Bible verses about "obedience" | Wycliffe

2 Kings 18:6

6 And he cleuyde to the Lord, and yede not awei fro hise steppis, and he dide the comaundementis of the Lord, whiche the Lord comaundide to Moises;

Isaiah 1:19

19 If ye wolen, and heren me, ye schulen ete the goodis of erthe.

Luke 6:46

46 And what clepen ye me, Lord, Lord, and doon not tho thingis that Y seie.

John 14:31

31 But that the world knowe, that Y loue the fadir; and as the fadir yaf a comaundement to me, so Y do. `Rise ye, go we hennus.

John 8:51

51 Treuli, treuli, Y seie to you, if ony man kepe my word, he schal not taste deth with outen ende.

1 John 3:24

24 And he that kepith hise comaundementis, dwellith in hym, and he in hym. And in this thing we witen, that he dwellith in vs, bi the spirit, whom he yaf to vs.

Exodus 23:22

22 For if thou herest his vois, and doist alle thingis whiche Y speke, Y schal be enemy to thin enemyes, and Y schal turment hem, that turmenten thee;

1 John 5:3

3 For this is the charite of God, that we kepe hise maundementis; and his maundementis ben not heuy.

Acts 5:29

29 And Petre answeride, and the apostlis, and seiden, It bihoueth to obeie to God, more than to men.

1 Peter 1:14

14 as sones of obedience, not made lijk to the formere desiris of youre vnkunnyngnesse,

John 14:15

15 If ye louen me, kepe ye my comaundementis.

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