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Mark 10:46-52

46 And they come into Jericho. And, as he was journeying forth from Jericho, and his disciples, and a considerable multitude, the son of Timaeus, blind Bar-Timaeus, a beggar, was sitting beside the road. 47 And, hearing that it was, Jesus the Nazarene, he began to be crying aloud, and saying—O Son of David! Jesus! have mercy on me. 48 And many were rebuking him, that he might hold his peace; but, he, so much the more, was crying aloud, O Son of David, have mercy on me. 49 And, coming to a stand, Jesus said—Call him! And they call the blind man, saying unto him—Take courage! rise! he calleth thee! 50 And, he, throwing off his mantle—springing to his feet, came unto Jesus. 51 And, answering him, Jesus said—What desirest thou, I should do for thee? And, the blind man, said unto him—Rabboni! that may recover sight. 52 And, Jesus, said unto him—Go thy way! thy faith, hath saved thee. And, straightway, he recovered sight, and was following him in the road.

Luke 19:1-9

1 And, having entered, he was passing through Jericho; 2 and lo! a man, by name called Zacchaeus, and, he, was a chief tax-collector, and [he] was rich. 3 And he was seeking to see Jesus, what sort of man he was, and could not for the multitude, because, in stature, he was, small. 4 And, running forward unto the front, he got up a sycamore-tree, that he might see him; for, by that way, was he about to pass. 5 And, as he came up to the place, looking up, Jesus said unto him—Zacchaeus! make haste, and come down; For, to-day, in thy house, I must needs abide. 6 And he made haste, and came down, and received him joyfully. 7 And all, when they beheld, began to murmur, saying—With a sinful man, hath he gone in to lodge! 8 But, taking his stand, Zacchaeus said unto the Lord—Lo! the half of my possessions, Lord, unto the destitute, I give; and, if, from anyone, I have taken aught by false accusation, I give back fourfold. 9 And Jesus said unto him—This day, salvation, unto this house, hath come,—for that, he too, is, a son of Abraham;

1 Kings 16:34

34 In his days, did Hiel the Bethelite build Jericho,—At the price of Abiram his firstborn, he laid its foundation, and, at the price of Segub his youngest, he set up its doors, according to the word of Yahweh which he spake through Joshua son of Nun.

Joshua 6:26

26 And Joshua imposed an oath at that time, saying,—Cursed be the man before Yahweh who shall raise up and build this city—Jericho, At the price of his firstborn, shall he lay its foundation, and, at the price of his youngest, shall he set up its doors.

Hebrews 11:30

30 By faith, the walls of Jericho, fell, having been surrounded for seven days.

Joshua 6:1-27

1 Now, Jericho, was shut up and barred because of the sons of Israel,—none came out and none went in. 2 Then said Yahweh unto Joshua, See, I have delivered, into thy hand, Jericho and her king,—the mighty men of valour. 3 So then ye shall compass the city all ye men of war, going round the city, once,—thus, shall thou do six days. 4 And, seven priests, shall bear the seven rams’ horns before the ark, and, on the seventh day, shall ye compass the city seven times,—and, the priests, shall blow with the horns. 5 And it shall come to pass, when the ram’s horn soundeth, when ye hear the sound of the horn, that all the people shall shout with a great shout,—and then shall the wall of the city fall down under it, and the people shall go up, every man straight before him. 6 Then called Joshua son of Nun unto the priests, and said unto them, Bear ye the ark of the covenant,—and let, seven priest, bear seven rams horns, before the ark of Yahweh. 7 Then said he unto the people, Pass on and compass the city,—and let, the armed host, pass on before the ark of Yahweh. 8 And it was so, when Joshua had spoken unto the people, that, the seven priests who were bearing the seven rams’ horns before Yahweh, passed on and blew with the horns,—the ark of the covenant of Yahweh also coming after them. 9 And, the armed host, went on before the priests who blew with the horns,—and, the rear-guard, came after the ark, going on and blowing with the horns. 10 Now, unto the people, had Joshua given command, saying—Ye shall not shout nor let your voice be heard, neither shall there go out of your mouth, a word,—until the day when I say unto you Shout! then shall ye shout. 11 So he caused the ark of Yahweh to compass the city, going round once,—and they came into the camp, and lodged in the camp. 12 And Joshua rose early in the morning,—and the priests bare the ark of Yahweh; 13 and, the seven priests who bare the seven rams’ horns before the ark of Yahweh, went on and on, and blew with the horns,—with, the armed host going on before them, and, the rear-guard, coming after the ark of Yahweh, going on and blowing with the horns. 14 So they compassed the city on the second day once, and returned into the camp,—thus, did they, six days. 15 And it came to pass, on the seventh day, that they rose early at the uprisings of the dawn, and compassed the city after this manner, seven times,—only on that day they compassed the city seven times. 16 And it came to pass, at the seventh time—when the priests blew with the horns, then did Joshua say unto the people—Shout, for Yahweh hath delivered unto you the city. 17 And it shall be, that, as for the city, devoted, shall it be and all that is therein unto Yahweh,—nevertheless, Rahab the harlot, shall live, she and all who are with her in the house, because she hid the messengers whom we sent. 18 But, in any wise, do, ye, beware of what is devoted, lest ye should covet, and then take of what is devoted,—and so cause the camp of Israel to be devoted, and bring trouble upon it. 19 But, as for all silver and gold and vessels of bronze and iron, hallowed, it is to Yahweh,—unto the treasury of Yahweh, shall it come. 20 So the people shouted, when the horns were blown,—yea it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the horn, that the people shouted with a great shout, and the wall fell down under it, and the people went up into the city every man straight before him, and so they captured the city. 21 And they devoted all that were in the city, both man and woman, both young and old,—and ox and sheep and ass, with the edge of the sword. 22 But, unto the two men who spied out the land, Joshua said, Go into the house of the woman, the harlot,—and bring out thence the woman and all that she hath, as ye aware unto her. 23 So the young men the spies went in and brought out Rahab and her father and her mother and her brethren and all that she had, yea, all her kindred, brought they out,—and set them outside the camp of Israel. 24 But, the city, burned they with fire, and all that was therein,—save only, the silver and the gold and the vessels of bronze and of iron, put they into the treasury of the house of Yahweh. 25 And, Rahab the harlot and the household of her father and all that she had, did Joshua save alive, so she hath dwelt in the midst of Israel until this day,—because she hid the messengers whom Joshua sent to spy out Jericho. 26 And Joshua imposed an oath at that time, saying,—Cursed be the man before Yahweh who shall raise up and build this city—Jericho, At the price of his firstborn, shall he lay its foundation, and, at the price of his youngest, shall he set up its doors. 27 And so it was that Yahweh was with Joshua,—and his fame was in all the land.

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