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2 Corinthians 6:14

  14 G1096 [G5737] Be ye G3361 not G2086 [G5723] unequally yoked together G571 with unbelievers G1063 : for G5101 what G3352 fellowship G1343 hath righteousness G2532 with G458 unrighteousness G1161 ? and G5101 what G2842 communion G5457 hath light G4314 with G4655 darkness?

Colossians 1:13

  13 G3739 Who G4506 [G5673] hath delivered G2248 us G1537 from G1849 the power G4655 of darkness G2532 , and G3179 [G5656] hath translated G1519 us into G932 the kingdom G846 of his G26 beloved G5207 Son:

Ephesians 5:11

  11 G2532 And G4790 0 have G3361 no G4790 [G5720] fellowship G175 with the unfruitful G2041 works G4655 of darkness G1161 , but G3123 G2532 rather G1651 [G5720] reprove them.

Ephesians 5:8

  8 G1063 For G2258 [G5713] ye were G4218 once G4655 darkness G1161 , but G3568 now G5457 are ye light G1722 in G2962 the Lord G4043 [G5720] : walk G5613 as G5043 children G5457 of light:

Ephesians 6:12

  12 G3754 For G2254 we G3823 wrestle G3756 not G2076 G4314 [G5748] against G4561 flesh G2532 and G129 blood G235 , but G4314 against G746 principalities G4314 , against G1849 powers G4314 , against G2888 the rulers G4655 of the darkness G5127 of this G165 world G4314 , against G4152 spiritual G4189 wickedness G1722 in G2032 high places.

1 John 2:8-11

  8 G3825 Again G2537 , a new G1785 commandment G1125 [G5719] I write G5213 to you G3739 , which thing G2076 [G5748] is G227 true G1722 in G846 him G2532 and G1722 in G5213 you G3754 : because G4653 the darkness G3855 [G5731] is past G2532 , and G228 the true G5457 light G2235 now G5316 [G5719] shineth.
  9 G3004 [G5723] He that saith G1511 [G5750] he is G1722 in G5457 the light G2532 , and G3404 [G5723] hateth G846 his G80 brother G2076 [G5748] , is G1722 in G4653 darkness G2193 even until G737 now.
  10 G25 [G5723] He that loveth G846 his G80 brother G3306 [G5719] abideth G1722 in G5457 the light G2532 , and G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G4625 cause for stumbling G1722 in G846 him.
  11 G1161 But G3404 [G5723] he that hateth G846 his G80 brother G2076 [G5748] is G1722 in G4653 darkness G2532 , and G4043 [G5719] walketh G1722 in G4653 darkness G2532 , and G1492 [G5758] knoweth G3756 not G4226 where G5217 [G5719] he goeth G3754 , because G4653 that darkness G5186 [G5656] hath blinded G846 his G3788 eyes.

John 8:12

  12 G3767 Then G2424 Jesus G2980 [G5656] spoke G3825 again G846 to them G3004 [G5723] , saying G1473 , { I G1510 [G5748] am G5457 the light G2889 of the world G190 [G5723] : he that followeth G1698 me G4043 0 shall G3364 not G4043 [G5692] walk G1722 in G4653 darkness G235 , but G2192 [G5692] shall have G5457 the light G2222 of life.}

1 Thessalonians 5:5

  5 G5210 Ye G2075 [G5748] are G3956 all G5207 children G5457 of light G2532 , and G5207 children G2250 of the day G2070 [G5748] : we are G3756 not G3571 of the night G3761 , nor G4655 of darkness.

Psalms 139:12

  12 H2822 Yea, the darkness H2821 [H8686] hideth H3915 not from thee; but the night H215 [H8686] shineth H3117 as the day H2825 : the darkness H219 and the light are both alike to thee.

Luke 1:79

  79 G2014 [G5658] To give light G2521 [G5740] to them that sit G1722 in G4655 darkness G2532 and G4639 in the shadow G2288 of death G2720 [G5658] , to guide G2257 our G4228 feet G1519 into G3598 the way G1515 of peace.

John 3:19-21

  19 G1161 { And G3778 this G2076 [G5748] is G2920 the condemnation G3754 , that G5457 light G2064 [G5754] is come G1519 into G2889 the world G2532 , and G444 men G25 [G5656] have loved G4655 darkness G3123 rather G2228 than G5457 light G1063 , because G846 their G2041 deeds G2258 [G5713] were G4190 evil.}
  20 G1063 { For G3956 every one G4238 [G5723] that doeth G5337 evil G3404 [G5719] hateth G5457 the light G2532 G3756 , neither G2064 [G5736] cometh G4314 to G5457 the light G3363 , lest G846 his G2041 deeds G1651 [G5686] should be reproved.}
  21 G1161 { But G4160 [G5723] he that doeth G225 truth G2064 [G5736] cometh G4314 to G5457 the light G2443 , that G846 his G2041 deeds G5319 [G5686] may be made manifest G3754 , that G2076 [G5748] they are G2038 [G5772] wrought G1722 in G2316 God.}

Acts 26:18

  18 G455 [G5658] { To open G846 their G3788 eyes G1994 [G5658] , and to turn G575 them from G4655 darkness G1519 to G5457 light G2532 , and G1849 from the power G4567 of Satan G1909 to G2316 God G846 , that they G2983 [G5629] may receive G859 forgiveness G266 of sins G2532 , and G2819 inheritance G1722 among G37 [G5772] them who are sanctified G4102 by faith G1519 that is in G1691 me.}

John 11:10

  10 G1161 { But G1437 if G5100 a man G4043 [G5725] walketh G1722 in G3571 the night G4350 [G5719] , he stumbleth G3754 , because G2076 [G5748] there is G3756 no G5457 light G1722 in G846 him.}

1 John 1:5-7

  5 G3778 This G2532 then G2076 [G5748] is G1860 the message G3739 which G191 [G5754] we have heard G575 from G846 him G2532 , and G312 [G5719] declare G5213 to you G3754 , that G2316 God G2076 [G5748] is G5457 light G2532 , and G1722 in G846 him G2076 [G5748] is G3756 no G4653 darkness G3762 at all.
  6 G1437 If G2036 [G5632] we say G3754 that G2192 [G5719] we have G2842 fellowship G3326 with G846 him G2532 , and G4043 [G5725] walk G1722 in G4655 darkness G5574 [G5727] , we lie G2532 , and G4160 [G5719] do G3756 not G225 the truth:
  7 G1161 But G1437 if G4043 [G5725] we walk G1722 in G5457 the light G5613 , as G846 he G2076 [G5748] is G1722 in G5457 the light G2192 [G5719] , we have G2842 fellowship G3326 G240 one with another G2532 , and G129 the blood G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G846 his G5207 Son G2511 [G5719] cleanseth G2248 us G575 from G3956 all G266 sin.

John 1:5

  5 G2532 And G5457 the light G5316 [G5719] shineth G1722 in G4653 darkness G2532 ; and G4653 the darkness G2638 [G5627] comprehended G846 it G3756 not.

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