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Numbers 13:8

8 Of the lynage of Isachar, Igal, the sone of Joseph.

Joshua 8:8

8 And whanne ye han take it, `brenne ye it; `so ye schulen do alle thingis, as Y comaundide.

Joshua 24:1-33

1 And Josue gaderide alle the lynagis of Israel in to Sechem; and he clepide the grettere men in birthe, and the princes, and iugis, and maistris; and thei stoden in the siyt of the Lord. 2 And he spak thus to the puple, The Lord God of Israel seith these thingis, Youre fadris dwelliden at the bigynnyng biyende the flood Eufrates, Thare, the fadir of Abraham, and Nachor, and thei serueden alien goddis. 3 Therfor Y took youre fadir Abraham fro the coostis of Mesopotanye, and Y brouyte hym in to the lond of Canaan; and Y multipliede `the seed of hym, 4 and Y yaf Isaac to hym; and eft Y yaf to Isaac, Jacob, and Esau, of whiche Y yaf to Esau the hil of Seir, to `haue in possessioun; forsothe Jacob and hise sones yeden doun in to Egipt. 5 And Y sente Moises and Aaron, and Y smoot Egipt with many signes and wondris, 6 and Y ledde you and youre fadris out of Egipt. And ye camen to the see, and Egipcians pursueden youre fadris with charis, and multitude of knyytis, `til to the Reed See. 7 Forsothe the sones of Israel crieden to the Lord, and he settide derknessis bitwixe you and Egipcians; and he brouyte the see on hem, and hilide hem. Youre iyen sien alle thingis, whiche Y dide in Egipt. And ye dwelliden in wildirnesse in myche tyme. 8 And Y brouyte you in to the lond of Ammorrei, that dwellide biyende Jordan; and whanne thei fouyten ayens you, Y bitook hem in to youre hondis, and ye hadden in possessioun `the lond of hem, and ye killiden hem. 9 Sotheli Balach, the sone of Sephor, the king of Moab, roos, and fauyt ayens Israel; and he sente, and clepide Balaam, the sone of Beor, that he schulde curse you. 10 And Y nolde here hym, but ayenward bi hym Y blesside you, and delyuerede you fro hise hondis. 11 And ye passiden Jordan, and camen to Jerico; and men of that citee fouyten ayens you, Ammorrei, and Feresei, and Cananei, Ethei, and Gergesei, and Euei, and Jebusei; and Y bitook hem in to youre hondis. 12 And Y sente flies with venemouse tongis bifor you, and Y castide hem out of her places; Y kyllide twei kyngis of Ammorreis, not in thi swerd and bowe. 13 And Y yaf to you the lond in which ye traueiliden not, and citees whiche ye bildiden not, that ye schulden dwelle in tho, and vyneris, and places of olyue trees, whiche ye plauntiden not. 14 Now therfor drede ye the Lord, and serue ye hym with perfite herte and moost trewe; and do ye awei the goddis, to whiche youre fadris seruyden in Mesopotanye, and in Egipt; and serue ye the Lord. 15 But if it semeth yuel to you, `that ye serue the Lord, chesyng is youun to you; chese ye to you to dai that, that plesith, whom ye owen most to serue; whether to goddis, whiche youre fadris serueden in Mesopotanye, whether to the goddis of Ammorreis, in whose lond ye dwellen; forsothe Y, and myn hows schulen serue the Lord. 16 And al the puple answeride and seide, Fer be it fro vs that we forsake the Lord, and serue alien goddis. 17 `Oure Lord God hym silf ledde vs and oure fadris out of the lond of Egipt, fro the hows of seruage, and dide grete signes in oure siyt; and he kepte vs in al the weie, bi which we yeden, and in alle puplis, bi whiche we passiden; and he castide out alle folkis, 18 Ammorrei, the dwellere of the lond, in to which we entriden. Therfor we schulen serue the Lord, for he is `oure Lord God. 19 And Josue seide to the puple, Ye moun not serue the Lord; for God is hooli, and a strong feruent louyere, and he foryyueth not youre trespassis and synnes. 20 If ye forsaken the Lord, and seruen alien goddis, the Lord schal turne `hym silf, and schal turment you, and schal distrie, after that he hath youe goodis to you. 21 And the puple seide to Josue, It schal not be so, as thou spekist, but we schulen serue the Lord. 22 And Josue seide to the puple, Ye ben witnessis, that ye han chose the Lord to you, that ye serue him. And thei answeriden, We ben witnessis. 23 Therfor, he seide, Now do ye awei alien goddis fro the myddis of you, and bowe ye youre hertis to the Lord God of Israel. 24 And the puple seide to Josue, We schulen serue `oure Lord God, and we schulen be obedient to hise heestis. 25 Therfor Josue smoot a boond of pees in that dai, and settide forth to the puple comaundementis and domes in Sichen. 26 And he wroot alle these wordis in the book of Goddis lawe. And he took a greet stoon, and puttide it vndur an ook, that was in the seyntuarie of the Lord. 27 And he seide to al the puple, Lo! this stoon schal be to you in to witnessing, that ye herden alle the wordis of the Lord, whiche he spak to you, lest perauenture ye wolden denye aftirward, and lye to youre Lord God. 28 And he lefte the puple, ech man in to his possessioun. 29 And after these thingis Josue, the sone of Nun, the `seruaunt of the Lord, diede, an hundride yeer eld and ten. 30 And thei birieden hym in the costis of his possessioun, in Thannath of Sare, which is set in the hil of Effraym, fro the north part of the hil Gaas. 31 And Israel seruede the Lord in alle the daies of Josue, and of the eldre men, that lyueden in long tyme aftir Josue, and whiche eldre men knewen alle the werkis of the Lord, whiche he hadde do in Israel. 32 Also `the sones of Israel birieden the boonys of Joseph, whiche thei baren fro Egipt in Sichen, in the part of the feeld, which feeld Jacob bouyte of the sones of Emor, fadir of Sichen, for an hundrid yonge scheep; and it was in to possessioun of the sones of Joseph. 33 Also Eliazar, sone of Aaron, preest, diede; and Fynees and hise sones biryden hym in Gabaa, which was youun to hym in the hil of Efraym.

Joshua 5:1-15

1 Therfor aftir that alle kyngis of Ammorreys herden, that dwelliden ouer Jordan at the west coost, and alle the kyngis of Canaan, that weldiden nyy places of the greet see, that the Lord hadden dried the flowyngis of Jordan bifor the sones of Israel, til thei passiden, the herte of hem was failid, and spirit dwellide not in hem, dredynge the entring of the sones of Israel. 2 In that tyme the Lord seide to Josue, Make to thee knyues of stoon, and circumside thou the sones of Israel, in the secunde tyme. 3 Josue dide tho thingis whiche the Lord comaundide, and he circumside the sones of Israel in the `hil of prepucies. 4 Sotheli this is the cause of the secunde circumcisioun; al the puple of male kynde, that yede out of Egipt, alle men fiyteris, weren deed in deseert bi the lengeste cumpassis of weie, 5 whiche alle weren circumsidid. Sotheli the puple 6 that was borun in deseert bi fourti yeer, in the weie of broddeste wildirnesse, was vncircumsidid til thei weren waastid, that herden not the `vois of the Lord, and to whiche he swoor bifore, that he schulde schewe to hem the lond flowynge with mylk and hony. 7 The sones of hem camen aftirward in to the place of fadris, and thei weren circumsidid of Josue; whiche, as thei weren borun, weren in prepucie, nether ony man hadde circumsidid hem in the weie. 8 Forsothe aftir that alle weren circumsidid, thei dwelliden in the same place of tentis, til thei weren heelid. 9 And the Lord seide to Josue, To dai Y haue take awei fro you the schenschip of Egipt. And the name of that place was clepid Galgala, `til in to present dai. 10 And the sones of Israel dwelliden in Galgalis, and maden pask in the fourtenthe dai of the monethe at euentide, in the feeldi places of Jerico; 11 and `thei eten of the fruytis of the lond `in the tothir day, therf looues, and potage of the same yeer, `ether cornys seengid and frotid in the hond. 12 And manna failide aftir that thei eten of the fruytis of the lond; and the sones of Israel vsiden no more that mete, but thei eten of the fruytis of present yeer of the lond of Canaan. 13 Sothely whanne Josue was in the feeld of the cite of Jerico, he reiside the iyen, and siy a man stondynge ayens hym, and holdynge a drawun swerd; and Josue yede out to hym, and seide, Art thou oure, ethir `of aduersaries? 14 To whom he answeride, Nay, but Y am prince of the `hoost of the Lord, and now Y come. 15 Josue felde lowe to erthe, and worschipide, and seide, What spekith my Lord to his seruaunt?

Joshua 10:1-43

1 And whanne Adonysedech, kyng of Jerusalem, hadde herde these thingis, that is, that Josue hadde take Hai, and hadde destried it; for as Josue hadde do to Jerico and to the kyng therof, so he dide to Hay, and to the kyng therof; and that Gabaonytis hadden fled to Israel, and weren boundun in pees with hem, 2 Adonysedech dredde greetli; for Gabaon was a greet citee, and oon of the kyngis citees, and grettere than the citee of Hai, and alle the fiyteris therof weren most stronge. 3 Therfor Adonysedech, kyng of Jerusalem, sente to Ocham, kyng of Ebron, and to Pharam, kyng of Herymoth, and to Japhie, kyng of Lachis, and to Dabir, kyng of Eglon, and seide, 4 Stie ye to me, and helpe ye, that we fiyte ayens Gabaon, for it was yoldun to Josue, and to the sones of Israel. 5 Therfor fyue kyngis of Ammorreis, the kyng of Jerusalem, the kyng of Ebron, the kyng of Herymoth, the kyng of Lachis, the kyng of Eglon, weren gaderid, and stieden togidere with her oostis; and settiden tentis ayens Gabaon, and fouyten ayens it. 6 Sotheli the dwelleris of the citee of Gabaon, `that weren bisegid, senten to Josue, that dwellide than in tentis at Galgala, and seide to hym, Withdrawe not thin hondis fro the help of thi seruauntis; `stie thou soone, and delyuere vs, and helpe thou; for alle the kyngis of Amorreis, that dwelliden in the hilli places, camen togidere ayens vs. 7 And Josue stiede fro Galgala, and al the oost of fiyters, `the strengeste men, `with hym. 8 And the Lord seide to Josue, Drede thou not hem, for Y yaf hem in to thin hondis; noon of hem schal mow ayenstonde thee. 9 Therfor Josue felde sodenli on hem, and stiede in al the nyyt fro Galgala; 10 and the Lord `disturblide hem fro the face of Israel, and al to-brak with greet veniaunce in Gabaon. And Josue pursuede hem bi the weie of the stiyng of Betheron, and smoot `til to Azecha and Maceda. 11 And whanne thei fledden the sones of Israel, and weren in the goyng doun of Betheron, the Lord sente grete stoonus on hem fro heuene, til to Azecha; and many mo weren deed bi the `stoonys of hail, than thei whiche the sones of Israel `smytiden bi swerd. 12 Thanne Josue spak to the Lord, in the dai in which he bitook Amorrey in the siyt of the sones of Israel; and Josue seide bifore hem, Sunne, be thou not mouyd ayens Gabaon, and the moone ayens the valei of Hailon. 13 And the sunne and the moone stoden, til the folc of God vengide it silf of hise enemyes. Whether this is not writun in the book of iust men? And so the sunne stood in the myddis of heuene, and hastide not to go doun in the space of o dai; so long a dai was not bifore and aftirward; 14 for the Lord obeiede to the vois of man, and fauyt for Israel. 15 And Josue turnede ayen, with al Israel, in to the tentis of Galgala. 16 Forsothe fyue kyngis fledden, and hidden hem silf in the denne of the citee of Maceda. 17 And it was teld to Josue, that fyue kyngis weren foundun hid in the denne of the citee of Maceda. 18 Which Josue comaundide to felowis, and seide, Walewe ye grete stoonus to the `mouth of the denne, and putte ye witti men, that schulen kepe the closid kyngis; sotheli nyle ye stonde, 19 but pursue ye the enemyes, and slee ye alle the laste of fleeris; and suffre ye not hem entre in to the strengthis of her citees, whiche enemyes youre Lord God bitook in to youre hondis. 20 Therfor whanne the aduersaries weren betun with greet veniaunce, and weren almost wastid `til to deeth, thei that myyten fle Israel, entriden in to the strengthid citees. 21 And al the oost turnede ayen hoole, and in hoole noumbre to Josue, in to Maceda, where the tentis weren thanne; and no man was hardi to grutche, `ether to make priuy noise, ayens the sones of Israel. 22 And Josue comaundide, and seide, Opene ye the `mouth of the denne, and brynge forth to me the fyue kyngis that ben hid therynne. 23 And the mynystris diden, as it was comaundid to hem; and thei brouyten forth to Josue fyue kyngis fro the denne; the kyng of Jerusalem, the kyng of Ebron, the kyng of Herymoth, the kyng of Lachis, the kyng of Eglon. 24 And whanne thei weren led out to Josue, he clepide alle the men of Israel, and seide to the princes of the oost, that weren with hym, Go ye, and sette youre feet on the neckis of these kyngis. And whanne thei hadden go, and trediden the neckis of `the kyngis suget `to her feet, 25 eft Josue seide to hem, Nyle ye drede, nethir `drede ye with ynne, be ye coumfortid, and be ye stronge; for the Lord schal do so to alle youre enemyes, ayens whiche ye schulen fiyte. 26 And Josue smoot, and killide hem, and hangide on fyue trees; and thei weren hangid `til to euentid. 27 And whanne the sunne yede doun, he comaundide to felowis, that thei schulden put hem doun fro the iebatis; and whanne thei weren put doun, thei `castiden forth hem in to the denne, in which thei weren hid; and thei puttiden grete stoonus on the mouth therof, whiche stoonus dwellen `til to present tyme. 28 In the same dai Josue took also Maceda, and smoot bi the scharpnesse of swerd, and killide the kyng therof, and alle the dwelleris therof; he lefte not therynne, nameli, litle relikis; and he dide to the kyng of Maceda as he hadde do to the kyng of Jerico. 29 Forsothe Josue passide with al Israel fro Maceda in to Lempna, and fauyt ayens it, 30 which the Lord bitook, with the kyng therof, in the hond of Israel; and thei smytiden the citee bi the scharpnesse of swerd, and alle the dwelleris therof, and leften not ony relikis therynne; and thei diden to the kyng of Lempna as thei hadden do to the kyng of Jerico. 31 Fro Lempna he passide with al Israel in to Lachis; and whanne the oost was disposid bi cumpas, he fauyt ayens it. 32 And the Lord bitook Lachis in the hond of the sones of Israel; and he took it in the tothir dai, and smoot bi the scharpnesse of swerd, and ech man, that was therynne, as he hadde do to Lempna. 33 In that time Yram, kyng of Gazar, stiede to helpe Lachis; whom Josue smoot, with al his puple, til to deeth. 34 And he passide fro Lachis in to Eglon, 35 and cumpasside, and ouercam it in the same dai; and he smoot bi the scharpnesse of swerd alle men that weren therynne, bi alle thingis whiche he hadde do to Lachis. 36 Also he stiede with al Israel fro Eglon in to Ebron, and fauyt ayens it, 37 and took, and smoot bi the scharpnesse of swerd; and the kyng therof, and alle citees of that cuntrey, and alle men that dwelliden therynne; he lefte not ony relikis therynne; as he hadde do to Eglon so he dide also to Ebron, and wastide bi swerd alle thingis that weren therynne. 38 Fro thennus he turnyde in to Dabir, and took it, and wastide; 39 and he smoot bi the scharpnesse of swerd the kyng therof, and alle tounnes `bi cumpas; he lefte not ony relikis therynne; as he hadde do to Ebron, and to Lempna, and to `the kyngis of tho, so he dide to Dabir, and to the kyng therof. 40 And so Josue smoot al the `lond of the hillis, and of the south, and `of the feeld, and Asedoch with her kyngis; he lefte not therynne ony relikis, but he killide al thing that myyte brethe, as the Lord God of Israel comaundide to hym; 41 fro Cades Barne `til to Gazan, and al the lond of Jesson, `til to Gabaon Josue took, 42 and wastide with o fersnesse alle the kyngis, and `cuntreis of hem; for the Lord God of Israel fauyt for hym. 43 And he turnede ayen with al Israel to the place of tentis in Galgala.

Joshua 24:15

15 But if it semeth yuel to you, `that ye serue the Lord, chesyng is youun to you; chese ye to you to dai that, that plesith, whom ye owen most to serue; whether to goddis, whiche youre fadris serueden in Mesopotanye, whether to the goddis of Ammorreis, in whose lond ye dwellen; forsothe Y, and myn hows schulen serue the Lord.

Joshua 3:1-17

1 Therfor Josue roos bi nyyt, and mouede tentis; and thei yeden out of Sechym, and camen to Jordan, he and alle the sones of Israel, and dwelliden there thre daies. 2 And whanne tho daies weren passid, crieris yeden thorouy the myddis of tentis, 3 and bigunnen to crie, Whanne ye seen the arke of boond of pees of youre Lord God, and the preestis of the generacioun of Leuy berynge it, also rise ye, and sue the biforgoeris; 4 and a space of twey thousynde cubitis be bitwixe you and the arke, that ye moun se fer, and knowe bi what weie ye schulen entre, for ye `yeden not bifore bi it; and be ye war, that ye neiye not to the arke. 5 And Josue seide to the puple, Be ye halewid, for to morew the Lord schal make merueilis among you. 6 And Josue seide to the preestis, Take ye the arke of the boond of pees `of the Lord, and go ye bifor the puple. Whiche filliden the heestis, and tooken the arke, and yeden bifor hem. 7 And the Lord seide to Josue, To dai Y schal bigynne to enhaunse thee bifor al Israel, that thei wite, that as Y was with Moises, so Y am also with thee. 8 Forsothe comaunde thou to preestis, that beren the arke of bond of pees, and seie thou to hem, Whanne ye han entrid in to a part of the watir of Jordan, stonde ye therynne. 9 And Josue seide to the sones of Israel, Neiye ye hidur, and here ye the word of youre Lord God. 10 And eft he seide, In this ye schulen wite that the Lord God lyuynge is in the myddis of you; and he schal distrye in youre siyt Cananey, Ethei, Euey, and Feresei, and Gergesei, and Jebusei, and Amorrei. 11 Lo! the arke of boond of pees of the Lord of al erthe schal go bifor you thorouy Jordan. 12 Make ye redi twelue men of the twelue lynagis of Israel, bi ech lynage o man. 13 And whanne the preestis, that beren the arke of boond of pees of the Lord God of al erthe, han set the steppis of her feet in the watris of Jordan, the watris that ben lowere schulen renne doun, and schulen faile; forsothe the watris that comen fro aboue schulen stonde togidere in o gobet. 14 Therfor the puple yede out of her tabernaclis to passe Jordan; and the preestis that baren the arke of boond of pees yeden bifor the puple. 15 And whanne the preestis entriden in to Jordan, and her feet weren dippid in the part of watir; forsothe Jordan `hadde fillid the brynkis of his trow in the tyme of `ripe corn; 16 the watris yeden doun, and stoden in o place, and wexiden grete at the licnesse of an hil, and apperiden fer fro the citee that was clepid Edom, `til to the place of Sarthan; sotheli the watris that weren lowere yeden doun in to the see of wildirnesse, which is now clepid the deed see, `til the watris failiden outirli. 17 Forsothe the puple yede thorouy Jordan; and the preestis, that baren the arke of the boond of pees of the Lord, stoden gird on the drie erthe in the myddis of Jordan, and al the puple passide thorouy the drie trow.

Joshua 1:9

9 Lo! Y comaunde to thee; be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong; nyle thou drede `withoutforth, and nyle thou drede withynne; for thi Lord God is with thee in alle thingis, to whiche thou goost.

Psalms 1:1-6

1 Blessid is the man, that yede not in the councel of wickid men; and stood not in the weie of synneris, and sat not in the chaier of pestilence. 2 But his wille is in the lawe of the Lord; and he schal bithenke in the lawe of hym dai and nyyt. 3 And he schal be as a tree, which is plauntid bisidis the rennyngis of watris; which tre schal yyue his fruyt in his tyme. And his leef schal not falle doun; and alle thingis which euere he schal do schulen haue prosperite. 4 Not so wickid men, not so; but thei ben as dust, which the wynd castith awei fro the face of erthe. 5 Therfor wickid men risen not ayen in doom; nethir synneres in the councel of iust men. 6 For the Lord knowith the weie of iust men; and the weie of wickid men schal perische.

1 John 4:18

18 Drede is not in charite, but perfit charite puttith out drede; for drede hath peyne. But he that dredith, is not perfit in charite.

Numbers 14:6-10

6 And sotheli Josue, the sone of Nun, and Caleph, the sone of Jephone, whiche also cumpassiden the lond, to renten her clothis, 7 and spaken to al the multitude of the sones of Israel, The lond which we cumpassiden is ful good; 8 if the Lord is merciful to vs, he schal lede vs in to it, and schal yyue `to vs the lond flowynge with mylk and hony. 9 Nyle ye be rebel ayens the Lord, nether drede ye the puple of this lond, for we moun deuoure hem so as breed; al her help passide awei fro hem, the Lord is with vs, nyle ye drede. 10 And whanne al the multitude criede, and wolde oppresse hem with stonys, the glorie of the Lord apperide on the roof of the boond of pees, while alle the sones of Israel sien.

Joshua 18:1-28

1 And alle the sones of Israel weren gaderid in Silo, and there thei `settiden faste the tabernacle of witnessing; and the lond was suget to hem. 2 Sotheli seuene linagis of the sones of Israel dwelliden, that hadden not yit takun her possessiouns. 3 To whiche Josue seide, Hou longe faden ye `bi cowardise, `ethir slouthe, and entren not to welde the lond, which the Lord God of youre fadris yaf to you? 4 Chese ye of ech lynage thre men, that Y sende hem, and thei go, and cumpasse the lond; and that thei discryue `the lond bi the noumbre of ech multitude, and brynge to me that, that ye han discriued. 5 Departe ye the lond to you in to seuene partis; Judas be in hise termes at the south coost, and `the hows of Joseph at the north; 6 discryue ye `the myddil lond bitwixe hem in to seuene partis; and thanne ye schulen come to me, that Y sende lot to you here bifor youre Lord God; 7 for the part of Leuytis is not among you, but the preesthod of the Lord, this is the eritage `of hem. Forsothe Gad, and Ruben, and the half lynage of Manasses hadden take now her possessiouns ouer Jordan, at the eest coost, whiche possessiouns Moises, the `seruaunt of the Lord, yaf to hem. 8 And whanne the men hadden rise to go, to discryue the lond, Josue comaundide to hem, and seide, Cumpasse ye the lond, and discryue it, and turne ayen to me, that Y sende lot to you here in Silo, bifore youre Lord God. 9 And so thei yeden, and cumpassiden that lond, and departiden `in to seuene partis, writynge in a book; and thei turneden ayen to Josue, in to the castels in Silo. 10 Which Josue sente lottis bifor the Lord God in Silo, and departide the lond to the sones of Israel, in to seuene partis. 11 And the firste lot of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her meynees, stiede, that thei schulden welde the lond bitwixe the sones of Juda and the sones of Joseph. 12 And the terme of hem was ayens the north fro Jordan, and passide bi the side of Jerico of the north coost; and it stiede fro thennus ayens the west to the hilli places, and it cam to the wildirnesse of Bethauen; 13 and it passide bisidis Luza to the south; thilke is Bethel; and it goith doun in to Astoroth Adar, in to the hil which is at the south of lowere Betheron; and is bowid, 14 and cumpassith ayens the see, at the south of the hil that biholdith Betheron ayens the north; and the outgoyngis therof ben in to Cariathbaal, which is clepid also Cariathiarym, the citee of the sones of Juda; this is the greet coost ayens the see, at the west. 15 Sotheli fro the south, bi the part of Cariathiarym, the terme goith out ayens the see, and cometh til to the wel of watris of Nepthoa; 16 and it goith doun in to the part of the hil that biholdith the valei of the sones of Ennon, and is ayens the north coost, in the laste part of the valey of Raphaym; and Jehennon, that is, the valei of Ennon, goith doun bi the side of Jebusei, at the south, and cometh to the welle of Rogel, 17 and passith to the north, and goith out to Emsemes, that is, the welle of the sunne, 18 and passith to the litle hillis that ben ayens the stiyng of Adomyn; and it goith doun to Taben Boen, that is, the stoon of Boen, sone of Ruben, and passide bi the side of the north to the feeldi places; and it goith doun in to the pleyn, 19 and passith forth ayens the north to Bethagala; and the outgoyngis therof ben ayens the arm of the salteste see, fro the north, in the ende of Jordan at the south coost, 20 which is the terme therof fro the eest. This is the possessioun of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her termes in cumpas, and bi her meynees; 21 and the citees therof weren Jerico, and Bethagla, and the valei of Casis, 22 Betharacha, and Samaraym, 23 and Bethel, and Anym, and Affara, 24 and Offira, the toun of Hesmona, and Offym, and Gabee, twelue citees, and `the townes of tho; 25 Gabaon, and Rama, 26 and Beroth, and Mesphe, and Caphera, and Ammosa, 27 and Recem, Jarephel, and Tharela, 28 and Sela, Heleph, and Jebus, which is Jerusalem, Gabaath, and Cariath, fouretene citees and `the townes of tho; this is the possessioun of the sones of Beniamyn, bi her meynees.

Joshua 1:1-18

1 And it was doon aftir the deeth of Moyses, seruaunt of the Lord, that the Lord spak to Josue, sone of Nun, the mynystre of Moyses, and seide to hym, Moises, my seruaunt, is deed; 2 rise thou, and passe this Jordan, thou, and al the puple with thee, in to the lond which Y schal yyue to the sones of Israel. 3 Y schal yyue to you ech place which the step of youre foot schal trede, as Y spak to Moyses, 4 fro the deseert and Liban til to the greet flood Eufrates; al the lond of Etheis, `til to the greet see ayens the goyng doun of the sunne, schal be youre terme. 5 Noon schal mow ayenstonde you in alle the daies of thi lijf; as Y was with Moises, so Y schal be with thee; Y schal not leeue, nether Y schal forsake thee. 6 Be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong; for thou schalt departe bi lot to this puple the lond, for which Y swoor to thi fadris, that Y schulde yyue it to hem. 7 Therfor be thou coumfortid, and be thou ful strong, that thou kepe and do al the lawe, which Moyses, my seruaunt, comaundide to thee; bowe thou not fro it to the riyt side, ether to the left side, that thou vndirstonde alle thingis whiche thou doist. 8 The book of this lawe departe not fro thi mouth, but thou schalt thenke therynne in daies and nyytis, that thou kepe and do alle thingis that ben writun therynne; thanne thou schalt dresse thi weie, and schalt vndirstonde it. 9 Lo! Y comaunde to thee; be thou coumfortid, and be thou strong; nyle thou drede `withoutforth, and nyle thou drede withynne; for thi Lord God is with thee in alle thingis, to whiche thou goost. 10 And Josue comaundide to the princis of the puple, and seide, Passe ye thoruy the myddis of the castels; and comaunde `ye to the puple, and seie ye, Make ye redi metis to you, 11 for after the thridde dai ye schulen passe Jordan, and ye schulen entre to welde the lond, which youre Lord God schal yyue to you. 12 Also he seide to men of Ruben, and `to men of Gad, and to the half lynage of Manasses, Haue ye mynde of the word which Moises, 13 the `seruaunt of the Lord, comaundide to you, and seide, Youre Lord God hath youe to you reste and al the lond; 14 youre wyues and youre sones and beestis schulen dwelle in the lond which Moises yaf to you biyende Jordan; but passe ye armed, `alle strong in hond, bifor youre britheren; and fiyte ye for hem, 15 til the Lord yyue reste to youre britheren, as `he yaf also to you, and `til also thei welden the lond which youre Lord God schal yyue to hem; and so turne ye ayen in to the lond of youre possessioun, and ye schulen dwelle in that lond which Moises, `seruaunt of the Lord, yaf to you ouer Jordan, ayens the `rysyng of the sunne. 16 And thei answeriden to Josue, and seiden, We schulen do alle thingis whiche thou comaundidist to vs, and we schulen go, whidir euer thou sendist vs; 17 as we obeieden in alle thingis to Moises, so we schulen obeie also to thee; oneli thi Lord God be with thee, as he was with Moyses. 18 Die he that ayenseith thi mouth, and obeieth not to alle thi wordis, whiche thou comaundist to hym; oneli be thou coumfortid, and do thou manli.

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