Bible verses about "opportunities" | Matthew

Ezekiel 3:19

19 Neuertheles, yf thou geue warnynge vnto the wycked, and he yet forsake not his vngodlynesse: then shall he dye in his owne wyckednesse, but thou hast discharged thy soule.

Luke 12:47

47 The seruaunt that knewe hys maysters wyl, and prepared not hym selfe, neyther dyd accordynge to his will, shalbe beaten with many strypes.

John 13:25-28

25 He then as he leaned on Iesus breste sayed vnto hym: Lorde who is it? 26 Iesus aunswered, he it is to whom I geue a sop, when I haue depte it. And he wet a soppe, and gaue it to Iudas Iscaryoth Simons sonne. 27 And after the sop Satan entred into hym. Then sayde Iesus vnto hym: that thou doest, do quickly. 28 That wist no man at the table, for what intent he spake vnto hym.

Acts 2:38

38 Peter sayde vnto them: repent and be baptysed euerye one of you in the name of Iesus Christe for the remission of sinnes, and ye shall receiue the gifte of the holye ghost.

Ephesians 5:11

11 and haue no fellowshyp wyth the vnfruitfull workes of darckenes: but rather rebuke them.

Psalms 100:3

3 Be ye sure, that the Lord he is God: It is he that hath made vs, and not we our selues: we are but his people, and the shepe of his pastoure.

Proverbs 1:24-33

24 Seing then that I haue called & ye refused it: I haue stretched out my hand, & no man regarded it, 25 but all my counsayls haue ye despysed, & set my corrections at naught. 26 Therfore shall I also laugh in your destruccion, & mocke you, when the thyng that ye feare cometh vpon you: 27 euen when the thing that ye be afrayed of, falleth in sodenly lyke a storme, & your miseri like a tempest: yea, when trouble & heuinesse commeth vpon you. 28 Then shal they call vpon me, but I will not heare: they shal seke me early, but thei shal not find me: 29 And that because thei hated knowlege, & receyued not the feare of the Lord, 30 but abhorred my counsail, & despised my correction. 31 Therfore shal they eate the frutes of their owne way, & be filled with their oune counsayls: 32 for the turning away of the vnwyse shal sley them, & the prosperitie of foles shalbe their owne destruccion. 33 But who so harkeneth vnto me shal dwel safely, and haue ynough without any feare of euell.

Proverbs 10:5

5 Who so gathereth in Sommer, is wyse: but he that is slougysh in haruest, bryngeth him selfe to confusyon.

Jeremiah 8:20

20 The harueste is gone, the Sommer hath an ende, and we are not helped.

Luke 19:12-27

12 He sayde therfore: a certayne noble man wente into a farre countre, to receyue him a kyngdome, and then to come agayne. 13 And he called hys ten seruauntes, & deliuered them ten pounde saiynge vnto them? by and sell tyll I come. 14 But hys citisens hated hym, and sente messengers after hym, saiynge: we will not haue thys man to reygne ouer vs. 15 And it came to passe, when he was come agayne, and had receyued hys kyngdome, he commaunded these seruauntes, to be called to him (to whom he gaue hys money) to wyt what euery man had done. 16 Then came the fyrste saiynge: Lorde, thy pounde hath encreased ten pounde. 17 And he sayde vnto hym. Well good seruaunte, because thou waste faythful in a very lytell thynge, take thou authoritye ouer ten cities. 18 And the other came, saying: Lorde thy pounde hath encreased fyue pound. 19 And to the same he sayde, and be thou also ruler ouer .v. cities. 20 And the .iij. came & sayde: Lorde, behold here thy pounde, whiche I haue kept in a napkyn, 21 for I feared the, because thou art a strayt man, thou takest vp that thou laydest not doune, and reapest that thou dyddest not sowe. 22 And he sayde to him: Of thyne owne mouthe iudge I the thou euil seruaunt. Knowest thou that I am a strayte man takyng vp that I layde not doune, and reapyng that I did not sowe? 23 Wherfore then gauest not thou my money into the banke, that at my commynge I mighte haue requyred myne owne with vauntage. 24 And he sayed to them that stode by: take from hym that pounde, and geue it hym that hath ten pounde. 25 And they sayde vnto him: Lorde, he hath ten pounde. 26 I saye vnto you, that vnto all them that haue, it shalbe geuen: and from hym that hath not, euen that he hath shalbe taken from hym. 27 Moreouer those myne enemyes which woulde not that I should raigne ouer them, brynge hyther, and slea them before me.

1 John 4:1

1 Ye beloued, beleue not euery spirite, but proue the spirites whether they be of God, or not, for manye false prophetes are gone out into the world.

Luke 14:16-24

16 Then sayde he to hym. A certayne man ordeyned a greate supper, and bade manye, 17 & sente hys seruaunte at supper tyme to saye to them that were bydden, come, for all thynges are nowe readye. 18 And they all at once began to make excuse. The fyrste sayed vnto him: I haue boughte a ferme, and muste nedes go, & se it, I pray the haue me excused. 19 And another sayed: I haue bought fyue yocke of oxen, and I go to proue them, I praye the haue me excused. 20 The thyrde sayed: I haue maryed a wyfe and therfore I can not come. 21 And the seruaunt went and brought his mayster worde therof. Then was the good man of the house displeased, and sayed to hys seruaunt: Go oute quickly into the streates and quarters of the citie, and brynge in hyther the poore, and the maymed and the halte and the blynde. 22 And the seruaunt sayde: Lorde it is done as thou commaundest, and yet there is roume. 23 And the Lorde sayd to the seruaunt: Go oute into the hygh waies, and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. 24 For I saye vnto you that none of those men which were bydden, shall tast of my supper.

2 Peter 3:9

9 The Lord is not slacke to fulfyl hys promyse, as some men count slaknes, but is patient to vsward and would haue no man loste, but would receyue al men to repentaunce.

Ephesians 5:16

16 redeminge the time, for the dayes are iuel.

Matthew 25:1-46

1 Then the kingdome of heauen shalbe lykened vnto ten virgins, which toke their lampes and went to mete the bridegrom, 2 Fyue of them were folyshe, & fyue were wise. 3 The folyshe toke theyr lampes, but toke none oyle with them. 4 But the wise toke oyle with them in their vessels with their lampes also. 5 Whyle the brydegrome taried, al slombred and slepte. 6 And euen at midnight there was a crye made: beholde, the brydegrome cometh, goo out againste hym. 7 Then all those virgins arose, and prepared their lampes. 8 And the folishe sayed to the wise: gyue vs of your oyle for oure lampes go out. 9 But the wyse aunswered sayinge not so, least there be not ynough for vs and you: but go rather to them that sell & by for your selues. 10 And whyle they went to bye the brydegrome came: and they that were redie, went in wyth hym to the weddinge, and the gate was shut vp. 11 Afterwardes cam also the other virgins sayinge: maister maister, open to vs. 12 But he aunswered and sayd: verely I say vnto you: I knowe not you 13 watche therfore: for ye knowe neither the daye nor yet the houre when the sonne of man shall come. 14 Lykewyse as a certayne man, redye to take iorney to a straunge countre, called hys seruauntes and delyuered to them his goodes. 15 And vnto one he gaue fyue talentes, to another .ij. and to another one: to euery man after his abylite, and straight waye departed. 16 Then he that had receyued the .v. talentes, went and bestowed them and wan other fyue talentes. 17 Likewise he that receiued two, gained other two. 18 But he that receiued the one, wente and digged a pit in the earth and hid his maisters money. 19 After a longe season the Lorde of those seruauntes came and rekened with them. 20 Then came he that had receyued .v. talentes, and brought other .v. talentes, sayinge: maister thou delyuerest vnto me fyue talentes beholde I haue gained with them fyue talentes mo. 21 Then his maister sayde vnto him: Well good seruaunt and faithfull. Thou hast bene faythfull in litle, I wyll make the rueler ouer muche enter in into thy maisters ioye. 22 Also he that receiued .ij. talentes, came and sayed mayster thou deliuerest vnto me twoo talentes, beholde I haue won two other talentes with them. 23 And his maister sayde vnto hym, well good seruaunt and faithfull. Thou hast bene faithfull in litle, I wyll make the ruler ouer much: go in into thy maisters ioye. 24 Then he which had receiued the one talent, came & sayde, maister, I consydered that thou waste an harde man, which repest were thou sowest not, & gadderest where thou strawest not, 25 and was therfore afraide, and went and hid thy talente in the earth: beholde, thou hast thyne owne. 26 His maister aunswered and said vnto hym: thou euyll seruaunte and slouthful, thou knewest that I repe wher I sowed not, and gadder wher I strawed not: 27 thou oughtest therfore to haue had my money to the chaungers, then at my commynge shoulde I haue receyued myne owne with vauntage. 28 Take therfore the talent from him, and giue it vnto him which hath ten talentes. 29 For vnto euerye man that hathe shalbe geuen, and he shall haue aboundaunce, and from hym that hath not, shall be taken awaye, euen that he hath. 30 And caste that vnprofytable seruaunt into vtter darcknes: there shalbe wepinge & gnashinge of tethe. 31 When the sonne of man cometh in hys glorye, and all the holye aungels with him, then shall he sytte vpon the seate of his glory, 32 and before him shall be gathered all nations, and he shall separate them one from another, as a shephearde deuideth the shepe from the gootes. 33 And he shall set the shepe on his right haude, and the gootes on his lyfte. 34 Then shal the kinge saye to them on his right hand. Come ye blessed chyldren of my father, enheryte ye the kingdome prepared for you from the begynninge of the worlde. 35 For I was an hungred & ye gaue me meate. I thirsted and ye gaue me drinke. I was herbourles and ye lodged me. I was naked and ye clothed me. 36 I was sycke and ye visyted me. I was in pryson and ye came vnto me. 37 Then shal the rightuous aunswere him sayinge, maister, when sawe we the an houngred, & fede the, or a thyrst, & gaue the drinke 38 when sawe we the herborles, and lodged the? or naked and clothed the? 39 or when sawe we the syke or in pryson and came vnto the? 40 And the kinge shall aunswere and saye vnto theym: verelye I saye vnto you: in as much as ye haue done it to one of the least of these my brethren, ye haue done it vnto me. 41 Then shall the kinge saye vnto them that shalbe on the lyfte hande. Departe from me ye cursed, into euerlastinge fyre, which is prepared for the deuyll and hys angels. 42 For I was an hungred and ye gaue me no meate, I thyrsted and ye gaue me no drynke, 43 I was herbourles, and ye lodged me not, I was naked and ye clothed me not, I was sicke and in pryson, and ye vysited me not. 44 Then shal they answere him, sayinge: mayster when sawe we the an hungred, or a thyrst or herbourles, or naked, or sicke, or in pryson, and dyd not minister vnto the. 45 Then shall he answere them, and saye: Verelye I saye vnto you, in as much as ye dyd it not to one of these little ones: ye dyd it not vnto me. 46 And these shall go into euerlasting payne. And the righteouse into lyfe eternall.

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