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1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Whether ye witen not, that youre membris ben the temple of the Hooli Goost, that is in you, whom ye han of God, and ye ben not youre owne? 20 For ye ben bouyt with greet prijs. Glorifie ye, and bere ye God in youre bodi.

Hebrews 13:8

8 Jhesu Crist, yistirdai, and to dai, he is also into worldis.

1 John 3:2

2 Moost dere britheren, now we ben the sones of God, and yit it apperide not, what we schulen be. We witen, that whanne he schal appere, we schulen be lijk hym, for we schulen se hym as he is.

2 Corinthians 10:1-18

1 And Y my silf Poul biseche you, bi the myldenesse and softnesse of Crist, which in the face am meke among you, and Y absent triste in you. 2 For Y preie you, that lest Y present be not bold bi the trist, in which Y am gessid to be bold in to summe, that demen vs, as if we wandren aftir the fleisch. 3 For we walkynge in fleisch, fiyten not aftir the fleisch. 4 For the armuris of oure knyythod ben not fleischli, but myyti bi God to the distruccioun of strengthis. And we distrien counsels, 5 and alle hiynesse that hiyeth it silf ayens the science of God, and dryuen `in to caitifte al vndirstonding in to the seruyce of Crist. 6 And we han redi to venge al vnobedience, whanne youre obedience schal be fillid. 7 Se ye the thingis that ben after the face. If ony man trustith to him silf, that he is of Crist, thenke he this thing eft anentis hym silf, 8 for as he is Cristis, so also we. For if Y schal glorie ony thing more of oure power, which the Lord yaf to vs in to edifiyng, and not in to youre distruccioun, Y schal not be schamed. 9 But that Y be not gessid as to fere you bi epistlis, 10 for thei seien, That epistlis ben greuouse and stronge, but the presence of the bodi is feble, and the word worthi to be dispisid. 11 He that is suche oon, thenke this, for suche as we absent ben in word bi pistlis, suche we ben present in dede. 12 For we doren not putte vs among, or comparisoune vs to summen, that comenden hem silf; but we mesuren vs in vs silf, and comparisounen vs silf to vs. 13 For we schulen not haue glorie ouer mesure, but bi the mesure of the reule which God mesuride to vs, the mesure that stretchith to you. 14 For we ouerstretchen not forth vs, as not stretchinge to you. For to you we camen in the gospel of Crist, 15 not gloriynge ouer mesure in othere mennus trauelis. For we `han hope of youre feith that wexith in you to be magnefied bi oure reule in abundaunce, 16 also to preche in to tho thingis that ben biyendis you, not to haue glorie in othere mennus reule, in these thingis that ben maad redi. 17 He that glorieth, haue glorie in the Lord. 18 For not he that comendith hym silf is preuyd, but whom God comendith.

Jude 1:6

6 And he reseruede vndur derknesse aungels, that kepten not her prinshod, but forsoken her hous, in to the dom of the greet God, in to euerlastynge bondis.

1 John 1:9

9 If we knowlechen oure synnes, he is feithful and iust, that he foryyue to vs oure synnes, and clense vs from al wickidnesse.

Psalms 2:3

3 Breke we the bondis of hem; and cast we awei the yok of hem fro vs.

Psalms 107:10-14

10 In to Ydume Y schal stretche forth my scho; aliens ben maad frendis to me. 11 Who schal lede me forth in to a stronge citee; who schal lede me forth til in to Idume? 12 Whether not thou, God, that hast put vs awei; and, God, schalt thou not go out in oure vertues? 13 Yyue thou help to vs of tribulacioun; for the heelthe of man is veyn. 14 We schulen make vertu in God; and he schal bringe oure enemyes to nouyt.

Jeremiah 40:4

4 Now therfor lo! Y haue releessid thee to dai fro the chaynes that ben in thin hondis; if it plesith thee to come with me in to Babiloyne, come thou, and Y schal sette myn iyen on thee; sotheli if it displesith thee to come with me in to Babiloyne, sitte thou here; lo! al the lond is in thi siyt, that that thou chesist, and whidur it plesith thee to go, thidur go thou,

2 Peter 2:4

4 For if God sparide not aungels synnynge, but bitook hem to be turmentid, and to be drawun doun with boondis of helle in to helle, to be kept in to dom;

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