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Luke 1:3

  3 G1380 it seemed good G2504 to me also, G3877 having traced G3877 the course G3956 of all things G199 accurately G509 from the first, G1125 to write G4671 to you G2517 in order, G2903 most excellent G2321 Theophilus;

Colossians 1:16-17

  16 G3754 For G1722 by G846 him G3956 all things G2936 were G2936 created, G1722 in G3772 the heavens G2532 and G1093 on the earth, G3707 things visible G2532 and G517 things invisible, G1535 whether G2362 thrones G1535 or G2963 dominions G1535 or G746 principalities G1535 or G1849 powers; G3956 all things G2936 have been created G1223 through G846 him, G2532 and G1519 for G846 him.
  17 G2532   G846 He G2076 is G4253 before G3956 all things, G2532 and G1722 in G846 him G3956 all things G4921 are held together.

Hebrews 13:7

  7 G3421 Remember G5216 your G2233 leaders, G3748 men who G2980 spoke G5216 to you G3056 the word G2316 of God, G333 and considering G1545 the results G3739 of their G391 conduct, G3401 imitate G4102 their faith.

Proverbs 24:30-32

  30 H5674 I went H7704 by the field H376 of the sluggard, H3754 by the vineyard H120 of the man H2638 void H3820 of understanding;
  31 H5927 Behold, it was all grown over H7063 with thorns. H6440 Its surface H3680 was covered H2738 with nettles, H68 and its stone H1444 wall H2040 was broken down.
  32 H2372 Then I saw, H7896 and considered well. H7200 I saw, H3947 and received H4148 instruction:

Ecclesiastes 3:1-22

  1 H2165 For everything there is a season, H2165 and a time H2656 for every purpose H8064 under heaven:
  2 H6256 a time H3205 to be born, H6256 and a time H4191 to die; H6256 a time H5193 to plant, H6256 and a time H6131 to pluck up H5193 that which is planted;
  3 H6256 a time H2026 to kill, H6256 and a time H7495 to heal; H6256 a time H6555 to break down, H6256 and a time H1129 to build up;
  4 H6256 a time H1058 to weep, H6256 and a time H7832 to laugh; H6256 a time H5594 to mourn, H6256 and a time H7540 to dance;
  5 H6256 a time H7993 to cast away H68 stones, H6256 and a time H3664 to gather H68 stones H3664 together; H6256 a time H2263 to embrace, H6256 and a time H7368 to refrain H2263 from embracing;
  6 H6256 a time H1245 to seek, H6256 and a time H6 to lose; H6256 a time H8104 to keep, H6256 and a time H7993 to cast away;
  7 H6256 a time H7167 to tear, H6256 and a time H8609 to sew; H6256 a time H2814 to keep silence, H6256 and a time H1696 to speak;
  8 H6256 a time H157 to love, H6256 and a time H8130 to hate; H6256 a time H4421 for war, H6256 and a time H7965 for peace.
  9 H3504 What profit H6213 has he who works H834 in that in which H6001 he labors?
  10 H7200 I have seen H6045 the burden H430 which God H5414 has given H1121 to the sons H120 of men H6031 to be afflicted with.
  11 H6213 He has made H3303 everything beautiful H6256 in its time. H5414 He has also set H5769 eternity H3820 in their hearts, H1097 yet so that H120 man H4672 can't find out H4639 the work H1097 that H430 God H7218 has done from the beginning H5490 even to the end.
  12 H3045 I know H2896 that there is nothing better H8055 for them than to rejoice, H6213 and to do H2896 good H2416 as long as they live.
  13 H120 Also that every man H398 should eat H8354 and drink, H7200 and enjoy H2896 good H5999 in all his labor, H4991 is the gift H430 of God.
  14 H3045 I know H430 that whatever God H6213 does, H5769 it shall be forever. H369 Nothing H3254 can be added H1639 to it, nor anything taken H430 from it; and God H6213 has done H3372 it, that men should fear H6440 before him.
  15 H3528 That which is H3528 has been long ago, and that which is to be has been long ago: H430 and God H1245 seeks H7291 again that which is passed away.
  16 H7200 Moreover I saw H8121 under the sun, H4725 in the place H4941 of justice, H7562 that wickedness H4725 was there; and in the place H6664 of righteousness, H7562 that wickedness was there.
  17 H559 I said H3820 in my heart, H430 "God H8199 will judge H6662 the righteous H7563 and the wicked; H6256 for there is a time H2656 there for every purpose H4639 and for every work."
  18 H559 I said H3820 in my heart, H1700 "As for H1121 the sons H120 of men, H430 God H1305 tests H7200 them, so that they may see H1992 that they H929 themselves are like animals.
  19 H4745 For that which happens H1121 to the sons H120 of men H4745 happens H929 to animals. H259 Even one thing H4745 happens H4194 to them. As the one dies, H2088 so the other H4194 dies. H259 Yes, they have all one H7307 breath; H120 and man H4195 has no advantage H929 over the animals: H1892 for all is vanity.
  20 H1980 All go H259 to one H4725 place. H6083 All are from the dust, H7725 and all turn H6083 to dust H7725 again.
  21 H3045 Who knows H7307 the spirit H1121 of man, H5927 whether it goes H4605 upward, H7307 and the spirit H929 of the animal, H3381 whether it goes H4295 downward H776 to the earth?"
  22 H7200 Therefore I saw H2896 that there is nothing better, H120 than that a man H8055 should rejoice H4639 in his works; H2506 for that is his portion: H935 for who can bring H7200 him to see H310 what will be after him?

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532   G3361 Don't G4964 be G4964 conformed G165 to G5129 this G165 world, G235 but G3339 be transformed G342 by the renewing G3563 of G5216 your G3563 mind, G1519 so that G5209 you G1381 may prove G5101 what G2307 is the G18 good, G2532   G2101 well-pleasing, G2532 and G5046 perfect G2307 will G2316 of God.

Titus 2:3-5

  3 G3361 and that G4247 older women G5615 likewise G2412 be reverent G1722 in G2688 behavior, G3361 not G1228 slanderers G3361 nor G1402 enslaved G4183 to much G3631 wine, G2567 teachers of that which is good;
  4 G2443 that G4994 they may train G3501 the young women G1511   G4994   G5362 to love their husbands, G5388 to love their children,
  5 G4998 to be sober minded, G53 chaste, G3626 workers at home, G18 kind, G5293 being in subjection G2398 to their own G435 husbands, G2443 that G2316 God's G3056 word G3361 may not G987 be G987 blasphemed.

Genesis 1:1-31

  1 H7225 In the beginning H430 God H1254 created H8064 the heavens H853 and H776 the earth.
  2 H776 Now the earth H1961 was H8414 formless H922 and empty. H2822 Darkness H6440 was on the surface H8415 of the deep. H430 God's H7307 Spirit H7363 was hovering H5921 over H6440 the surface H4325 of the waters.
  3 H430 God H559 said, H1961 "Let there be H216 light," H216 and there was light.
  4 H430 God H7200 saw H216 the light, H3588 and saw H2896 that it was good. H430 God H216 divided the light H996 from H2822 the darkness.
  5 H430 God H7121 called H216 the light H3117 "day," H2822 and the darkness H7121 he called H3915 "night." H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H259 one H3117 day.
  6 H430 God H559 said, H7549 "Let there be an expanse H8432 in the middle H4325 of the waters, H914 and let it divide H4325 the waters H4325 from the waters."
  7 H430 God H6213 made H7549 the expanse, H914 and divided H4325 the waters H834 which H8478 were under H7549 the expanse H4325 from the waters H834 which H5921 were above H7549 the expanse; H3651 and it was so.
  8 H430 God H7121 called H7549 the expanse H8064 "sky." H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H8145 a second H3117 day.
  9 H430 God H559 said, H4325 "Let the waters H8064 under the sky H6960 be gathered together H413 to H259 one H4725 place, H3004 and let the dry H7200 land appear;" and it was so.
  10 H430 God H7121 called H3004 the dry H776 land "earth," H4723 and the gathering together H4325 of the waters H7121 he called H3220 "seas." H430 God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.
  11 H430 God H559 said, H776 "Let the earth H1876 yield H1877 grass, H6212 herbs H2232 yielding H2233 seed, H6529 and fruit H6086 trees H6213 bearing H6529 fruit H4327 after their kind, H834 with H2233 its seed H776 in it, on the earth;" and it was so.
  12 H776 The earth H3318 yielded H1877 grass, H6212 herbs H2232 yielding H2233 seed H4327 after their kind, H6086 and trees H6213 bearing H6529 fruit, H2233 with its seed H4327 in it, after their kind; H430 and God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.
  13 H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H7992 a third H3117 day.
  14 H430 God H559 said, H3974 "Let there be lights H7549 in the expanse H8064 of sky H914 to divide H3117 the day H3915 from the night; H226 and let them be for signs, H4150 and for seasons, H3117 and for days H8141 and years;
  15 H3974 and let them be for lights H7549 in the expanse H8064 of sky H215 to give light H776 on the earth;" and it was so.
  16 H430 God H6213 made H8147 the two H1419 great H3974 lights: H1419 the greater H3974 light H4475 to rule H3117 the day, H6996 and the lesser H3974 light H4475 to rule H3915 the night. H3556 He also made the stars.
  17 H430 God H5414 set H7549 them in the expanse H8064 of sky H215 to give light H776 to the earth,
  18 H4910 and to rule H3117 over the day H3915 and over the night, H914 and to divide H216 the light H2822 from the darkness. H430 God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.
  19 H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H7243 a fourth H3117 day.
  20 H430 God H559 said, H4325 "Let the waters H5315 swarm H8317 with swarms H2416 of living H8318 creatures, H5775 and let birds H5774 fly H5921 above H776 the earth H6440 in the open H7549 expanse H8064 of sky."
  21 H430 God H1254 created H1419 the large H8577 sea creatures, H2416 and every living H5315 creature H7430 that moves, H4325 with which the waters H8317 swarmed, H4327 after their kind, H3671 and every winged H5775 bird H4327 after its kind. H430 God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.
  22 H430 God H1288 blessed H559 them, saying, H6509 "Be fruitful, H7235 and multiply, H4390 and fill H4325 the waters H3220 in the seas, H5775 and let birds H7235 multiply H776 on the earth."
  23 H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H2549 a fifth H3117 day.
  24 H430 God H559 said, H776 "Let the earth H3318 produce H2416 living H5315 creatures H4327 after their kind, H929 livestock, H7431 creeping things, H2416 and animals H776 of the earth H4327 after their kind;" and it was so.
  25 H430 God H6213 made H2416 the animals H776 of the earth H4327 after their kind, H929 and the livestock H4327 after their kind, H7431 and everything that creeps H127 on the ground H4327 after its kind. H430 God H7200 saw H2896 that it was good.
  26 H430 God H559 said, H6213 "Let us make H120 man H6754 in our image, H1823 after our likeness: H7287 and let them have dominion H1710 over the fish H3220 of the sea, H5775 and over the birds H8064 of the sky, H929 and over the livestock, H776 and over all the earth, H7431 and over every creeping thing H7430 that creeps H776 on the earth."
  27 H430 God H1254 created H120 man H6754 in his own image. H430 In God's H6754 image H1254 he created H2145 him; male H5347 and female H1254 he created them.
  28 H430 God H1288 blessed H430 them. God H559 said H6509 to them, "Be fruitful, H7235 multiply, H4390 fill H776 the earth, H3533 and subdue it. H7287 Have dominion H1710 over the fish H3220 of the sea, H5775 over the birds H8064 of the sky, H2416 and over every living thing H7430 that moves H776 on the earth."
  29 H430 God H559 said, H2009 "Behold, H5414 I have given H6212 you every herb H2232 yielding H2233 seed, H6440 which is on the surface H776 of all the earth, H6086 and every tree, H6529 which bears fruit H2232 yielding H2233 seed. H1961 It will be H402 your food.
  30 H2416 To every animal H776 of the earth, H5775 and to every bird H8064 of the sky, H7430 and to everything that creeps H776 on the earth, H2416 in which there is life, H3418 I have given every green H6212 herb H402 for food;" and it was so.
  31 H430 God H7200 saw H834 everything that H6213 he had made, H3966 and, behold, it was very H2896 good. H6153 There was evening H1242 and there was morning, H8345 a sixth H3117 day.

1 Corinthians 14:40

  40 G3956 Let all things G1096 be done G2156 decently G2532 and G2596 in G5010 order.

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