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Genesis 2:13

13 and the name to the secounde ryuer is Gyon, thilke it is that cumpassith al the loond of Ethiopie;

Numbers 12:1

1 And Marie spak and Aaron ayens Moises, for his wijf a womman of Ethiope,

2 Chronicles 12:3

3 and he stiede with a thousynde and two hundrid charys, and with sixti thousynde of horse men, and no noumbre was of the comyn puple, that cam with hym fro Egipt, that is, Libiens, and Trogoditis, and Ethiopiens.

2 Chronicles 16:8

8 Whether `Ethiopiens and Libiens weren not many mo in charis, and knyytis, and ful greet multitude; whiche whanne thou haddist bileuyd to the Lord, he bitook in to thin hondis?

Esther 1:1

1 In the daies of kyng Assuerus, that regnede fro Ynde `til to Ethiopie, on an hundrid and seuene and twenti prouynces, whanne he sat in the seete of his rewme,

Isaiah 18:1-6

1 Wo to the lond, the cymbal of wyngis, which is biyende the flood of Ethiopie; that sendith messangeris bi the see, 2 and in vessels of papirus on watris. Go, ye messangeris, to the folk drawun up and to-rent; to a ferdful puple, aftir which is noon other; to the folk abidynge and defoulid, whos lond the flodis han rauyschid; to the hil of the name of the Lord of oostis, to the hil of Sion. 3 Alle ye dwelleris of the world, that dwellen in the lond, schulen se whanne a signe schal be reisid in the hillis, and ye schulen here the cry of a trumpe. 4 For whi the Lord seith these thingis to me, Y schal reste, and Y schal biholde in my place, as the myddai liyt is cleer, and as a cloude of dew in the dai of heruest. 5 For whi al flouride out bifore heruest, aud vnripe perfeccioun buriownede; and the litle braunchis therof schulen be kit doun with sithis, and tho that ben left, schulen be kit awei. Thei schulen be schakun out, 6 and schulen be left togidere to the briddis of hillis, and to the beestis of erthe; and briddis schulen be on hym by a somer euerlastinge, and alle the beestis of erthe schulen dwelle bi wyntir on hym.

Isaiah 20:2-6

2 in that tyme the Lord spak in the hond of Isaye, the sone of Amos, and seide, Go thou, and vnbynde the sak fro thi leendis, and take awei thi schoon fro thi feet. And he dide so, goynge nakid and vnschood. 3 And the Lord seide, As my seruaunt Ysaie yede nakid and vnschood, a signe and greet wondur of thre yeer schal be on Egipt, and on Ethiopie; 4 so the kyng of Assiriens schal dryue the caitifte of Egipt, and the passyng ouer of Ethiopie, a yong man and an eld man, nakid and vnschood, with the buttokis vnhilid, to the schenschipe of Egipt. 5 And thei schulen drede, and schulen be schent of Ethiopie, her hope, and of Egipt, her glorie. 6 And a dwellere of this ile schal seie in that dai, This was our hope, to which we fledden for help, that thei schulden delyuere vs fro the face of the kyng of Assiryens; and hou moun we ascape?

Daniel 11:43

43 And he schal be lord of tresouris of gold, and of siluer, and in alle preciouse thingis of Egipt; also he schal passe bi Libie and Ethiopie.

2 Chronicles 14:9-15

9 Forsothe Zara of Ethiop yede out ayens hem with his oost ten `sithis an hundrid thousynde, and with thre hundrid charis, and cam `til to Masera. 10 Certis Aza yede ayens hem, and araiede scheltrun to batel in the valei Sephata, which is bisidis Masera. And he inwardli clepide the Lord God, 11 and seide, Lord, no dyuersitee is anentis thee, whether thou helpe in fewe, ethir in manye; oure Lord God, helpe thou vs, for we han trist in thee and in thi name, and camen ayens this multitude; Lord, thou art oure God, a man haue not the maistrye ayens thee. 12 Therfor the Lord made aferd Ethiopens bifor Asa and Juda, and Ethiopens fledden; and Asa and his puple, 13 that was with hym, pursuede hem `til to Gerare. And Ethiopens felden doun `til to deeth, for thei weren al to-brokun bi the Lord sleynge, and bi his oost fiytynge. Therfor thei token many spuylis, 14 and smitiden alle the citees `bi the cumpas of Gerare; for greet drede hadde assailid alle men. And thei rifliden cytees, and baren a weye myche prey; 15 but also thei destrieden the fooldis of scheep, and token multitude without noumbre of scheep and of camels, and turneden ayen in to Jerusalem.

Isaiah 43:3

3 For Y am thi Lord God, the hooli of Israel, thi sauyour. I yaf thi merci Egipt; Ethiopie and Saba for thee.

Psalms 68:31

31 I schal herye the name of God with song; and Y schal magnefye hym in heriyng.

Amos 9:7

7 Whether not as sones of Ethiopiens ye ben to me, the sones of Israel? seith the Lord God. Whether Y made not Israel for to stie vp fro the lond of Egipt, and Palestines fro Capodosie, and Siriens fro Cirenen?

Acts 8:27

27 And he roos, and wente forth. And lo! a man of Ethiopie, a myyti man seruaunt, a yelding of Candace, the queen of Ethiopiens, which was on alle her richessis, cam to worschipe in Jerusalem.

Jeremiah 13:23

23 If a man of Ethiopie mai chaunge his skyn, ether a pard mai chaunge hise dyuersitees, and ye moun do wel, whanne ye han lerned yuel.

Acts 8:27-39

27 And he roos, and wente forth. And lo! a man of Ethiopie, a myyti man seruaunt, a yelding of Candace, the queen of Ethiopiens, which was on alle her richessis, cam to worschipe in Jerusalem. 28 And he turnede ayen, sittinge on his chare, and redinge Isaie, the profete. 29 And the spirit seide to Filip, Neiye thou, and ioyne thee to this chare. 30 And Filip `ran to, and herde hym redynge Ysaie, the prophete. And he seide, Gessist thou, whether thou vndirstondist, what thingis thou redist? 31 And he seide, How may Y, if no man schewe to me? And he preiede Filip, that he schulde come vp, and sitte with hym. 32 And the place of the scripture that he redde, was this, As a scheep he was led to sleyng, and as a lomb bifor a man that scherith him is doumb with out vois, so he openyde not his mouth. 33 In mekenesse his dom was takun vp; who schal telle out the generacioun of hym? For his lijf schal be takun awei fro the erthe. 34 And the gelding answeride to Filip, and seide, Y biseche thee, of `what profete seith he this thing? of him silf, ethir of ony othere? 35 And Filip openyde his mouth, and bigan at this scripture, and prechide to him Jhesu. 36 And the while thei wenten bi the weie, thei camen to a water. And the gelding seide, Lo! watir; who forbedith me to be baptisid? 37 And Filip seide, If thou bileuest of al the herte, it is leueful. And he answeride, and seide, Y bileue that Jhesu Crist is the sone of God. 38 And he comaundide the chare to stonde stille. And thei wenten doun bothe into the watir, Filip and the gelding, and Filip baptiside hym. 39 And whanne thei weren come vp of the watir, the spirit of the Lord rauyschide Filip, and the gelding say hym no more.

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