Bible verses about "bearing bad fruit" | Wycliffe

Matthew 7:22-23

22 Many schulen seie to me in that dai, Lord, Lord, whether we han not prophesied in thi name, and han caste out feendis in thi name, and han doon many vertues in thi name? 23 And thanne Y schal knouleche to hem, That Y knewe you neuere; departe awei fro me, ye that worchen wickidnesse.

Revelation 22:14

14 Blessid be thei, that waischen her stoolis, that the power of hem be in the tree of lijf, and entre bi the yatis in to the citee.

Luke 6:43

43 It is not a good tree, that makith yuel fruytis, nether an yuel tree, that makith good fruytis;

Luke 6:43-45

43 It is not a good tree, that makith yuel fruytis, nether an yuel tree, that makith good fruytis; 44 for euery tre is knowun of his fruyt. And men gaderen not figus of thornes, nethir men gaderen a grape of a buysche of breris. 45 A good man of the good tresoure of his herte bryngith forth good thingis, and an yuel man of the yuel tresoure bryngith forth yuel thingis; for of the plente of the herte the mouth spekith.

Galatians 5:22

22 But the fruyt of the spirit is charite, ioye, pees, pacience, long abidyng,

Matthew 7:16

16 of her fruytis ye schulen knowe hem. Whether men gaderen grapis of thornes, or figus of breris?

Matthew 7:15-20

15 Be ye war of fals prophetis, that comen to you in clothingis of scheep, but withynneforth thei ben as wolues of raueyn; 16 of her fruytis ye schulen knowe hem. Whether men gaderen grapis of thornes, or figus of breris? 17 So euery good tre makith good fruytis; but an yuel tre makith yuel fruytis. 18 A good tre may not make yuel fruytis, nethir an yuel tre make good fruytis. 19 Euery tre that makith not good fruyt, schal be kyt doun, and schal be cast in to the fier. 20 Therfor of her fruytis ye schulen knowe hem.

Galatians 5:19-21

19 And werkis of the fleisch ben opyn, whiche ben fornicacioun, vnclennes, vnchastite, letcherie, seruice of false goddis, 20 witchecraftis, enmytees, striuyngis, indignaciouns, wraththis, chidingis, discenciouns, sectis, enuyes, 21 manslauytris, dronkennessis, vnmesurable etyngis, and thingis lijk to these, whiche Y seie to you, as Y haue told to you `to fore, for thei that doon suche thingis, schulen not haue the kyngdom of God. 22 But the fruyt of the spirit is charite, ioye, pees, pacience, long abidyng, 23 benygnyte, goodnesse, myldenesse, feith, temperaunce, contynence, chastite; ayen suche thingis is no lawe.

John 15:1-27

1 Y am a very vyne, and my fadir is an erthe tilier. 2 Ech braunch in me that berith not fruyt, he schal take awey it; and ech that berith fruyt, he schal purge it, that it bere the more fruyt. 3 Now ye ben clene, for the word that Y haue spokun to you. 4 Dwelle ye in me, and Y in you; as a braunche may not make fruyt of it silf, but it dwelle in the vyne, so nether ye, but ye dwelle in me. 5 Y am a vyne, ye the braunchis. Who that dwellith in me, and Y in hym, this berith myche fruyt, for with outen me ye moun no thing do. 6 If ony man dwellith not in me, he schal be caste out as a braunche, and schal wexe drie; and thei schulen gadere hym, and thei schulen caste hym in to the fier, and he brenneth. 7 If ye dwellen in me, and my wordis dwelle in you, what euer thing ye wolen, ye schulen axe, and it schal be don to you. 8 In this thing my fadir is clarified, that ye brynge forth ful myche fruyt, and that ye be maad my disciplis. 9 As my fadir louede me, Y haue loued you; dwelle ye in my loue. 10 If ye kepen my comaundementis, ye schulen dwelle in my loue; as Y haue kept the comaundementis of my fadir, and Y dwelle in his loue. 11 These thingis Y spak to you, that my ioye be in you, and youre ioye be fulfillid. 12 This is my comaundement, that ye loue togidere, as Y louede you. 13 No man hath more loue than this, that a man putte his lijf for hise freendis. 14 Ye ben my freendis if ye doen tho thingis, that Y comaunde to you. 15 Now Y schal not clepe you seruauntis, for the seruaunt woot not, what his lord schal do; but Y haue clepid you freendis, for alle thingis what euere Y herde of my fadir, Y haue maad knowun to you. 16 Ye han not chosun me, but Y chees you; and Y haue put you, that ye go, and brynge forth fruyt, and youre fruyt dwelle; that what euere thing ye axen the fadir in my name, he yyue to you. 17 These thingis Y comaunde to you, that ye loue togidere. 18 If the world hatith you, wite ye, that it hadde me in hate rather than you. 19 If ye hadden be of the world, the world schulde loue that thing that was his; but for ye ben not of the world, but Y chees you fro the world, therfor the world hatith you. 20 Haue ye mynde of my word, which Y seide to you, The seruaunt is not grettere than his lord. If thei han pursued me, thei schulen pursue you also; if thei han kept my word, thei schulen kepe youre also. 21 But thei schulen do to you alle these thingis for my name, for thei knowen not hym that sente me. 22 If Y hadde not comun, and hadde not spokun to hem, thei schulden not haue synne; but now thei haue noon excusacioun of her synne. 23 He that hatith me, hatith also my fadir. 24 If Y hadde not doon werkis in hem, whiche noon other man dide, thei schulden not haue synne; but now both thei han seyn, and hatid me and my fadir. 25 But that the word be fulfillid, that is writun in her lawe, For thei hadden me in hate with outen cause. 26 But whanne the coumfortour schal come, which Y schal sende to you fro the fadir, a spirit of treuthe, which cometh of the fadir, he schal bere witnessyng of me; and ye schulen bere witnessyng, for ye ben with me fro the bigynnyng.

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