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Leviticus 19:31

  31 H6437 "‘Don't turn H178 to those who are mediums, H3049 nor to the wizards. H1245 Don't seek H2930 them out, to be defiled H3068 by them. I am Yahweh H430 your God.

Matthew 19:28

  28 G2424 Jesus G2036 said G846 to them, G281 "Most certainly G3004 I tell G5213 you G3754 that G5213 you G190 who have followed G3427 me, G1722 in G3824 the regeneration G3752 when G5207 the Son G444 of Man G2523 will sit G2362 on the throne G1391 of G846 his G1391 glory, G5210 you G2532 also G2523 will sit G1909 on G1427 twelve G2362 thrones, G2919 judging G1427 the twelve G5443 tribes G2474 of Israel.

Luke 9:1-5

  1 G1161 He G4779 called G846 the G1427 twelve G3101   G4779 together, G1325 and gave G846 them G1411 power G2532 and G1849 authority G1909 over G3956 all G1140 demons, G2532 and G2323 to cure G3554 diseases.
  2 G2532 He G649 sent G846 them G2784 forth to preach G932 the Kingdom G2316 of God, G2532 and G2390 to heal G770 the sick.
  3 G2532 He G2036 said G4314 to G846 them, G142 ""Take G3367 nothing G1519 for G3598 your journey— G3383 neither G4464 staffs, G3383 nor G4082 wallet, G3383 nor G740 bread, G3383 nor G694 money; G3383 neither G2192 have G1417 two G5509 coats G303 apiece.
  4 G1519 Into G3739 whatever G302   G3614 house G1525 you enter, G3306 stay G1563 there, G2532 and G1831 depart G1564 from there.
  5 G2532 As G3745 many G302 as G1209   G3361 don't G1209 receive G5209 you, G1831 when you depart G575 from G1565 that G4172 city, G575 shake off G2532 even G2868 the G2868 dust G575 from G5216 your G4228 feet G1519 for G3142 a testimony G1909 against G846 them."

Acts 4:13

  13 G1161 Now G2334 when they saw G3954 the boldness G4074 of Peter G2532 and G2491 John, G2532 and G2638 had perceived G3754 that G1526 they were G62 unlearned G2532 and G2399 ignorant G444 men, G2296 they marveled. G5037 They G1921 recognized G3754 that G846 they G2258 had been G4862 with G2424 Jesus.

Acts 19:1-41

  1 G1161 It G1096 happened G1722 that, G625 while Apollos G1511 was G1722 at G2882 Corinth, G3972 Paul, G1330 having passed through G510 the upper G3313 country, G2064 came G1519 to G2181 Ephesus, G2532 and G2147 found G5100 certain G3101 disciples.
  2 G2036 He said G4314 to G846 them, G1487 "Did G2983 you receive G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G4100 when you believed?" G1161 They G2036 said G4314 to G235 him, G191 "No, we haven't G3761 even G191 heard G1487 that G2076 there is G40 a Holy G4151 Spirit."
  3 G5037 He G2036 said, G4314   G846   G1519 "Into G5101 what G3767 then G907 were you baptized?" G1161 They G2036 said, G1519 "Into G2491 John's G908 baptism."
  4 G1161   G3972 Paul G2036 said, G2491 "John G3303 indeed G907 baptized G908 with the baptism G3341 of repentance, G3004 saying G2992 to the people G2443 that G4100 they should believe G1519 in G3588 the one who G2064 would come G3326 after G846 him, G5124 that G2076 is, G1519 in G5547   G2424 Jesus."
  5 G1161 When G191 they heard G907 this, they were baptized G1519 in G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus.
  6 G2532 When G3972 Paul G2007 had laid G5495 his hands G846 on them, G40 the Holy G4151 Spirit G2064 came G1909 on G846 them, G5037 and G2980 they spoke G1100 with other languages G2532 and G4395 prophesied.
  7 G1161 They G2258 were G5616 about G1177 twelve G435 men G3956 in all.
  8 G1161 He G1525 entered G1519 into G4864 the synagogue, G3955 and spoke boldly G1909 for a period of G5140 three G3376 months, G1256 reasoning G2532 and G3982 persuading G3588 about the things G4012 concerning G932 the Kingdom G2316 of God.
  9 G1161 But G5613 when G5100 some G4645 were hardened G2532 and G544 disobedient, G2551 speaking evil G3598 of the Way G1799 before G4128 the multitude, G868 he departed G575 from G846 them, G873 and separated G3101 the disciples, G1256 reasoning G2596   G2250 daily G1722 in G4981 the school G5100 of G5181 Tyrannus.
  10 G1161   G5124 This G1096 continued G1909 for G1417 two G2094 years, G5620 so that G3956 all G3588 those G2730 who lived G773 in Asia G191 heard G3056 the word G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus, G5037 both G2453 Jews G2532 and G1672 Greeks.
  11 G5037   G2316 God G4160 worked G3756   G5177 special G1411 miracles G1223 by G5495 the hands G3972 of Paul,
  12 G5620 so that G2532 even G4676 handkerchiefs G2228 or G4612 aprons G2018 were carried G575 away from G846 his G5559 body G1909 to G770 the sick, G2532 and G4190 the evil G4151 spirits G525 went out.
  13 G1161 But G5100 some G575 of G4022 the itinerant G2453 Jews, G1845 exorcists, G2021 took on themselves G3687 to invoke G1909 over G2021 those G2192 who had G4190 the evil G4151 spirits G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus, G3004 saying, G3726 "We adjure G5209 you G2424 by Jesus G3739 whom G3972 Paul G2784 preaches."
  14 G1161 There G2258 were G5100   G2033 seven G5207 sons G4630 of G4630 one Sceva, G2453 a Jewish G749 chief priest, G4160 who did G5124 this.
  15 G1161 The G4190 evil G4151 spirit G611 answered, G2036   G2424 "Jesus G1097 I know, G2532 and G3972 Paul G1987 I know, G1161 but G5101 who G2075 are G5210 you?"
  16 G2532 The G444 man G1722 in G3739 whom G4190 the evil G4151 spirit G2258 was G2177 leaped G1909 on G846 them, G2532 and G2634 overpowered G846 them, G2480 and prevailed G2596 against G846 them, G5620 so that G1628 they fled G1537 out of G1565 that G3624 house G1131 naked G2532 and G5135 wounded.
  17 G1161   G5124 This G1096 became G1110 known G3956 to all, G2453 both Jews G2532 and G1672 Greeks, G5037 who G2730 lived G2181 at Ephesus. G2532   G5401 Fear G1968 fell G1909 on G846 them G3956 all, G2532 and G3686 the name G2962 of the Lord G2424 Jesus G3170 was magnified.
  18 G4183 Many G5037 also G3588 of those who G4100 had believed G2064 came, G1843 confessing, G2532 and G312 declaring G846 their G4234 deeds.
  19 G2425 Many G3588 of those G4238 who practiced G4021 magical arts G4851 brought their G976 books G4851 together G2618 and burned them G1799 in the sight G3956 of all. G2532 They G4860 counted G846 their G5092 price, G2532 and G2147 found G4002 it to be fifty G3461 thousand G694 pieces of silver.
  20 G3779 So G2596   G3056 the word G2962 of the Lord G837 was growing G2532 and G2480 becoming G2904 mighty.
  21 G5613 Now after G5023 these things G4137 had ended, G3972 Paul G5087 determined G1722 in G4151 the spirit, G1330 when he had passed through G3109 Macedonia G2532 and G882 Achaia, G4198 to go G1519 to G2419 Jerusalem, G3754 saying, G3326 "After G3165 I G1096 have been G1563 there, G3165 I G1163 must G2532 also G1492 see G4516 Rome."
  22 G1161 Having G649 sent G1519 into G3109 Macedonia G1417 two G3588 of those G1247 who served G846 him, G5095 Timothy G2532 and G2037 Erastus, G1907 he G846 himself G1907 stayed G1519 in G773 Asia G5550 for a while.
  23 G1161   G2596 About G1565 that G2540 time G1096 there arose G3756 no G3641 small G5017 stir G4012 concerning G3598 the Way.
  24 G1063 For G5100 a certain G3686 man named G1216 Demetrius, G695 a silversmith, G4160 who made G693 silver G3485 shrines G735 of Artemis, G3930 brought G3756 no G3641 little G2039 business G5079 to the craftsmen,
  25 G3739 whom G4867 he gathered together, G2532 with G2040 the workmen G4012 of G5108 like occupation, G2036 and said, G435 "Sirs, G1987 you know G3754 that G1537 by G3778 this G2039 business G2076 we have G2257 our G2142 wealth.
  26 G2532 You G2334 see G2532 and G191 hear, G3754 that G3756 not G2181 at Ephesus G3440 alone, G235 but G4975 almost G1223 throughout G3956 all G773 Asia, G3778 this G3972 Paul G3982 has persuaded G3179 and turned away G2425 many G3793 people, G3004 saying G3754 that G1526 they are G3756 no G2316 gods, G1526 that are G1096 made G5495 with hands.
  27 G1161   G3756 Not G3440 only G2793 is there danger G1161 that G5124 this G2254 our G3313 trade G2064 come G1519 into G557 disrepute, G235 but G2532 also G3588 that the G2411 temple G3173 of the great G2299 goddess G735 Artemis G1519 will be counted G1161 as nothing, G2532 and G846 her G3168 majesty G2507 destroyed, G3739 whom G3650 all G773 Asia G2532 and G3625 the world G4576 worships."
  28 G1161 When G191 they heard G1096 this they were G4134 filled G2372 with anger, G2532 and G2896 cried out, G3004 saying, G3173 "Great G735 is Artemis G2180 of the Ephesians!"
  29 G2532 The G3650 whole G4172 city G4130 was filled G4799 with confusion, G5037 and G3729 they rushed G3661 with one accord G1519 into G2302 the theater, G4884 having seized G1050 Gaius G2532 and G708 Aristarchus, G3110 men of Macedonia, G3972 Paul's G4898 companions in travel.
  30 G1161 When G3972 Paul G1014 wanted G1525 to enter in G1519 to G1218 the people, G3101 the disciples G3756 didn't G1439 allow G846 him.
  31 G1161   G5100 Certain G775 also of the Asiarchs, G5607 being G846 his G5384 friends, G3992 sent G4314 to G846 him G3870 and begged G846 him G3361 not G1438 to venture G1519 into G2302 the theater.
  32 G243 Some G3767 therefore G2896 cried one thing, G3303 and G243 some G5100 another, G1063 for G1577 the assembly G2258 was G4797 in confusion. G2532   G4119 Most G3756 of them didn't G1492 know G5101   G1752 why G4905 they had come together.
  33 G1161 They G4264 brought G223 Alexander G1537 out of G3793 the multitude, G2453 the Jews G4261 putting G846 him G4261 forward. G223 Alexander G2678 beckoned G5495 with his hand, G1161 and G2309 would have G626 made a defense G1218 to the people.
  34 G1161 But G1921 when they perceived G3754 that G2076 he was G1537 a Jew, G3956 all G1096 with G1520 one G5456 voice G5613 for a time G1909 of G1417 about two G5610 hours G2896 cried out, G3173 "Great G735 is Artemis G2180 of the Ephesians!"
  35 G1122 When the town clerk G2687 had quieted G3793 the multitude, G5346 he said, G435 "You men G1063 of Ephesus, G5101 what G444 man G2076 is there G3739 who G3756 doesn't G1097 know G3739 that G4172 the city G2180 of the Ephesians G5607 is G3511 temple keeper G3173 of the great G2299 goddess G735 Artemis, G2532 and G1356 of the G1356 image which fell down from Zeus?
  36 G5607 Seeing G3767 then that G5130 these things G368 can't be denied, G5209 you G2076   G1163 ought G5225 to be G2687 quiet, G2532 and G4238 to do G3367 nothing G4312 rash.
  37 G1063 For G5128 you have brought these G435 men G71 here, G3588 who are G3777 neither G2417 robbers of temples G3777 nor G987 blasphemers G5216 of your G2299 goddess.
  38 G1487 If G3303   G3767 therefore G1216 Demetrius G2532 and G5079 the craftsmen G3588 who are G4862 with G846 him G2192 have G3056 a matter G4314 against G5100 anyone, G60 the courts G71 are open, G2532 and G1526 there are G446 proconsuls. G1458 Let them press charges G240 against one another.
  39 G1161 But G1487 if G1934 you seek G5100 anything G4012 about G2087 other matters, G1956 it will be settled G1722 in G1772 the regular G1577 assembly.
  40 G1063 For G2793 indeed we are in danger G2532   G1458 of being accused G4012 concerning G4594 this day's G4714 riot, G5225 there being G3367 no G159 cause. Concerning G3739 it, G1410 we wouldn't be able G591 to give G3056 an account G4012 of G3778 this G4963 commotion."
  41 G2532 When G2036 he had G5023 thus G2036 spoken, G630 he dismissed G1577 the assembly.

Ephesians 4:11

  11 G2532   G846 He G1325 gave G3303 some G652 to be apostles; G1161 and G3588 some, G4396 prophets; G1161 and G3588 some, G2099 evangelists; G1161 and G3588 some, G4166 shepherds G2532 and G1320 teachers;

Ephesians 2:20

  20 G2026 being built G1909 on G2310 the foundation G652 of the apostles G2532 and G4396 prophets, G5547 Christ G2424 Jesus G846 himself G5607 being G204 the chief cornerstone;

Mark 16:15

  15 G2532 He G2036 said G846 to them, G4198 "Go G1519 into G537 all G2889 the world, G2784 and preach G2098 the Good News G3956 to the whole G2937 creation.

Mark 3:13-19

  13 G2532   G305 He went up G1519 into G3735 the mountain, G2532 and G4341 called G3739 to himself those whom G846 he G2309 wanted, G2532 and G565 they went G4314 to G846 him.
  14 G2532   G4160 He appointed G1427 twelve, G2443 that G5600 they might be G3326 with G846 him, G2532 and G2443 that G649 he might send G846 them G649 out G2784 to preach,
  15 G2532 and G2192 to have G1849 authority G2323 to heal G3554 sicknesses G2532 and G1544 to cast out G1140 demons:
  16 G2532   G4613 Simon, G2007 to whom he gave G3686 the name G4074 Peter;
  17 G2532   G2385 James G3588 the G2199 son of Zebedee; G2532   G2491 John, G80 the brother G2385 of James, G2532 and G2007 he G3686 surnamed G846 them G993 Boanerges, G3739 which G2076 means, G5207 Sons G1027 of Thunder;
  18 G2532   G406 Andrew; G5376 Philip; G918 Bartholomew; G3156 Matthew; G2381 Thomas; G2385 James, G3588 the G256 son of Alphaeus; G2280 Thaddaeus; G4613 Simon G2581 the Zealot;
  19 G2532 and G2455 Judas G2469 Iscariot, G3739 who G2532 also G3860 betrayed G846 him. G2064 He came G1519 into G3624 a house.

Acts 5:12-16

  12 G1161   G1223 By G5495 the hands G652 of the apostles G4183 many G4592 signs G2532 and G5059 wonders G1096 were G1722 done among G2992 the people. G2532 They G2258 were G537 all G3661 with one accord G1722 in G4672 Solomon's G4745 porch.
  13 G1161   G3762 None G3062 of the rest G5111 dared G2853 to join G846 them, G235 however G2992 the people G3170 honored G846 them.
  14 G1161   G3123 More G4100 believers G4369 were G4369 added G2962 to the Lord, G4128 multitudes G5037 of both G435 men G2532 and G1135 women.
  15 G5620 They G2596 even G1627 carried out G772 the sick G4113 into the streets, G2532 and G5087 laid G1909 them on G2825 cots G2532 and G2895 mattresses, G2443 so that G4074 as Peter G2064 came by, G2579 at the least G4639 his shadow G1982 might overshadow G5100 some G846 of them.
  16 G2532   G4128 Multitudes G1161 also G4905 came G4172 together from the cities G4038 around G1519   G2419 Jerusalem, G5342 bringing G772 sick people, G2532 and G3791 those G3748 who G3791 were tormented G5259 by G169 unclean G4151 spirits: G537 and they were all G2323 healed.

Matthew 10:2-4

  2 G1161 Now G3686 the names G652 of the G1427 twelve G652 apostles G2076 are G5023 these. G4413 The first, G4613 Simon, G3004 who is called G4074 Peter; G406 Andrew, G846 his G80 brother; G2385 James G2199 the son of Zebedee; G2491 John, G846 his G80 brother;
  3 G5376 Philip; G918 Bartholomew; G2381 Thomas; G3156 Matthew G5057 the tax collector; G2385 James G256 the son of Alphaeus; G3002 Lebbaeus, G1941 whose surname was G2280 Thaddaeus;
  4 G4613 Simon G2581 the Canaanite; G2532 and G2455 Judas G2469 Iscariot, G3860 who G2532 also G3860 betrayed G846 him.

2 Corinthians 12:12

  12 G3303 Truly G4592 the signs G652 of an apostle G2716 were worked G1722 among G5213 you G1722 in G3956 all G5281 patience, G1722 in G4592 signs G2532 and G5059 wonders G2532 and G1411 mighty works.

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