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John 15:13

  13 G3173 Greater G26 love G2192 has G3762 no one G3778 than this, G2443 that G5100 someone G5087 lay down G846 his G5590 life G5228 for G846 his G5384 friends.

Matthew 5:5-9

  5 G3107 Blessed G4239 are the gentle, G3754 for G846 they G2816 shall inherit G1093 the earth.
  6 G3107 Blessed G3983 are those who hunger G2532 and G1372 thirst G1343 after righteousness, G3754 for G846 they G5526 shall be filled.
  7 G3107 Blessed G1655 are the merciful, G3754 for G846 they G1653 shall obtain mercy.
  8 G3107 Blessed G2513 are the pure G2588 in heart, G3754 for G846 they G3700 shall see G2316 God.
  9 G3107 Blessed G1518 are the peacemakers, G3754 for G846 they G2564 shall be called G5207 children G2316 of God.

Romans 12:6-8

  6 G2192 Having G1161   G5486 gifts G1313 differing G2596 according to G5485 the grace G1325 that was given G2254 to us, G4394 if prophecy, G2254 let us G2596 prophesy according to G356 the proportion G4102 of our faith;
  7 G1535 or G1248 service, G1722 let us give ourselves to G1248 service; G1535 or G1321 he who teaches, G1722 to G1319 his teaching;
  8 G1535 or G3870 he who exhorts, G1722 to G3874 his exhorting: G3330 he who gives, G1722 let him do it with G572 liberality; G4291 he who rules, G1722 with G4710 diligence; G1653 he who shows mercy, G1722 with G2432 cheerfulness.

Romans 12:17-21

  17 G591 Repay G3367 no one G2556 evil G473 for G2556 evil. G4306 Respect G2570 what is honorable G1799 in the sight of G3956 all G444 men.
  18 G1487 If G1415 it is possible, G1537 as much as it is up G5216 to you, G1514 be at peace G3326 with G3956 all G444 men.
  19 G3361 Don't G1556 seek revenge G1438 yourselves, G27 beloved, G235 but G1325 give G5117 place G3709 to God's wrath. G1063 For G1125 it is written, G1557 "Vengeance G1698 belongs to me; G1473 I G467 will repay, G3004 says G2962 the Lord."
  20 G3767 Therefore G1437 "If G4675 your G2190 enemy G3983 is hungry, G5595 feed G846 him. G1437 If G1372 he is thirsty, G4222 give G846 him G4222 a drink; G1063 for G4160 in doing G5124 so, G4987 you will heap G440 coals G4442 of fire G1909 on G846 his G2776 head."
  21 G3361 Don't G3528 be G3528 overcome G5259 by G2556 evil, G235 but G3528 overcome G2556 evil G1722 with G18 good.

Matthew 5:43-45

  43 G191 "You have heard G3754 that G4483 it was said, G25 'You shall love G4675 your G4139 neighbor, G2532 and G3404 hate G4675 your G2190 enemy.'
  44 G1161 But G1473 I G3004 tell G5213 you, G25 love G5216 your G2190 enemies, G2127 bless G2672 those who curse G5209 you, G4160 do G2573 good G3404 to those who hate G5209 you, G2532 and G4336 pray G5228 for G5209 those who mistreat you G2532 and G1377 persecute G5209 you,
  45 G3704 that G1096 you may be G5207 children G5216 of your G3962 Father G3588 who is G1722 in G3772 heaven. G3754 For G393 he makes G846 his G2246 sun G393 to rise G1909 on G4190 the evil G2532 and G18 the good, G2532 and G1026 sends rain G1909 on G1342 the just G2532 and G94 the unjust.

Romans 12:2

  2 G2532   G3361 Don't G4964 be G4964 conformed G165 to G5129 this G165 world, G235 but G3339 be transformed G342 by the renewing G3563 of G5216 your G3563 mind, G1519 so that G5209 you G1381 may prove G5101 what G2307 is the G18 good, G2532   G2101 well-pleasing, G2532 and G5046 perfect G2307 will G2316 of God.

Philippians 4:8-9

  8 G3063 Finally, G80 brothers, G3745 whatever things G2076 are G227 true, G3745 whatever things G4586 are honorable, G3745 whatever things G1342 are just, G3745 whatever things G53 are pure, G3745 whatever things G4375 are lovely, G3745 whatever things G2163 are of good report; G1487 if G5100 there is any G703 virtue, G2532 and G1487 if G5100 there is any G1868 praise, G3049 think about G5023 these things.
  9 G5023 The things G3739 which G3129 you G2532   G3129 learned, G2532   G3880 received, G2532   G191 heard, G2532 and G1492 saw G1722 in G1698 me: G4238 do G2532 these things, and G2316 the God G1515 of peace G2071 will be G3326 with G5216 you.

John 3:17

  17 G1063 For G2316 God G3756 didn't G649 send G846 his G5207 Son G1519 into G2889 the world G2443 to G2919 judge G2889 the world, G235 but G2443 that G2889 the world G4982 should be saved G1223 through G846 him.

Romans 15:1-2

  1 G1161 Now G2249 we G1415 who are strong G3784 ought G941 to bear G771 the weaknesses G102 of the weak, G2532 and G3361 not G700 to please G1438 ourselves.
  2 G700 Let G1538 each one G2257 of us G700 please G4139 his neighbor G1519 for G18 that which is good, G4314 to G3619 be building him up.

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