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1 Kings 10:24

  24 H776 All the earth H1245 sought H8010 the presence of Solomon, H6440 to H8085 hear H2451 his wisdom, H430 which God H5414 had put H3820 in his heart.

Job 12:3

  3 H1571 But H3824 I have understanding H5307 as well as you; I am not inferior H3644 to you. Yes, who doesn't know such things as these?

Daniel 1:17

  17 H702 Now as for these four H3206 youths, H430 God H5414 gave H4093 them knowledge H7919 and skill H5612 in all learning H2451 and wisdom: H1840 and Daniel H995 had understanding H2377 in all visions H2472 and dreams.

Romans 12:6-8

  6 G2192 Having G1161   G5486 gifts G1313 differing G2596 according to G5485 the grace G1325 that was given G2254 to us, G4394 if prophecy, G2254 let us G2596 prophesy according to G356 the proportion G4102 of our faith;
  7 G1535 or G1248 service, G1722 let us give ourselves to G1248 service; G1535 or G1321 he who teaches, G1722 to G1319 his teaching;
  8 G1535 or G3870 he who exhorts, G1722 to G3874 his exhorting: G3330 he who gives, G1722 let him do it with G572 liberality; G4291 he who rules, G1722 with G4710 diligence; G1653 he who shows mercy, G1722 with G2432 cheerfulness.

1 Corinthians 2:16

  16 G1063 "For G5101 who G1097 has known G3563 the mind G2962 of the Lord, G3739 that G4822 he should instruct G846 him?" G1161 But G2249 we G2192 have G5547 Christ's G3563 mind.

Colossians 3:23

  23 G2532 And G3956 whatever G3748   G1437   G4160 you do, G2038 work G1537 heartily, G5590   G5613 as G2962 for the Lord, G2532 and G3756 not G444 for men,

2 Timothy 1:7

  7 G1063 For G2316 God G1325   G3756 didn't G1325 give G2254 us G4151 a spirit G1167 of fear, G235 but G1411 of power, G2532   G26 love, G2532 and G4995 self-control.

Proverbs 10:19

  19 H7230 In the multitude H1697 of words H2308 there is no lack H6588 of disobedience, H2820 but he who restrains H8193 his lips H7919 does wisely.

Isaiah 29:12

  12 H5612 and the book H5414 is delivered H3045 to one who is not educated, H559 saying, H7121 "Read H559 this, please;" and he says, H3045 "I can't read."

Daniel 5:14

  14 H8086 I have heard H7308 of you, that the spirit H426 of the gods H5922 is in you, H5094 and that light H7924 and understanding H3493 and excellent H2452 wisdom H7912 are found in you.

Philippians 1:9-11

  9 G2532   G5124 This G4336 I pray, G2443 that G5216 your G26 love G4052 may abound G2089 yet G3123 more G2532 and G3123 more G1722 in G1922 knowledge G2532 and G3956 all G1922 discernment;
  10 G1381 so that G5209 you G1381 may approve the things G1308 that are excellent; G2443 that G5600 you may be G1506 sincere G2532 and G677 without offense G1519 to G2250 the day G5547 of Christ;
  11 G4137 being filled G2590 with the fruits G1343 of righteousness, G3588 which are G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ, G1519 to G1391 the glory G2532 and G1868 praise G2316 of God.

Proverbs 2:6

  6 H3068 For Yahweh H5414 gives H2451 wisdom. H6310 Out of his mouth H1847 comes knowledge H8394 and understanding.

Proverbs 1:7

  7 H3374 The fear H3068 of Yahweh H7225 is the beginning H1847 of knowledge; H191 but the foolish H936 despise H2451 wisdom H4148 and instruction.

2 Peter 1:5

  5 G1161 Yes, G2532 and G846 for G5124 this G2023 very cause adding G5216 on your G3956 part all G4710 diligence, G5216 in your G4102 faith G3923 supply G703 moral excellence; G1161 and G1722 in G703 moral excellence, G1108 knowledge;

Proverbs 1:1-33

  1 H4912 The proverbs H8010 of Solomon, H1121 the son H1732 of David, H4428 king H3478 of Israel:
  2 H3045 to know H2451 wisdom H4148 and instruction; H995 to discern H561 the words H998 of understanding;
  3 H3947 to receive H4148 instruction H7919 in wise H6664 dealing, in righteousness, H6664 justice, H4339 and equity;
  4 H5414 to give H6195 prudence H6612 to the simple, H1847 knowledge H4209 and discretion H5288 to the young man:
  5 H2450 that the wise H8085 man may hear, H3254 and increase H3948 in learning; H995 that the man of understanding H7069 may attain H8458 to sound counsel:
  6 H995 to understand H4912 a proverb, H4426 and parables, H1697 the words H2420 and riddles H2450 of the wise.
  7 H3374 The fear H3068 of Yahweh H7225 is the beginning H1847 of knowledge; H191 but the foolish H936 despise H2451 wisdom H4148 and instruction.
  8 H1121 My son, H8085 listen H1 to your father's H4148 instruction, H5203 and don't forsake H517 your mother's H8451 teaching:
  9 H3880 for they will be a garland H2580 to grace H7218 your head, H6060 and chains H1621 around your neck.
  10 H1121 My son, H2400 if sinners H6601 entice H14 you, don't consent.
  11 H559 If they say, H3212 "Come H693 with us, Let's lay in wait H1818 for blood; H6845 let's lurk H5355 secretly for the innocent H2600 without cause;
  12 H1104 let's swallow them up H2416 alive H7585 like Sheol, H8549 and whole, H3381 like those who go down H953 into the pit.
  13 H4672 We'll find H3368 all valuable H1952 wealth. H4390 We'll fill H1004 our houses H7998 with spoil.
  14 H5307 You shall cast H1486 your lot H8432 among H259 us. We'll all have one H3599 purse."
  15 H1121 My son, H3212 don't walk H1870 in the way H4513 with them. Keep H7272 your foot H5410 from their path,
  16 H7272 for their feet H7323 run H7451 to evil. H4116 They hurry H8210 to shed H1818 blood.
  17 H2600 For in vain H7568 is the net H2219 spread H5869 in the sight H1167 of any bird:
  18 H693 but these lay wait H1818 for their own blood. H6845 They lurk secretly H5315 for their own lives.
  19 H734 So are the ways H1214 of everyone who is greedy H1215 for gain. H3947 It takes away H5315 the life H1167 of its owners.
  20 H2454 Wisdom H7442 calls H2351 aloud in the street. H5414 She utters H6963 her voice H7339 in the public squares.
  21 H7121 She calls H7218 at the head H7218 of noisy places. H6607 At the entrance H5892 of the city H8179 gates, H559 she utters H561 her words:
  22 H6612 "How long, you simple ones, H157 will you love H6612 simplicity? H3887 How long will mockers H2530 delight H3944 themselves in mockery, H3684 and fools H8130 hate H1847 knowledge?
  23 H7725 Turn H8433 at my reproof. H5042 Behold, I will pour out H7307 my spirit H3045 on you. I will make known H1697 my words to you.
  24 H7121 Because I have called, H3985 and you have refused; H5186 I have stretched out H3027 my hand, H7181 and no one has paid attention;
  25 H6544 but you have ignored H6098 all my counsel, H14 and wanted H8433 none of my reproof;
  26 H7832 I also will laugh H343 at your disaster. H3932 I will mock H6343 when calamity H935 overtakes you;
  27 H6343 when calamity H935 overtakes H5492 you like a storm, H343 when your disaster H857 comes H5492 on like a whirlwind; H6869 when distress H6695 and anguish H935 come on you.
  28 H7121 Then will they call H6030 on me, but I will not answer. H7836 They will seek me diligently, H4672 but they will not find me;
  29 H8130 because they hated H1847 knowledge, H977 and didn't choose H3374 the fear H3068 of Yahweh.
  30 H14 They wanted H6098 none of my counsel. H5006 They despised H8433 all my reproof.
  31 H398 Therefore they will eat H6529 of the fruit H1870 of their own way, H7646 and be filled H4156 with their own schemes.
  32 H4878 For the backsliding H6612 of the simple H2026 will kill H7962 them. The careless ease H3684 of fools H6 will destroy them.
  33 H8085 But whoever listens H7931 to me will dwell H983 securely, H7599 and will be at ease, H6343 without fear H7451 of harm."

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