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Joshua 1:1-18

1 And it was doon aftir the deeth of Moyses, seruaunt of the Lord, that the Lord spak to Josue, sone of Nun, the mynystre of Moyses, and seide to hym, Moises, my seruaunt, is deed; 2 rise thou, and passe this Jordan, thou, and al the puple with thee, in to the lond which Y schal yyue to the sones of Israel. 3 Y schal yyue to you ech place which the step of youre foot schal trede, as Y spak to Moyses, 4 fro the deseert and Liban til to the greet flood Eufrates; al the lond of Etheis, `til to the greet see ayens the goyng doun of the sunne, schal be youre terme. 5 Noon schal mow ayenstonde you in alle the daies of thi lijf; as Y was with Moises, so Y schal be with thee; Y schal not leeue, nether Y schal forsake thee. 6 Be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong; for thou schalt departe bi lot to this puple the lond, for which Y swoor to thi fadris, that Y schulde yyue it to hem. 7 Therfor be thou coumfortid, and be thou ful strong, that thou kepe and do al the lawe, which Moyses, my seruaunt, comaundide to thee; bowe thou not fro it to the riyt side, ether to the left side, that thou vndirstonde alle thingis whiche thou doist. 8 The book of this lawe departe not fro thi mouth, but thou schalt thenke therynne in daies and nyytis, that thou kepe and do alle thingis that ben writun therynne; thanne thou schalt dresse thi weie, and schalt vndirstonde it. 9 Lo! Y comaunde to thee; be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong; nyle thou drede `withoutforth, and nyle thou drede withynne; for thi Lord God is with thee in alle thingis, to whiche thou goost. 10 And Josue comaundide to the princis of the puple, and seide, Passe ye thoruy the myddis of the castels; and comaunde `ye to the puple, and seie ye, Make ye redi metis to you, 11 for after the thridde dai ye schulen passe Jordan, and ye schulen entre to welde the lond, which youre Lord God schal yyue to you. 12 Also he seide to men of Ruben, and `to men of Gad, and to the half lynage of Manasses, Haue ye mynde of the word which Moises, 13 the `seruaunt of the Lord, comaundide to you, and seide, Youre Lord God hath youe to you reste and al the lond; 14 youre wyues and youre sones and beestis schulen dwelle in the lond which Moises yaf to you biyende Jordan; but passe ye armed, `alle strong in hond, bifor youre britheren; and fiyte ye for hem, 15 til the Lord yyue reste to youre britheren, as `he yaf also to you, and `til also thei welden the lond which youre Lord God schal yyue to hem; and so turne ye ayen in to the lond of youre possessioun, and ye schulen dwelle in that lond which Moises, `seruaunt of the Lord, yaf to you ouer Jordan, ayens the `rysyng of the sunne. 16 And thei answeriden to Josue, and seiden, We schulen do alle thingis whiche thou comaundidist to vs, and we schulen go, whidir euer thou sendist vs; 17 as we obeieden in alle thingis to Moises, so we schulen obeie also to thee; oneli thi Lord God be with thee, as he was with Moyses. 18 Die he that ayenseith thi mouth, and obeieth not to alle thi wordis, whiche thou comaundist to hym; oneli be thou coumfortid, and do thou manli.

1 Kings 2:10

10 Sotheli Dauid slepte with hise fadris, and was biriede in the citee of Dauid.

Psalms 23:1-6

1 The title of the `thre and twentithe salm. The song of Dauid. The erthe and the fulnesse therof is `the Lordis; the world, and alle that dwellen therynne `is the Lordis. 2 For he foundide it on the sees; and made it redi on floodis. 3 Who schal stie in to the hil of the Lord; ethir who schal stonde in the hooli place of hym? 4 The innocent in hondis, and in cleene herte; whiche took not his soule in veyn, nether swoor in gile to his neiybore. 5 `This man schal take blessyng of the Lord; and mercy of God his helthe. 6 This is the generacioun of men sekynge hym; of men sekynge the face of God of Jacob.

Psalms 90:12

12 Thei schulen beere thee in the hondis; leste perauenture thou hirte thi foot at a stoon.

Isaiah 66:1-24

1 The Lord seith these thingis, Heuene is my seete, and the erthe is the stool of my feet. Which is this hous, which ye schulen bilde to me, and which is this place of my reste? 2 Myn hond made alle these thingis, and alle these thingis ben maad, seith the Lord; but to whom schal Y biholde, no but to a pore man and contrit in spirit, and greetli dredynge my wordis? 3 He that offrith an oxe, is as he that sleeth a man; he that sleeth a scheep, is as he that brayneth a dogge; he that offrith an offryng, is as he that offrith swynes blood; he that thenketh on encense, is as he that blessith an idol; thei chesiden alle thes thingis in her weies, and her soule delitide in her abhomynaciouns. 4 Wherfor and Y schal chese the scornyngis of hem, and Y schal brynge to hem tho thingis whiche thei dredden; for Y clepide, and noon was that answeride; Y spak, and thei herden not; and thei diden yuel bifor myn iyen, and chesiden tho thingis whiche Y nolde. 5 Here ye the word of the Lord, whiche quaken at his word; youre britheren hatynge you, and castynge a wey for my name, seiden, The Lord be glorified, and we schulen se in youre gladnesse; forsothe thei schulen be schent. 6 The vois of the puple fro the citee, the vois fro the temple, the vois of the Lord yeldynge a reward to hise enemyes. 7 Bifor that sche trauelide of child, sche childide; bifor that the sorewe of hir child beryng cam, sche childide a sone. 8 Who herde euere suche a thing, and who siy a thing lijk this? Whether the erthe schal trauele of child in o dai, ether whether a folk schal be childide togidere? For whi Sion trauelede of child, and childide hir sones. 9 Whether that Y `my silf that make othere to bere child, schal not ber child? seith the Lord. Whether Y that yyue generacioun to othere men, schal be bareyn? seith thi Lord God. 10 Be ye glad with Jerusalem, and alle ye that louen that, make ful out ioye ther ynne; alle ye that mourenen on that Jerusalem, make ye ioye with it in ioie; 11 that bothe ye souke, and be fillid of the tetis and coumfort therof, that ye mylke, and flowe in delicis, of al maner glorie therof. 12 For whi the Lord seith these thingis, Lo! Y schal bowe doun on it, as a flood of pees, and as a flowynge streem the glorie of hethene men, which ye schulen souke; ye schulen be borun at tetis, and on knees thei schulen speke plesauntly to you. 13 As if a modir spekith faire to ony child, so Y schal coumforte you, and ye schulen be coumfortid in Jerusalem. 14 Ye schulen se, and youre herte schal haue ioie, and youre boonys schulen buriowne as an erbe. And the hond of the Lord schal be knowun in hise seruauntis, and he schal haue indignacioun to hise enemyes. 15 For lo! the Lord schal come in fier, and as a whirlwynd hise charis, to yelde in indignacioun hise strong veniaunce, and his blamyng in the flawme of fier. 16 For whi the Lord schal deme in fier, and in hys swerd to ech fleisch; and slayn men of the Lord schulen be multiplied, 17 that weren halewid, and gessiden hem cleene, in gardyns aftir o yate with ynne; that eten swynes fleisch, and abhomynacioun, and a mows, thei schulen be waastid togidere, seith the Lord. 18 Forsothe Y come to gadere togidere the werkis of hem, and the thouytis of hem, with alle folkis and langagis; and thei schulen come, and schulen se my glorie. 19 And Y schal sette a signe in hem, and Y schal sende of hem that ben sauyd to hethene men, in to the see, in to Affrik, and in to Liddia, and to hem that holden arowe, in to Italie, and Greek lond, to ilis fer, to hem that herden not of me, and sien not my glorie. And thei schulen telle my glorie to hethene men, 20 and thei schulen brynge alle youre britheren of alle folkis a yifte to the Lord, in horsis, and charis, and in literis, and in mulis, and in cartis, to myn hooli hil, Jerusalem, seith the Lord; as if the sones of Israel bryngen a yifte in a cleene vessel in to the hous of the Lord. 21 And Y schal take of hem in to preestis and dekenes, seith the Lord. 22 For as newe heuenes and newe erthe, whiche Y make to stonde bifore me, seith the Lord, so youre seed schal stonde, and youre name. 23 And a monethe schal be of monethe, and a sabat of sabat; ech man schal come for to worschipe bifore my face, seith the Lord. 24 And thei schulen go out, and schulen se the careyns of men, that trespassiden ayens me; the worm of hem schal not die, and the fier of hem schal not be quenchid; and thei schulen be `til to fillyng of siyt to ech man.

John 5:28-29

28 Nyle ye wondre this, for the our cometh, in which alle men that ben in birielis, schulen here the voice of Goddis sone. 29 And thei that han do goode thingis, schulen go in to ayenrisyng of lijf; but thei that han done yuele thingis, in to ayenrisyng of doom.

John 3:16

16 For God louede so the world, that he yaf his `oon bigetun sone, that ech man that bileueth in him perische not, but haue euerlastynge lijf.

1 Thessalonians 4:16

16 Afterward we that lyuen, that ben left, schulen be rauyschid togidere with hem in cloudis, metinge Crist `in to the eir; and so euere more we schulen be with the Lord.

2 Timothy 3:16

16 For al scripture inspirid of God is profitable to teche, to repreue, to chastice, to lerne in riytwisnes, that the man of God be parfit, lerud to al good werk.

Revelation 3:21

21 And Y schal yyue to hym that schal ouercome, to sitte with me in my trone, as also Y ouercam, and sat with my fadir in his trone.

Matthew 24:22

22 And but tho daies hadden be abreggide, ech flesch schulde not be maad saaf; but tho daies schulen be maad schort, for the chosun men.

Joshua 4:1-7

1 And whanne thei weren passid ouer, the Lord seide to Josue, 2 Chese thou twelue men, 3 by ech lynage o man, and comaunde thou to hem, that thei take fro the myddis of the trow of Jordan, where the `feet of preestis stoden, twelue hardiste stoonys; whiche thou schalt sette in the place of castels, where ye schulen sette tentis in this nyyt. 4 And Josue clepide twelue men, whiche he hadde chose of the sones of Israel, of ech lynage o man; 5 and he seide to hem, Go ye bifore the arke of youre Lord God to the myddis of Jordan, and bere ye fro thennus in youre schuldris ech man o stoon, bi the noumbre of the sones of Israel, 6 that it be a signe bitwixe you. And whanne youre sones schulen axe you to morewe, that is, in tyme `to comynge, and schulen seie, What wolen these stonus `to hem silf? 7 ye schulen answere to hem, The watris of Jordan failiden bifor the arke of boond of pees of the Lord, whanne the arke passide Jordan; therfor these stoonus ben set in to mynde of the sones of Israel, til in to withouten ende.

Acts 2:29

29 Britheren, be it leueful boldli to seie to you of the patriark Dauid, for he is deed and biried, and his sepulcre is among vs in to this dai.

2 Kings 23:17

17 And the kyng seide, What is this biriel, which Y se? And the citeseyns of that citee answeriden to hym, It is the sepulcre of the man of God, that cam fro Juda, and biforseide these wordis, whiche thou hast doon on the auter of Bethel.

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