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2 Chronicles 17:1-19

1 And Jehoshaphat his son reigned in his stead,—and strengthened himself against Israel; 2 and put forces in all the fortified cities of Judah,—and set garrisons in the land of Judah, and in the cities of Ephraim, which Asa his father had captured. 3 And it came to pass, that, Yahweh, was with Jehoshaphat,—because he walked in the first ways of David his father, and sought not unto the Baalim; 4 for, unto the God of his father, he sought, and, in his commandments, he walked,—and not according to the doing of Israel. 5 Therefore did Yahweh establish the kingdom in his hand, and all Judah gave a present unto Jehoshaphat,—and he came to have riches and honour, in abundance. 6 And his heart was encouraged, in the ways of Yahweh,—and he, yet further, took away the high places and the Sacred Stems, out of Judah. 7 And, in the third year of his reign, he sent to his rulers, even to Ben-hail and to Obadiah and to Zechariah, and to Nethanel, and to Micaiah,—that they were to teach throughout the cities of Judah; 8 and, with them, Levites, Shemaiah and Nethaniah and Zebadiah and Asahel and Shemiramoth and Jehonathan, and Adonijah and Tobijah and Tob-adonijah, Levites,—and, with them, Elishama and Jehoram, priests; 9 and they taught throughout Judah, and, with them, was the book of the law of Yahweh,—so they went round throughout all the cities of Judah, and taught the people. 10 And it came to pass, that, the dread of Yahweh, was upon all the kingdoms of the countries, that were round about Judah,—and they warred not against Jehoshaphat. 11 And, from among the Philistines, were they bringing in unto Jehoshaphat a present, and silver as tribute,—even the Arabians, were bringing in unto him flocks, seven thousand seven hundred rams, and seven thousand seven hundred he-goats. 12 And so it came to pass that, Jehoshaphat, went on waxing surpassingly great,—and he built, throughout Judah, fortresses and cities for store; 13 and, much business, had he, throughout the cities of Judah,—but, the men of war, the heroes of valour, were in Jerusalem. 14 And, these, are the numbers of them, by their ancestral house,—To Judah, pertained rulers of thousands, Adnah the chief, and, with him, mighty men of valour, three hundred thousand; 15 and, under his direction, was Jehohanan the chief,—and, with him, two hundred and eighty thousand; 16 and, under his direction, Amasiah son of Zichri, who willingly offered himself unto Yahweh,—and, with him, two hundred thousand heroes of valour. 17 And, out of Benjamin, a hero of valour, Eliada,—and, with him, armed with bow and buckler, two hundred thousand; 18 and, under his direction, Jehozabad,—and, with him, a hundred and eighty thousand, equipped for war. 19 These, were they who were waiting upon the king,—besides those whom the king placed in the fortified cities, throughout all Judah.

Matthew 5:6

6 Happy, they who hunger and thirst for righteousness; for, they, shall be filled:

Matthew 4:4

4 But, he, answering, said, It is written,—Not on bread alone, shall man live, but on every declaration coming forth through the mouth of God.

2 Corinthians 6:4-5

4 But, in everything, commending ourselves as God’s ministers,—in much endurance, in tribulations, in necessities, in straits, 5 in stripes, in imprisonments, in tumults, in toilings, in watchings, in fastings,

Leviticus 26:1-46

1 Ye shall not make unto you idols,—neither image nor pillar, shall ye set up for yourselves, nor sculptured stone, shall ye place in your land, to bow yourselves down thereunto,-For, I Yahweh, am your God. 2 My sabbaths, shall ye observe, And, my sanctuary, shall ye revere,—I, am Yahweh. 3 If, in my statutes, ye will walk,—And my commandments, ye will observe, and do them, 4 Then will I give your rains in their season,—And the land shall yield her increase, And, the trees of the field, shall yield their fruit. 5 Then shall your threshing reach unto the vintage, And, the vintage, shall reach unto the seedtime,—And ye shall eat your food to the full, And shall dwell securely in your land. 6 And I will give peace in the land, And ye shall lie down, and nothing shall make you afraid; And I will take away vicious beasts out of the land; And, the sword, shall not go through your land. 7 And ye shall chase your foes,—And they shall fall before you by the sword; 8 And, five, of you shall chase, a hundred, And, a hundred, of you shall put ten thousand to flight,—So shall your foes fall before you, by the sword. 9 And I will turn unto you, And make you fruitful,—And multiply you, And will establish my covenant with you. 10 And ye shall eat old store well seasoned,—And the old from before the new, shall ye put forth. 11 And I will set my habitation in your midst,—And my soul shall not abhor you; 12 But I will walk to and fro in your midst, And will be unto you a God, And, ye, shall be unto me a people. 13 I—Yahweh, am your God who brought you forth out of the land of Egypt, that ye should not be their bondmen; so I brake in pieces the staves of your yoke, and caused you to walk, erect. 14 But, if ye will not hearken unto me, And will not do all these commandments; 15 And if, my statutes, ye refuse, And, my regulations, your souls shall abhor,—So that ye will not do all my commandments, But shall break my covenant 16 I also, will do this unto you—I will set over you, for terror, consumption and fever, Causing the eyes to fail and the soul to pine away,—And ye shall sow, in vain, your seed, for it shall be eaten by your foes. 17 And I will set my face against you, And ye shall be smitten before your foes,-And be trodden down by them who hate you, And shall flee when no one is pursuing you. 18 And, if even with these things, ye will not hearken unto me, Then will I yet further correct you seven times, for your sins. 19 So will I break your pomp of power, And will set your heavens as iron, and your land as bronze; 20 And your strength shall be spent in vain,—And your land shall not yield her increase, And the trees of the land, shall not yield their fruit. 21 If therefore, ye will go in opposition to me, And not be willing to hearken unto me, Then will I yet further plague you seven times according to your sins; 22 And will send among you the wild-beast of the field And it shall rob you of your children, And cut off your cattle, And make you few in number; And your roads shall be silent. 23 And, if, by these things, ye will not be corrected by me,—But will go in opposition to me, 24 Then will, I also, go in opposition to you. And, I, even I, will plague you seven times for your sins; 25 And will bring in upon you a sword that shall inflict the covenanted avenging: So shall ye be gathered into your cities,—Then will I send a pestilence into your midst, And ye shall be delivered into the hand of an enemy. 26 When I have broken your staff of bread, then shall ten women bake your bread in one oven, And give back your bread by weight,—And ye shall eat and not be filled. 27 And, if, with this, ye will not hearken to me,—But will go in opposition to me, 28 Then will I go in a rage of opposition to you,—And I, even I, will correct you seven times for your sins; 29 And ye shall eat the flesh of your sons,—Yea, even the flesh of your daughters, shall ye eat. 30 And I will destroy your high places And cut down your sun-pillars, And cast your caresses upon the calluses of your manufactured gods,—Thus shall my soul abhor you. 31 And I will give your cities unto desolation, And make your holy places dumb,—And will find no fragrance in your satisfying odour; 32 And, I, will make the land dumb, And your foes that dwell therein shall regard it with dumb amazement: 33 When, even you, I scatter among the nations, And make bare after you, a sword, Then shall your land become an astonishment, And your cities become a desolation. 34 Then, shall the land be paid her sabbaths, All the days she lieth desolate, While, ye, are in the land of your fees,—Then, shall the land keep sabbath, And pay off her sabbaths: 35 All the days she lieth desolate, shall she keep sabbath,—the which she kept not as your sabbaths,—while ye dwelt thereupon. 36 And as for such as are left of you, Then will I bring faintness into their heart, in the lands of their foes,—So that the sound of a driven leaf shall chase them, And they shall flee as though fleeing from a sword And they shall fall, when no one is pursuing; 37 And they shall stumble one upon another as from before a sword, when, pursuer there is none; And ye shall not have wherewith to stand before your foes; 38 And ye shall perish among the nations,—And the land of your fees shall eat you up; 39 And they who are left of you, shall melt away in their iniquity, in the lands of your foes; Yea also, in the iniquity of their fathers with them, shall they melt away. 40 Then shall they confess their iniquity, And the iniquity of their fathers, In their unfaithfulness wherewith they had been unfaithful towards me; Yea moreover, because they had gone in opposition to me, 41 I also, must needs go in opposition to them, and bring them into the land of their foes,—Save only that, if, even then, their uncircumcised heart shall be humbled, And, even then, they shall accept as a payment the punishment of their iniquity, 42 Then will I remember my covenant with Jacob Yea moreover, my covenant with Isaac, Yea moreover, my covenant with Abraham, will I remember; And the land, will I remember. 43 For, the land, shall be left of them, And shall be paid her sabbaths, while she lieth desolate without them, They also, accepting, as a payment, the punishment of their iniquity, Because, yea because, my regulations, they refused, And my statutes, their soul abhorred. 44 And yet even so when they are in the land of their foes I have not refused them Neither have I abhorred them To make an end of them, To break my covenant with them,—For, I—Yahweh, am their God. 45 Therefore will I remember in their behalf the covenant of their ancestors,—Whom, I brought forth out of the land of Egypt in the sight of the nations, that I might be their God—I—Yahweh. 46 These are the statutes and the regulations and the laws, which Yahweh granted between himself, and the sons of Israel,—in Mount Sinai by the mediation of Moses.

Deuteronomy 28:47-48

47 Because thou servedst not Yahweh thy God, with rejoicing, and with gladness of heart, for abundance of all things, 48 therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies, whom Yahweh will send against thee, with hunger and with thirst and with nakedness, and with want of all things,—and he, will put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he hath destroyed thee.

Proverbs 22:9

9 A benevolent eye, the same, shall be blessed,—because he hath given of his bread to the poor.

Matthew 4:1-25

1 Then, Jesus was led up into the wilderness, by the Spirit, to be tempted by the adversary; 2 and, fasting forty days and forty nights,—afterwards, he hungered. 3 And, coming near, the tempter said to him,—If thou art God’s, Son, speak! that, these stones, may become, loaves. 4 But, he, answering, said, It is written,—Not on bread alone, shall man live, but on every declaration coming forth through the mouth of God. 5 Then, the adversary taketh him with him, unto the holy city,—and he set him upon the pinnacle of the temple; 6 and saith to him—If thou art God’s, Son, cast thyself down,—for it is written, To his messengers, will he give charge concerning thee; and, on hands, will they bear thee up, lest once thou strike, against a stone, thy foot. 7 Jesus said to him, Again, it is written,—Thou shalt not put to the test, the Lord thy God. 8 Again, the adversary taketh him with him, into an exceeding high mountain,—and pointeth out to him all the kingdoms of the world, and their glory; 9 and said to him, All these things, will I give thee,—if thou wilt fall down and worship me. 10 Then saith Jesus unto him, Withdraw, Satan! for it is written,—The Lord thy God, shalt thou worship, and, to him alone, render divine service. 11 Then, the adversary leaveth him,—and lo! messengers came near, and began ministering unto him. 12 And, hearing that, John, had been delivered up, he retired into Galilee; 13 and, forsaking Nazareth, he came and fixed his dwelling in Capernaum, which was by the lake,—within the bounds of Zebulun and Naphtali: 14 that it might be fulfilled, which was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying: 15 Land of Zebulun, and land of Naphtali, the lake-way across the Jordan,—Galilee of the nations, 16 The people that was sitting in darkness, a great light, beheld,—and, on them who were sitting in land and shade of death, Light rose on them. 17 From that time, began Jesus to be making proclamation, and saying,—Repent ye, for the kingdom of the heavens hath drawn near. 18 And, walking round beside the sea of Galilee, he saw two brethren—Simon who is called Peter, and Andrew his brother,—casting a large fishing-net into the sea, for they were fishers; 19 and he saith unto them, Come after me,—and I will make you fishers, of men. 20 And, they, straightway, leaving the nets, followed him. 21 And, going forward from thence, he saw other two brethren—James the son of Zebedee, and John his brother—in the boat with Zebedee their father, putting in order their nets,—and he called them. 22 And, they, straightway, leaving the boat and their father, followed him. 23 And Jesus was going round throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad-message of the kingdom,—and curing every disease, and every infirmity, among the people. 24 And forth went the report of him into all Syria; and they brought unto him all who were sick, with divers diseases and tortures, distressed, demonized and lunatic and paralyzed,—and he cured them. 25 And there followed him large multitudes—from Galilee, and Decapolis, and Jerusalem, and Judaea, and across the Jordan.

Matthew 5:1-48

1 But, seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain,—and, when he had taken a seat, his disciples came unto him; 2 and, opening his mouth, he began teaching them, saying:— 3 Happy, the destitute, in spirit; for, theirs, is the kingdom of the heavens; 4 Happy, they who mourn; for, they, shall be comforted: 5 Happy, the meek; for, they, shall inherit the earth: 6 Happy, they who hunger and thirst for righteousness; for, they, shall be filled: 7 Happy, the merciful; for, they, shall receive mercy: 8 Happy, the pure, in heart; for, they, shall, see God: 9 Happy, the peacemakers; for, they, shall be, called sons of God: 10 Happy, they who have been persecuted for righteousness’ sake; for, theirs, is the kingdom of the heavens. 11 Happy, are ye, whensoever they may reproach you and persecute you, and say every evil thing against you, falsely, for my sake: 12 Rejoice and exult, because, your reward, is great in the heavens; for, so, persecuted they the prophets who were before you. 13 Ye, are the salt of the earth; but, if the salt become tasteless, wherewith shall it be salted? it is good, for nothing, any more, save, being cast out, to be trampled on by men. 14 Ye, are the light of the world: it is impossible for a city to be hid, on the top of a mountain, lying. 15 Neither light they a lamp, and place it under the measure; but upon the lampstand, and it giveth light to all that are in the house. 16 In like manner, let your light shine before men,—that they may see your good works,—and glorify your Father who is in the heavens. 17 Do not think, that I came to pull down the law, or the prophets,—I came not to pull down, but to fulfil. 18 For, verily, I say unto you, until the heaven and the earth shall pass away, one least letter, or one point, may in nowise pass away from the law, till all be accomplished. 19 Whosoever, therefore, shall relax one of these commandments, the least, and teach men so, shall be called, least, in the kingdom of the heavens; but, whosoever shall do and teach, the same, shall be called, great, in the kingdom of the heavens. 20 For I say unto you, that, unless your righteousness exceed that of the Scribes and Pharisees, in nowise, may ye enter into the kingdom of the heavens. 21 Ye have heard, that it was said, to them of olden time,—Thou shalt not commit murder, and, whosoever shall commit murder, shall be, liable, to judgment. 22 But, I, say unto you, that, every one who is angry with his brother, shall be, liable, to judgment,—and, whosoever shall say to his brother, Worthless one!, shall be, liable, to the high council; and, whosoever shall say, Rebel!, shall be, liable, unto the fiery gehenna. 23 If, therefore, thou be bearing thy gift towards the altar, and, there, shouldst remember that, thy brother, hath aught against thee, 24 leave, there, thy gift before the altar, and withdraw,—first, be reconciled unto thy brother, and, then, coming, be offering thy gift. 25 Be making agreement with thine adversary, quickly, while thou art with him, in the way,—lest once thine adversary deliver thee up unto the judge, and the judge, unto the officer, and, into prison, thou be cast. 26 Verily, I say unto thee, In nowise, mayest thou come out from thence, until thou pay the last halfpenny. 27 Ye have heard, that it was said, Thou shalt not commit adultery: 28 But, I, say unto you, that, Every one who looketh on a woman so as to covet her, already, hath committed adultery with her, in his heart. 29 And, if, thy right eye, is causing thee to stumble, pluck it out, and cast it from thee,—for it profiteth thee, that, one of thy members, should perish, and not, thy whole body, be cast into gehenna. 30 And, if, thy right hand, is causing thee to stumble, cut it off, and cast it from thee,—for it profiteth thee, that, one of thy members, should perish, and not, thy whole body, into gehenna, depart. 31 It was said, moreover, Whosoever shall divorce his wife, let him give her a writing of divorcement; 32 But, I, say unto you, that, Everyone who divorceth his wife—saving for unfaithfulness, causeth her to be made an adulteress,—[and, whosoever shall marry a divorced woman, committeth adultery]. 33 Again, ye have heard that it was said, to them of olden time, Thou shalt not swear falsely,—but shalt render unto the Lord, thine oaths. 34 But, I, tell you—not to swear, at all: Neither by heaven, because it is the, throne of God,— 35 Nor by the earth, because it is his, footstool; nor by Jerusalem, because, it is the, city, of the Great King; 36 Nor, by thine own head, mayest thou swear, because thou art not able to make, one hair, white or black. 37 But let your word be, Yea, yea,—Nay, nay; and, what goeth beyond these, is, of evil. 38 Ye have heard, that it was said,—Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth. 39 But, I, tell you, not to resist evil,—Nay, whoever is smiting thee on the right cheek, turn to him, the other also; 40 And, him who is desiring thee to be judged, and to take, thy tunic, let him have, thy mantle also. 41 And, whoever shall impress thee one mile, go with him two: 42 To him who is asking thee, give; and, him who is desiring from thee to borrow, do not thou turn away. 43 Ye have heard, that it was said, Thou shalt love thy neighbour, and hate thine enemy. 44 But, I, say unto you, Be loving your enemies, and praying for them who are persecuting you: 45 That ye may become sons of your Father who is in the heavens: because, his sun, he maketh arise on evil and good, and sendeth rain, on just and unjust. 46 For, if ye love them that love you, what reward have ye? are not, even the tax-collectors, the same thing, doing? 47 And, if ye salute your brethren only, what, more than common, are ye doing? are not, even the nations, the same thing, doing? 48 Ye, therefore, shall become, perfect: as, your heavenly Father, is perfect.

James 2:15-17

15 If, a brother or sister, should be naked, and coming short of the daily food, 16 And one from among you should say unto them—Withdraw in peace, be getting warmed and fed, but should not give them the things needful for the body, What the profit? 17 So, also, faith, if it have not works, is dead, by itself.

1 Timothy 5:8

8 If, however, anyone, for his own, and specially them of his household, taketh not forethought, his faith, hath he denied, and is worse, than one without faith!

Deuteronomy 28:1-68

1 And it shall be, if thou wilt, hearken, unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all his commandments which I am commanding thee to-day, then will Yahweh thy God set thee on high, above all the nations of the earth; 2 and all these blessings shall come in upon thee, and reach thee,—because thou dost hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God:— 3 Blessed shalt, thou be in the city,—and blessed shalt thou be in the field: 4 Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground and the fruit of thy cattle,—the young of thy kine, and the ewes of thy flock: 5 Blessed, shall be thy basket and thy kneading-trough: 6 Blessed, shalt thou be when thou comest in,—and, blessed, shalt thou be when thou goest out: 7 Yahweh will deliver thine enemies who rise up against thee, to be routed before thee,—one way, shall they come out against thee, and seven ways, shall they flee before thee: 8 Yahweh will command to be with thee the blessing, in thy storehouses and in all whereunto thou settest thy hand,—and will bless thee in the land which Yahweh thy God is giving unto thee: 9 Yahweh will confirm thee unto himself for a holy people, as he sware unto thee,—be-cause thou dost keep the commandments of Yahweh thy God, and dost walk in his ways. 10 And all the peoples of the earth shall see that, the name of Yahweh, hath been called upon thee,—and shall be afraid of thee. 11 And Yahweh will cause thee to abound in that which is good, in the fruit of thy body, and in the fruit of thy cattle and in the fruit of thy soil,—upon the soil which Yahweh sware unto thy fathers, to give unto thee: 12 Yahweh will open unto thee his rich storehouse—the heavens, to give the rain of thy land in its season, and to bless ever, work of thy hand, so shalt thou lend unto many nations, but thou, shalt not borrow: 13 And Yahweh, will give thee, to be the head, and not the tail, and thou shalt be only above, and shalt not be beneath,—because thou dost hearken unto the commandments of Yahweh thy God, which I am commanding thee, to-day, to observe and to do; 14 and dost not turn side from any of the words which I am commanding you to-day, to the right hand or to the left,—to go after other gods, to serve them, 15 But it shall be, if thou do not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to observe to do all his commandments and his statutes which I am commanding thee to-day, then shall come in upon thee all these curses and shall reach thee:— 16 Cursed, shalt thou be in the city,—and cursed, shalt thou be in the field: 17 Cursed, shall be thy basket, and thy kneading-trough: 18 Cursed, shall be the fruit of thy body, and the fruit of thy ground—the young of thy kine and the ewes of thy flock: 19 Cursed, shalt thou be, when thou comest in,—and, cursed, shalt thou be, when thou goest out: 20 Yahweh will send upon thee cursing, confusion and rebuke, in all whereunto thou settest thy hand that thou mayest do it,—until thou he destroyed and until thou perish quickly, because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me. 21 Yahweh will cause to cleave unto thee—the pestilence,—until he hath consumed thee from off the soil which thou art entering to possess. 22 Yahweh, will smite thee, with consumption and with fever, and with inflammation and with violent heat and with the sword, and with blight and with mildew,—and they shall pursue thee, until thou perish. 23 And thy heavens which are over thy head shall become bronze,—and the earth which is under thee iron. 24 Yahweh will cause the rain of thy land to he powder and dust,—out of the heavens, shall it come down upon thee, until thou he destroyed. 25 Yahweh will give thee up to be routed before thine enemies, one way, shalt thou go out against them, and, seven ways, shalt thou flee before them,—and thou shalt become a terror unto all the kingdoms of the earth. 26 And thy dead body shall become food for every bird of the heavens, and for the beast of the earth,—with none to fright them away. 27 Yahweh, will smite thee, with the burning sores of Egypt and with the hemorrhoids, and with scab, and with itch,—of which thou canst not be healed. 28 Yahweh, will smite thee, with madness and with blindness,—and with terror of heart; 29 and thou shalt he groping about in noonday brightness, as the blind man gropeth in thick darkness, and thou shalt not make thy ways prosper,—but shalt be only oppressed and spoiled all the days with none to save. 30 A wife, shalt thou betroth, and, another man shall lie with her. A house, shalt thou build, and shalt not dwell therein,—A vineyard, shalt thou plant, and shalt not throw it open; 31 Thine ox slaughtered before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof, Thine ass stolen from before thee, and shall not be restored to thee,—Thy flock given to thine enemies, and thou shalt have none to save. 32 Thy sons and thy daughters given to another people, thine eyes looking on, and failing for them all the day, thine own hand being powerless. 33 The fruit of thy soil, and all thy toilsome produce, shall a people whom thou knowest not, eat up,—and thou shalt be only oppressed and crushed, all the days; 34 so that thou shalt be mad,—for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see. 35 Yahweh, will smite thee, with a grievous boil, upon the knees and upon the legs, of which thou canst not he healed,—from the sole of thy foot even unto the crown of thy head. 36 Yahweh will bring thee and thy king whom thou wilt set up over thee, unto a nation which thou hast not known, thou nor thy fathers,—and thou shalt serve there other gods of wood and of stone. 37 Thus shalt thou become a horror, a byword, and a mockery, among all the peoples whither Yahweh thy God will drive thee. 38 Much seed, shalt thou take out into the field,—and little, shalt thou gather in, for the locust shall consume it. 39 Vineyards, shalt thou plant, and dress,—but wine, shalt thou not drink, neither shalt thou gather the grapes, for the worm shall eat them. 40 Olive trees, shalt thou have in all thy bounds,—but with oil, shalt thou not anoint thyself, for thine olives, shall drop off. 41 Sons and daughters, shalt thou beget, and they shall not be thine, for they shall go into captivity. 42 All thy trees, and the fruit of thy ground, shall the grasshopper, devour. 43 The sojourner who is in thy midst, shall mount up above thee higher and higher,—whereas, thou, shalt come down lower and lower: 44 he, shall lend to thee, but, thou, shalt not lend to him,—he, shall become head, and, thou, shalt become tail. 45 Moreover, all these curses, shall come in upon thee, and pursue thee and overtake thee, until thou be destroyed,—because thou didst not hearken unto the voice of Yahweh thy God, to keep his commandments and his statutes which he hath commanded thee; 46 and they shall be upon thee, for a sign, and for a wonder, and upon thy seed, unto times age-abiding. 47 Because thou servedst not Yahweh thy God, with rejoicing, and with gladness of heart, for abundance of all things, 48 therefore shalt thou serve thine enemies, whom Yahweh will send against thee, with hunger and with thirst and with nakedness, and with want of all things,—and he, will put a yoke of iron upon thy neck, until he hath destroyed thee. 49 Yahweh will bring against thee a nation from afar, from the end of the earth, as darteth a bird of prey,—a nation whose tongue thou canst not understand; 50 a nation of fierce countenance,—who wilt not respect an elder nor to the young, show favour; 51 then shall be eat the young of thy cattle and the fruit of thy ground until thou art destroyed, who will not leave for thee corn, new wine or oil, the young of thy kine, or the ewes of thy flock,—until he hath caused thee to perish. 52 And he shall lay siege to thee in all thy gates, until thy high and fortified walls come down wherein thou wast trusting, in all thy land,—yea he will lay siege to thee in all thy gates, in all thy land which Yahweh thy God, hath given, unto thee. 53 And thou wilt eat the fruit of thy body, the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, whom Yahweh thy God hath given unto thee—in the siege and in the straitness wherewith thine enemy will straiten thee. 54 The man that is tender among you, and exceedingly delicate, his eye will be jealous of his brother and of the wife of his bosom, and of the remnant of his sons, whom be might leave behind; 55 so that he will not give to any one of them, of the flesh of his sons which he will eat, because he hath nothing at all left him,—in the siege and in the straitness wherewith thine enemy will straiten thee within all thy gates. 56 The tender and delicate woman among you who hath never adventured the sole of her foot to set it upon the ground, through delicateness and through tenderness, her eye shall be jealous of the husband of her bosom, and of her own son, and of her own daughter; 57 both as to her afterbirth that cometh forth from between her feet and as to her children which she shall bear, for she will eat them for want of all things secretly,—in the siege and in the straitness wherewith thine enemy will straiten thee within thine own gates. 58 If thou wilt not take heed to do all the words of this law, which are written in this scroll,—to revere this glorious and reverend name, Yahweh thy God, 59 then will Yahweh make thy plagues wonderful, and the plagues of thy seed,—plagues great and lasting, and diseases grievous and lasting; 60 and he will bring back on thee all the sickness of Egypt, because of which thou wast afraid,—and they shall cleave unto thee; 61 even every disease and, every plague, which are not written in this scroll of the law, will Yahweh bring up against thee, until thou art destroyed, 62 And ye shall be left men few in number, whereas ye had become as the stars of the heavens for multitude,—because thou hast not hearkened unto the voice of Yahweh thy God. 63 And it shall come to pass that as Yahweh rejoiced over you to do you good and to multiply you, so, will Yahweh rejoice over you, to cause you to perish and to destroy you,—and ye shall be torn away, from off the soil, whither thou art going in to possess it; 64 and Yahweh will scatter thee among all the peoples, from one end of the earth even unto the other end of the earth,—and thou wilt serve there other gods whom thou hast not known—thou nor thy fathers,—of wood and of stone. 65 And among those nations, shalt thou find no ease, neither shall there be a place of rest for the sole of thy foot,—but Yahweh will give unto thee there a trembling heart, and a failing of eyes and faintness of soul. 66 And thy life will be hung up for thee in front,—and thou wilt be in dread by night and by day, and wilt not trust in thy life. 67 In the morning, thou wilt say—Oh that it were evening! and in the evening, thou wilt say—Oh that it were morning! because of the dread of thy heart which thou wilt dread, and because of the sight of thine eyes which thou wilt see. 68 And Yahweh will take thee back again to Egypt in ships, by the way whereof I said unto thee, Thou shalt not again any more see it. And ye will offer yourselves there for sale unto thine enemies as servants and as handmaids with no one to buy.

Psalms 22:26

26 The patient wronged-ones shall eat and be satisfied, They shall praise Yahweh, who are seekers of him, Let your heart live for aye.

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