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Luke 10:30-37

30 And Jhesu biheld, and seide, A man cam doun fro Jerusalem in to Jerico, and fel among theues, and thei robbiden hym, and woundiden hym, and wente awei, and leften the man half alyue. 31 And it bifel, that a prest cam doun the same weie, and passide forth, whanne he hadde seyn hym. 32 Also a dekene, whanne he was bisidis the place, and saiy him, passide forth. 33 But a Samaritan, goynge the weie, cam bisidis hym; and he siy hym, and hadde reuthe on hym; 34 and cam to hym, and boond togidir hise woundis, and helde in oyle and wynne; and leide hym on his beest, and ledde in to an ostrie, and dide the cure of hym. 35 And another dai he brouyte forth twey pans, and yaf to the ostiler, and seide, Haue the cure of hym; and what euer thou schalt yyue ouer, Y schal yelde to thee, whanne Y come ayen. 36 Who of these thre, semeth to thee, was neiybore to hym, that fel among theues? 37 And he seide, He that dide merci in to hym. And Jhesus seide to hym, Go thou, and do thou on lijk maner.

John 14:15

15 If ye louen me, kepe ye my comaundementis.

John 3:16

16 For God louede so the world, that he yaf his `oon bigetun sone, that ech man that bileueth in him perische not, but haue euerlastynge lijf.

Romans 1:20

20 For the vnuysible thingis of hym, that ben vndurstondun, ben biholdun of the creature of the world, bi tho thingis that ben maad, yhe, and the euerlastynge vertu of hym and the godhed, so that thei mowe not be excusid.

Romans 13:4

4 for he is the mynystre of God to thee in to good. But if thou doist yuel, drede thou; for not with outen cause he berith the swerd, for he is the mynystre of God, vengere in to wraththe to hym that doith yuel.

1 Corinthians 15:1-16:24

1 `Sotheli, britheren, Y make the gospel knowun to you, which Y haue prechid to you, the which also ye han takun, in which ye stonden, 2 also bi which ye schulen be sauyd; `bi which resoun Y haue prechid to you, if ye holden, `if ye han not bileuyd ideli. 3 For Y bitook to you at the bigynnyng that thing which also Y haue resseyued; that Crist was deed for oure synnes, bi the scripturis; 4 and that he was biried, and that he roos ayen in the thridde dai, after scripturis; 5 and that he was seyn to Cephas, and aftir these thingis to enleuene; 6 aftirward he was seyn to mo than fyue hundrid britheren togidere, of whiche manye lyuen yit, but summe ben deed; aftirward he was seyn to James, 7 and aftirward to alle the apostlis. 8 And last of alle he was seyn also to me, as to a deed borun child. 9 For Y am the leste of apostlis, that am not worthi to be clepid apostle, for Y pursuede the chirche of God. 10 But bi the grace of God Y am that thing that Y am; and his grace was not voide in me. For Y trauelide more plenteuously than alle thei; but not Y, but the grace of God with me. 11 But whether Y, or thei, so we han prechid, and so ye han bileuyd. 12 And if Crist is prechid, that he roos ayen fro deeth, hou seien summen among you, that the ayenrisyng of deed men is not? 13 And if the ayenrisyng of deed men is not, nethir Crist roos ayen fro deeth. 14 And if Crist roos not, oure preching is veyn, oure feith is veyn. 15 And we ben foundun false witnessis of God, for we han seid witnessyng ayens God, that he reiside Crist, whom he reiside not, if deed men risen not ayen. 16 Forwhi if deed men risen not ayen, nether Crist roos ayen; 17 and if Crist roos not ayen, oure feith is veyn; and yit ye ben in youre synnes. 18 And thanne thei that han diede in Crist, han perischid. 19 If in this life oneli we ben hoping in Crist, we ben more wretchis than alle men. 20 But now Crist roos ayen fro deth, the firste fruit of deed men; 21 for deeth was bi a man, and bi a man is ayenrisyng fro deth. 22 And as in Adam alle men dien, so in Crist alle men schulen be quykenyd. 23 But ech man in his ordre; the firste fruit, Crist, afterward thei that ben of Crist, that bileueden in the comyng of Crist; 24 aftirward an ende, whanne he schal bitake the kyngdom to God and to the fadir, whanne he schal auoide al princehod, and power, and vertu. 25 But it bihoueth hym to regne, til he putte alle hise enemyes vndur hise feet. 26 And at the laste, deth the enemye schal be distried; for he hath maad suget alle thingis vndur hise feet. 27 And whanne he seith, alle thingis ben suget to hym, with outen doubt outakun hym that sugetide alle thingis to hym. 28 And whanne alle thingis ben suget to hym, thanne the sone hym silf schal be suget to hym, that made `alle thingis suget to hym, that God be alle thingis in alle thingis. 29 Ellis what schulen thei do, that ben baptisid for deed men, if in no wise deed men risen ayen? wherto ben thei baptisid for hem? 30 And wherto ben we in perel euery our? 31 Ech dai Y die for youre glorie, britheren, which glorie Y haue in Crist Jhesu oure Lord. 32 If aftir man Y haue fouyten to beestis at Efesi, what profitith it to me, if deed men risen not ayen? Ete we, and drynke we, for we schulen die to morewe. 33 Nyle ye be disseyued; for yuel spechis distrien good thewis. 34 Awake ye, iuste men, and nyle ye do synne; for summen han ignoraunce of God, but to reuerence Y speke to you. 35 But summan seith, Hou schulen deed men rise ayen, or in what maner bodi schulen thei come? 36 Vnwise man, that thing that thou sowist, is not quykened, but it die first; 37 and that thing that thou sowist, `thou sowist not the bodi that is to come, but a nakid corn, as of whete, or of summe othere seedis; 38 and God yyueth to it a bodi, as he wole, and to ech of seedis a propir bodi. 39 Not ech fleisch is the same fleisch, but oon is of men, another is of beestis, another is of briddis, an othere of fischis. 40 And `heuenli bodies ben, and `ertheli bodies ben; but oon glorie is of heuenely bodies, and anothir is of ertheli. 41 An othere clerenesse is of the sunne, anothere clerenesse is of the moone, and anothere clerenesse is of sterris; and a sterre dyuersith fro a sterre in clerenesse. 42 And so the ayenrisyng of deed men. It is sowun in corrupcioun, it schal rise in vncorrupcioun; 43 it is sowun in vnnoblei, it schal rise in glorie; it is sowun in infirmyte, it schal rise in vertu; 44 it is sowun a beestly bodi, it schal rise a spiritual bodi. If ther is a beestli bodi, ther is also a spiritual bodi; 45 as it is writun, The firste man Adam was maad in to a soule lyuynge, the laste Adam in to a spirit quykenynge. 46 But the firste is not that that is spiritual, but that that is beestlich, aftirward that that is spiritual. 47 The firste man of erthe is ertheli; the secounde man of heuene is heuenelich. 48 Such as the ertheli man is, such ben the ertheli men; and such as the heueneli man is, suche ben also the heueneli men. 49 Therfor as we han bore the ymage of the ertheli man, bere we also the ymage of the heuenli. 50 Britheren, Y seie this thing, that fleisch and bloud moun not welde the kyngdom of God, nethir corrupcioun schal welde vncorrupcioun. 51 Lo! Y seie to you priuyte of hooli thingis. And alle we schulen rise ayen, but not alle we schulen be chaungid; 52 in a moment, in the twynklyng of an iye, in the laste trumpe; for the trumpe schal sowne, and deed men schulen rise ayen, with oute corrupcioun, and we schulen be chaungid. 53 For it byhoueth this corruptible thing to clothe vncorrupcioun, and this deedli thing to putte awei vndeedlinesse. 54 But whanne this deedli thing schal clothe vndeedlynesse, thanne schal the word be doon, that is writun, Deth is sopun vp in victorie. 55 Deth, where is thi victorie? Deth, where is thi pricke? 56 But the pricke of deth is synne; and the vertu of synne is the lawe. 57 But do we thankyngis to God, that yaf to vs victorie bi oure Lord Jhesu Crist. 58 Therfore, my dereworthe britheren, be ye stidefast, and vnmouable, beynge plenteuouse in werk of the Lord, euere more witynge that youre trauel is not idel in the Lord.

1 Corinthians 16:1-24

1 But of the gaderyngis of money that ben maad in to seyntis, as Y ordeynede in the chirchis of Galathie, so also do ye o dai of the wouke. 2 Ech of you kepe at hym silf, kepynge that that plesith to him, that whanne Y come, the gaderyngis ben not maad. 3 And whanne Y schal be present, whiche men ye preuen, Y schal sende hem bi epistlis to bere youre grace in to Jerusalem. 4 That if it be worthi that also Y go, thei schulen go with me. 5 But Y schal come to you, whanne Y schal passe bi Macedonye; for whi Y schal passe bi Macedonye. 6 But perauenture Y schal dwelle at you, or also dwelle the wynter, that and ye lede me whidir euere Y schal go. 7 And Y wole not now se you in my passyng, for Y hope to dwelle with you awhile, if the Lord schal suffre. 8 But Y schal dwelle at Efesi, `til to Witsuntide. 9 For a grete dore and an opyn is openyd to me, and many aduersaries. 10 And if Thimothe come, se ye that he be with out drede with you, for he worcheth the werk of the Lord, as Y. 11 Therfor no man dispise hym; but lede ye hym forth in pees, that he come to me; for Y abide hym with britheren. 12 But, britheren, Y make knowun to you of Apollo, that Y preiede him myche, that he schulde come to you, with britheren. But it was not his wille to come now; but he schal come, whanne he schal haue leiser. 13 Walke ye, and stonde ye in the feith; do ye manli, and be ye coumfortid in the Lord, 14 and be alle youre thingis don in charite. 15 And, britheren, Y biseche you, ye knowen the hous of Stephan, and of Fortunati, and Acaicy, for thei ben the firste fruytis of Acaie, and in to mynystrie of seyntis thei han ordeyned hem silf; 16 that also ye be sugetis to suche, and to ech worchynge togidere and trauelynge. 17 For Y haue ioie in the presence of Stephan, and of Fortunate, and Acaici; 18 for thei filliden that thing that failide to you; for thei han refreischid bothe my spirit and youre. Therfor knowe ye hem, that ben suche maner men. 19 Alle the chirchis of Asie greten you wel. Aquila and Prisca, with her homeli chirche, greten you myche in the Lord, at the whiche also Y am herborid. 20 Alle bretheren greten you wel. Grete ye wel togidere in hooli cos. 21 My gretyng bi Poulis hoond. 22 If ony man loueth not oure Lord Jhesu Crist, be he cursid, Maranatha. 23 The grace of oure Lord Jhesu Crist be with you. 24 My charite be with you alle in Crist Jhesu oure Lord. Amen.

Revelation 21:8

8 But to ferdful men, and vnbileueful, and cursid, and manquelleris, and fornycatouris, and to witchis, and worschiperis of idols, and to alle lieris, the part of hem shal be in the pool brennynge with fier and brymstoon, that is the secounde deth.

Hebrews 3:12

12 Britheren, se ye, lest perauenture in ony of you be an yuel herte of vnbileue, to departe fro the lyuynge God.

2 Corinthians 4:4

4 in which God hath blent the soulis of vnfeithful men of this world, that the liytnyng of the gospel of the glorie of Crist, which is the ymage of God, schyne not.

Proverbs 24:20

20 For whi yuele men han not hope of thingis to comynge, and the lanterne of wickid men schal be quenchid.

1 Timothy 5:8

8 For if ony man hath not cure of his owne, and most of hise household men, he hath denyed the feith, and is worse than an vnfeithful man.

2 Corinthians 6:14

14 Nyle ye bere the yok with vnfeithful men. For what parting of riytwisnes with wickidnesse? or what felouschipe of liyt to derknessis?

Ephesians 4:18

18 that han vndurstondyng derkned with derknessis, and ben alienyd fro the lijf of God, bi ignoraunce that is in hem, for the blyndenesse of her herte.

1 Corinthians 5:9-13

9 I wroot to you in a pistle, that ye be not medlid with letchours, 10 not with letchours of this world, ne coueitous men, ne raueynours, ne with men seruynge to mawmetis, ellis ye schulden haue go out of this world. 11 But now Y wroot to you, that ye be not meynd. But if he that is named a brother among you, and is a letchour, or coueitouse, or seruynge to ydols, or cursere, or ful of drunkenesse, or raueynour, to take no mete with siche. 12 For what is it to me to deme of hem that ben with oute forth? Whether ye demen not of thingis that ben with ynne forth? 13 For God schal deme hem that ben withouten forth. Do ye awei yuel fro you silf.

2 Corinthians 6:14-18

14 Nyle ye bere the yok with vnfeithful men. For what parting of riytwisnes with wickidnesse? or what felouschipe of liyt to derknessis? 15 and what acording of Crist to Belial? or what part of a feithful with the vnfeithful? 16 and what consent to the temple of God with mawmetis? And ye ben the temple of the lyuynge God, as the Lord seith, For Y schal dwelle in hem, and Y schal walke among hem; and Y schal be God of hem, and thei schulen be a puple to me. 17 For which thing go ye out of the myddil of hem, and be ye departid, seith the Lord, and touche ye not vnclene thing; 18 and Y schal resseyue you, and schal be to you in to a fadir, and ye schulen be to me in to sones and douytris, seith the Lord almyyti.

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