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Exodus 2:3

  3 H3201 When she could H5750 no longer H6845 hide H3947 him, she took H1573 a papyrus H8392 basket H2560 for him, and coated H2564 it with tar H2203 and with pitch. H7760 She put H3206 the child H7760 in it, and laid H5488 it in the reeds H2975 by the river's H8193 bank.

Exodus 2:11-22

  11 H3117 It happened in those days, H4872 when Moses H1431 had grown H3318 up, that he went out H251 to his brothers, H7200 and looked H5450 at their burdens. H7200 He saw H4713 an Egyptian H5221 striking H5680 a Hebrew, H251 one of his brothers.
  12 H6437 He looked H3541 this way H3541 and that way, H7200 and when he saw H376 that there was no one, H5221 he killed H4713 the Egyptian, H2934 and hid H2344 him in the sand.
  13 H3318 He went out H8145 the second H3117 day, H8147 and behold, two H582 men H5680 of the Hebrews H5327 were fighting H559 with each other. He said H7563 to him who did the wrong, H5221 "Why do you strike H7453 your fellow?"
  14 H559 He said, H7760 "Who made H376 you H8269 a prince H8199 and a judge H559 over us? Do you plan H2026 to kill H2026 me, as you killed H4713 the Egyptian?" H4872 Moses H3372 was afraid, H559 and said, H403 "Surely H1697 this thing H3045 is known."
  15 H6547 Now when Pharaoh H8085 heard H1697 this thing, H1245 he sought H2026 to kill H4872 Moses. H4872 But Moses H1272 fled H6440 from the face H6547 of Pharaoh, H3427 and lived H776 in the land H4080 of Midian, H3427 and he sat down H875 by a well.
  16 H3548 Now the priest H4080 of Midian H7651 had seven H1323 daughters. H935 They came H1802 and drew H4390 water, and filled H7298 the troughs H8248 to water H1 their father's H6629 flock.
  17 H7462 The shepherds H935 came H1644 and drove them away; H4872 but Moses H6965 stood up H3467 and helped H8248 them, and watered H6629 their flock.
  18 H935 When they came H7467 to Reuel, H1 their father, H559 he said, H4069 "How H935 is it that you have returned H4116 so early H3117 today?"
  19 H559 They said, H4713 "An Egyptian H5337 delivered H3027 us out of the hand H7462 of the shepherds, H1802 and moreover he drew H1802 water H8248 for us, and watered H6629 the flock."
  20 H559 He said H1323 to his daughters, H5800 "Where is he? Why is it that you have left H376 the man? H7121 Call H398 him, that he may eat H3899 bread."
  21 H4872 Moses H2974 was content H3427 to dwell H376 with the man. H5414 He gave H4872 Moses H6855 Zipporah, H1323 his daughter.
  22 H3205 She bore H1121 a son, H8034 and he named H7121 him H1647 Gershom, H559 for he said, H1616 "I have lived as a foreigner H5237 in a foreign H776 land."

Exodus 5:22

  22 H4872 Moses H7725 returned H136 to Yahweh, H559 and said, H136 "Lord, H7489 why have you brought trouble H5971 on this people? H7971 Why is it that you have sent me?

Numbers 27:22

  22 H4872 Moses H6213 did H3068 as Yahweh H6680 commanded H3947 him; and he took H3091 Joshua, H5975 and set H6440 him before H499 Eleazar H3548 the priest, H6440 and before H5712 all the congregation:

Mark 9:2-8

  2 G2532   G3326 After G1803 six G2250 days G2424 Jesus G3880 took G4074 with him Peter, G2532   G2385 James, G2532 and G2491 John, G2532 and G399 brought G846 them G399 up G1519 onto G3735 a G5308 high G3735 mountain G3441 privately G2596 by G2398 themselves, G3735 and G3339 he was changed into another form G1715 in front G846 of them.
  3 G2532   G846 His G2440 clothing G1096 became G4744 glistening, G3029 exceedingly G3022 white, G3634 like G5510 snow, G5613 such as G3756 no G1102 launderer G1909 on G1093 earth G1410 can G3021 whiten them.
  4 G2243 Elijah G2532 and G3475 Moses G3700 appeared G846 to them, G2532 and G2258 they were G4814 talking G4862 with G2424 Jesus.
  5 G2532   G4074 Peter G611 answered G2424 Jesus, G4461 "Rabbi, G2076 it is G2570 good G2248 for us G1511 to be G5602 here. G2532 Let's G4160 make G5140 three G4633 tents: G2532   G1520 one G4671 for you, G2532   G1520 one G3475 for Moses, G2532 and G1520 one G2243 for Elijah."
  6 G1063 For G3756 he didn't G1492 know G5101 what G2980 to say, G1063 for G2258 they were G1630 very afraid.
  7 G3507 A cloud G1096 came, G1982 overshadowing G846 them, G2532 and G5456 a voice G2064 came G1537 out of G3507 the cloud, G3778 "This G2076 is G3450 my G27 beloved G5207 Son. G191 Listen G846 to him."
  8 G2532   G1819 Suddenly G4017 looking around, G1492 they saw G3762 no one G3326 with G1438 them G3765 any more, G235 except G2424 Jesus G3441 only.

Acts 7:22

  22 G2532   G3475 Moses G3811 was instructed G3956 in all G4678 the wisdom G124 of the Egyptians. G1161 He G2258 was G1415 mighty G1722 in G3056 his words G2532 and G1722   G2041 works.

Acts 26:22

  22 G5177 Having G3767 therefore G5177 obtained G1947 the help G3844 that is from G2316 God, G2476 I stand G891 to G3778 this G2250 day G3140 testifying G5037 both G3398 to small G2532 and G3173 great, G3004 saying G3762 nothing G1622   G5037 but G3739 what G4396 the prophets G2532 and G3475 Moses G2980 said G3195 would G1096 happen,

Hebrews 11:24-26

  24 G4102 By faith, G3475 Moses, G1096 when he had grown G3173 up, G720 refused G3004 to be called G5207 the son G2364 of G5328 Pharaoh's G2364 daughter,
  25 G138 choosing G3123 rather G4778 to share ill treatment with G2316 God's G2992 people, G2228 than G2192 to enjoy G619 the pleasures G266 of sin G4340 for a time;
  26 G2233 accounting G3680 the reproach G5547 of Christ G3173 greater G4149 riches G2344 than the treasures G1722 of G125 Egypt; G1063 for G578 he looked G1519 to G3405 the reward.

Numbers 11:10-15

  10 H4872 Moses H8085 heard H5971 the people H1058 weeping H4940 throughout their families, H376 every man H6607 at the door H168 of his tent; H639 and the anger H3068 of Yahweh H2734 was kindled H3966 greatly; H4872 and Moses H7489 was displeased.
  11 H4872 Moses H559 said H3068 to Yahweh, H5650 "Why have you treated with your servant H7489 so badly? H4672 Why haven't I found H2580 favor H5869 in your sight, H7760 that you lay H4853 the burden H5971 of all this people on me?
  12 H2029 Have I conceived H5971 all this people? H3205 Have I brought them forth, H559 that you should tell H5375 me, ‘Carry H2436 them in your bosom, H539 as a nurse H5375 carries H3243 a nursing infant, H127 to the land H7650 which you swore H1 to their fathers?'
  13 H370 Where H1320 could I get meat H5414 to give H5971 to all this people? H1058 For they weep H559 to me, saying, H5414 ‘Give H1320 us meat, H398 that we may eat.'
  14 H3201 I am not able H5375 to bear H5971 all this people H905 alone, H3515 because it is too heavy for me.
  15 H6213 If you treat H2026 me this way, please kill H2026 me right now, H4672 if I have found H2580 favor H5869 in your sight; H7200 and don't let me see H7451 my wretchedness."

Hebrews 11:23-28

  23 G4102 By faith, G3475 Moses, G1080 when he was born, G2928 was hidden G5150 for three months G5259 by G846 his G3962 parents, G1360 because G1492 they saw G791 that he was a beautiful G3813 child, G2532 and G5399 they were G3756 not G5399 afraid G1297 of G935 the king's G1297 commandment.
  24 G4102 By faith, G3475 Moses, G1096 when he had grown G3173 up, G720 refused G3004 to be called G5207 the son G2364 of G5328 Pharaoh's G2364 daughter,
  25 G138 choosing G3123 rather G4778 to share ill treatment with G2316 God's G2992 people, G2228 than G2192 to enjoy G619 the pleasures G266 of sin G4340 for a time;
  26 G2233 accounting G3680 the reproach G5547 of Christ G3173 greater G4149 riches G2344 than the treasures G1722 of G125 Egypt; G1063 for G578 he looked G1519 to G3405 the reward.
  27 G4102 By faith, G2641 he left G125 Egypt, G3361 not G5399 fearing G2372 the wrath G935 of the king; G1063 for G2594 he endured, G5613 as G3708 seeing G517 him who is invisible.
  28 G4102 By faith, G4160 he kept G3957 the Passover, G2532 and G4378 the sprinkling G2443 of the blood, G3645 that the destroyer G4416 of the firstborn G3361 should not G2345 touch G846 them.

Exodus 3:10-22

  10 H3212 Come H7971 now therefore, and I will send H6547 you to Pharaoh, H5971 that you may bring my people, H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel, H3318 out H4714 of Egypt."
  11 H4872 Moses H559 said H430 to God, H3212 "Who am I, that I should go H6547 to Pharaoh, H1121 and that I should bring the sons H3478 of Israel H3318 out H4714 of Egypt?"
  12 H559 He said, H226 "Certainly I will be with you. This will be the token H3588 to you, that H7971 I have sent H5971 you: when you have brought the people H3318 out H4714 of Egypt, H5647 you shall serve H430 God H2022 on this mountain."
  13 H4872 Moses H559 said H430 to God, H935 "Behold, when I come H1121 to the sons H3478 of Israel, H559 and tell H430 them, 'The God H1 of your fathers H7971 has sent H559 me to you;' and they ask H8034 me, 'What is his name?' H559 What should I tell them?"
  14 H430 God H559 said H4872 to Moses, H1961 "I AM H1961 WHO I AM," H559 and he said, H559 "You shall tell H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel H7971 this: 'I AM has sent me to you.'"
  15 H430 God H559 said H5750 moreover H4872 to Moses, H559 "You shall tell H1121 the sons H3478 of Israel H3068 this, 'Yahweh, H430 the God H1 of your fathers, H430 the God H85 of Abraham, H430 the God H3327 of Isaac, H430 and the God H3290 of Jacob, H7971 has sent H8034 me to you.' This is my name H5769 forever, H2143 and this is my memorial H1755 to all H1755 generations.
  16 H3212 Go, H622 and gather H2205 the elders H3478 of Israel H622 together, H559 and tell H3068 them, 'Yahweh, H430 the God H1 of your fathers, H430 the God H85 of Abraham, H3327 of Isaac, H3290 and of Jacob, H7200 has appeared H559 to me, saying, H6485 "I have surely H6485 visited H6213 you, and seen that which is done H4714 to you in Egypt;
  17 H559 and I have said, H5927 I will bring H6040 you up out of the affliction H4714 of Egypt H776 to the land H3669 of the Canaanite, H2850 the Hittite, H567 the Amorite, H6522 the Perizzite, H2340 the Hivite, H2983 and the Jebusite, H776 to a land H2100 flowing H2461 with milk H1706 and honey."'
  18 H8085 They will listen H6963 to your voice, H935 and you shall come, H2205 you and the elders H3478 of Israel, H4428 to the king H4714 of Egypt, H559 and you shall tell H3068 him, 'Yahweh, H430 the God H5680 of the Hebrews, H7136 has met H3212 with us. Now please let us go H7969 three H3117 days' H1870 journey H4057 into the wilderness, H2076 that we may sacrifice H3068 to Yahweh, H430 our God.'
  19 H3045 I know H4428 that the king H4714 of Egypt H5414 won't give you permission H1980 to go, H2389 no, not by a mighty H3027 hand.
  20 H7971 I will reach out H3027 my hand H5221 and strike H4714 Egypt H6381 with all my wonders H6213 which I will do H7130 in its middle H310 and after H7971 that he will let you go.
  21 H5414 I will give H5971 this people H2580 favor H5869 in the sight H4714 of the Egyptians, H3212 and it will happen that when you go, H3212 you shall not go H7387 empty-handed.
  22 H802 But every woman H7592 shall ask H7934 of her neighbor, H1481 and of her who visits H1004 her house, H3627 jewels H3701 of silver, H3627 jewels H2091 of gold, H8071 and clothing; H7760 and you shall put H1121 them on your sons, H1323 and on your daughters. H5337 You shall plunder H4714 the Egyptians."

Acts 3:22

  22 G1063 For G3475 Moses G3303 indeed G2036 said G3754   G4314 to G3962 the fathers, G2962 ‘The Lord G5216   G2316 God G450 will G450 raise up G4396 a prophet G5213 for you G1537 from among G5216 your G80 brothers, G1691 like me. G191 You shall listen G5613 to G846 him G2596 in G3956 all things G3745 whatever G302   G2980 he says G4314 to G5209 you.

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