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Matthew 5:20-48

20 And Y seie to you, that but your riytfulnesse be more plenteuouse than of scribis and of Farisees, ye schulen not entre into the kyngdom of heuenes. 21 Ye han herd that it was seid to elde men, Thou schalt not slee; and he that sleeth, schal be gilti to doom. 22 But Y seie to you, that ech man that is wrooth to his brothir, schal be gilti to doom; and he that seith to his brother, Fy! schal be gilti to the counseil; but he that seith, Fool, schal be gilti to the fier of helle. 23 Therfor if thou offrist thi yifte `at the auter, and ther thou bithenkist, that thi brothir hath sum what ayens thee, 24 leeue there thi yifte bifor the auter, and go first to be recounselid to thi brothir, and thanne thou schalt come, and schalt offre thi yifte. 25 Be thou consentynge to thin aduersarie soone, while thou art in the weie with hym, lest perauenture thin aduersarie take thee to the domesman, and the domesman take thee to the mynystre, and thou be sent in to prisoun. 26 Treuli Y seie to thee, thou shalt not go out fro thennus, til thou yelde the last ferthing. 27 Ye han herd that it was seid to elde men, Thou schalt `do no letcherie. 28 But Y seie to you, that euery man that seeth a womman for to coueite hir, hath now do letcherie bi hir in his herte. 29 That if thi riyt iye sclaundre thee, pulle hym out, and caste fro thee; for it spedith to thee, that oon of thi membris perische, than that al thi bodi go in to helle. 30 And if thi riyt hond sclaundre thee, kitte hym aweye, and caste fro thee; for it spedith to thee that oon of thi membris perische, than that al thi bodi go in to helle. 31 And it hath be seyd, Who euere leeueth his wijf, yyue he to hir a libel of forsakyng. 32 But Y seie to you, that euery man that leeueth his wijf, outtakun cause of fornycacioun, makith hir to do letcherie, and he that weddith the forsakun wijf, doith auowtrye. 33 Eftsoone ye han herd, that it was seid to elde men, Thou schalt not forswere, but thou schalt yelde thin othis to the Lord. 34 But Y seie to you, that ye swere not `for ony thing; nethir bi heuene, for it is the trone of God; 35 nether bi the erthe, for it is the stole of his feet; nether bi Jerusalem, for it is the citee of a greet kyng; nether thou shalt not swere bi thin heed, 36 for thou maist not make oon heere white, ne blacke; 37 but be youre word, Yhe, yhe; Nay, nay; and that that is more than these, is of yuel. 38 Ye han herd that it hath be seid, Iye for iye, and tothe for tothe. 39 But Y seie to you, that ye ayenstonde not an yuel man; but if ony smyte thee in the riyt cheke, schewe to him also the tothir; 40 and to hym that wole stryue with thee in doom, and take awey thi coote, leeue thou `to him also thi mantil; 41 and who euer constreyneth thee a thousynde pacis, go thou with hym othir tweyne. 42 Yyue thou to hym that axith of thee, and turne not awey fro hym that wole borewe of thee. 43 Ye han herd that it was seid, Thou shalt loue thi neiybore, and hate thin enemye. 44 But Y seie to you, loue ye youre enemyes, do ye wel to hem that hatiden you, and preye ye for hem that pursuen, and sclaundren you; 45 that ye be the sones of your fadir that is in heuenes, that makith his sunne to rise vpon goode `and yuele men, and reyneth on iust men and vniuste. 46 For if ye louen hem that louen you, what mede schulen ye han? whether pupplicans doon not this? 47 And if ye greten youre britheren oonli, what schulen ye do more? ne doon not hethene men this? 48 Therfore be ye parfit, as youre heuenli fadir is parfit.

2 John 1:9

9 witynge that ech man that goith bifore, and dwellith not in the teching of Crist, hath not God. He that dwellith in the teching, hath bothe the sone and the fadir.

Luke 6:46

46 And what clepen ye me, Lord, Lord, and doon not tho thingis that Y seie.

John 14:15

15 If ye louen me, kepe ye my comaundementis.

Matthew 23:1-4

1 Thanne Jhesus spac to the puple, and to hise disciplis, 2 and seide, On the chayere of Moises, scribis and Farisees han sete. 3 Therfor kepe ye, and do ye alle thingis, what euer thingis thei seien to you. But nyle ye do aftir her werkis; for thei seien, and don not. 4 And thei bynden greuouse chargis, and that moun not be borun, and putten on schuldris of men; but with her fyngur thei wolen not moue hem.

Matthew 23:23-28

23 Wo to you, scribis and Farisees, ypocritis, that tithen mynte, anete, and cummyn, and han left tho thingis that ben of more charge of the lawe, doom, and merci, and feith. And it bihofte to do these thingis, and not to leeue tho. 24 Blynde lederis, clensinge a gnatte, but swolewynge a camel. 25 Woo to you, scribis and Farisees, ypocritis, that clensen the cuppe and the plater with outforth; but with ynne ye ben ful of raueyne and vnclennesse. 26 Thou blynde Farisee, clense the cuppe and the plater with ynneforth, that that that is with outforth be maad clene. 27 Wo to you, scribis and Farisees, ipocritis, that ben lijk to sepulcris whitid, whiche with outforth semen faire to men; but with ynne thei ben fulle of boonus of deed men, and of al filthe. 28 So ye with outforth semen iust to men; but with ynne ye ben ful of ypocrisy and wickidnesse.

Galatians 2:21

21 Y caste not awey the grace of God; for if riytwisnesse be thoruy lawe, thanne Crist diede with out cause.

Romans 3:28

28 For we demen a man to be iustified bi the feith, with outen werkis of the lawe.

Galatians 3:10-14

10 For alle that ben of the werkis of the lawe, ben vndur curse; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid, that abidith not in alle thingis that ben writun in the book of the lawe, to do tho thingis. 11 And that no man is iustified in the lawe bifor God, it is opyn, for a riytful man lyueth of bileue. 12 But the lawe is not of bileue, but he that doith tho thingis of the lawe, schal lyue in hem. 13 But Crist ayenbouyte us fro the curse of the lawe, and was maad acursid for vs; for it is writun, Ech man is cursid that hangith in the tre; 14 that among the hethene the blessyng of Abraham were maad in `Crist Jhesu, that we vndurfonge the biheeste of spirit thoruy bileue.

John 6:28-29

28 Therfor thei seiden to hym, What schulen we do, that we worche the werkis of God? 29 Jhesus answerde, and seide to hem, This is the werk of God, that ye bileue to hym, whom he sente.

Galatians 2:16

16 knowen that a man is not iustified of the werkis of lawe, but bi the feith of Jhesu Crist; and we bileuen in Jhesu Crist, that we ben iustified of the feith of Crist, and not of the werkis of lawe. Wherfor of the werkis of lawe ech fleisch schal not be iustified.

Ephesians 2:8-9

8 For bi grace ye ben sauyd bi feith, and this not of you; for it is the yifte of God, 9 not of werkis, that no man haue glorie.

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