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Genesis 32:28

  28 H559 [H8799] And he said H8034 , Thy name H559 [H8735] shall be called H3290 no more Jacob H3478 , but Israel H8280 [H8804] : for as a prince hast thou power H430 with God H582 and with men H3201 [H8799] , and hast prevailed.

John 3:16

  16 G1063 { For G2316 God G3779 so G25 [G5656] loved G2889 the world G5620 , that G1325 [G5656] he gave G846 his G3439 only begotten G5207 Son G2443 , that G3956 whoever G4100 [G5723] believeth G1519 in G846 him G622 0 should G3361 not G622 [G5643] perish G235 , but G2192 [G5725] have G166 everlasting G2222 life.}

Acts 2:38

  38 G1161 Then G4074 Peter G5346 [G5713] said G4314 to G846 them G3340 [G5657] , Repent ye G2532 , and G1538 each one G5216 of you G907 [G5682] be baptized G1909 in G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G1519 for G859 the remission G266 of sins G2532 , and G2983 [G5695] ye shall receive G1431 the gift G40 of the Holy G4151 Spirit.

Revelation 2:17

  17 G2192 [G5723] { He that hath G3775 an ear G191 [G5657] , let him hear G5101 what G4151 the Spirit G3004 [G5719] saith G1577 to the churches G846 ; To him G3528 [G5723] that overcometh G1325 [G5692] will I give G5315 [G5629] to eat G575 of G2928 [G5772] the hidden G3131 manna G2532 , and G1325 [G5692] will give G846 him G3022 a white G5586 stone G2532 , and G1909 on G5586 the stone G2537 a new G3686 name G1125 [G5772] written G3739 , which G3762 no man G1097 [G5627] knoweth G1508 except G2983 [G5723] he that receiveth it.}

2 Corinthians 5:17

  17 G5620 Therefore G1536 if any man G1722 is in G5547 Christ G2537 , he is a new G2937 creation G744 : old things G3928 [G5627] have passed away G2400 [G5628] ; behold G3956 , all things G1096 [G5754] have become G2537 new.

Genesis 17:15

  15 H430 And God H559 [H8799] said H85 to Abraham H8297 , As for Sarai H802 thy wife H7121 [H8799] , thou shalt not call H8034 her name H8297 Sarai H3588 , but H8283 Sarah H8034 shall her name be.

John 15:16

  16 G5210 { Ye G1586 0 have G3756 not G1586 [G5668] chosen G3165 me G235 , but G1473 I G1586 [G5668] have chosen G5209 you G2532 , and G5087 [G5656] ordained G5209 you G2443 , that G5210 ye G5217 [G5725] should go G2532 and G5342 [G5725] bring forth G2590 fruit G2532 , and G5216 that your G2590 fruit G3306 [G5725] should remain G2443 : that G3739 G302 G3748 whatever G154 [G5661] ye shall ask G3962 of the Father G1722 in G3450 my G3686 name G1325 [G5632] , he may give it G5213 to you.}

Genesis 17:5

  5 H8034 Neither shall thy name H7121 [H8735] any more be called H87 Abram H8034 , but thy name H85 shall be Abraham H1 ; for a father H1995 of many H1471 nations H5414 [H8804] have I made thee.

Ecclesiastes 7:1

  1 H8034 A good name H2896 is better H2896 than precious H8081 ointment H3117 ; and the day H4194 of death H3117 than the day H3205 [H8736] of one's birth.

Isaiah 62:2

  2 H1471 And the Gentiles H7200 [H8804] shall see H6664 thy righteousness H4428 , and all kings H3519 thy glory H7121 [H8795] : and thou shalt be called H2319 by a new H5344 [H8799] name H6310 , which the mouth H3068 of the LORD H8034 shall name.

Proverbs 22:1

  1 H8034 A good name H977 [H8737] is rather to be chosen H7227 than great H6239 riches H2896 , and loving H2580 favour H3701 rather than silver H2091 and gold.

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