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Romans 8:1

1 There is then no condemnation now to them who are in Christ Jesus and who walk not after the flesh, but after the spirit.

Jeremiah 17:10

10 [J] I the Lord search hearts and try reins, to give to everyone according to his ways, and according to the fruit of his devices.

Isaiah 40:1-31

1 Comfort ye, comfort ye my people, saith God: 2 priests, speak to the understanding of Jerusalem; comfort her; for her humiliation is accomplished; her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received from the hand of the Lord [blessings] double to the punishment of her sins. 3 A voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way of the Lord; make straight the roads for our God. 4 Let every valley be filled up, and every mountain and hill be levelled: and let all the crooked be made a straight road, and the rough way, smooth plains: 5 and the glory of the Lord will appear: And all flesh shall see the salvation of God. For the Lord hath spoken." 6 A voice of one saying, Proclaim. "Wherefore I said, What shall I proclaim? "All flesh is grass; and all the glory of man as a flower of grass. 7 [Omitted] 8 The grass is withered and the flower fallen; but the word of our God will endure forever." 9 Ascend a lofty mountain, thou who proclaimest good news to Sion: exalt thy voice with strength, thou who bringest glad tidings to Jerusalem: raise it up; be not afraid; say to the cities of Juda, Behold, your God! 10 behold the Lord! The Lord is coming with majesty; and his arm with dominion. Behold his11 reward is with him; and his work, before him. 11 Like a shepherd he will tend his flock; and with his arm he will gather the lambs, and comfort the ewes that are with young. 12 Who hath measured the water with his hand, and the heaven with a span and the whole earth with a hand breadth? Who hath weighed the mountains in scales and the dales with a balance? 13 Who hath known the mind of the Lord? and who hath been of his counsel to teach him? 14 or whom hath he consulted that he might instruct him? or who hath pointed out judgment to him? or who hath shewn him the way of knowledge? 15 If all the nations are as a drop from a cask; and are accounted as the turning of a balance; may be reckoned as spittle; 16 if Lebanon is not sufficient for a fire, nor all the beasts sufficient for an homage offering: 17 and all the nations are as nothing and reckoned as nothing: 18 to whom have you likened the Lord? and to what likeness have you compared him? 19 Hath a carpenter when he hath made an image, or the goldsmith when he hath melted gold and gilded it, prepared this as a likeness of him? 20 for the carpenter chuseth a sound piece of timber and will inquire wisely, how he may place his image that it may not be moved. 21 Will you not know? will you not hear? hath it not been told you from the beginning? have you not known the foundations of the earth? 22 He it is, who occupieth the circuit of the earth; and the inhabitants thereon are as grasshoppers. He it is, who established the heaven as an arch, and spread it out as a tent to be dwelt in; 23 who giveth chiefs as a nothingness to govern: and hath made the earth as a mere nothing. 24 For they could not plant nor could they sow, nor could their root strike into the ground; he blew upon them and they withered, and a whirlwind will sweep them away like stubble. 25 Now therefore to whom have you likened me; that I may be exalted? said the Holy One. 26 Raise your eyes upwards and take a view: who hath displayed all those? He who bringeth out his host by number can call them all by name. On the account of abundant glory, by reason of the mightiness of his power he hath in no wise escaped thy notice; 27 wherefore, thou, Jacob, shouldst not say, yet what hast thou, Israel, spoken? "My way is hidden from God" and, "My God hath put off my cause and is gone." 28 Hast thou then not known? hast thou not heard? The everlasting God, the God who fitted up the ends of the earth, cannot hunger, nor can he be weary; nor can his under standing be searched out. 29 He it is who giveth strength to the hungry and grief to them who have not had sorrow. 30 For youths will hunger and young men be weary, and chosen warriors will become strengthless; 31 but they who wait upon God shall have new strength; they shall put forth fresh feathers like eagles; they shall run and not be wearied; they shall march on and shall not faint.

Matthew 5:1-12

1 On seeing these multitudes he went up to the mount and sat down, and his disciples came to him, 2 and he opened his mouth and taught them, saying, 3 Happy the poor in spirit; for the kingdom of the heavens is theirs. 4 Happy they who mourn; for they shall be comforted. 5 Happy the meek; for they shall inherit the land. 6 Happy they who hunger and thirst for righteousness; for they shall be satisfied. 7 Happy the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy. 8 Happy the pure in heart; for they shall see God. 9 Happy the peace makers; for they shall be called children of God. 10 Happy they who are persecuted for righteousness' sake; for the kingdom of the heavens is theirs. 11 Happy are ye when men will revile and persecute you, and accuse you falsely of every evil thing on my account. 12 Rejoice and exult triumphantly; for great will be your reward in heaven: for thus they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

John 1:1-51

1 In the beginning was the Word; and the Word was with God; and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 By him all things were made, and without him there was not made one single thing. 4 What was in him was life, and this life was the light of men, 5 and this light shineth in the darkness, and the darkness did not reach it. 6 There was a man sent from God: his name was John. 7 This man came as a witness to bear witness concerning this light, that by means of him all might believe. 8 He was not the light, but was to bear witness concerning the light. 9 The light [the true light which enlighteneth every man] coming into the world 10 was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. 11 He came to his own peculiar territories, and his own peculiar people did not receive him. 12 But to as many as received him he granted the privilege of becoming children of God, even to them who believe in his name, 13 who were born, not of bloods, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God. 14 Now the Word became incarnate, and dwelt as in a tent among us, and we beheld his glory; a glory as of an only begotten from the father. He was full of grace and truth. 15 Of him John testifieth when he cried, saying, "This is he of whom I said, He who is coming after me is preferred before me, for he was before me." 16 And of his fulness we have all received even grace for grace. 17 Because the law was given by Moses grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. 18 No one hath ever seen God. This only begotten son, who is in the bosom of the father, even he hath made him known. 19 Now this is the testimony of John: when the Jews of Jerusalem sent priests and Levites to ask him, Who art thou? 20 He frankly declared and did not deny, but frankly declared, I am not the Christ. 21 Then they asked him, What then? Art thou Elias? And he said, I am not: art thou the prophet And he answered, No. 22 Then they said to him, Who art thou? That we may give an answer to them who sent us: What sayest thou of thyself? 23 He said, I am "The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord," as the prophet Esaias said. 24 Now they who were sent were of the Pharisees. 25 Then they asked him and said to him, Why then dost thou baptize, if thou art not the Christ, nor Elias, nor the prophet? 26 John answered them saying, I baptize in water; but there is one in the midst of you, whom you know not. 27 He is the person who is coming after me; who is preferred to me, the latchet of whose sandal I am not worthy to untie. 28 These things passed at Bethabara on the bank of the Jordan, where John was baptizing. 29 The next day John seeth Jesus coming towards him, and saith, Behold the lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world! 30 this is he of whom I said, After me cometh a man who hath been before me; for he existed before me. 31 As for me, I did not know him; but to the end that he might be made manifest to Israel; for this purpose I came baptizing in water. 32 Moreover John testified saying, I beheld the Spirit descending like a dove from heaven, and it remained upon him. 33 Now for my part I did not know him; but he who sent me to baptize in water, even he said to me, On whomsoever thou shalt see the spirit descending and remaining on him, the same is he who baptizeth in a holy spirit. 34 Now I have Seen and testified that this is The Son Of God. 35 Again, on the next day, John was standing with two of his disciples, 36 and having fixed his eyes intently on Jesus as he was walking, he saith, Behold the lamb of God! 37 and the two disciples heard him speaking, and followed Jesus. 38 When Jesus turned and saw them following him, he saith to them, What seek ye? And they said to him, Rabbi, [the meaning of which, when interpreted, is Teacher] where dost thou make thine abode? 39 He saith to them, Come and see. They went and saw where he made his abode, and staid with him that day; for it was about the tenth hour. 40 Andrew, the brother of Simon Peter, was one of the two who heard John and followed Jesus. 41 He first findeth his brother Simon, and saith to him, We have found the Messias, [the meaning of which is the Christ] [the anointed] 42 and brought him to Jesus. And Jesus, having looked earnestly on him, said, Thou art Simon the son of Jonas. Thou shalt be called Cephas [the meaning of which is the same as that of Peter] [a rock.] 43 On the day following Jesus determined to set out for Galilee, and finding Philip, he saith to him, Come with me. 44 Now Philip was of Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter. 45 Philip finding Nathaniel, saith to him, We have found him of whom Moses in the law, and the prophets have written, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph. 46 Upon which Nathaniel saith to him, Of Nazareth can there be any thing good! Philip saith to him, Come and see. 47 Jesus saw Nathaniel coming to him and saith respecting him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom there is no guile! 48 Nathaniel saith to him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus in reply said to him, Before Philip called thee, when thou wast under the fig tree, I saw thee. 49 In answer to this, Nathaniel said to him, Rabbi, thou art the son of God. Thou art the king of Israel. 50 Jesus answered and said to him, Because I told thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, dost thou believe? Thou shalt see greater things than these. 51 Then he saith to him, Verily, verily I say to you, Hereafter you shall see the heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the son of man.

1 Corinthians 6:19-20

19 Do you not know that your body is a temple of a holy spirit in you, which you have from God? Indeed you are not your own; 20 for you have been bought with a price. Therefore glorify God with your body and with your spirit which are his.

2 Peter 2:9

9 the Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly from, temptation, and to reserve the wicked to the day of judgment, to be punished;

2 Corinthians 1:3-5

3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies and the God of all consolation, 4 who comforteth us in all our affliction, to the end that we may be able to comfort them who are in any affliction, with the comfort with which we ourselves have been comforted by God. 5 Because in proportion as the sufferings of the Christ abound towards us, so by means of Christ our consolation also aboundeth;

Philippians 4:19

19 And my God will supply all your wants, according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

Matthew 5:4

4 Happy they who mourn; for they shall be comforted.

2 Corinthians 12:9

9 Whereupon he said to me, My grace is sufficient for thee; for my strength is perfected in weakness. Therefore I will with the greatest pleasure, rather boast of my weaknesses, that the power of the Christ may shelter me.

Psalms 34:17-20

17 and delivered them out of all their afflictions. 18 The Lord is near to those of a contrite heart; and will save them who are lowly in spirit. 19 Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but out of them all the Lord will deliver them. 20 He keepeth all their bones, not one of them shall be broken.

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