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Genesis 1:28

  28 H430 And God H1288 [H8762] blessed H430 them, and God H559 [H8799] said H6509 [H8798] to them, Be fruitful, H7235 [H8798] and multiply, H4390 [H8798] and fill H776 the earth, H3533 [H8798] and subdue it: H7287 [H8798] and have dominion H1710 over the fish H3220 of the sea, H5775 and over the fowl H8064 of the air, H2416 and over every living thing H7430 [H8802] that moveth H776 upon the earth.

Genesis 9:7

  7 H6509 [H8798] And you, be ye fruitful, H7235 [H8798] and multiply; H8317 [H8798] bring forth abundantly H776 in the earth, H7235 [H8798] and multiply in it.

2 Samuel 12:14

  14 H657 But, H1697 because by this deed H5006 0 thou hast given H5006 [H8763] great occasion H341 [H8802] to the enemies H3068 of the LORD H5006 [H8765] to blaspheme, H1121 the child H3209 also that is born H4191 [H8800] to thee shall surely H4191 [H8799] die.

2 Kings 8:12

  12 H2371 And Hazael H559 [H8799] said, H1058 [H8802] Why weepeth H113 my lord? H559 [H8799] And he answered, H3045 [H8804] Because I know H7451 the evil H6213 [H8799] that thou wilt do H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel: H4013 their strong holds H7971 [H8762] wilt thou set H784 on fire, H970 and their young men H2026 [H8799] wilt thou slay H2719 with the sword, H7376 [H8762] and wilt dash H5768 their children, H1234 [H8762] and rip up H2030 their women with child.

Job 3:16

  16 H2934 [H8803] Or as an hidden H5309 untimely birth H5768 I had not been; as infants H7200 [H8804] which never saw H216 light.

Psalms 22:10

  10 H7993 [H8717] I was cast H7358 upon thee from my birth: H410 thou art my God H517 from my mother's H990 womb.

Psalms 127:3

  3 H1121 Lo, children H5159 are an heritage H3068 of the LORD: H6529 and the fruit H990 of the womb H7939 is his reward.

Psalms 137:8-9

  8 H1323 O daughter H894 of Babylon, H7703 [H8803] who art to be destroyed; H835 happy H7999 [H8762] shall he be, that rewardeth H1580 H1576 [H8804] thee as thou hast served us.
  9 H835 Happy H270 [H8799] shall he be, that taketh H5310 [H8765] and dasheth H5768 thy little ones H5553 against the stones.

Psalms 139:13-16

  13 H7069 [H8804] For thou hast possessed H3629 my reins: H5526 [H8799] thou hast covered H517 me in my mother's H990 womb.
  14 H3034 [H8686] I will praise H3372 [H8737] thee; for I am fearfully H6395 [H8738] and wonderfully made: H6381 [H8737] marvellous H4639 are thy works; H5315 and that my soul H3966 well H3045 [H8802] knoweth
  15 H6108 My substance H3582 [H8738] was not hid H6213 [H8795] from thee, when I was made H5643 in secret, H7551 [H8795] and skilfully formed H8482 in the lowest parts H776 of the earth.
  16 H5869 Thy eyes H7200 [H8804] saw H1564 my substance, not yet formed; H5612 and in thy book H3789 [H8735] all my members were written, H3117 which in continuance H3335 [H8795] were fashioned, H259 when as yet there was none of them.

Isaiah 13:16

  16 H5768 Their children H7376 [H8792] also shall be dashed to pieces H5869 before their eyes; H1004 their houses H8155 [H8735] shall be plundered, H802 and their wives H7901 H7693 [H8735] ravished.

Genesis 9:5-6

  5 H389 And surely H1818 your blood H5315 of your lives H1875 [H8799] will I require; H3027 at the hand H2416 of every beast H1875 [H8799] will I require it, H3027 and at the hand H120 of man; H3027 at the hand H376 of every man's H251 brother H1875 [H8799] will I require H5315 the life H120 of man.
  6 H8210 [H8802] Whoever sheddeth H120 man's H1818 blood, H120 by man H1818 shall his blood H8210 [H8735] be shed: H6754 for in the image H430 of God H6213 [H8804] made H120 he man.

Exodus 21:22-25

  22 H582 If men H5327 [H8735] shall contend, H5062 [H8804] and hurt H802 a woman H2030 with child, H3206 so that her fruit H3318 [H8804] shall depart H611 from her, and yet no harm follow: H6064 [H8800] he shall be surely H6064 [H8735] punished, H802 according as the woman's H1167 husband H7896 [H8799] will lay H5414 [H8804] upon him; and he shall pay H6414 as the judges determine.
  23 H611 And if any harm shall follow, H5414 [H8804] then thou shalt give H5315 life H5315 for life,
  24 H5869 Eye H5869 for eye, H8127 tooth H8127 for tooth, H3027 hand H3027 for hand, H7272 foot H7272 for foot,
  25 H3555 Burning H3555 for burning, H6482 wound H6482 for wound, H2250 stripe H2250 for stripe.

Psalms 51:5

  5 H2342 [H8797] Behold, I was shapen H5771 in iniquity; H2399 and in sin H517 did my mother H3179 [H8765] conceive me.

Mark 7:20-23

  20 G1161 And G3004 [G5707] he said, G3754   G1607 [G5740] { That which cometh G1537 out of G444 the man, G1565 that G2840 [G5719] defileth G444 the man.}
  21 G1063 { For G2081 from within, G1537 out of G2588 the heart G444 of men, G1607 [G5736] proceed G2556 bad G1261 thoughts, G3430 adulteries, G4202 fornications, G5408 murders,}
  22 G2829 { Thefts, G4124 covetousness, G4189 wickedness, G1388 deceit, G766 lasciviousness, G4190 an evil G3788 eye, G988 blasphemy, G5243 pride, G877 foolishness:}
  23 G3956 { All G5023 these G4190 evil things G1607 [G5736] come G2081 from within, G2532 and G2840 [G5719] defile G444 the man.}

Hosea 13:16

  16 H8111 Samaria H816 [H8799] shall become desolate; H4784 [H8804] for she hath rebelled H430 against her God: H5307 [H8799] they shall fall H2719 by the sword: H5768 their infants H7376 [H8792] shall be dashed in pieces, H2030 and their women with child H1234 [H8792] shall be ripped up.

Genesis 38:24

  24 H7969 And it came to pass about three H2320 months H5046 [H8714] after, that it was told H3063 to Judah, H559 [H8800] saying, H8559 Tamar H3618 thy daughter in law H2181 [H8804] hath played the harlot; H2030 and also, behold, she is with child H2183 by harlotry. H3063 And Judah H559 [H8799] said, H3318 [H8685] Bring her forth, H8313 [H8735] and let her be burnt.

Numbers 5:27-28

  27 H8248 [H8689] And when he hath made her to drink H4325 the water, H2930 [H8738] then it shall come to pass, that, if she is defiled, H4603 [H8799] and hath done H4604 trespass H376 against her husband, H4325 that the water H779 [H8764] that causeth the curse H935 [H8804] shall enter H4751 into her, and become bitter, H990 and her belly H6638 [H8804] shall swell, H3409 and her thigh H5307 [H8804] shall perish: H802 and the woman H423 shall be a curse H7130 among H5971 her people.
  28 H802 And if the woman H2930 [H8738] is not defiled, H2889 but is clean; H5352 [H8738] then she shall be free, H2232 [H8738] and shall conceive H2233 seed.

Numbers 5:19-22

  19 H3548 And the priest H7650 [H8689] shall charge her by an oath, H559 [H8804] and say H802 to the woman, H376 If no man H7901 [H8804] hath lain H7847 [H8804] with thee, and if thou hast not gone aside H2932 to uncleanness H376 with another instead of thy husband, H5352 [H8734] be thou free H4751 from this bitter H4325 water H779 [H8764] that causeth the curse:
  20 H7847 [H8804] But if thou hast gone aside H376 to another instead of thy husband, H2930 [H8738] and if thou art defiled, H376 and some man H5414 [H8799] hath H7903 lain H1107 with thee besides H376 thy husband:
  21 H3548 Then the priest H7650 [H8689] shall charge H802 the woman H7621 with an oath H423 of cursing, H3548 and the priest H559 [H8804] shall say H802 to the woman, H3068 The LORD H5414 [H8799] make H423 thee a curse H7621 and an oath H8432 among H5971 thy people, H3068 when the LORD H5414 [H8800] doth make H3409 thy thigh H5307 [H8802] to perish, H990 and thy belly H6639 to swell;
  22 H4325 And this water H779 [H8764] that causeth the curse H935 [H8804] shall go H4578 into thy bowels, H990 to make thy belly H6638 [H8687] to swell, H3409 and thy thigh H5307 [H8687] to perish: H802 And the woman H559 [H8804] shall say, H543 Amen, H543 amen.

Numbers 31:15-17

  15 H4872 And Moses H559 [H8799] said H2421 [H8765] to them, Have ye saved H5347 all the women H2421 [H8765] alive?
  16 H2007 Behold, these H1961 [H8804] caused H1121 the children H3478 of Israel, H1697 through the counsel H1109 of Balaam, H4560 [H8800] to commit H4604 trespass H3068 against the LORD H1697 in the matter H6465 of Peor, H4046 and there was a plague H5712 among the congregation H3068 of the LORD.
  17 H2026 [H8798] Now therefore kill H2145 every male H2945 among the little ones, H2026 [H8798] and kill H802 every woman H3045 [H8802] that hath known H376 man H4904 by lying H2145 with him.

2 Kings 15:16

  16 H4505 Then Menahem H5221 [H8686] smote H8607 Tiphsah, H1366 and all that were there, and its land H8656 from Tirzah: H6605 [H8804] because they opened H5221 [H8686] not to him, therefore he smote H2030 it; and all the women there that were with child H1234 [H8765] he ripped up.

Proverbs 6:16-19

  16 H8337 These six H3068 things doth the LORD H8130 [H8804] hate: H7651 yea, seven H8441 are an abomination H5315 to him:
  17 H7311 [H8802] A proud H5869 look, H8267 a lying H3956 tongue, H3027 and hands H8210 [H8802] that shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood,
  18 H3820 An heart H2790 [H8802] that deviseth H205 wicked H4284 imaginations, H7272 feet H4116 [H8764] that are swift H7323 [H8800] in running H7451 to mischief,
  19 H8267 A false H5707 witness H6315 [H8686] that speaketh H3577 lies, H7971 [H8764] and him that soweth H4090 discord H251 among brethren.

Exodus 20:13

  13 H7523 [H8799] Thou shalt not murder.

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