Bible verses about "spiritual authority" | Matthew

Genesis 1:28

28 And God blessed them, & God sayde vnto them: Growe and multiplye & fyl the erth, & subdue it, & haue dominion ouer the fyshes of the sea, and ouer the foules of the ayre, and ouer al the beastes that moue on the erth.

Deuteronomy 28:7

7 The Lord shal smyte thyne enemyes that ryse agaynst the before thy face. They shall come out agaynst the one way, & flee before the .vij. wayes.

Mark 16:17-18

17 And these sygnes shall folowe them that beleue. In my name they shall caste oute deuils, & shall speake with newe tonges, 18 & shall kyll serpentes, and yf they drinke any deadly thynge, it shall not hurte them. They shal lay theyr handes on the sycke, and they shal recouer.

Romans 12:1-21

1 I beseche you therfore brethren, by the mercyfulnes of God, that ye make your bodyes a quicke sacrifyce holye and acceptable vnto God, which is youre reasonable seruynge of God: 2 And fashyon not youre selues lyke vnto thys worlde. But be ye chaunged in youre shape, by the renuynge of youre wyttes, that ye may fele what thynge that good, that acceptable, and perfect wyll of God is. 3 For I say (thorowe the grace that vnto me geuen is) to euery man among you, that no man esteme of hym selfe more then it becommeth hym to esteme: but that he discretelye iudge of hym selfe, accordynge as GOD hath dealt to euery man the measure of fayth. 4 As we haue many members in one bodye, & all members haue not one offyce: 5 so we beyng many, are one body in Christ & euery man (amonge our selues) one anothers members. 6 Seynge that we haue dyuers gyftes, accordynge to the grace that is geuen vnto vs: yf any man haue the gyft of prophesy, let him haue it that it be agreyng vnto the fayth. 7 Let hym that hath an offyce, wayte on hys office. Let hym that teacheth, take hede to hys doctryne. 8 Let hym that exhorteth, geue attendaunce to hys exhortacyon. Yf any man geue, let hym do it with singlenes. Let him that ruleth do it with diligence. Yf anye man shew mercy let hym do it with cherfulnes. 9 Let loue be without dissimulacyon. Hate that whiche is euyll, and cleaue vnto that which is good. 10 Be kynde one to another with brotherlye loue. In geuynge honoure, go one before another. 11 Let not the busynes whiche ye haue in hande, be tedyous to you. Be feruente in the spirite. Applye youre selues to the time. 12 Reioyce in hope. Be pacyent in trybulacyon. Contynue in prayer. 13 Distribute vnto the necessitie of the Saynctes, and be diligente to harboure. 14 Blesse them whiche persecute you: blesse, but cursse not. 15 Be merye with them that are merye. Wepe with them that wepe. 16 Be of lyke affeccyon one towardes an other. Be not hyghe mynded, but make youre selues equall to them of the lower sorte. Be not wyse in youre owne opinions. 17 Recompence to no man euyll for euyll. Prouyde afore hande thynges honest in the syght of all men. 18 If it be possyble, how be it of your part, haue peace with all men. 19 Derely beloued auenge not youre selues, but geue roume vnto the wrathe of God. For it is wrytten: vengeaunce is myne, and I wyll rewarde sayeth the Lorde. 20 Therfore yf thyne enemye hunger, feede hym: yf he thurste, geue hym drinke, for in so doyng thou shalt heape coles of fyre on hys head. 21 Be not ouercome of euyl: But ouercome euil with goodnesse.

John 16:13

13 Howe be it when he is come (I meane the spirite of truth) he wyll lead you into all truth. He shall not speake of hym self, but whatsoeuer he shal heare, that shall he speake, and he wyll shewe you thynges to come.

1 John 5:4-5

4 For all that is borne of God, ouercommeth the world. And this is the victorye, that ouercommeth the worlde, euen oure fayeth. 5 Who is it that ouercommeth the worlde, but he which beleueth, that Iesus is the sonne of God?

1 John 3:8

8 He that committeth sinne, is of the deuil, for the deuil sinneth sence the beginninge. For this purpose appered the sonne of God to lowse the workes of the deuil.

John 10:27

27 my shepe heare my voice, & I know them, and they folowe me,

2 Corinthians 10:3-5

3 Neuerthelesse thoughe we walke compassed wt the fleshe, yet we ware not fleshly. 4 For the weapens of oure warre are not carnal thynges, but thynges myghtye in God to caste doune stronge holdes, 5 wherewith we ouerthrowe Imaginations and euerye hye thynge that exalteth it selfe agaynste the knoweledge of God, and brynge into captiuite all vnderstandynge to the obedience of Christe,

Matthew 18:18-20

18 Verely I saye vnto you, whatsoeuer ye bynde on earth, shalbe bounde in heauen. And whatsoeuer ye lowse on erth, shalbe lowsed in heauen. 19 Agayne I say vnto you, that if two of you shall agre in earth vpon any maner thyng whatsoeuer they shall desire: it shalbe geuen them of my father whyche is in heauen. 20 For where two or thre are gathered together in my name, there am I in the middes of them.

Romans 13:1

1 Let euery soule submit him selfe vnto the authoritie of the hygher powers. For there is no power but of God.

Hebrews 13:17

17 Obeye them that haue the ouersyghte of you, and submyt your selues to them, for they watche for youre soules, euen as they that muste geue accomptes: that they maye do it wyth ioye, and not wyth griefe. For that is an vnprofytable thynge for you.

James 4:7

7 Submytte your selues to God, and resiste the deuyl, and he wyll flye from you.

1 John 4:4

4 Lytel chyldren, ye are of God, and haue ouercome them, for greater is he that is in you, then he that is in the world.

Matthew 16:15-19

15 He sayde vnto them: but whome saye ye that I am? 16 Simon Peter aunswered and sayde: Thou arte Christ the sonne of the liuynge God. 17 And Iesus aunswered and sayde to hym: happy arte thou Symon the sonne of Ionas, for fleshe & bloude hath not opened vnto the that, but my father which is in heauen. 18 And I saye also vnto the that thou arte Peeter: and vpon thys rocke I wil buylde my congregacion. And the gates of hell shall not preuayle against it. 19 And I wil geue vnto the, the keyes of the kyngdome of heauen, and whatsoeuer thou bindest vpon earth shalbe bounde in heauen, and whatsoeuer thon lowsest on earth shalbe lowsed in heauen.

Matthew 28:18

18 And Iesus came and spake vnto them saiynge: all power is geuen vnto me in heauen and in earth.

Luke 9:1

1 Then called he the .xij. together, and gaue them power, and authoryte ouer all Deuyls, and that they myght heale diseases.

Luke 10:19

19 Beholde, I geue vnto you power to treade on serpentes & scorpions, & ouer all maner power of the enemye, and nothynge shall hurte you.

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