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Deuteronomy 17:14-15

14 Whanne thou hast entrid in to the lond, which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee, and weldist it, and dwellist therynne, and seist, Y schal ordeyne a kyng on me, as alle naciouns `bi cumpas han; 15 thou schalt ordeyne hym, whom thi Lord God chesith of the noumbre of thi brethren. Thou schalt not mow make king a man of anothir folk, which man is not thi brother.

Matthew 28:18

18 And Jhesus cam nyy, and spak to hem, and seide, Al power in heuene and in erthe is youun to me.

1 Thessalonians 4:11-12

11 and that ye do youre nede, and `ye worche with youre hoondis, as we han comaundid to you; and that ye wandre onestli to hem that ben with outforth, and that of no mannus ye desir ony thing. 12 For, britheren, we wolen not, that ye vnknowe of men that dien, that ye be not soreuful, as othere that han not hope.

Philippians 3:20

20 But oure lyuyng is in heuenes; fro whennus also we abiden the sauyour oure Lord Jhesu Crist,

1 Peter 2:17

17 Onoure ye alle men, loue ye brithirhod, drede ye God, onoure ye the king.

Deuteronomy 15:7-11

7 If oon of thi britheren that dwellen with ynne the yatis of thi citee, in the lond which thi Lord God schal yyue to thee, cometh to pouert, thou schalt not make hard thin herte, nether thou schalt `drawe to gydere the hond, 8 but thou schalt opene it to the pore man, and thou schalt `yyue loone to which thou siest hym haue nede. 9 Be thou war lest perauenture wickid thouyt crepe priueli to thee, and thou seie in thin herte, The seuenthe yeer of remyssioun neiyeth; and thou turne awey the iyen fro thi pore brother, and thou nyle yyue to hym the loone that he axith; lest he crie ayens thee to the Lord, and it be maad to thee in to synne. 10 But thou schalt yyue to hym, and thou schalt `not do ony thing falsly in releuynge `hise nedis, that thi Lord God blesse thee in al tyme, and in alle thingis to whiche thou schalt sette to hond. 11 Pore men schulen not faile in the lond of `thin habitacioun; therfor Y comaunde to thee, that thou opene the hond to thi brother nedi and pore, that lyuen with thee in the lond.

Psalms 33:12

12 Come, ye sones, here ye me; Y schal teche you the drede of the Lord.

Matthew 6:24

24 No man may serue tweyn lordis, for ethir he schal hate `the toon, and loue the tother; ethir he shal susteyne `the toon, and dispise the tothir. Ye moun not serue God and richessis.

Acts 5:29

29 And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men.

Matthew 22:17-21

17 Therfor seie to vs, what it seemeth to thee. Is it leueful that tribute be youun to the emperoure, ether nay? 18 And whanne Jhesus hadde knowe the wickidnesse of hem, he seide, Ypocritis, what tempten ye me? 19 Schewe ye to me the prynte of the money. And thei brouyten to hym a peny. 20 And Jhesus seide to hem, Whos is this ymage, and the writyng aboue? 21 Thei seien to hym, The emperouris. Thanne he seide to hem, Therfor yelde ye to the emperoure tho thingis that ben the emperouris, and to God tho thingis that ben of God.

Titus 3:9

9 And eschewe thou foltische questiouns, and genologies, and stryues, and fiytyngis of the lawe; for tho ben vnprofitable and veyn.

1 Timothy 2:1-2

1 Therfor Y biseche first of alle thingis, that bisechingis, preieris, axyngis, doyngis of thankyngis, ben maad for alle men, 2 for kingis and alle that ben set in hiynesse, that we leden a quyet and a pesible lijf, in al pite and chastite.

Romans 13:1-7

1 Euery soule be suget to heiyere powers. For ther is no power but of God, and tho thingis that ben of God, ben ordeyned. 2 Therfor he that ayenstondith power, ayenstondith the ordynaunce of God; and thei that ayenstonden, geten to hem silf dampnacioun. 3 For princes ben not to the drede of good work, but of yuel. But wilt thou, that thou drede not power? Do thou good thing, and thou schalt haue preisyng of it; 4 for he is the mynystre of God to thee in to good. But if thou doist yuel, drede thou; for not with outen cause he berith the swerd, for he is the mynystre of God, vengere in to wraththe to hym that doith yuel. 5 And therfor bi nede be ye suget, not oneli for wraththe, but also for conscience. 6 For therfor ye yyuen tributis, thei ben the mynystris of God, and seruen for this same thing. 7 Therfor yelde ye to alle men dettis, to whom tribut, tribut, to whom tol, tol, to whom drede, drede, to whom onour, onour.

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