Bible verses about "aaron" | Wycliffe

Hebrews 5:4-10

4 Nethir ony man taketh to hym onour, but he that is clepid of God, as Aaron was. 5 So Crist clarifiede not hym silf, that he were bischop, but he that spak to hym, Thou art my sone, to dai Y gendride thee. 6 As `in anothere place he seith, Thou art a prest with outen ende, aftir the ordre of Melchisedech. 7 Which in the daies of his fleisch offride, with greet cry and teeris, preieris and bisechingis to hym that myyte make hym saaf fro deth, and was herd for his reuerence. 8 And whanne he was Goddis sone, he lernyde obedience of these thingis that be suffride; 9 and he brouyt to the ende is maad cause of euerlastinge heelthe to alle that obeischen to hym, and is clepid of God a bischop, 10 bi the ordre of Melchisedech.

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