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Exodus 29:1-46

1 This is the thinge that thou shalt doo vnto them when thou halowest them to be my preastes. Take one oxe and two rammes that are without blemysh, 2 ad vnleueded bred and cakes of swete bred tempered with oyle and wafers of swete bred anoynted with oyle (of wheten floure shalt thou make them) 3 and put them in a maunde and brynge the in the maunde with the oyle and the .ij. rammes. 4 And brynge Aaron ad his sonnes vnto the doore of the tabernacle of wytnesse, ad wassh them with water, 5 and take the garmentes, and put apon Aaron: the strayte cote, and the tunycle of the Ephod, and the Ephod ad the brestlappe: and gerth the to him with the brodered girdel of the Ephod. 6 And put the mitre vppo his heed and put the holy crowne vpon the mytre. 7 Then take the anoyntynge oyle and poure it apon his heed and anoynte him. 8 And brynge his sonnes and put albes apon them, 9 ad gerth them with girdels: as well Aaron as his sonnes, And put the bonettes on them that the preastes office maye be theirs for a perpetuall lawe.And fyll the handes of Aaron and of hys sonnes, 10 and brynge the oxe before the tabernacle of witnesse. And let Aaro ad his sones put their hades apo his heed 11 ad kyll hi before the Lord in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse 12 And take of the bloud of the oxe ad put it apo the hornes of the alter with thi finger ad poure all the bloude apon the botome of the alter, 13 ad take all the fatt that couereth the inwardes, ad the kall that is on the lyuer and the .ij. kydneys with the fatt that is apo the: and burne the apo the alter. 14 But the flesh of the oxe and his skynne and his donge, shalt thou burne with fyre, without the hoste. For it is a synneofferynge. 15 Then take one of the rammes, ad let Aaron and his sonnes put their hondes apon the heade of the ram, 16 and cause him to be slayne, ad take of his bloude and sprenkell it rounde aboute apon the alter, 17 and cutt the ram in peces and whesh the inwardes of him and his legges, ad put them vnto the peces ad vnto his heed 18 18, ad burne the hole ram apon the alter. For it is a burntofferyng vnto the Lorde, and a swete sauoure of the Lordes sacrifice. 19 And take the other ram and let Aaron and hys sonnes, put their hondes apon hys heed 20 and let him than be kylled. And take of his bloude and put it apon the typpe of the righte eare of Aaron and of his sonnes, and apon the thombe of their righte handes, and apon the great too of their ryghte fete: and sprenkell the bloude apon the alter rounde aboute. 21 Than take of the bloude that is apon the alter and of the anoyntynge oyle, ad sprekell it apon Aaron and his vestimetes, ad apo his sonnes ad apo their garmetes also. Tha is he ad his clothes holy ad his sonnes ad their clothes holye also 22 Than take the fatt of the ram and hys rompe and the fatt that couereth the inwardes and the kall of the lyuer and the two kydneys and the fatt that is apon them and the righte shulder (for that ram is a fulloffrynge) 23 and a symnell of bred ad a cake of oyled bred ad a wafer out of the baskett of swete bred that is before the Lorde, 24 and put all apon the handes of Aaron and on the handes of his sonnes: and waue the in ad out a waueoffrynge vnto the Lorde. 25 Than take it from of their handes and burne it apon the alter: euen apon the burntoffringe, to be a sauoure of swetnesse before the Lorde. For it is a sacrifice vnto the Lorde. 26 Then take the brest of the ram that is Aarons fulloffrynge and waue it a waueoffrynge before the Lorde, ad let that be thy parte. 27 And sanctifie the brest of the waueoffrynge and the shulder of the heueoffrynge whiche is waued and heued vp of the ram whiche is the fulloffrynge of Aaron ad of his sonnes. 28 And it shalbe Aarons ad his sonnes dutye for euer, of the childre of Israel: for it is an heueoffrynge. And the heueoffrynge shalbe the Lordes dutie of the childern of Israel: euen of the sacrifice of their peaceoffrynges which they heue vnto the Lorde. 29 And the holye garmentes of Aaron shalbe his sonnes after him, to anoynte them therin, and to fyll their handes therin. 30 And that sonne that is preast in his stede after him, shall put them on seuen dayes: that he goo in to the tabernacle of witnesse, to ministre in the holye place. 31 Tha take the ram that is the fullofferyng ad seth his flesh in an holye place. 32 And Aaro and his sonnes shall eate the flesh of hi, ad the bred that is in the basket: euen in the dore of the tabernacle of witnesse. 33 And they shall eat the, because the attonmet was made therewith to fyll their handes and to sanctifie the: but a straunger shal not eate therof, because they are holie 34 Yf oughte of the flesh of the fulloffrynges, or of the bred remayne vnto the mornyng, thou shalt burne it with fyre: for it shall not be eaten, because it is holye. 35 And se thou do vnto Aaron and his sonnes: euen so in all thynges as I haue commaunded the: that thou fyll their handes seuen dayes 36 and offre euery daye an oxe for a synneoffrynge for to recocyle with all. And thou shalt halowe the alter when thou reconcyclest it, and shalt anoynte it to sanctifie it. 37 Seue dayes thou shalt reconcyle the alter and sanctifie it, that it maye be an alter most holye: so that no ma maye twich it but thei that be consecrate. 38 This is that which thou shalt offre vpo the alter: ij. lambes of one yere olde daye by daye for euer, 39 the one thou shalt offre in the morninge and the other at euen. 40 And vnto the one labe take a tenth deale of floure myngled wyth the fourth parte of an hin of beaten oyle, and the fourt parte of an hin of wyne, for a drinckeoffrynge. 41 And the other lambe thou shalt offer at euen and shall doo thereto acordynge to the meateoffrynge and drinkeoffrynge in the mornynge, to be an odoure of a swete sauoure of the sacrifice of the Lorde. 42 And it shalbe a continuall burntoffrynge amonge youre children after you, in the doore of the tabernacle of witnesse before the Lorde, where I will mete you to spake vnto you there. 43 There I will mete wyth the childern of Israel, and wilbe sanctified in myne honoure. 44 And I will sanctifie the tabernacle of witnesse and the alter: and I will sanctifie also both Aaron and his sonnes to be my preastes. 45 And moreouer I will dwell amoge the children of Israel and wilbe their God. 46 And they shal knowe that I am the Lorde their God that broughte them out of the lond of Egipte for to dwell amonge them: euen I the Lorde their God,

Exodus 28:41

41 and thou shalt put them vppon Aaron thy brother ad on his sonnes with him and shalt anoynte them and fyll theyr handes and consecrate them that they maye mynistre vnto me.

Numbers 24:17

17 I se him but not now I beholde him but not nye. There shall come a starre of Iacob and ryse a cepter of Israel which shall smyte ye coostes of Moab and vndermyne all the childern of Seth.

1 Peter 2:5

5 and ye as lyvynge stones are made a spretuall housse and an holy presthode for to offer vp spretuall sacryfice acceptable to god by Iesus Christ.

James 5:16

16 knowledge youre fautes one to another: and praye one for another that ye maye be healed. The prayer of a ryghteous ma avayleth moche yf it be fervet.

Hebrews 4:14

14 Seynge then that we have a great hye prest whych is entred into heven (I meane Iesus the sonne of God) let vs holde oure profession.

Revelation 1:6

6 and made vs kinges and Prestes vnto God his father be glory and dominion for ever more. Amen.

Revelation 5:10

10 and haste made vs vnto oure god kynges and prestes and we shall raygne on the erth.

Exodus 28:32

32 And ther shalbe an hole for the heed in the myddes of it, ad let there be a bonde of wouen worke rounde aboute the colore of it: as it were the colore of a partlet, that it rent not.

1 Peter 2:9

9 But ye are a chosyn generacion a royall presthod an holy nacio and a peculiar people that ye shuld shewe the vertues of him that called you out of darknes into hys marvelous light

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