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Exodus 23:10-11

  10 H8337 And six H8141 years H2232 [H8799] thou shalt sow H776 thy land H622 [H8804] , and shalt gather H8393 in its fruits:
  11 H7637 But the seventh H8058 [H8799] year thou shalt let it rest H5203 [H8804] and lie H34 still; that the poor H5971 of thy people H398 [H8804] may eat H3499 : and what they leave H2416 the beasts H7704 of the field H398 [H8799] shall eat H6213 [H8799] . In like manner thou shalt deal H3754 with thy vineyard H2132 , and with thy oliveyard.

Matthew 5:38

  38 G191 [G5656] { Ye have heard G3754 that G4483 [G5681] it hath been said G3788 , An eye G473 for G3788 an eye G2532 , and G3599 a tooth G473 for G3599 a tooth:}

Jude 1:7

  7 G5613 Even as G4670 Sodom G2532 and G1116 Gomorrah G2532 , and G4172 the cities G4012 about G846 them G3664 G5125 in like G5158 manner G1608 [G5660] , giving themselves over to gross immorality G2532 , and G565 [G5631] going G3694 after G2087 strange G4561 flesh G4295 [G5736] , are set forth for G1164 an example G5254 [G5723] , suffering G1349 the vengeance G166 of eternal G4442 fire.

Leviticus 25:1-55

  1 H3068 And the LORD H1696 [H8762] spoke H4872 to Moses H2022 in mount H5514 Sinai H559 [H8800] , saying,
  2 H1696 [H8761] Speak H1121 to the children H3478 of Israel H559 [H8804] , and say H935 [H8799] to them, When ye come H776 into the land H5414 [H8802] which I give H776 you, then shall the land H7673 [H8804] keep H7676 a sabbath H3068 to the LORD.
  3 H8337 Six H8141 years H2232 [H8799] thou shalt sow H7704 thy field H8337 , and six H8141 years H2168 [H8799] thou shalt prune H3754 thy vineyard H622 [H8804] , and gather H8393 in its fruit;
  4 H7637 But in the seventh H8141 year H7676 shall be a sabbath H7677 of rest H776 to the land H7676 , a sabbath H3068 for the LORD H2232 [H8799] : thou shalt neither sow H7704 thy field H2168 [H8799] , nor prune H3754 thy vineyard.
  5 H5599 That which groweth of its own accord H7105 of thy harvest H7114 [H8799] thou shalt not reap H1219 [H8799] , neither gather H6025 the grapes H5139 of thy untrimmed vine H8141 : for it is a year H7677 of rest H776 to the land.
  6 H7676 And the sabbath H776 of the land H402 shall be food H5650 for you; for thee, and for thy male servant H519 , and for thy female servant H7916 , and for thy hired servant H8453 , and for thy stranger H1481 [H8802] that sojourneth with thee,
  7 H929 And for thy cattle H2416 , and for the beast H776 that are in thy land H8393 , shall all the increase H398 [H8800] of it be food.
  8 H5608 [H8804] And thou shalt number H7651 seven H7676 sabbaths H8141 of years H7651 to thee, seven H6471 times H7651 seven H8141 years H3117 ; and the space H7651 of the seven H7676 sabbaths H8141 of years H705 shall be to thee forty H8672 and nine H8141 years.
  9 H7782 Then shalt thou cause the trumpet H8643 of the jubilee H5674 [H8689] to sound H6218 on the tenth H7637 day of the seventh H2320 month H3117 , in the day H3725 of atonement H7782 shall ye make the trumpet H5674 [H8686] sound H776 throughout all your land.
  10 H6942 [H8765] And ye shall hallow H2572 H8141 the fiftieth H8141 year H7121 [H8804] , and proclaim H1865 liberty H776 throughout all the land H3427 [H8802] to all its inhabitants H3104 : it shall be a jubilee H7725 [H8804] to you; and ye shall return H376 every man H272 to his possession H7725 [H8799] , and ye shall return H376 every man H4940 to his family.
  11 H3104 A jubilee H2572 H8141 shall that fiftieth H8141 year H2232 [H8799] be to you: ye shall not sow H7114 [H8799] , neither reap H5599 that which groweth H1219 [H8799] of itself in it, nor gather H5139 the grapes in it of thy untrimmed vine.
  12 H3104 For it is the jubilee H6944 ; it shall be holy H398 [H8799] to you: ye shall eat H8393 the increase H7704 of it out of the field.
  13 H8141 In the year H3104 of this jubilee H7725 [H8799] ye shall return H376 every man H272 to his possession.
  14 H4376 [H8799] And if thou shalt sell H4465 any H5997 to thy neighbour H7069 [H8800] , or buy H5997 any thing from thy neighbour's H3027 hand H3238 [H8686] , ye shall not oppress H376 one H251 another:
  15 H4557 According to the number H8141 of years H310 after H3104 the jubilee H7069 [H8799] thou shalt buy H5997 of thy neighbour H4557 , and according to the number H8141 of years H8393 of the fruits H4376 [H8799] he shall sell to thee:
  16 H6310 According H7230 to the multitude H8141 of years H7235 [H8686] thou shalt increase H4736 the price H6310 of it, and according H4591 [H8800] to the fewness H8141 of years H4591 [H8686] thou shalt diminish H4736 the price H4557 of it: for according to the number H8393 of the years of the fruits H4376 [H8802] doth he sell to thee.
  17 H3238 [H8686] Ye shall not therefore oppress H376 one H5997 another H3372 [H8804] ; but thou shalt fear H430 thy God H3068 : for I am the LORD H430 your God.
  18 H6213 [H8804] Therefore ye shall do H2708 my statutes H8104 [H8799] , and keep H4941 my judgments H6213 [H8804] , and do H3427 [H8804] them; and ye shall dwell H776 in the land H983 in safety.
  19 H776 And the land H5414 [H8804] shall yield H6529 her fruit H398 [H8804] , and ye shall eat H7648 your fill H3427 [H8804] , and dwell H983 in it in safety.
  20 H559 [H8799] And if ye shall say H398 [H8799] , What shall we eat H7637 the seventh H8141 year H2232 [H8799] ? behold, we shall not sow H622 [H8799] , nor gather H8393 in our increase:
  21 H6680 [H8765] Then I will command H1293 my blessing H8345 upon you in the sixth H8141 year H6213 [H8804] , and it shall bring forth H8393 fruit H7969 for three H8141 years.
  22 H2232 [H8804] And ye shall sow H8066 the eighth H8141 year H398 [H8804] , and eat H3465 of old H8393 fruit H8671 until the ninth H8141 year H8393 ; until its fruits H935 [H8800] come in H398 [H8799] ye shall eat H3465 of the old store.
  23 H776 The land H4376 [H8735] shall not be sold H6783 for ever H776 : for the land H1616 is mine; for ye are strangers H8453 and sojourners with me.
  24 H776 And in all the land H272 of your possession H5414 [H8799] ye shall grant H1353 a redemption H776 for the land.
  25 H251 If thy brother H4134 [H8799] shall have become poor H4376 [H8804] , and have sold H272 some of his possession H7138 , and if any of his kin H935 [H8804] shall come H1350 [H8802] to redeem H1350 [H8804] it, then shall he redeem H251 that which his brother H4465 sold.
  26 H376 And if the man H1350 [H8802] shall have none to redeem H3027 it, and himself H1767 H5381 [H8689] be able H4672 H1353 [H8804] to redeem it;
  27 H2803 [H8765] Then let him count H8141 the years H4465 of the sale H7725 [H8689] of it, and restore H5736 [H8802] the balance H376 to the man H4376 [H8804] to whom he sold H7725 [H8804] it; that he may return H272 to his possession.
  28 H3027 But if he H1767 shall not be able H4672 H7725 [H8804] to restore H4465 it to him, then that which is sold H3027 shall remain in the hand H7069 [H8802] of him that hath bought H8141 it until the year H3104 of jubilee H3104 : and in the jubilee H3318 [H8804] it shall go out H7725 [H8804] , and he shall return H272 to his possession.
  29 H376 And if a man H4376 [H8799] shall sell H4186 a dwelling H1004 house H2346 in a walled H5892 city H1353 , then he may redeem H8552 [H8800] it within a whole H8141 year H4465 after it is sold H3117 ; within a full year H1353 may he redeem it.
  30 H1350 [H8735] And if it shall not be redeemed H4390 [H8800] within the space H8549 of a full H8141 year H1004 , then the house H2346 that is in the walled H5892 city H6965 [H8804] shall be established H6783 for ever H7069 [H8802] to him that bought H1755 it throughout his generations H3318 [H8799] : it shall not go out H3104 in the jubilee.
  31 H1004 But the houses H2691 of the villages H2346 which have no walls H5439 around H2803 [H8735] them shall be counted H7704 as the fields H776 of the country H1353 : they may be redeemed H3318 [H8799] , and they shall go out H3104 in the jubilee.
  32 H5892 However the cities H3881 of the Levites H1004 , and the houses H5892 of the cities H272 of their possession H3881 , may the Levites H1353 redeem H5769 at any time.
  33 H1350 [H8799] And if a man shall purchase H3881 of the Levites H1004 , then the house H4465 that was sold H5892 , and the city H272 of his possession H3318 [H8804] , shall go out H3104 in the year of jubilee H1004 : for the houses H5892 of the cities H3881 of the Levites H272 are their possession H8432 among H1121 the children H3478 of Israel.
  34 H7704 But the field H4054 of the common land H5892 of their cities H4376 [H8735] may not be sold H5769 ; for it is their perpetual H272 possession.
  35 H251 And if thy brother H4134 [H8799] shall have become poor H4131 [H8804] , and falleth into poverty H3027 among you H2388 [H8689] ; then thou shalt relieve H1616 him: yea, though he may be a stranger H8453 , or a sojourner H2416 ; that he may live with thee.
  36 H3947 [H8799] Take H5392 thou no interest H8636 of him, or increase H3372 [H8804] : but fear H430 thy God H251 ; that thy brother H2416 may live with thee.
  37 H5414 [H8799] Thou shalt not give H3701 him thy money H5392 upon interest H5414 [H8799] , nor lend H400 him thy food H4768 for increase.
  38 H3068 I am the LORD H430 your God H3318 [H8689] , who brought you H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H5414 [H8800] , to give H776 you the land H3667 of Canaan H430 , and to be your God.
  39 H251 And if thy brother H4134 [H8799] that dwelleth by thee shall have become poor H4376 [H8738] , and be sold H5647 [H8799] to thee; thou shalt not compel H5656 him to serve H5650 as a slave:
  40 H7916 But as an hired servant H8453 , and as a sojourner H5647 [H8799] , he shall be with thee, and shall serve H8141 thee to the year H3104 of jubilee:
  41 H3318 [H8804] And then shall he depart H1121 from thee, both he and his children H7725 [H8804] with him, and shall return H4940 to his own family H272 , and to the possession H1 of his fathers H7725 [H8799] shall he return.
  42 H5650 For they are my servants H3318 [H8689] , which I brought H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H4376 [H8735] : they shall not be sold H4466 as H5650 slaves.
  43 H7287 [H8799] Thou shalt not rule H6531 over him with rigour H3372 [H8804] ; but shalt fear H430 thy God.
  44 H5650 Both thy male H519 and female slaves H1471 , which thou shalt have, shall be from the heathen H5439 that are around H7069 [H8799] you; from them shall ye buy H5650 male H519 and female slaves.
  45 H1121 Moreover of the children H8453 of the strangers H1481 [H8802] that sojourn H7069 [H8799] among you, of them shall ye buy H4940 , and of their families H3205 [H8689] that are with you, whom they begat H776 in your land H272 : and they shall be your possession.
  46 H5157 [H8694] And ye shall take them as an inheritance H1121 for your children H310 after H3423 [H8800] you, to inherit H272 them for a possession H5647 [H8799] ; they shall be your slaves H5769 for ever H251 : but over your brethren H1121 the children H3478 of Israel H7287 [H8799] , ye shall not rule H376 one H251 over another H6531 with rigour.
  47 H1616 And if a sojourner H8453 or a stranger H5381 [H8686] shall become rich H3027 by thee H251 , and thy brother H4134 [H8802] that dwelleth by him shall become poor H4376 [H8738] , and sell H1616 himself to the stranger H8453 or sojourner H6133 by thee, or to the stock H1616 of the stranger's H4940 family:
  48 H310 After H4376 [H8738] that he is sold H1353 he may be redeemed again H259 ; one H251 of his brethren H1350 [H8799] may redeem him:
  49 H1730 Either his uncle H1730 , or his uncle's H1121 son H1350 [H8799] , may redeem H7607 him, or any that is near H1320 of kin H4940 to him of his family H1350 [H8799] may redeem H5381 [H8689] him; or if he is able H1350 [H8738] , he may redeem H3027 himself.
  50 H2803 [H8765] And he shall reckon H7069 [H8802] with him that bought H8141 him from the year H4376 [H8736] that he was sold H8141 to him to the year H3104 of jubilee H3701 : and the price H4465 of his sale H4557 shall be according to the number H8141 of years H3117 , according to the time H7916 of an hired servant shall it be with him.
  51 H7227 If there shall be yet many H8141 years H6310 behind, according H7725 [H8686] to them he shall give again H1353 the price of his redemption H3701 out of the money H4736 that he was bought for.
  52 H7604 [H8738] And if there shall remain H4592 but few H8141 years H8141 to the year H3104 of jubilee H2803 [H8765] , then he shall count H6310 with him, and according H8141 to his years H7725 [H8686] shall he give him again H1353 the price of his redemption.
  53 H8141 And as a yearly H7916 hired servant H7287 [H8799] shall he be with him: and the other shall not rule H6531 with rigour H5869 over him in thy sight.
  54 H1350 [H8735] And if he shall not be redeemed H3318 [H8804] in these years, then he shall go out H8141 in the year H3104 of jubilee H1121 , both he, and his children with him.
  55 H1121 For to me the children H3478 of Israel H5650 are servants H5650 ; they are my servants H3318 [H8689] whom I brought H776 out of the land H4714 of Egypt H3068 : I am the LORD H430 your God.

Proverbs 10:1

  1 H4912 The proverbs H8010 of Solomon H2450 . A wise H1121 son H8055 [H8762] maketh a glad H1 father H3684 : but a foolish H1121 son H8424 is the heaviness H517 of his mother.

Deuteronomy 22:6-7

  6 H6833 If a bird's H7064 nest H7122 [H8735] shall chance H6440 to be before H1870 thee in the way H6086 on any tree H776 , or on the ground H667 , whether with young ones H1000 , or eggs H517 , and the dam H7257 [H8802] sitting H667 upon the young H1000 , or upon the eggs H3947 [H8799] , thou shalt not take H517 the dam H1121 with the young:
  7 H7971 [H8763] But thou shalt surely H517 let the dam H7971 [H8762] go H3947 [H8799] , and take H1121 the young H3190 [H8799] to thee; that it may be well H748 [H8689] with thee, and that thou mayest prolong H3117 thy days.

John 18:1-40

  1 G2424 When Jesus G2036 [G5631] had spoken G5023 these words G1831 [G5627] , he went forth G4862 with G846 his G3101 disciples G4008 over G5493 the brook G2748 Kidron G3699 , where G2258 [G5713] was G2779 a garden G1519 , into G3739 which G846 he G1525 [G5627] entered G2532 , and G846 his G3101 disciples.
  2 G1161 And G2455 Judas G2532 also G3588 , who G3860 [G5723] betrayed G846 him G1492 [G5715] , knew G5117 the place G3754 : for G2424 Jesus G4178 often G4863 [G5681] resorted G1563 there G3326 with G846 his G3101 disciples.
  3 G2455 Judas G3767 then G2983 [G5631] , having received G4686 a band G2532 of men and G5257 officers G1537 from G749 the chief priests G2532 and G5330 Pharisees G2064 [G5736] , cometh G1563 there G3326 with G5322 lanterns G2532 and G2985 torches G2532 and G3696 weapons.
  4 G2424 Jesus G3767 therefore G1492 [G5761] , knowing G3956 all things G2064 [G5740] that were coming G1909 upon G846 him G1831 [G5631] , went forth G2036 [G5627] , and said G846 to them G5101 , { Whom G2212 [G5719] seek ye?}
  5 G611 [G5662] They answered G846 him G2424 , Jesus G3480 of Nazareth G2424 . Jesus G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to them G1473 , { I G1510 [G5748] am G1161 he.} And G2455 Judas G2532 also G3588 , who G3860 [G5723] betrayed G846 him G2476 [G5715] , stood G3326 with G846 them.
  6 G5613 As soon G3767 then G2036 [G5627] as he had said G846 to them G3754 , G1473 { I G1510 [G5748] am G565 [G5627] he,} they went G1519 G3694 backward G2532 , and G4098 [G5627] fell G5476 to the ground.
  7 G3767 Then G1905 [G5656] he asked G846 them G3825 again G5101 , { Whom G2212 [G5719] seek ye G1161 ?} And G2036 [G5627] they said G2424 , Jesus G3480 of Nazareth.
  8 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G2036 [G5627] , { I have told G5213 you G3754 that G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G1487 he: if G3767 therefore G2212 [G5719] ye seek G1691 me G863 [G5628] , let G5128 these G5217 [G5721] go their way:}
  9 G2443 That G3056 the saying G4137 [G5686] might be fulfilled G3739 , which G2036 [G5627] he spoke G3754 , G1537 { Of G846 them G3739 whom G1325 [G5758] thou gavest G3427 to me G3756 , I have G622 [G5656] lost G3762 none.}
  10 G3767 Then G4613 Simon G4074 Peter G2192 [G5723] having G3162 a sword G1670 [G5656] drew G846 it G2532 , and G3817 [G5656] smote G749 the high priest's G1401 servant G2532 , and G609 [G5656] cut off G846 his G1188 right G5621 ear G1161 . G1401 The servant's G3686 name G2258 [G5713] was G3124 Malchus.
  11 G3767 Then G2036 [G5627] said G2424 Jesus G4074 to Peter G906 [G5628] , { Put up G4675 thy G3162 sword G1519 into G2336 the sheath G4221 : the cup G3739 which G3962 my Father G1325 [G5758] hath given G3427 me G4095 0 , shall I G3378 not G4095 [G5632] drink G846 it?}
  12 G3767 Then G4686 the band G2532 and G5506 the captain G2532 and G5257 officers G2453 of the Jews G4815 [G5627] took G2424 Jesus G2532 , and G1210 [G5656] bound G846 him,
  13 G2532 And G520 0 led G846 him G520 [G5627] away G4314 to G452 Annas G4412 first G1063 ; for G2258 [G5713] he was G3995 father in law G2533 to Caiaphas G3739 , who G2258 [G5713] was G749 the high priest G1565 that same G1763 year.
  14 G1161 Now G2533 Caiaphas G2258 [G5713] was he G3588 , who G4823 [G5660] gave counsel G2453 to the Jews G3754 , that G4851 [G5719] it was expedient G1520 that one G444 man G622 [G5641] should die G5228 for G2992 the people.
  15 G1161 And G4613 Simon G4074 Peter G190 [G5707] followed G2424 Jesus G2532 , and G243 so did another G3101 disciple G1161 : G1565 that G3101 disciple G2258 [G5713] was G1110 known G749 to the high priest G2532 , and G4897 [G5627] went in with G2424 Jesus G1519 into G833 the palace G749 of the high priest.
  16 G1161 But G4074 Peter G2476 [G5715] stood G4314 at G2374 the door G1854 outside G3767 . Then G1831 [G5627] went out G243 that other G3101 disciple G3739 , who G2258 [G5713] was G1110 known G749 to the high priest G2532 , and G2036 [G5627] spoke G2377 to her that kept the door G2532 , and G1521 [G5627] brought in G4074 Peter.
  17 G3767 Then G3004 [G5719] saith G3814 the maid G2377 that kept the door G4074 to Peter G1488 [G5748] , Art G3361 not G4771 thou G2532 also G1537 one of G5127 this G444 man's G3101 disciples G1565 ? He G3004 [G5719] saith G1510 [G5748] , I am G3756 not.
  18 G1161 And G1401 the servants G2532 and G5257 officers G2476 [G5715] stood there G4160 [G5761] , who had made G439 a fire of coals G3754 ; for G2258 [G5713] it was G5592 cold G2532 : and G2328 [G5711] they warmed themselves G1161 : and G4074 Peter G2258 G2476 [G5713] stood G3326 with G846 them G2532 , and G2328 [G5734] warmed himself.
  19 G749 The high priest G3767 then G2065 [G5656] asked G2424 Jesus G4012 concerning G846 his G3101 disciples G2532 , and G4012 concerning G846 his G1322 doctrine.
  20 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G846 him G1473 , { I G2980 [G5656] spoke G3954 openly G2889 to the world G1473 ; I G3842 ever G1321 [G5656] taught G1722 in G4864 the synagogue G2532 , and G1722 in G2411 the temple G3699 , where G2453 the Jews G3842 always G4905 [G5736] resort G2532 ; and G1722 in G2927 secret G2980 [G5656] have I said G3762 nothing.}
  21 G5101 { Why G1905 [G5719] dost thou G3165 ask me G1905 [G5657] ? ask G191 [G5756] them who heard me G5101 , what G2980 [G5656] I have said G846 to them G2396 : behold G3778 , they G1492 [G5758] know G3739 what G1473 I G2036 [G5627] have said.}
  22 G1161 And G846 when he G2036 0 had G5023 thus G2036 [G5631] spoken G1520 , one G5257 of the officers G3936 [G5761] who stood by G1325 0 G4475 0 struck G2424 Jesus G1325 G4475 [G5656] with the palm of his hand G2036 [G5631] , saying G611 [G5736] , Answerest thou G749 the high priest G3779 so?
  23 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G846 him G1487 , { If G2980 [G5656] I have spoken G2560 evil G3140 [G5657] , bear witness G4012 of G2556 the evil G1161 : but G1487 if G2573 well G5101 , why G1194 [G5719] smitest G3165 thou me?}
  24 G452 Now Annas G649 [G5656] had sent G846 him G1210 [G5772] bound G4314 to G2533 Caiaphas G749 the high priest.
  25 G1161 And G4613 Simon G4074 Peter G2258 G2476 [G5713] stood G2532 and G2328 [G5734] warmed himself G2036 [G5627] . They said G3767 therefore G846 to him G1488 [G5748] , Art G3361 not G4771 thou G2532 also G1537 one of G846 his G3101 disciples G1565 ? He G720 [G5662] denied G2532 it, and G2036 [G5627] said G1510 [G5748] , I am G3756 not.
  26 G1520 One G1537 of G1401 the servants G749 of the high priest G5607 [G5752] , being G4773 the kinsman G3739 of him whose G5621 ear G4074 Peter G609 [G5656] cut off G3004 [G5719] , saith G1492 0 , Did G3756 not G1473 I G1492 [G5627] see G4571 thee G1722 in G2779 the garden G3326 with G846 him?
  27 G4074 Peter G3767 then G720 [G5662] denied G3825 again G2532 : and G2112 immediately G220 the cock G5455 [G5656] crowed.
  28 G3767 Then G71 [G5719] they led G2424 Jesus G575 from G2533 Caiaphas G1519 to G4232 the hall of judgment G1161 : and G2258 [G5713] it was G4405 early G2532 ; and G846 they themselves G1525 [G5627] went G3756 not G1519 into G4232 the judgment hall G3363 , lest G3392 [G5686] they should be defiled G235 ; but G2443 that G5315 [G5632] they might eat G3957 the passover.
  29 G4091 Pilate G3767 then G1831 [G5627] went out G4314 to G846 them G2532 , and G2036 [G5627] said G5101 , What G2724 accusation G5342 [G5719] bring ye G2596 against G5127 this G444 man?
  30 G611 [G5662] They answered G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him G1508 0 , If G3778 he G2258 [G5713] were G1508 not G2555 a malefactor G302 , we would G3756 not G3860 0 have delivered G846 him G3860 [G5656] up G4671 to thee.
  31 G3767 Then G2036 [G5627] said G4091 Pilate G846 to them G2983 [G5628] , Take G5210 ye G846 him G2532 , and G2919 [G5657] judge G846 him G2596 according G5216 to your G3551 law G2453 . The Jews G3767 therefore G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him G1832 0 , It is G3756 not G1832 [G5748] lawful G2254 for us G615 0 to put G3762 any man G615 [G5658] to death:
  32 G2443 That G3056 the saying G2424 of Jesus G4137 [G5686] might be fulfilled G3739 , which G2036 [G5627] he spoke G4591 [G5723] , signifying G4169 what G2288 death G3195 [G5707] he should G599 [G5721] die.
  33 G3767 Then G4091 Pilate G1525 [G5627] entered G1519 into G4232 the judgment hall G3825 again G2532 , and G5455 [G5656] called G2424 Jesus G2532 , and G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him G1488 [G5748] , Art G4771 thou G935 the King G2453 of the Jews?
  34 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G846 him G3004 [G5719] , { Sayest G4771 thou G5124 this thing G575 from G1438 thyself G2228 , or G243 did others G2036 [G5627] tell it G4671 thee G4012 concerning G1700 me?}
  35 G4091 Pilate G611 [G5662] answered G3385 , G1510 [G5748] Am G1473 I G2453 a Jew G4674 ? Thy own G1484 nation G2532 and G749 the chief priests G3860 [G5656] have delivered G4571 thee G1698 to me G5101 : what G4160 [G5656] hast thou done?
  36 G2424 Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G1699 , { My G932 kingdom G2076 [G5748] is G3756 not G1537 of G5127 this G2889 world G1487 : if G1699 my G932 kingdom G2258 [G5713] were G1537 of G5127 this G2889 world G302 , then would G1699 my G5257 servants G75 [G5711] fight G3363 0 , that G3860 0 I should G3363 not G3860 [G5686] be delivered G2453 to the Jews G1161 : but G3568 now G2076 [G5748] is G1699 my G932 kingdom G3756 not G1782 from here.}
  37 G4091 Pilate G3767 therefore G2036 [G5627] said G846 to him G1488 [G5748] , Art G4771 thou G935 a king G3766 then G2424 ? Jesus G611 [G5662] answered G4771 , { Thou G3004 [G5719] sayest G3754 that G1473 I G1510 [G5748] am G935 a king G1519 . To G5124 this G1080 0 end was G1473 I G1080 [G5769] born G2532 , and G1519 for G5124 this G2064 [G5754] cause came I G1519 into G2889 the world G2443 , that G3140 [G5661] I should bear witness G225 to the truth G3956 . Every one G5607 [G5752] that is G1537 of G225 the truth G191 [G5719] heareth G3450 my G5456 voice.}
  38 G4091 Pilate G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to him G5101 , What G2076 [G5748] is G225 truth G2532 ? And G2036 [G5631] when he had said G5124 this G1831 [G5627] , he went out G3825 again G4314 to G2453 the Jews G2532 , and G3004 [G5719] saith G846 to them G1473 , I G2147 [G5719] find G1722 in G846 him G3762 no G156 fault.
  39 G1161 But G5213 ye G2076 [G5748] have G4914 a custom G2443 , that G630 [G5661] I should release G5213 to you G1520 one G1722 at G3957 the passover G1014 [G5736] : will ye G3767 therefore G630 [G5661] that I release G5213 to you G935 the King G2453 of the Jews?
  40 G3767 Then G3956 they all G2905 [G5656] cried G3825 again G3004 [G5723] , saying G3361 , Not G5126 this man G235 , but G912 Barabbas G1161 . Now G912 Barabbas G2258 [G5713] was G3027 a robber.

1 John 4:8

  8 G25 [G5723] He that loveth G3361 not G1097 [G5627] knoweth G3756 not G2316 God G3754 ; for G2316 God G2076 [G5748] is G26 love.

Exodus 21:15

  15 H5221 [H8688] And he that smiteth H1 his father H517 , or his mother H4191 [H8800] , shall be surely H4191 [H8714] put to death.

Romans 12:19

  19 G27 Dearly beloved G1556 [G5723] , avenge G3361 not G1438 yourselves G235 , but G1325 [G5628] rather give G5117 place G3709 to wrath G1063 : for G1125 [G5769] it is written G1557 , Vengeance G1698 is mine G1473 ; I G467 [G5692] will repay G3004 [G5719] , saith G2962 the Lord.

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