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Deuteronomy 15:10

  10 H5414 [H8800] Thou shalt surely H5414 [H8799] give H3824 him, and thy heart H3415 [H8799] shall not be grieved H5414 [H8800] when thou givest H1558 to him: because H1697 that for this thing H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8762] shall bless H4639 thee in all thy works H4916 , and in all that thou puttest H3027 thy hand to.

Psalms 119:130

  130 H6608 The entrance H1697 of thy words H215 [H8686] giveth light H995 [H8688] ; it giveth understanding H6612 to the simple.

Psalms 107:23-30

  23 H3381 [H8802] They that go down H3220 to the sea H591 in ships H6213 [H8802] , that do H4399 business H7227 on great H4325 waters;
  24 H7200 [H8804] These see H4639 the works H3068 of the LORD H6381 [H8737] , and his wonders H4688 in the deep.
  25 H559 [H8799] For he commandeth H5975 [H8686] , and raiseth H5591 the stormy H7307 wind H7311 [H8787] , which lifteth up H1530 its waves.
  26 H5927 [H8799] They mount up H8064 to the heaven H3381 [H8799] , they go down H8415 again to the depths H5315 : their soul H4127 [H8709] is melted H7451 because of trouble.
  27 H2287 [H8799] They reel to and fro H5128 [H8799] , and stagger H7910 like a drunken man H2451 , and are at their wits H1104 [H8691] ' end.
  28 H6817 [H8799] Then they cry H3068 to the LORD H6862 in their trouble H3318 [H8686] , and he bringeth them out H4691 of their distresses.
  29 H6965 [H8686] He maketh H5591 the storm H1827 a calm H1530 , so that its waves H2814 [H8799] are still.
  30 H8055 [H8799] Then are they glad H8367 [H8799] because they are quiet H5148 [H8686] ; so he bringeth H2656 them to their desired H4231 haven.

Proverbs 21:20

  20 H214 There is a treasure H2530 [H8737] to be desired H8081 and oil H5116 in the dwelling H2450 of the wise H3684 ; but a foolish H120 man H1104 [H8762] spendeth it up.

Acts 16:1-40

  1 G1161 Then G2658 [G5656] he came G1519 to G1191 Derbe G2532 and G3082 Lystra G2532 : and G2400 [G5628] , behold G5100 , a certain G3101 disciple G2258 [G5713] was G1563 there G3686 , named G5095 Timothy G5207 , the son G5100 of a certain G1135 woman G2453 , who was a Jewess G4103 , and believed G1161 ; but G3962 his father G1672 was a Greek:
  2 G3739 Who G3140 [G5712] was well reported G5259 of by G80 the brethren G1722 that were at G3082 Lystra G2532 and G2430 Iconium.
  3 G5126 Him G2309 [G5656] would G3972 Paul G1831 [G5629] have to go forth G4862 with G846 him G2532 ; and G2983 [G5631] took G4059 [G5627] and circumcised G846 him G1223 because G2453 of the Jews G3588 who G5607 [G5752] were G1722 in G1565 those G5117 quarters G1063 : for G1492 [G5715] they G537 all G3754 knew that G846 his G3962 father G5225 [G5707] was G1672 a Greek.
  4 G1161 And G5613 as G1279 [G5711] they went through G4172 the cities G3860 [G5707] , they delivered G846 to them G1378 the decrees G5442 [G5721] to keep G2919 [G5772] , that were ordained G5259 by G652 the apostles G2532 and G4245 elders G3588 who G1722 were at G2419 Jerusalem.
  5 G3303 G3767 And so G4732 0 were G1577 the churches G4732 [G5712] established G4102 in the faith G2532 , and G4052 [G5707] increased G706 in number G2250 G2596 daily.
  6 G1161 Now G1330 [G5631] when they had gone throughout G5435 Phrygia G2532 and G5561 the region G1054 of Galatia G2967 [G5685] , and were forbidden G5259 by G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G2980 [G5658] to preach G3056 the word G1722 in G773 Asia,
  7 G2064 [G5631] After they had come G2596 to G3465 Mysia G3985 [G5707] , they tried G4198 [G5738] to go G2596 into G978 Bithynia G2532 : but G4151 the Spirit G1439 [G5656] allowed G846 them G3756 not.
  8 G1161 And G3928 [G5631] they passing by G3465 Mysia G2597 [G5627] came down G1519 to G5174 Troas.
  9 G2532 And G3705 a vision G3700 [G5681] appeared G3972 to Paul G1223 in G3571 the night G2258 G2476 [G5713] ; There stood G5100 G435 a man G3110 of Macedonia G3870 [G5723] , beseeching G846 him G2532 , G3004 [G5723] saying G1224 [G5631] , Come over G1519 into G3109 Macedonia G997 [G5657] , and help G2254 us.
  10 G1161 And G5613 after G1492 [G5627] he had seen G3705 the vision G2112 , immediately G2212 [G5656] we endeavoured G1831 [G5629] to go G1519 into G3109 Macedonia G4822 [G5723] , assuredly gathering G3754 that G2962 the Lord G4341 [G5766] had called G2248 us G2097 [G5670] to preach the gospel G846 to them.
  11 G3767 Therefore G321 [G5685] loosing G575 from G5174 Troas G2113 [G5656] , we came with a straight course G1519 to G4543 Samothracia G5037 , and G1966 [G5752] the next G1519 day to G3496 Neapolis;
  12 G5037 And G1564 from there G1519 to G5375 Philippi G3748 , which G2076 [G5748] is G4413 the chief G4172 city G3310 of that part G3109 of Macedonia G2862 , and a colony G1161 : and G2258 [G5713] we were G1722 in G5026 that G4172 city G1304 [G5723] abiding G5100 certain G2250 days.
  13 G5037 And G4521 on the sabbath G2250 day G1831 [G5627] we went G1854 out of G4172 the city G3844 by G4215 a river side G3757 , where G4335 prayer G3543 [G5712] was accustomed G1511 [G5750] to be made G2532 ; and G2523 [G5660] we sat down G2980 [G5707] , and spoke G1135 to the women G4905 [G5631] who resorted there.
  14 G2532 And G5100 a certain G1135 woman G3686 named G3070 Lydia G4211 , a seller of purple G4172 , of the city G2363 of Thyatira G4576 [G5740] , who worshipped G2316 God G191 [G5707] , heard G3739 us: whose G2588 heart G2962 the Lord G1272 [G5656] opened G4337 [G5721] , that she attended G2980 [G5746] to the things which were spoken G5259 by G3972 Paul.
  15 G1161 And G5613 when G907 [G5681] she was baptized G2532 , and G846 her G3624 household G3870 [G5656] , she besought G3004 [G5723] us, saying G1487 , If G2919 [G5758] ye have judged G3165 me G1511 [G5750] to be G4103 faithful G2962 to the Lord G1525 [G5631] , come G1519 into G3450 my G3624 house G3306 [G5657] , and abide G2532 there. And G3849 [G5662] she constrained G2248 us.
  16 G1161 And G1096 [G5633] it came to pass G2257 , as we G4198 [G5740] went G1519 to G4335 prayer G5100 , a certain G3814 maid G2192 [G5723] possessed G4151 with a spirit G4436 of divination G528 [G5658] met G2254 us G3748 , who G3930 [G5707] brought G846 her G2962 masters G4183 much G2039 gain G3132 [G5740] by soothsaying:
  17 G3778 The same G2628 [G5660] followed G3972 Paul G2532 and G2254 us G2896 [G5707] , and cried G3004 [G5723] , saying G3778 , These G444 men G1526 [G5748] are G1401 the servants G5310 of the most high G2316 God G3748 , who G2605 [G5719] show G2254 to us G3598 the way G4991 of salvation.
  18 G1161 And G5124 this G4160 G1909 [G5707] she did G4183 many G2250 days G1161 . But G3972 Paul G1278 [G5666] , being grieved G1994 [G5660] , turned G2532 and G2036 [G5627] said G4151 to the spirit G3853 [G5719] , I command G4671 thee G1722 in G3686 the name G2424 of Jesus G5547 Christ G1831 [G5629] to come G575 out of G846 her G2532 . And G1831 [G5627] he came out G846 the same G5610 hour.
  19 G1161 And G846 when her G2962 masters G1492 [G5631] saw G3754 that G1680 the hope G846 of their G2039 gains G1831 [G5627] was gone G1949 [G5637] , they caught G3972 Paul G2532 and G4609 Silas G1670 [G5656] , and drew G1519 them into G58 the marketplace G1909 to G758 the rulers,
  20 G2532 And G4317 [G5631] brought G846 them G4755 to the magistrates G2036 [G5627] , saying G3778 , These G444 men G5225 [G5723] , being G2453 Jews G1613 [G5719] , do exceedingly trouble G2257 our G4172 city,
  21 G2532 And G2605 [G5719] teach G1485 customs G3739 , which G1832 0 are G3756 not G1832 [G5748] lawful G2254 for us G3858 [G5738] to receive G3761 , neither G4160 [G5721] to observe G5607 [G5752] , being G4514 Romans.
  22 G2532 And G3793 the multitude G4911 [G5627] rose up together G2596 against G846 them G2532 : and G4755 the magistrates G4048 [G5660] tore off G846 their G2440 clothes G2753 [G5707] , and commanded G4463 [G5721] to beat them.
  23 G5037 And G2007 [G5631] when they had laid G4183 many G4127 stripes G846 upon them G906 [G5627] , they cast G1519 them into G5438 prison G3853 [G5660] , charging G1200 the jailor G5083 [G5721] to keep G846 them G806 safely:
  24 G3739 Who G2983 [G5761] , having received G5108 such G3852 a charge G906 [G5627] , thrust G846 them G1519 into G2082 the inner G5438 prison G2532 , and G805 0 made G846 their G4228 feet G805 [G5662] fast G1519 in G3586 the stocks.
  25 G1161 And G2596 at G3317 midnight G3972 Paul G2532 and G4609 Silas G4336 [G5740] prayed G5214 [G5707] , and sang praises G2316 to God G1161 : and G1198 the prisoners G1874 [G5711] heard G846 them.
  26 G1161 And G869 suddenly G1096 [G5633] there was G3173 a great G4578 earthquake G5620 , so that G2310 the foundations G1201 of the prison G4531 [G5683] were shaken G5037 : and G3916 immediately G3956 all G2374 the doors G455 [G5681] were opened G2532 , and G3956 every one's G1199 bands G447 [G5681] were loosed.
  27 G1161 And G1200 the keeper of the prison G1096 [G5637] awaking G1853 out of his sleep G2532 , and G1492 [G5631] seeing G5438 the prison G2374 doors G455 [G5772] open G4685 [G5671] , he drew out G3162 his sword G3195 [G5707] , and would G337 [G5721] have killed G1438 himself G3543 [G5723] , supposing G1198 that the prisoners G1628 [G5755] had fled.
  28 G1161 But G3972 Paul G5455 [G5656] cried G3173 with a loud G5456 voice G3004 [G5723] , saying G4238 [G5661] , Do G4572 thyself G3367 no G2556 harm G1063 : for G2070 [G5748] we are G537 all G1759 here.
  29 G1161 Then G154 [G5660] he called G5457 for a light G1530 [G5656] , and sprang in G2532 , and G1096 [G5637] came G1790 trembling G4363 [G5627] , and fell down before G3972 Paul G2532 and G4609 Silas,
  30 G2532 And G4254 [G5631] brought G846 them G1854 out G5346 [G5713] , and said G2962 , Sirs G5101 , what G1163 [G5748] must G3165 I G4160 [G5721] do G2443 to G4982 [G5686] be saved?
  31 G1161 And G2036 [G5627] they said G4100 [G5657] , Believe G1909 on G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2532 , and G4771 thou G4982 [G5701] shalt be saved G2532 , and G4675 thy G3624 house.
  32 G2532 And G2980 [G5656] they spoke G846 to him G3056 the word G2962 of the Lord G2532 , and G3956 to all G1722 that were in G846 his G3614 house.
  33 G2532 And G3880 [G5631] he took G846 G1722 them G1565 the same G5610 hour G3571 of the night G3068 [G5656] , and washed G575 G4127 their stripes G2532 ; and G907 [G5681] was baptized G846 , he G2532 and G3956 all G846 his G3916 , without delay.
  34 G5037 And G321 [G5631] when he had brought G846 them G1519 into G3624 his house G3908 0 , he set G5132 food G3908 [G5656] before them G2532 , and G21 [G5662] rejoiced G4100 [G5761] , believing G2316 in God G3832 0 with all G846 his G3832 house.
  35 G1161 And G1096 [G5637] when it was G2250 day G4755 , the magistrates G649 [G5656] sent G4465 the officers G3004 [G5723] , saying G630 0 , Let G1565 those G444 men G630 [G5657] go.
  36 G1161 And G1200 the keeper of the prison G518 [G5656] told G5128 this G3056 saying G4314 to G3972 Paul G3754 , G4755 The magistrates G649 [G5758] have sent G2443 to G630 [G5686] let you go G3568 : now G3767 therefore G1831 [G5631] depart G4198 [G5737] , and go G1722 in G1515 peace.
  37 G1161 But G3972 Paul G5346 [G5713] said G4314 to G846 them G1194 [G5660] , They have beaten G2248 us G1219 openly G178 uncondemned G5225 [G5723] , being G4514 G444 Romans G906 [G5627] , and have cast G1519 us into G5438 prison G2532 ; and G3568 now G1544 0 do they thrust G2248 us G1544 [G5719] out G2977 privately G3756 ? nay G1063 verily G235 ; but G2064 [G5631] let them come G846 themselves G1806 0 and bring G2248 us G1806 [G5628] out.
  38 G1161 And G4465 the officers G312 [G5656] told G5023 these G4487 words G4755 to the magistrates G2532 : and G5399 [G5675] they feared G191 [G5660] , when they heard G3754 that G1526 [G5748] they were G4514 Romans.
  39 G2532 And G2064 [G5631] they came G3870 [G5656] and besought G846 them G2532 , and G1806 [G5631] brought them out G2065 [G5707] , and desired G1831 [G5629] them to depart out G4172 of the city.
  40 G1161 And G1831 [G5631] they went G1537 out of G5438 the prison G1525 [G5627] , and entered G1519 into G3070 the house of Lydia G2532 : and G1492 [G5631] when they had seen G80 the brethren G3870 [G5656] , they comforted G846 them G2532 , and G1831 [G5627] departed.

Genesis 1:26

  26 H430 And God H559 [H8799] said H6213 [H8799] , Let us make H120 man H6754 in our image H1823 , after our likeness H7287 [H8799] : and let them have dominion H1710 over the fish H3220 of the sea H5775 , and over the fowl H8064 of the air H929 , and over the cattle H776 , and over all the earth H7431 , and over every creeping thing H7430 [H8802] that creepeth H776 upon the earth.

Proverbs 4:20-22

  20 H1121 My son H7181 [H8685] , attend H1697 to my words H5186 [H8685] ; incline H241 thy ear H561 to my sayings.
  21 H3868 [H8686] Let them not depart H5869 from thy eyes H8104 [H8798] ; keep H8432 them in the midst H3824 of thy heart.
  22 H2416 For they are life H4672 [H8802] to those that find H4832 them, and health H1320 to all their flesh.

Luke 19:13

  13 G1161 { And G2564 [G5660] he called G1438 his G1176 ten G1401 servants G1325 [G5656] , and delivered G846 them G1176 ten G3414 pounds G2532 , and G2036 [G5627] said G4314 to G846 them G4231 [G5663] , Occupy G2193 till G2064 [G5736] I come.}

Psalms 15:1-5

  1 H3068 LORD H1481 [H8799] , who shall abide H168 in thy tabernacle H7931 [H8799] ? who shall dwell H6944 in thy holy H2022 hill?
  2 H1980 [H8802] He that walketh H8549 uprightly H6466 [H8802] , and worketh H6664 righteousness H1696 [H8802] , and speaketh H571 the truth H3824 in his heart.
  3 H7270 [H8804] He that backbiteth H3956 not with his tongue H6213 [H8804] , nor doeth H7451 evil H7453 to his neighbour H5375 [H8804] , nor taketh up H2781 a reproach H7138 against his neighbour.
  4 H5869 In whose eyes H3988 [H8737] a vile person H959 [H8737] is despised H3513 [H8762] ; but he honoureth H3373 them that fear H3068 the LORD H7650 [H8738] . He that sweareth H7489 [H8687] to his own hurt H4171 [H8686] , and changeth not.
  5 H5414 [H8804] He that putteth not out H3701 his money H5392 to interest H3947 [H8804] , nor taketh H7810 reward H5355 against the innocent H6213 [H8802] . He that doeth H5769 these things shall never H4131 [H8735] be moved.

Habakkuk 2:2

  2 H3068 And the LORD H6030 [H8799] answered H559 [H8799] me, and said H3789 [H8798] , Write H2377 the vision H874 [H8761] , and make it plain H3871 upon tablets H7323 [H8799] , that he may run H7121 [H8802] that readeth it.

Deuteronomy 2:7

  7 H3068 For the LORD H430 thy God H1288 [H8765] hath blessed H4639 thee in all the works H3027 of thy hand H3045 [H8804] : he knoweth H3212 [H8800] thy walking H1419 through this great H4057 wilderness H705 : these forty H8141 years H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H2637 [H8804] hath been with thee; thou hast lacked H1697 nothing.

Matthew 6:24

  24 G3762 { No man G1410 [G5736] can G1398 [G5721] serve G1417 two G2962 masters G1063 : for G2228 either G3404 [G5692] he will hate G1520 the one G2532 , and G25 [G5692] love G2087 the other G2228 ; or else G472 [G5695] he will hold G1520 to the one G2532 , and G2706 [G5692] despise G2087 the other G3756 G1410 [G5736] . Ye cannot G1398 [G5721] serve G2316 God G2532 and G3126 riches.}

Colossians 3:17

  17 G2532 And G3748 G3956 whatever G302 G4160 [G5725] ye do G1722 in G3056 word G2228 G1722 or G2041 deed G3956 , do all G1722 in G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus G2168 [G5723] , giving thanks G2316 to God G2532 and G3962 the Father G1223 by G846 him.

Ecclesiastes 9:10

  10 H3027 Whatever thy hand H4672 [H8799] findeth H6213 [H8800] to do H6213 [H8798] , do H3581 it with thy might H4639 ; for there is no work H2808 , nor device H1847 , nor knowledge H2451 , nor wisdom H7585 , in the grave H1980 [H8802] , where thou goest.

Deuteronomy 8:18

  18 H2142 [H8804] But thou shalt remember H3068 the LORD H430 thy God H5414 [H8802] : for it is he that giveth H3581 thee power H6213 [H8800] to get H2428 wealth H6965 [H8687] , that he may establish H1285 his covenant H7650 [H8738] which he swore H1 to thy fathers H3117 , as it is this day.

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