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Isaiah 24:4-6

  4 H776 The earth H56 [H8804] mourneth H5034 [H8804] and fadeth away H8398 , the world H535 [H8797] languisheth H5034 [H8804] and fadeth away H4791 , the haughty H5971 people H776 of the earth H535 [H8797] do languish.
  5 H776 The earth H2610 [H8804] also is defiled H3427 [H8802] under its inhabitants H5674 [H8804] ; because they have transgressed H8451 the laws H2498 [H8804] , changed H2706 the ordinance H6565 [H8689] , broken H5769 the everlasting H1285 covenant.
  6 H423 Therefore hath the curse H398 [H8804] devoured H776 the earth H3427 [H8802] , and they that dwell H816 [H8799] in it are desolate H3427 [H8802] : therefore the inhabitants H776 of the earth H2787 [H8804] are burned H4213 , and few H582 men H7604 [H8738] left.

Jeremiah 2:7

  7 H935 [H8686] And I brought H3759 you into a plentiful H776 country H398 [H8800] , to eat H6529 the fruit H2898 of it and the goodness H935 [H8799] of it but when ye entered H2930 [H8762] , ye defiled H776 my land H7760 [H8804] , and made H5159 my heritage H8441 an abomination.

Numbers 35:33-34

  33 H2610 [H8686] So ye shall not pollute H776 the land H1818 in which ye are: for blood H2610 [H8686] it defileth H776 the land H776 : and the land H3722 [H8792] cannot be cleansed H1818 of the blood H8210 [H8795] that is shed H1818 in it, but by the blood H8210 [H8802] of him that shed it.
  34 H2930 [H8762] Defile H776 not therefore the land H3427 [H8802] which ye shall inhabit H8432 , in which H7931 [H8802] I dwell H3068 : for I the LORD H7931 [H8802] dwell H8432 among H1121 the children H3478 of Israel.

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