532 G2192 [G5723] to him that needeth.

Deuteronomy 5:21

  21 H2530 [H8799] Neither shalt thou desire H7453 thy neighbour's H802 wife, H183 [H8691] neither shalt thou covet H7453 thy neighbour's H1004 house, H7704 his field, H5650 or his male servant, H519 or his female servant, H7794 his ox, H2543 or his donkey, H7453 or any thing that is thy neighbour's.

Acts 20:33-35

  33 G1937 [G5656] I have coveted G3762 no man's G694 silver, G2228 or G5553 gold, G2228 or G2441 apparel.
  34 G1161 Yea, G846 ye yourselves G1097 [G5719] know, G3754 that G3778 these G5495 hands G5256 [G5656] have ministered G3450 to my G5532 necessities, G2532 and G5607 [G5752] to them that were G3326 with G1700 me.
  35 G5263 [G5656] I have plainly shown G5213 you G3956 all things, G3754 that G3779 so G2872 [G5723] wearying in labour G1163 [G5748] ye ought G482 [G5738] to assist G770 [G5723] the weak, G5037 and G3421 [G5721] to remember G3056 the words G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus, G3754 that G846 he G2036 [G5627] said, G2076 [G5748] { It is G3123 more G3107 blessed G1325 [G5721] to give G2228 than G2983 [G5721] to receive.}

Ephesians 5:3

  3 G2532 But G4202 fornication, G1161 and G3956 all G167 uncleanness, G2228 or G4124 covetousness, G3687 0 let it G3366 not be once G3687 [G5744] named G1722 among G5213 you, G2531 as G4241 [G5719] becometh G40 holy ones;

2 Corinthians 9:8

  8 G1161 And G2316 God G1415 is able G4052 0 to make G3956 all G5485 grace G4052 [G5658] abound G1519 toward G5209 you; G2443 that G3842 ye, always G2192 [G5723] having G3956 all G841 self-sufficiency G1722 in G3956 all G4052 [G5725] things, may abound G1519 to G3956 every G18 good G2041 work:

1 Timothy 6:10

  10 G1063 For G5365 the fondness of money G2076 [G5748] is G4491 the root G3956 of all G2556 bad things: G3739 for which G5100 some G3713 [G5734] reaching G635 [G5681] were led astray G575 from G4102 the faith, G2532 and G4044 0 pierced G1438 themselves G4044 [G5656] through G4183 with many G3601 griefs.

Romans 7:7

  7 G5101 What G2046 [G5692] shall we say G3767 then? G3551 Is the law G266 sin? G3361 G1096 [G5636] By no means. G235 Nay, G1097 0 I had G3756 not G1097 [G5627] known G266 sin, G1508 but G1223 by G3551 the law: G1063 G5037 for G1492 0 I had G3756 not G1492 [G5715] known G1939 lust, G1508 except G3551 the law G3004 [G5707] had said, G1937 0 Thou shalt G3756 not G1937 [G5692] covet.

James 1:14-15

  14 G1161 But G1538 each G3985 [G5743] is tested, G1828 [G5746] when he is being drawn away G5259 by G2398 his own G1939 lust, G2532 and G1185 [G5746] being entrapped.
  15 G1534 Then G1939 when lust G4815 [G5631] hath conceived, G5088 [G5719] it bringeth forth G266 sin: G1161 and G266 sin, G658 [G5685] when it is finished, G616 [G5719] bringeth forth G2288 death.

Mark 7:20-23

  20 G1161 And G3004 [G5707] he said, G3754   G1607 [G5740] { That which cometh G1537 out of G444 the man, G1565 that G2840 0 maketh G444 the man G2840 [G5719] common.}
  21 G1063 { For G2081 from within, G1537 out of G2588 the heart G444 of men, G1607 [G5736] proceed G2556 bad G1261 thoughts, G3430 adulteries, G4202 fornications, G5408 murders,}
  22 G2829 { Thefts, G4124 covetousness, G4189 wickedness, G1388 deceit, G766 lasciviousness, G4190 an evil G3788 eye, G988 blasphemy, G5243 pride, G877 foolishness:}
  23 G3956 { All G5023 these G3588   G4190 evil things G1607 [G5736] come G2081 from within, G2532 and G2840 0 maketh G3588 the G444 man G2840 [G5719] common.}

James 4:3

  3 G154 [G5719] Ye ask, G2532 and G2983 [G5719] receive G3756 not, G1360 because G154 [G5731] ye ask G2560 badly, G2443 that G1159 [G5661] ye may spend G1722 it in G5216 your G2237 pleasures.

Exodus 20:17

  17 H2530 [H8799] Thou shalt not desire H7453 thy neighbour's H1004 house, H2530 [H8799] thou shalt not desire H7453 thy neighbour's H802 wife, H5650 nor his male servant, H519 nor his female servant, H7794 nor his ox, H2543 nor his donkey, H7453 nor any thing that is thy neighbour's.

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