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Genesis 10:10

  10 H7225 And the beginning H4467 of his kingdom H894 was Babel H751 , and Erech H390 , and Accad H3641 , and Calneh H776 , in the land H8152 of Shinar.

Isaiah 13:1-22

  1 H4853 The burden H894 of Babylon H3470 , which Isaiah H1121 the son H531 of Amoz H2372 [H8804] saw.
  2 H5375 [H8798] Lift ye up H5251 a banner H8192 [H8737] upon the high H2022 mountain H7311 [H8685] , exalt H6963 the voice H5130 [H8685] to them, shake H3027 the hand H935 [H8799] , that they may go H6607 into the gates H5081 of the nobles.
  3 H6680 [H8765] I have commanded H6942 [H8794] my sanctified ones H7121 [H8804] , I have also called H1368 my mighty ones H639 for my anger H5947 , even them that rejoice H1346 in my highness.
  4 H6963 The noise H1995 of a multitude H2022 in the mountains H1823 , as H7227 of a great H5971 people H7588 ; a tumultuous H6963 noise H4467 of the kingdoms H1471 of nations H622 [H8737] gathered together H3068 : the LORD H6635 of hosts H6485 [H8764] mustereth H6635 the host H4421 of the battle.
  5 H935 [H8802] They come H4801 from a far H776 country H7097 , from the end H8064 of heaven H3068 , even the LORD H3627 , and the weapons H2195 of his indignation H2254 [H8763] , to destroy H776 the whole land.
  6 H3213 [H8685] Wail H3117 ye; for the day H3068 of the LORD H7138 is at hand H935 [H8799] ; it shall come H7701 as a destruction H7706 from the Almighty.
  7 H3027 Therefore shall all hands H7503 [H8799] be faint H582 , and every man's H3824 heart H4549 [H8735] shall melt:
  8 H926 [H8738] And they shall be afraid H6735 : pangs H2256 and sorrows H270 [H8799] shall take hold H2342 [H8799] of them; they shall be in pain H3205 [H8802] as a woman that travaileth H8539 [H8799] : they shall be amazed H376 one H7453 at another H6440 ; their faces H3851 shall be as flames.
  9 H3117 Behold, the day H3068 of the LORD H935 [H8804] cometh H394 , cruel H5678 both with wrath H2740 and fierce H639 anger H7760 [H8800] , to lay H776 the land H8047 desolate H8045 [H8686] : and he shall destroy H2400 its sinners out of it.
  10 H3556 For the stars H8064 of heaven H3685 and its constellations H1984 [H8686] shall not give H216 their light H8121 : the sun H2821 [H8804] shall be darkened H3318 [H8800] in his going forth H3394 , and the moon H216 shall not cause her light H5050 [H8686] to shine.
  11 H6485 [H8804] And I will punish H8398 the world H7451 for their evil H7563 , and the wicked H5771 for their iniquity H1347 ; and I will cause the arrogance H2086 of the proud H7673 [H8689] to cease H8213 [H8686] , and will lay low H1346 the haughtiness H6184 of the terrible.
  12 H582 I will make a man H3365 [H8686] more rare H6337 than fine gold H120 ; even a man H3800 than the golden wedge H211 of Ophir.
  13 H7264 [H8686] Therefore I will shake H8064 the heavens H776 , and the earth H7493 [H8799] shall remove H4725 out of her place H5678 , in the wrath H3068 of the LORD H6635 of hosts H3117 , and in the day H2740 of his fierce H639 anger.
  14 H5080 [H8716] And it shall be as the chased H6643 roe H6629 , and as a sheep H6908 [H8764] that no man taketh up H376 : they shall every man H6437 [H8799] turn H5971 to his own people H5127 [H8799] , and flee H376 every one H776 to his own land.
  15 H4672 [H8737] Every one that is found H1856 [H8735] shall be thrust through H5595 [H8737] ; and every one that is joined H5307 [H8799] to them shall fall H2719 by the sword.
  16 H5768 Their children H7376 [H8792] also shall be dashed to pieces H5869 before their eyes H1004 ; their houses H8155 [H8735] shall be plundered H802 , and their wives H7901 H7693 [H8735] ravished.
  17 H5782 [H8688] Behold, I will stir up H4074 the Medes H2803 [H8799] against them, who shall not regard H3701 silver H2091 ; and as for gold H2654 [H8799] , they shall not delight in it.
  18 H7198 Their bows H7376 0 also shall dash H5288 the young men H7376 [H8762] to pieces H7355 [H8762] ; and they shall have no pity H6529 on the fruit H990 of the womb H5869 ; their eye H2347 [H8799] shall not spare H1121 children.
  19 H894 And Babylon H6643 , the glory H4467 of kingdoms H8597 , the beauty H3778 of the Chaldees H1347 ' excellency H430 , shall be as when God H4114 overthrew H5467 Sodom H6017 and Gomorrah.
  20 H5331 It shall never H3427 [H8799] be inhabited H7931 [H8799] , neither shall it be dwelt H1755 in from generation H1755 to generation H6163 : neither shall the Arabian H167 [H8762] pitch tent H7462 [H8802] there; neither shall the shepherds H7257 [H8686] make their fold there.
  21 H6728 But wild beasts of the desert H7257 [H8804] shall lie H1004 there; and their houses H4390 [H8804] shall be full H255 of doleful creatures H1323 H3284 ; and owls H7931 [H8804] shall dwell H8163 there, and satyrs H7540 [H8762] shall dance there.
  22 H338 And the wild beasts of the isles H6030 [H8804] shall cry H490 in their desolate houses H8577 , and dragons H6027 in their pleasant H1964 palaces H6256 : and her time H7138 is near H935 [H8800] to come H3117 , and her days H4900 [H8735] shall not be prolonged.

Jeremiah 32:28

  28 H559 [H8804] Therefore thus saith H3068 the LORD H5414 [H8802] ; Behold, I will give H5892 this city H3027 into the hand H3778 of the Chaldeans H3027 , and into the hand H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H3920 [H8804] , and he shall take it:

Jeremiah 46:13-26

  13 H1697 The word H3068 that the LORD H1696 [H8765] spoke H3414 to Jeremiah H5030 the prophet H5019 , how Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H935 [H8800] should come H5221 [H8687] and smite H776 the land H4714 of Egypt.
  14 H5046 [H8685] Declare H4714 ye in Egypt H8085 [H8685] , and proclaim H4024 in Migdol H8085 [H8685] , and proclaim H5297 in Noph H8471 and in Tahpanhes H559 [H8798] : say H3320 [H8690] ye, Stand fast H3559 [H8685] , and prepare H2719 thee; for the sword H398 [H8804] shall devour H5439 around thee.
  15 H47 Why are thy valiant H5502 [H8738] men swept away H5975 [H8804] ? they stood H3068 not, because the LORD H1920 [H8804] did drive them.
  16 H7235 [H8689] He made many H3782 [H8802] to fall H376 , yea, one H5307 [H8804] fell H7453 upon another H559 [H8799] : and they said H6965 [H8798] , Arise H7725 [H8799] , and let us go again H5971 to our own people H776 , and to the land H4138 of our nativity H6440 , from H3238 [H8802] the oppressing H2719 sword.
  17 H7121 [H8804] They cried H6547 there, Pharaoh H4428 king H4714 of Egypt H7588 is but a noise H5674 [H8689] ; he hath passed H4150 the time appointed.
  18 H2416 As I live H5002 [H8803] , saith H4428 the King H8034 , whose name H3068 is the LORD H6635 of hosts H8396 , Surely as Tabor H2022 is among the mountains H3760 , and as Carmel H3220 by the sea H935 [H8799] , so shall he come.
  19 H1323 O thou daughter H3427 [H8802] dwelling H4714 in Egypt H6213 [H8798] , furnish H3627 H1473 thyself to go into captivity H5297 : for Noph H8047 shall be waste H3341 [H8738] and desolate H3427 [H8802] without an inhabitant.
  20 H4714 Egypt H3304 is like a very fair H5697 heifer H7171 , but destruction H935 [H8804] cometh H935 [H8804] ; it cometh out H6828 of the north.
  21 H7916 Also her hired men H7130 are in the midst H4770 of her like fatted H5695 bulls H6437 [H8689] ; for they also have turned back H5127 [H8804] , and have fled away H3162 together H5975 [H8804] : they did not stand H3117 , because the day H343 of their calamity H935 [H8804] had come H6256 upon them, and the time H6486 of their punishment.
  22 H6963 Its voice H3212 [H8799] shall go H5175 like a serpent H3212 [H8799] ; for they shall march H2428 with an army H935 [H8804] , and come H7134 against her with axes H2404 [H8802] , as hewers H6086 of wood.
  23 H3772 [H8804] They shall cut down H3293 her forest H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H2713 [H8735] , though it cannot be searched H7231 [H8804] ; because they are more H697 than the grasshoppers H369 H4557 , and are innumerable.
  24 H1323 The daughter H4714 of Egypt H3001 [H8689] shall be confounded H5414 [H8738] ; she shall be delivered H3027 into the hand H5971 of the people H6828 of the north.
  25 H3068 The LORD H6635 of hosts H430 , the God H3478 of Israel H559 [H8804] , saith H6485 [H8802] ; Behold, I will punish H527 H528 [H8676] the multitude H4996 of No H6547 , and Pharaoh H4714 , and Egypt H430 , with their gods H4428 , and their kings H6547 ; even Pharaoh H982 [H8802] , and all them that trust in him:
  26 H5414 [H8804] And I will deliver H3027 them into the hand H1245 [H8764] of those that seek H5315 their lives H3027 , and into the hand H5019 of Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H3027 , and into the hand H5650 of his servants H310 : and afterward H7931 [H8799] it shall be inhabited H3117 , as in the days H6924 of old H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD.

1 Peter 5:13

  13 G3588 She G4899 chosen with you G1722 in G897 Babylon G782 [G5736] greets G5209 you G2532 ; and G3138 so doth Mark G3450 my G5207 son.

Psalms 137:8

  8 H1323 O daughter H894 of Babylon H7703 [H8803] , who art to be destroyed H835 ; happy H7999 [H8762] shall he be, that rewardeth H1580 H1576 [H8804] thee as thou hast served us.

Revelation 18:1-24

  1 G2532 And G3326 after G5023 these things G1492 [G5627] I saw G243 another G32 angel G2597 [G5723] come down G1537 from G3772 heaven G2192 [G5723] , having G3173 great G1849 power G2532 ; and G1093 the earth G5461 [G5681] was made bright G1537 with G846 his G1391 glory.
  2 G2532 And G2896 [G5656] he cried out G2478 in a strong G5456 voice G3004 [G5723] , saying G897 , Babylon G3588 the G3173 great G4098 [G5627] is fallen G4098 [G5627] , is fallen G2532 , and G1096 [G5633] is become G2732 the habitation G1142 of demons G2532 , and G5438 the hold G3956 of every G169 foul G4151 spirit G2532 , and G5438 a cage G3956 of every G169 unclean G2532 and G3404 [G5772] hateful G3732 bird.
  3 G3754 For G3956 all G1484 nations G4095 [G5758] have drunk G1537 of G3631 the wine G2372 of the wrath G846 of her G4202 fornication G2532 , and G935 the kings G1093 of the earth G4203 [G5656] have fornicated G3326 with G846 her G2532 , and G1713 the merchants G1093 of the earth G4147 [G5656] have become rich G1537 through G1411 the abundance G846 of her G4764 delicacies.
  4 G2532 And G191 [G5656] I heard G243 another G5456 voice G1537 from G3772 heaven G3004 [G5723] , saying G1831 [G5628] , Come G1537 out of G846 her G3450 , my G2992 people G3363 0 , that G4790 0 ye be G3363 not G4790 [G5661] partakers G846 of her G266 sins G2532 , and G3363 0 that G2983 [G5632] ye receive G3363 not G1537 of G846 her G4127 plagues.
  5 G3754 For G846 her G266 sins G190 G2853 [G5656] have reached G891 to G3772 heaven G2532 , and G2316 God G3421 [G5656] hath remembered G846 her G92 wrong doings.
  6 G591 [G5628] Reward G846 her G2532 even G5613 as G846 G3778 [G5625] she G591 [G5656] rewarded G5213 you G2532 , and G1363 [G5657] double G846 to her G1362 double G2596 according to G846 her G2041 works G1722 : in G4221 the cup G3739 which G2767 [G5656] she hath filled G2767 [G5657] fill G846 to her G1362 double.
  7 G3745 How much G1392 [G5656] she hath glorified G1438 herself G2532 , and G4763 [G5656] lived luxuriously G5118 , so much G929 torment G2532 and G3997 sorrow G1325 [G5628] give G846 her G3754 : for G3004 [G5719] she saith G1722 in G846 her G2588 heart G2521 [G5736] , I sit G938 a queen G2532 , and G1510 [G5748] am G3756 no G5503 widow G2532 , and G1492 [G5632] shall see G3364 no G3997 sorrow.
  8 G5124 G1223 Therefore G2240 0 shall G846 her G4127 plagues G2240 [G5692] come G1722 in G3391 one G2250 day G2288 , death G2532 , and G3997 mourning G2532 , and G3042 famine G2532 ; and G2618 [G5701] she shall be utterly burned G1722 with G4442 fire G3754 : for G2478 strong G2962 is the Lord G2316 God G3588 who G2919 [G5723] judgeth G846 her.
  9 G2532 And G935 the kings G1093 of the earth G3588 , who G4203 [G5660] have fornicated G2532 and G4763 [G5660] lived luxuriously G3326 with G846 her G2799 [G5695] , shall bewail G846 her G2532 , and G2875 [G5695] lament G1909 for G846 her G3752 , when G991 [G5725] they shall see G2586 the smoke G846 of her G4451 burning,
  10 G2476 [G5761] Standing G3113 afar G575 off G1223 for G5401 the fear G846 of her G929 torment G3004 [G5723] , saying G3759 , Alas G3759 , alas G3173 , that great G4172 city G897 Babylon G2478 , that mighty G4172 city G3754 ! for G1722 in G3391 one G5610 hour G2064 0 is G4675 thy G2920 judgment G2064 [G5627] come.
  11 G2532 And G1713 the merchants G1093 of the earth G2799 [G5719] shall weep G2532 and G3996 [G5719] mourn G1909 over G846 her G3754 ; for G3762 no man G59 [G5719] buyeth G846 their G1117 merchandise G3765 any more:
  12 G1117 The merchandise G5557 of gold G2532 , and G696 silver G2532 , and G5093 precious G3037 stones G2532 , and G3135 of pearls G2532 , and G1040 fine linen G2532 , and G4209 purple G2532 , and G4596 silk G2532 , and G2847 scarlet G2532 , and G3956 all G2367 thyine G3586 wood G2532 , and G3956 all kinds of G4632 vessels G1661 of ivory G2532 , and G3956 all kinds of G4632 vessels G1537 of G5093 most precious G3586 wood G2532 , and G5475 of brass G2532 , and G4604 iron G2532 , and G3139 marble,
  13 G2532 And G2792 cinnamon G2532 , and G2368 incense G2532 , and G3464 ointments G2532 , and G3030 frankincense G2532 , and G3631 wine G2532 , and G1637 oil G2532 , and G4585 fine flour G2532 , and G4621 wheat G2532 , and G2934 cattle G2532 , and G4263 sheep G2532 , and G2462 horses G2532 , and G4480 chariots G2532 , and G4983 bodies G2532 , and G5590 souls G444 of men.
  14 G2532 And G3703 the fruits G4675 that thy G5590 soul G1939 lusted after G565 [G5627] have departed G575 from G4675 thee G2532 , and G3956 all things G3588 which G3045 were luxurious G2532 and G2986 splendid G565 [G5627] have departed G575 from G4675 thee G2532 , and G2147 [G5661] thou shalt find G846 them G3765 no more G3364 at all.
  15 G1713 The merchants G5130 of these things G3588 , who G4147 [G5660] were made rich G575 by G846 her G2476 [G5695] , shall stand G3113 afar G575 off G1223 for G5401 the fear G846 of her G929 torment G2799 [G5723] , weeping G2532 and G3996 [G5723] wailing,
  16 G2532 And G3004 [G5723] saying G3759 , Alas G3759 , alas G3173 , that great G4172 city G4016 [G5772] , that was clothed in G1039 fine linen G2532 , and G4210 purple G2532 , and G2847 scarlet G2532 , and G5558 [G5772] decked G1722 with G5557 gold G2532 , and G5093 precious G3037 stones G2532 , and G3135 pearls!
  17 G3754 For G3391 in one G5610 hour G5118 so great G4149 riches G2049 [G5681] is come to nought G2532 . And G3956 every G2942 shipmaster G2532 , and G3956 all G3658 the company G1909 in G4143 ships G2532 , and G3492 sailors G2532 , and G3745 as many as G2038 [G5740] trade G2281 by sea G2476 [G5627] , stood G3113 afar G575 off,
  18 G2532 And G2896 [G5707] cried G3708 [G5723] when they saw G2586 the smoke G846 of her G4451 burning G3004 [G5723] , saying G5101 , What G3664 city is like G3173 this great G4172 city!
  19 G2532 And G906 [G5627] they cast G5522 dust G1909 on G846 their G2776 heads G2532 , and G2896 [G5707] cried G2799 [G5723] , weeping G2532 and G3996 [G5723] wailing G3004 [G5723] , saying G3759 , Alas G3759 , alas G3173 , that great G4172 city G1722 , in G3739 which G4147 [G5656] were made rich G3956 all G2192 [G5723] that had G4143 ships G1722 in G2281 the sea G1537 by G846 her G5094 wealth G3754 ! for G3391 in one G5610 hour G2049 [G5681] is she made desolate.
  20 G2165 [G5744] Be merry G1909 over G846 her G3772 , thou heaven G2532 , and G40 ye holy G652 apostles G2532 and G4396 prophets G3754 ; for G2316 God G2919 [G5656] hath judged G5216 your G2917 judgment G1537 on G846 her.
  21 G2532 And G1520 a G2478 mighty G32 angel G142 [G5656] took up G3037 a stone G5613 like G3173 a great G3458 millstone G2532 , and G906 [G5627] cast G1519 it into G2281 the sea G3004 [G5723] , saying G3779 , Thus G3731 with violence G906 0 shall G3173 that great G4172 city G897 Babylon G906 [G5701] be thrown down G2532 , and G3364 shall be no more G2147 G2089 [G5686] found.
  22 G2532 And G5456 the voice G2790 of harpers G2532 , and G3451 musicians G2532 , and G834 of pipers G2532 , and G4538 trumpeters G3364 , shall be no more G191 G2089 [G5686] heard G1722 in G4671 thee G2532 ; and G3364 G3956 no G5079 craftsman G3956 , of whatever G5078 craft G2147 [G5686] he be, shall be found G2089 any more G1722 in G4671 thee G2532 ; and G5456 the sound G3458 of a millstone G3364 G2089 shall be no more G191 [G5686] heard G1722 in G4671 thee;
  23 G2532 And G5457 the light G3088 of a lamp G5316 [G5652] shall shine G3364 G2089 no more G1722 in G4671 thee G2532 ; and G5456 the voice G3566 of the bridegroom G2532 and G3565 of the bride G191 [G5686] shall be heard G3364 G2089 no more G1722 in G4671 thee G3754 : for G4675 thy G1713 merchants G2258 [G5713] were G3175 the great men G1093 of the earth G3754 ; for G1722 by G4675 thy G5331 sorceries G4105 0 were G3956 all G1484 nations G4105 [G5681] deceived.
  24 G2532 And G1722 in G846 her G2147 [G5681] was found G129 the blood G4396 of prophets G2532 , and G40 of saints G2532 , and G3956 of all G4969 [G5772] that were slain G1909 upon G1093 the earth.

2 Kings 24:7

  7 H4428 And the king H4714 of Egypt H3318 [H8800] came H3254 [H8689] not again H776 any more out of his land H4428 : for the king H894 of Babylon H3947 [H8804] had taken H5158 from the river H4714 of Egypt H5104 to the river H6578 Euphrates H4428 all that pertained to the king H4714 of Egypt.

Revelation 16:19

  19 G2532 And G3173 the great G4172 city G1096 [G5633] was divided G1519 into G5140 three G3313 parts G2532 , and G4172 the cities G1484 of the nations G4098 [G5627] fell G2532 : and G3173 great G897 Babylon G3415 [G5681] came in remembrance G1799 before G2316 God G1325 [G5629] , to give G846 to her G4221 the cup G3631 of the wine G2372 of the fierceness G846 of his G3709 wrath.

Jeremiah 50:1-46

  1 H1697 The word H3068 that the LORD H1696 [H8765] spoke H894 against Babylon H776 and against the land H3778 of the Chaldeans H3027 by H3414 Jeremiah H5030 the prophet.
  2 H5046 [H8685] Declare H1471 ye among the nations H8085 [H8685] , and proclaim H5375 [H8798] , and set up H5251 a standard H8085 [H8685] ; proclaim H3582 [H8762] , and conceal H559 [H8798] not: say H894 , Babylon H3920 [H8738] is taken H1078 , Bel H3001 [H8689] is confounded H4781 , Merodach H2865 [H8804] is broken in pieces H6091 ; her idols H3001 [H8689] are confounded H1544 , her images H2865 [H8804] are broken in pieces.
  3 H6828 For out of the north H5927 [H8804] there cometh H1471 a nation H7896 [H8799] against her, which shall make H776 her land H8047 desolate H3427 [H8802] , and none shall dwell H5110 [H8804] in it: they shall remove H1980 [H8804] , they shall depart H120 , both man H929 and beast.
  4 H3117 In those days H6256 , and in that time H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H1121 , the children H3478 of Israel H935 [H8799] shall come H1121 , they and the children H3063 of Judah H3162 together H1980 [H8800] , going H1058 [H8800] and weeping H3212 [H8799] : they shall go H1245 [H8762] , and seek H3068 the LORD H430 their God.
  5 H7592 [H8799] They shall ask H1870 the way H6726 to Zion H6440 with their faces H2008 toward it H935 [H8798] , saying, Come H3867 [H8738] , and let us join H3068 ourselves to the LORD H5769 in a perpetual H1285 covenant H7911 [H8735] that shall not be forgotten.
  6 H5971 My people H6 [H8802] have been lost H6629 sheep H7462 [H8802] : their shepherds H8582 [H8689] have caused them to go astray H7725 H7726 [H8790] , they have turned them away H2022 on the mountains H1980 [H8804] : they have gone H2022 from mountain H1389 to hill H7911 [H8804] , they have forgotten H7258 their restingplace.
  7 H4672 [H8802] All that found H398 [H8804] them have devoured H6862 them: and their adversaries H559 [H8804] said H816 [H8799] , We offend H2398 [H8804] not, because they have sinned H3068 against the LORD H5116 , the habitation H6664 of justice H3068 , even the LORD H4723 , the hope H1 of their fathers.
  8 H5110 [H8798] Flee H8432 out of the midst H894 of Babylon H3318 H3318 [H8798] , and go forth H776 from the land H3778 of the Chaldeans H6260 , and be as the male goats H6440 before H6629 the flocks.
  9 H5782 [H8688] For, lo, I will raise H5927 [H8688] and cause to come H894 against Babylon H6951 an assembly H1419 of great H1471 nations H6828 from the north H776 country H6186 [H8804] : and they shall set themselves in array H3920 [H8735] against her; from there she shall be taken H2671 : their arrows H1368 shall be as of a mighty H7919 H7921 [H8688] expert man H7725 [H8799] ; none shall return H7387 in vain.
  10 H3778 And Chaldea H7998 shall be a prey H7997 [H8802] : all that spoil H7646 [H8799] her shall be satisfied H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD.
  11 H8055 [H8799] Because ye were glad H5937 [H8799] , because ye rejoiced H8154 [H8802] , O ye destroyers H5159 of my heritage H6335 [H8799] , because ye are grown fat H5697 as the heifer H1877 H1758 [H8676] at grass H6670 [H8799] , and bellow H47 as bulls;
  12 H517 Your mother H3966 shall be greatly H954 [H8804] confounded H3205 [H8802] ; she that bore H2659 [H8804] you shall be ashamed H319 : behold, the hindermost H1471 of the nations H4057 shall be a wilderness H6723 , a dry land H6160 , and a desert.
  13 H7110 Because of the wrath H3068 of the LORD H3427 [H8799] it shall not be inhabited H8077 , but it shall be wholly desolate H5674 [H8802] : every one that goeth H894 by Babylon H8074 [H8799] shall be astonished H8319 [H8799] , and hiss H4347 at all her plagues.
  14 H6186 [H8798] Put yourselves in array H894 against Babylon H5439 on every side H1869 [H8802] : all ye that bend H7198 the bow H3034 [H8798] , shoot H2550 [H8799] at her, spare H2671 no arrows H2398 [H8804] : for she hath sinned H3068 against the LORD.
  15 H7321 [H8685] Shout H5439 against her on every side H5414 [H8804] : she hath given H3027 her hand H803 : her foundations H5307 [H8804] are fallen H2346 , her walls H2040 [H8738] are thrown down H5360 : for it is the vengeance H3068 of the LORD H5358 [H8734] : take vengeance H6213 [H8804] upon her; as she hath done H6213 [H8798] , do to her.
  16 H3772 [H8798] Cut off H2232 [H8802] the sower H894 from Babylon H8610 [H8802] , and him that handleth H4038 the sickle H6256 in the time H7105 of harvest H6440 : for fear H3238 [H8802] of the oppressing H2719 sword H6437 [H8799] they shall turn H376 every one H5971 to his people H5127 [H8799] , and they shall flee H376 every one H776 to his own land.
  17 H3478 Israel H6340 [H8801] is a scattered H7716 sheep H738 ; the lions H5080 [H8689] have driven him away H7223 : first H4428 the king H804 of Assyria H398 [H8804] hath devoured H314 him; and last H5019 this Nebuchadnezzar H4428 king H894 of Babylon H6105 [H8765] hath broken his bones.
  18 H559 [H8804] Therefore thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H430 , the God H3478 of Israel H6485 [H8802] ; Behold, I will punish H4428 the king H894 of Babylon H776 and his land H6485 [H8804] , as I have punished H4428 the king H804 of Assyria.
  19 H7725 0 And I will bring H3478 Israel H7725 [H8790] again H5116 to his habitation H7462 [H8804] , and he shall feed H3760 on Carmel H1316 and Bashan H5315 , and his soul H7646 [H8799] shall be satisfied H2022 upon mount H669 Ephraim H1568 and Gilead.
  20 H3117 In those days H6256 , and in that time H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H5771 , the iniquity H3478 of Israel H1245 [H8792] shall be sought for H2403 , and there shall be none; and the sins H3063 of Judah H4672 [H8735] , and they shall not be found H5545 [H8799] : for I will pardon H7604 [H8686] them whom I reserve.
  21 H5927 [H8798] Go up H776 against the land H4850 of Merathaim H3427 [H8802] , even against it, and against the inhabitants H6489 of Pekod H2717 [H8798] : waste H2763 [H8687] and utterly destroy H310 after H5002 [H8803] them, saith H3068 the LORD H6213 [H8798] , and do H6680 [H8765] according to all that I have commanded thee.
  22 H6963 A sound H4421 of battle H776 is in the land H1419 , and of great H7667 destruction.
  23 H6360 How is the hammer H776 of the whole earth H1438 [H8738] cut asunder H7665 [H8735] and broken H894 ! how is Babylon H8047 become a desolation H1471 among the nations!
  24 H3369 [H8804] I have laid a snare H3920 [H8738] for thee, and thou art also taken H894 , O Babylon H3045 [H8804] , and thou wast not aware H4672 [H8738] : thou art found H8610 [H8738] , and also caught H1624 [H8694] , because thou hast striven H3068 against the LORD.
  25 H3068 The LORD H6605 [H8804] hath opened H214 his armoury H3318 [H8686] , and hath brought forth H3627 the weapons H2195 of his indignation H4399 : for this is the work H136 of the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts H776 in the land H3778 of the Chaldeans.
  26 H935 [H8798] Come H7093 against her from the utmost border H6605 [H8798] , open H3965 her storehouses H5549 [H8798] : cast her up H6194 as heaps H2763 [H8685] , and destroy her utterly H7611 : let nothing of her be left.
  27 H2717 [H8798] Slay H6499 all her bulls H3381 [H8799] ; let them go down H2874 to the slaughter H1945 : woe H3117 to them! for their day H935 [H8802] is come H6256 , the time H6486 of their punishment.
  28 H6963 The voice H5127 [H8801] of them that flee H6405 and escape from H776 the land H894 of Babylon H5046 [H8687] , to declare H6726 in Zion H5360 the vengeance H3068 of the LORD H430 our God H5360 , the vengeance H1964 of his temple.
  29 H8085 [H8685] Call together H7228 the archers H894 against Babylon H1869 [H8802] : all ye that bend H7198 the bow H2583 [H8798] , encamp H5439 against it on every side H6413 ; let none of them escape H7999 [H8761] : recompense H6467 her according to her work H6213 [H8804] ; according to all that she hath done H6213 [H8798] , do H2102 [H8804] to her: for she hath been proud H3068 against the LORD H6918 , against the Holy One H3478 of Israel.
  30 H970 Therefore her young men H5307 [H8799] shall fall H7339 in the streets H582 , and all her men H4421 of war H1826 [H8735] shall be cut off H3117 in that day H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD.
  31 H2087 Behold, I am against thee, O thou most proud H5002 [H8803] , saith H136 the Lord H3069 GOD H6635 of hosts H3117 : for thy day H935 [H8802] is come H6256 , the time H6485 [H8804] that I will punish thee.
  32 H2087 And the most proud H3782 [H8804] shall stumble H5307 [H8804] and fall H6965 [H8688] , and none shall raise him up H3341 [H8689] : and I will kindle H784 a fire H5892 in his cities H398 [H8804] , and it shall devour H5439 all around him.
  33 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H1121 ; The children H3478 of Israel H1121 and the children H3063 of Judah H6231 [H8803] were oppressed H3162 together H7617 [H8802] : and all that took them captives H2388 [H8689] held them fast H3985 [H8765] ; they refused H7971 [H8763] to let them go.
  34 H1350 [H8802] Their Redeemer H2389 is strong H3068 ; the LORD H6635 of hosts H8034 is his name H7378 [H8800] : he shall thoroughly H7378 [H8799] plead H7379 their cause H7280 [H8689] , that he may give rest H776 to the land H7264 [H8689] , and disquiet H3427 [H8802] the inhabitants H894 of Babylon.
  35 H2719 A sword H3778 is upon the Chaldeans H5002 [H8803] , saith H3068 the LORD H3427 [H8802] , and upon the inhabitants H894 of Babylon H8269 , and upon her princes H2450 , and upon her wise men.
  36 H2719 A sword H907 is upon the liars H2973 [H8738] ; and they shall become fools H2719 : a sword H1368 is upon her mighty men H2865 [H8804] ; and they shall be dismayed.
  37 H2719 A sword H5483 is upon their horses H7393 , and upon their chariots H6153 , and upon all the mixed people H8432 that are in the midst H802 of her; and they shall become as women H2719 : a sword H214 is upon her treasuries H962 [H8795] ; and they shall be robbed.
  38 H2721 A drought H4325 is upon her waters H3001 [H8804] ; and they shall be dried up H776 : for it is the land H6456 of graven images H1984 [H8704] , and they are mad H367 over their idols.
  39 H6728 Therefore the wild beasts of the desert H338 with the wild beasts of the isles H3427 [H8799] shall dwell H1323 H3284 there, and the owls H3427 [H8804] shall dwell H3427 [H8799] in it: and it shall be no more inhabited H5331 for ever H7931 [H8799] ; neither shall it be dwelt H1755 in from generation H1755 to generation.
  40 H430 As God H4114 overthrew H5467 Sodom H6017 and Gomorrah H7934 and its neighbour H5002 [H8803] cities, saith H3068 the LORD H376 ; so shall no man H3427 [H8799] abide H1121 there, neither shall any son H120 of man H1481 [H8799] dwell in it.
  41 H5971 Behold, a people H935 [H8802] shall come H6828 from the north H1419 , and a great H1471 nation H7227 , and many H4428 kings H5782 [H8735] shall be raised up H3411 from the ends H776 of the earth.
  42 H2388 [H8686] They shall hold H7198 the bow H3591 and the lance H394 : they are cruel H7355 [H8762] , and will not show mercy H6963 : their voice H1993 [H8799] shall roar H3220 like the sea H7392 [H8799] , and they shall ride H5483 upon horses H6186 [H8803] , every one put in array H376 , like a man H4421 to the battle H1323 , against thee, O daughter H894 of Babylon.
  43 H4428 The king H894 of Babylon H8085 [H8804] hath heard H8088 the report H3027 of them, and his hands H7503 [H8804] became feeble H6869 : anguish H2388 [H8689] took hold H2427 of him, and pangs H3205 [H8802] as of a woman in travail.
  44 H5927 [H8799] Behold, he shall come up H738 like a lion H1347 from the swelling H3383 of Jordan H5116 to the habitation H386 of the strong H7323 0 : but I will make H7280 [H8686] them suddenly H7323 H7323 [H8686] run away H977 [H8803] from her: and who is a chosen H6485 [H8799] man, that I may appoint H3259 [H8686] over her? for who is like me? and who will appoint me the time H7462 [H8802] ? and who is that shepherd H5975 [H8799] that will stand H6440 before me?
  45 H8085 [H8798] Therefore hear H6098 ye the counsel H3068 of the LORD H3289 [H8804] , that he hath taken H894 against Babylon H4284 ; and his purposes H2803 [H8804] , that he hath purposed H776 against the land H3778 of the Chaldeans H6810 : Surely the least H6629 of the flock H5498 [H8799] shall draw them out H5116 : surely he shall make their habitation H8074 [H8686] desolate with them.
  46 H6963 At the noise H8610 [H8738] of the taking H894 of Babylon H776 the earth H7493 [H8735] is moved H2201 , and the cry H8085 [H8738] is heard H1471 among the nations.

Revelation 17:1-18

  1 G2532 And G2064 [G5627] there came G1520 one G1537 of G2033 the seven G32 angels G3588 who G2192 [G5723] had G2033 the seven G5357 vials G2532 , and G2980 [G5656] talked G3326 with G1700 me G3004 [G5723] , saying G3427 to me G1204 [G5773] , Come G1166 [G5692] ; I will show G4671 to thee G2917 the judgment G3173 of the great G4204 harlot G2521 [G5740] that sitteth G1909 upon G4183 many G5204 waters:
  2 G3326 With G3739 whom G935 the kings G1093 of the earth G4203 [G5656] have fornicated G2532 , and G2730 [G5723] the inhabitants G1093 of the earth G3184 [G5681] have been made drunk G1537 with G3631 the wine G846 of her G4202 fornication.
  3 G2532 So G667 0 he carried G3165 me G667 [G5656] away G1722 in G4151 the spirit G1519 into G2048 the wilderness G2532 : and G1492 [G5627] I saw G1135 a woman G2521 [G5740] sit G1909 upon G2847 a scarlet coloured G2342 beast G1073 [G5723] , full of G3686 names G988 of blasphemy G2192 [G5723] , having G2033 seven G2776 heads G2532 and G1176 ten G2768 horns.
  4 G2532 And G1135 the woman G2258 [G5713] was G4016 [G5772] arrayed G4209 in purple G2532 and G2847 scarlet colour G2532 , and G5558 [G5772] decked G5557 with gold G2532 and G5093 precious G3037 stones G2532 and G3135 pearls G2192 [G5723] , having G5552 a golden G4221 cup G1722 in G846 her G5495 hand G1073 [G5723] full of G946 abominations G2532 and G168 filthiness G846 of her G4202 fornication:
  5 G2532 And G1909 upon G846 her G3359 forehead G3686 was a name G1125 [G5772] written G3466 , MYSTERY G897 , BABYLON G3173 THE GREAT G3384 , THE MOTHER G4204 OF HARLOTS G2532 AND G946 ABOMINATIONS G1093 OF THE EARTH.
  6 G2532 And G1492 [G5627] I saw G1135 the woman G3184 [G5723] drunk G1537 with G129 the blood G40 of the saints G2532 , and G1537 with G129 the blood G3144 of the martyrs G2424 of Jesus G2532 : and G1492 [G5631] when I saw G846 her G2296 [G5656] , I wondered G3173 with great G2295 wonder.
  7 G2532 And G32 the angel G2036 [G5627] said G3427 to me G1302 , Why G2296 [G5656] didst thou wonder G1473 ? I G2046 [G5692] will tell G4671 thee G3466 the mystery G1135 of the woman G2532 , and G2342 of the beast G941 [G5723] that carrieth G846 her G3588 , which G2192 [G5723] hath G2033 the seven G2776 heads G2532 and G1176 ten G2768 horns.
  8 G2342 The beast G3739 that G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G2258 [G5713] was G2532 , and G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G2532 ; and G3195 [G5719] shall G305 [G5721] ascend G1537 out of G3588 the G12 bottomless pit G2532 , and G5217 [G5721] go G1519 into G684 perdition G2532 : and G2730 [G5723] they that dwell G1909 on G1093 the earth G2296 [G5695] shall wonder G3739 , whose G3686 names G1125 0 were G3756 not G1125 [G5769] written G1909 in G975 the book G2222 of life G575 from G2602 the foundation G2889 of the world G991 [G5723] , when they behold G2342 the beast G3748 G2258 [G5713] that was G2532 , and G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G2539 , and yet G2076 [G5748] is.
  9 G5602 And here G3563 is the mind G3588 which G2192 [G5723] hath G4678 wisdom G2033 . The seven G2776 heads G1526 [G5748] are G2033 seven G3735 mountains G1909 , on G846 which G1135 the woman G2521 G3699 [G5736] sitteth.
  10 G2532 And G1526 [G5748] there are G2033 seven G935 kings G4002 : five G4098 [G5627] are fallen G2532 , and G1520 one G2076 [G5748] is G243 , and the other G2064 0 is G3768 not yet G2064 [G5627] come G2532 ; and G3752 when G2064 [G5632] he cometh G846 , he G1163 [G5748] must G3306 [G5658] continue G3641 a short time.
  11 G2532 And G2342 the beast G3739 that G2258 [G5713] was G2532 , and G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G2532 , even G846 he G2076 [G5748] is G3590 the eighth G2532 , and G2076 [G5748] is G1537 of G2033 the seven G2532 , and G5217 [G5719] goeth G1519 into G684 perdition.
  12 G2532 And G1176 the ten G2768 horns G3739 which G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G1526 [G5748] are G1176 ten G935 kings G3748 , who G2983 [G5627] have received G3768 0 no G932 kingdom G3768 as yet G235 ; but G2983 [G5719] receive G1849 power G5613 as G935 kings G3391 one G5610 hour G3326 with G2342 the beast.
  13 G3778 These G2192 [G5719] have G3391 one G1106 mind G2532 , and G1239 [G5719] shall give G1438 their G1411 power G2532 and G1849 strength G2342 to the beast.
  14 G3778 These G4170 [G5692] shall make war G3326 with G721 the Lamb G2532 , and G721 the Lamb G3528 [G5692] shall overcome G846 them G3754 : for G2076 [G5748] he is G2962 Lord G2962 of lords G2532 , and G935 King G935 of kings G2532 : and G3326 they that are with G846 him G2822 are called G2532 , and G1588 chosen G2532 , and G4103 faithful.
  15 G2532 And G3004 [G5719] he saith G3427 to me G5204 , The waters G3739 which G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G3757 , where G4204 the harlot G2521 [G5736] sitteth G1526 [G5748] , are G2992 peoples G2532 , and G3793 multitudes G2532 , and G1484 nations G2532 , and G1100 tongues.
  16 G2532 And G1176 the ten G2768 horns G3739 which G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G1909 upon G2342 the beast G3778 , these G3404 [G5692] shall hate G4204 the harlot G2532 , and G4160 [G5692] shall make G846 her G2049 [G5772] desolate G2532 and G1131 naked G2532 , and G5315 [G5688] shall eat G846 her G4561 flesh G2532 , and G2618 [G5692] burn G846 her G1722 with G4442 fire.
  17 G1063 For G2316 God G1325 [G5656] hath put G1519 in G846 their G2588 hearts G4160 [G5658] to fulfil G846 his G1106 will G2532 , and G4160 G3391 G1106 [G5658] to agree G2532 , and G1325 [G5629] give G846 their G932 kingdom G2342 to the beast G891 , until G4487 the words G2316 of God G5055 [G5686] shall be fulfilled.
  18 G2532 And G1135 the woman G3739 whom G1492 [G5627] thou sawest G2076 [G5748] is G3173 that great G4172 city G3588 , which G2192 G932 [G5723] reigneth G1909 over G935 the kings G1093 of the earth.

Jeremiah 51:58

  58 H559 [H8804] Thus saith H3068 the LORD H6635 of hosts H7342 ; The broad H2346 walls H894 of Babylon H6209 [H8771] shall be utterly H6209 [H8698] broken H1364 , and her high H8179 gates H3341 [H8799] shall be burned H784 with fire H5971 ; and the people H3021 [H8799] shall labour H7385 in vain H3816 , and the people H1767 in H784 the fire H3286 [H8804] , and they shall be weary.

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