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Leviticus 27:30

  30 H4643 "‘All the tithe H776 of the land, H2233 whether of the seed H776 of the land H6529 or of the fruit H6086 of the trees, H3068 is Yahweh's. H6944 It is holy H3068 to Yahweh.

Deuteronomy 15:10

  10 H5414 You shall surely H5414 give H3824 him, and your heart H3415 shall not be grieved H5414 when you give H1558 to him; because H1697 that for this thing H3068 Yahweh H430 your God H1288 will bless H4639 you in all your work, H4916 and in all that you put H3027 your hand to.

Deuteronomy 14:28-29

  28 H7097 At the end H7969 of every three H8141 years H3318 you shall bring forth H4643 all the tithe H8393 of your increase H8141 in the same year, H3240 and shall lay it up H8179 within your gates:
  29 H3881 and the Levite, H2506 because he has no portion H5159 nor inheritance H1616 with you, and the foreigner H3490 living among you, and the fatherless, H490 and the widow, H8179 who are within your gates, H935 shall come, H398 and shall eat H7646 and be satisfied; H3068 that Yahweh H430 your God H1288 may bless H4639 you in all the work H3027 of your hand H6213 which you do.

Nehemiah 13:12

  12 H935 Then brought H3063 all Judah H4643 the tithe H1715 of the grain H8492 and the new wine H3323 and the oil H214 to the treasuries.

Proverbs 3:9

  9 H3513 Honor H3068 Yahweh H1952 with your substance, H7225 with the first fruits H8393 of all your increase:

Matthew 6:24

  24 G3762 "No one G1410 can G1398 serve G1417 two G2962 masters, G1063 for G2228 either G3404 he will hate G1520 the one G2532 and G25 love G2087 the other; G2228 or else G472 he will be devoted to G1520 one G2532 and G2706 despise G3756 the other. G1410 You can't G1398 serve G2316 both God G2532 and G3126 Mammon.

Luke 12:33

  33 G4453 Sell G5224 that G5216 which you G5224 have, G2532 and G1325 give G4160 gifts G4160 to the needy. Make G1438 for yourselves G905 purses G3361 which don't G3822 grow G3822 old, G2344 a treasure G1722 in G3772 the heavens G413 that doesn't G3699 fail, where G3756 no G2812 thief G1448 approaches, G3761 neither G4597 moth G1311 destroys.

Luke 11:42

  42 G235 But G3759 woe G5213 to you G5330 Pharisees! G3754 For G5213 you G586 tithe G2238 mint G2532 and G4076 rue G2532 and G3956 every G3001 herb, G3928 but you bypass G2920 justice G2532 and G26 the love G2316 of God. G1163 You G4160 ought to have done G5023 these, G2548 and G3361 not G863 to have left G2548 the other G863 undone.

Luke 18:12

  12 G3522 I fast G1364 twice G4521 a week. G586 I give tithes G3956 of all G3745 that G2932 I get.'

Luke 21:1-4

  1 G1161 He G308 looked up, G1492 and saw G4145 the rich people G906 who were putting G846 their G1435 gifts G1519 into G1049 the treasury.
  2 G1161 He G1492 saw G2532 a G5100 certain G3998 poor G5503 widow G1563 casting G906 in G1417 two G3016 small brass coins.
  3 G2532 He G2036 said, G230 "Truly G3004 I tell G5213 you, G3754   G3778 this G4434 poor G5503 widow G906 put in G4119 more G3956 than all of them,
  4 G1063 for G537 all G3778 these G906 put in G1519   G1435 gifts G2316 for God G1537 from G846 their G4052 abundance, G1161 but G846 she, G1537 out of G846 her G5303 poverty, G906 put in G537 all G3739 that G3778 she had G979 to live on."

Acts 20:35

  35In all things I gave you an example, that so laboring you ought to help the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that he himself said, "‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'"

Hebrews 7:5-9

  5 G2532   G3303 They indeed G2983   G1537 of G5207 the sons G3017 of Levi G2983 who receive G2405 the priest's office G2192 have G1785 a commandment G586 to take tithes of G2992 the people G2596 according to G3551 the law, G5124 that G2076 is, G80 of G846 their G80 brothers, G2539 though G1831 these have come out G1537 of G3751 the body G11 of Abraham,
  6 G1161 but G1075 he whose genealogy is G3361 not G1075 counted G1537 from G846 them G1183 has accepted tithes G11 from Abraham, G2532 and G2127 has blessed G2192 him who has G1860 the promises.
  7 G1161 But G5565 without G3956 any G485 dispute G1640 the lesser G2127 is blessed G5259 by G2909 the greater.
  8 G2532   G5602 Here G3303   G444 people G599 who die G2983 receive G1181 tithes, G1161 but G1563 there G3140 one G3140 receives tithes of whom it is testified G3754 that G2198 he lives.
  9 G2532   G5613 We can G2031 say G1223 that through G11 Abraham G2532 even G3017 Levi, G2983 who receives G1181 tithes, G1183 has paid tithes,

Nehemiah 10:38

  38 H3548 The priest H1121 the son H175 of Aaron H3881 shall be with the Levites, H3881 when the Levites H6237 take tithes: H3881 and the Levites H5927 shall bring up H4643 the tithe H4643 of the tithes H1004 to the house H430 of our God, H3957 to the rooms, H214 into the treasure H1004 house.

Amos 4:4

  4 H935 "Go H1008 to Bethel, H6586 and sin; H1537 to Gilgal, H6586 and sin H7235 more. H935 Bring H2077 your sacrifices H1242 every morning, H4643 your tithes H7969 every three H3117 days,

Genesis 28:22

  22 H68 then this stone, H7760 which I have set H4676 up for a pillar, H430 will be God's H1004 house. H5414 Of all that you will give H6237 me I will surely H6237 give the tenth to you."

Genesis 14:20

  20 H1288 and blessed H410 be God H5945 Most High, H4042 who has delivered H6862 your enemies H3027 into your hand." H5414 Abram gave H4643 him a tenth of all.

Malachi 3:8

  8 H120 Will a man H6906 rob H430 God? H6906 Yet you rob H559 me! But you say, H6906 ‘How have we robbed H4643 you?' In tithes H8641 and offerings.

2 Corinthians 9:7

  7 G1538 Let each man G2531 give according as G4255 he has determined G2588 in his heart; G3361 not G1537   G3077 grudgingly, G2228 or G1537 under G318 compulsion; G1063 for G2316 God G25 loves G2431 a cheerful G1395 giver.

Malachi 3:10

  10 H935 Bring H4643 the whole tithe H214 into the storehouse, H2964 that there may be food H1004 in my house, H974 and test H2063 me now in this," H559 says H3068 Yahweh H6635 of Armies, H6605 "if I will not open H699 you the windows H8064 of heaven, H7324 and pour you out H1293 a blessing, H1767 that there shall not be room enough for.

Malachi 3:8-9

  8 H120 Will a man H6906 rob H430 God? H6906 Yet you rob H559 me! But you say, H6906 ‘How have we robbed H4643 you?' In tithes H8641 and offerings.
  9 H779 You are cursed H3994 with the curse; H6906 for you rob H1471 me, even this whole nation.

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