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Matthew 12:30

  30 G5607 [G5752] { He that is G3361 not G3326 with G1700 me G2076 [G5748] is G2596 against G1700 me; G2532 and G4863 [G5723] he that gathereth G3361 not G3326 with G1700 me G4650 [G5719] scattereth abroad.}

Exodus 20:12

  12 H3513 [H8761] Honour H1 thy father H517 and thy mother: H3117 that thy days H748 [H8686] may be long H127 upon the soil H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] giveth thee.

Leviticus 26:18

  18 H5704 And if ye will not yet H8085 [H8799] for all this hearken H3256 [H8763] to me, then I will chastise H7651 you seven times H3254 [H8804] more H2403 for your sins.

Colossians 3:20

  20 G5043 Children, G5219 [G5720] obey G1118 your parents G2596 in G3956 all things: G1063 for G5124 this G2076 [G5748] is G2101 well-pleasing G2962 to the Lord.

Genesis 16:12

  12 H6501 And he will be a wild H120 man; H3027 his hand H3027 will be against every man, and every man's hand H7931 [H8799] against him; and he shall dwell H6440 in the face H251 of all his brethren.

1 Peter 5:10

  10 G1161 But G2316 the God G3956 of all G5485 grace, G3588 who G2564 [G5660] hath called G2248 us G1519 to G846 his G166 age-during G1391 glory G1722 by G5547 Anointed G2424 Jesus, G3958 [G5631] after ye have suffered G3641 a while, G846   G2675 0 make G5209 you G2675 [G5659] prepared, G4741 [G5659] fixed firmly, G4599 [G5659] strengthen, G2311 [G5659] settle you.

1 Samuel 15:2

  2 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts, H6485 [H8804] I remember H6002 that which Amalek H6213 [H8804] did H3478 to Israel, H7760 [H8804] how he laid H1870 wait for him in the way, H5927 [H8800] when he came up H4714 from Egypt.

2 Timothy 4:3

  3 G1063 For G2540 the season G2071 [G5704] will come G3753 when G430 0 they will G3756 not G430 [G5695] bear with G5198 [G5723] sound G1319 teaching; G235 but G2596 after G2398 their own G1939 lusts G2002 [G5692] shall they heap up G1438 to themselves G1320 teachers, G2833 [G5746] having itching G189 ears;

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