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Luke 12:4

  4 G1161 "I G3004 tell G5213 you, G3450 my G5384 friends, G3361 don't G5399 be G5399 afraid G575 of G615 those who kill G4983 the body, G2532 and G3326 after G5023 that G2192 have G3361 no G4053 more G5100 that G4160 they can do.

John 16:2

  2 G4160 They will put G5209 you G656 out of the synagogues. G235 Yes, G5610 the time G2064 comes G2443 that G3956 whoever G615 kills G5209 you G1380 will think G4374 that he offers G2999 service G2316 to God.

Romans 13:1-7

  1 G5293 Let G3956 every G5590 soul G5293 be in subjection to G5242 the higher G1849 authorities, G1063 for G2076 there is G3756 no G1849 authority G1487   G3361 except G575 from G2316 God, G1849 and those G5607 who exist G1526 are G5021 ordained G5259 by G2316 God.
  2 G5620 Therefore G498 he who resists G1849 the authority, G436 withstands G1296 the ordinance G2316 of God; G1161 and G436 those who withstand G2983 will receive G1438 to themselves G2917 judgment.
  3 G1063 For G758 rulers G1526 are G3756 not G5401 a terror G2041 to G18 the good G2041 work, G235 but G2041 to G2556 the evil. G2309 Do you G3361 desire to have no G5399 fear of G1849 the authority? G4160 Do G18 that which is good, G2532 and G2192 you will have G1868 praise G1537 from G846 the same,
  4 G1063 for G2076 he is G1249 a servant G2316 of God G4671 to you G1519 for G18 good. G1161 But G1437 if G4160 you do G2556 that which is evil, G5399 be afraid, G1063 for G3756 he doesn't G5409 bear G3162 the sword G1500 in vain; G1063 for G2076 he is G1249 a servant G2316 of God, G1558 an avenger G3709 for wrath G1519 to G4238 him who does G2556 evil.
  5 G1352 Therefore G318 you need G5293 to be in subjection, G3756 not G3440 only G1223 because G3709 of the wrath, G235 but G2532 also G1223 for G4893 conscience' sake.
  6 G1063   G1223 For G5124 this reason G5055 you G2532 also G5411 pay taxes, G1063 for G1526 they are G3011 servants G2316 of God's G4342 service, attending continually G1519 on G5124 this G846 very thing.
  7 G591 Give G3767 therefore G3956 to everyone G3782 what you owe: G5411 taxes G3588 to whom G5411 taxes G5056 are due; customs G3588 to whom G5056 customs; G5401 respect G3588 to whom G5401 respect; G5092 honor G3588 to whom G5092 honor.

Isaiah 2:4

  4 H8199 He will judge H1471 between the nations, H3198 and will decide H7227 concerning many H1471 peoples; H3807 and they shall beat H2719 their swords H855 into plowshares, H2595 and their spears H4211 into pruning hooks. H1471 Nation H5375 shall not lift up H2719 sword H1471 against nation, H3925 neither shall they learn H4421 war any more.

Matthew 5:38-39

  38 G191 "You have heard G3754 that G4483 it was said, G3788 'An eye G473 for G3788 an eye, G2532 and G3599 a tooth G473 for G3599 a tooth.'
  39 G1161 But G1473 I G3004 tell G5213 you, G436 don't resist G4190 him who is evil; G235 but G3748 whoever G4474 strikes G4571 you G1909 on G4675 your G1188 right G4600 cheek, G4762 turn G846 to him G243 the other G2532 also.

Psalms 10:17-18

  17 H3068 Yahweh, H8085 you have heard H8378 the desire H6035 of the humble. H3559 You will prepare H3820 their heart. H241 You will cause your ear H7181 to hear,
  18 H8199 to judge H3490 the fatherless H1790 and the oppressed, H582 that man H776 who is of the earth H6206 may terrify H3254 no more.

Matthew 5:44-48

  44 G1161 But G1473 I G3004 tell G5213 you, G25 love G5216 your G2190 enemies, G2127 bless G2672 those who curse G5209 you, G4160 do G2573 good G3404 to those who hate G5209 you, G2532 and G4336 pray G5228 for G5209 those who mistreat you G2532 and G1377 persecute G5209 you,
  45 G3704 that G1096 you may be G5207 children G5216 of your G3962 Father G3588 who is G1722 in G3772 heaven. G3754 For G393 he makes G846 his G2246 sun G393 to rise G1909 on G4190 the evil G2532 and G18 the good, G2532 and G1026 sends rain G1909 on G1342 the just G2532 and G94 the unjust.
  46 G1063 For G1437 if G25 you love G25 those who love G5209 you, G5101 what G3408 reward G4160 do G2192 you G3780 have? Don't G2532 even G5057 the tax collectors G846 do the same?
  47 G1437 If G3440 you only G782 greet G5216 your G80 friends, G5101 what G4053 more G4160 do G4160 you do G3780 than others? Don't G2532 even G5057 the tax collectors G4160 do G3779 the same?
  48 G3767 Therefore G5210 you G2071 shall be G5046 perfect, G5618 just as G5216 your G3962 Father G1722 in G3772 heaven G2076 is G5046 perfect."

Psalms 34:14

  14 H5493 Depart H7451 from evil, H6213 and do H2896 good. H1245 seek H7965 peace, H7291 and pursue it.

Matthew 24:6-8

  6 G1161 You G3195 will G191 hear G4171 of wars G1161 and G189 rumors G4171 of wars. G3708 See that G3361 you aren't G2360 troubled, G1063 for G3956 all G1163 this must G1096 happen, G235 but G5056 the end G2076 is G3768 not yet.
  7 G1063 For G1484 nation G1453 will rise G1909 against G1484 nation, G2532 and G932 kingdom G1909 against G932 kingdom; G2532 and G2071 there will be G3042 famines, G3061 plagues, G2532 and G4578 earthquakes G2596 in various G5117 places.
  8 G3956 But all G5023 these G746 things are the beginning G5604 of birth pains.
  9 G5119 Then G3860 they will deliver G5209 you G1519 up to G2347 oppression, G2532 and G615 will kill G5209 you. You G2071 will be G3404 hated G3956 by all G5259 of G1484 the nations G1223 for G3450 my G3686 name's G1223 sake.
  10 G5119 Then G4183 many G4624 will G4624 stumble, G2532 and G4624 will G3860 deliver G240 up one another, G2532 and G3404 will hate G240 one another.
  11 G4183 Many G5578 false prophets G1453 will arise, G2532 and G4183 will lead many G4105 astray.
  12 G1223 Because G458 iniquity G4129 will be multiplied, G26 the love G4183 of many G5594 will grow cold.
  13 G1161 But G5278 he who endures G1519 to G5056 the end, G3778 the same G4982 will be saved.
  14 G5124 This G2098 Good News G932 of the Kingdom G2784 will be preached G1722 in G3650 the whole G3625 world G1519 for G3142 a testimony G1484 to G3956 all G1484 the nations, G2532 and G5119 then G5056 the end G2240 will G2240 come.

Romans 12:19-21

  19 G3361 Don't G1556 seek revenge G1438 yourselves, G27 beloved, G235 but G1325 give G5117 place G3709 to God's wrath. G1063 For G1125 it is written, G1557 "Vengeance G1698 belongs to me; G1473 I G467 will repay, G3004 says G2962 the Lord."
  20 G3767 Therefore G1437 "If G4675 your G2190 enemy G3983 is hungry, G5595 feed G846 him. G1437 If G1372 he is thirsty, G4222 give G846 him G4222 a drink; G1063 for G4160 in doing G5124 so, G4987 you will heap G440 coals G4442 of fire G1909 on G846 his G2776 head."
  21 G3361 Don't G3528 be G3528 overcome G5259 by G2556 evil, G235 but G3528 overcome G2556 evil G1722 with G18 good.

Proverbs 6:16-19

  16 H8337 There are six H3068 things which Yahweh H8130 hates; H7651 yes, seven H8441 which are an abomination H5315 to him:
  17 H7311 haughty H5869 eyes, H8267 a lying H3956 tongue, H3027 hands H8210 that shed H5355 innocent H1818 blood;
  18 H3820 a heart H2790 that devises H205 wicked H4284 schemes, H7272 feet H4116 that are swift H7323 in running H7451 to mischief,
  19 H8267 a false H5707 witness H6315 who utters H3577 lies, H7971 and he who sows H4090 discord H251 among brothers.

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