Bible verses about "praises" | Matthew

Psalms 100:1-5

1 A Psalme of praise. O be ioiful in God (al ye landes) 2 serue the Lorde with gladnes, come before his presence wyth ioye. 3 Be ye sure, that the Lord he is God: It is he that hath made vs, and not we our selues: we are but his people, and the shepe of his pastoure. 4 O go youre waye into hys gates then with thanckesgeuynge, and into his courtes with prayse, be thanckefull vnto hym, and speake good of his name. 5 For the Lorde is gracyous, hys mercie is euerlastynge, and hys trueth endureth from generatyon to generacyon.

Psalms 147:1-20

1 Prayse the euerlastyng. O prayse the Lord, for it is a good thyng to sing prayses vnto our God: yea, a ioyful & pleasaunt thing is it to be thankeful. 2 The Lorde shall buylde vp Hierusalem, & gather together the outcastes of Israel. 3 He healeth the contryte in herte, and byndeth vp their woundes. 4 He telleth the numbre of the starres, and calleth them all by their names. 5 Great is our Lord, & great is his power: yea, hys wysdome is infinitie. 6 The Lord setteth vp the meke, and bryngeth the vngodly doune to the grounde. 7 O singe vnto the Lorde with thankesgeuyng, sing prayses vpon the harpe vnto our God. 8 Which couereth the heauen wyth cloudes, prepareth rayn for the earth, & maketh the grasse to growe vpon the mountaynes. 9 Which geueth fodre vnto the cattell, and fedeth the yong rauens that call vpon hym. 10 He hath no pleasure in the strengthe of an horse, neither deliteth he in any mans legges. 11 But the Lordes delyte is in them that feare hym, and put their trust in his mercy. 12 Prayse the Lord O Ierusalem, prayse thy God O Sion. 13 For he maketh fast the barres of the gates, and blesseth the chyldren within the. 14 He maketh peace in thy borders, & filleth the with the floure of wheate. 15 He sendeth forth hys commaundemente vpon earth, his worde runneth swyftly. 16 He geueth snow lyke wolle, & scatereth the hore frost lyke ashes. 17 He casteth forth hys yse lyke morsels, who is able to abyde hys frost? 18 He sendeth out hys woorde and mealteth them, he bloweth with hys wynd, & the waters flowe. 19 He sheweth hys woorde vnto Iacob, hys statutes and ordinaunces vnto Israel. 20 He hath not dealte so with all the Heathen, neither haue they knowlege of hys lawes. Prayse the euerlastyng.

Psalms 148:1-14

1 Prayse the euerlastyng. O prayse the Lorde of heauen, prayse hym in the heygth. 2 Prayse hym all ye aungels of hys, prayse hym all hys hoost. 3 Prayse hym Sunne and Moone, prayse hym all ye starres and light. 4 Prayse hym all ye heauens, and ye waters that be vnder the heauens. 5 Let them prayse the name of the Lorde, for he commaunded, and they were made. 6 He hath made them fast for euer and euer, he hath geuen them a lawe whiche shall not be broken. 7 Prayse the Lord vpon earth, ye whalfysshes, and al depes. 8 Fyre and hayle, snow and vapors, wynde and storme, fulfillynge his worde. 9 Mountaynes and al hilles, fruteful trees and all Cedres. 10 Beastes and cattel, wormes and fethered foules. 11 Kynges of the earth and all people, Prynces and iudges of the worlde. 12 Yonge men and maydens, olde men and chyldren: 13 let them prayse the name of the Lord, for his name only is excellent, and his prayse aboue heauen and earth. 14 He exalteth the horne of his people, all hys saynctes shall prayse hym, the chyldren of Israell, euen the people that serueth him. Prayse the euerlastyng.

Hebrews 2:12

12 sayinge: I wyll declare thy name vnto my brethren and in the middes of the congregacion wil I praise the.

James 5:13

13 Yf any of you be euyll vexed, let hym praye. Yf anye of you be merye, let hym singe Psalmes.

Psalms 150:1-6

1 Prayse the euerlastyng. O prayse the Lord in his Sanctuary, prayse hym in the fyrmament of hys power. 2 Prayse hym in his noble actes, prayse him in hys excellent greatnesse. 3 Prayse hym in the sounde of the trompet, prayse hym vpon the lute and harpe. 4 Prayse hym in the cymbales and daunse prayse hym vpon the strynges and pype. 5 Prayse hym vpon the weltuned cymbals prayse him vpon the loude cymbales. 6 Let euery thing that hath breth, prayse the Lorde. Prayse the euerlastynge.

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