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Genesis 35:27-29

27 Then Iacob went vnto Isaac his father to Mamre a principal city, otherwise called Hebron: where Abraham & Isaac soieourned as straungers. 28 And the dayes of Isaac were an hundred & .lxxx. yeres: 29 & then fell he sycke & dyed, & was put vnto his people beyng olde and full of dayes. And his sonnes Esau and Iacob buried him.

Hebrews 11:20

20 In faith Isaac blessed Iacob and Esau concernynge thynges to come.

Genesis 24:1-67

1 Abraham was old and stryken in dayes, & the Lorde had blessed him in all thynges. 2 And he sayd vnto his eldest seruaunte of hys house whyche had the rule ouer al that he had Put thy hand vnder my they 3 that I may make the swere by the Lord that is God of heauen & God of the erth, that thou shalt not take a wyfe vnto my sonne, of the daughters of the Canaanytes, among whych I dwel. 4 But shalt go vnto my contre and to my kynred, and there take a wyfe vnto my sonne Isaac. 5 Than sayd the seruaunte vnto him: what & yf the woman wyl not agree to come wyth me vnto thys lande, shal I brynge thy sonne agayn vnto the lande which thou camest out of? 6 And Abraham sayde vnto him: beware of that, that thou bryng not my sonne thyther. 7 The Lorde God of heauen whyche toke me from my fathers house and from the lande where I was borne, & whych spake vnto me and sware vnto me sayinge: vnto thy seed wyl I geue thys lande, he shal sende hys angell before the that thou mayste take a wyfe vnto my sonne from thence. 8 Neuerthelesse yf the woman wyl not agree to come wyth the than shalt thou be with out daunger of thys ooth. But aboue all thinge brynge not my sonne thyther agayne. 9 And the seruaunt put his hand vnder the thye of Abraham & sware to hym as concernyng that matter. 10 And the seruaunt toke .x. camels of the camels of his mayster & departed, & had of all maner goodes of his master with him, & stode vp & went to Mesopotamia, vnto the cytie of Nahor. 11 And made his camels to lye doune wythout the cytie by a wels syde of water, at euen: about the tyme that women come out to drawe water, 12 and he sayde. Lord God of my master Abraham, sende me good spede thys daye, and shewe mercye vnto my master Abraham. 13 Lo I stonde here by the well of water and the doughters of the men of thys cytie wyll come out to draw water: 14 Nowe the damsell to whome I saye, stoupe doune thy pytcher, and let me drinck. If she saye: Dryncke, and I wyll geue thy camels dryncke also, the same is she that thou hast ordened for thy seruaunte Isaac: yea and therby shall I knowe that thou hast shewed mercy on my master. 15 And it came to passe yer he had left speakynge, that Rebecca cam out, the daughter of Bethuell, sonne to Milca the wyfe of Nahor Abrahams brother, and her pytcher vpon her shoulder: 16 The damsel was very fayre to loke vpon, and yet a mayd and vnknowen of man. And she went doune to the well and fylled her pytcher and came vp agayne. 17 Then the seruaunte ranne vnto her and sayde: let me suppe a lytle water of thy pytcher. 18 And she sayd: dryncke my Lorde. And she hasted and late doune her pytcher vpon her arme & gaue him drincke. 19 And when she had geuen him drincke, she sayde: I wyll drawe water for thy camels also, vntyll they haue dronck ynough. 20 And she poured out her pitcher in to the tough hastely, & runne agayn vnto the well, to fet water: and drewe for all hys camels. 21 And the felowe wondred at her. But helde hys peace, to wete whether the Lorde had made hys iourney prosperous or not. 22 And as the camels had left drincking, he toke a golden earing of half a sicle weyght, & two bracelettes for her handes, of .x. sycles weyght of gold, 23 and sayde vnto her: Whose doughter art thou? tell me: is there rowme in thy fathers house for vs to lodge in? 24 And she sayd vnto him: I am the doughter of Bathuel the sonne of Milcha whyche she bare vnto Nahor: 25 and sayde moreouer vnto hym: we haue litter and prauonder ynough, and also roume to lodge in. 26 And the man bowed him self, & worship shypped the Lord, 27 & sayd: blessed be the lorde God of my master Abraham whych ceasseth not to deale mercyfully & truly wyth my master, & hath brought me the waye to my masters brothers house. 28 And the damsel ranne & tolde them of her mothers house these thynges. 29 And Rebecca had a brother called Laban. And Laban ranne out vnto the man, to the wel: 30 for as sonne as he had sene the earinges and the bracelettes vpon hys systers handes, and hearde the wordes of Rebecca hys syster sayinge thus sayde the man vnto me, then he wente out vnto the man. And loo, he stode yet wyth the camels by the wel syde. 31 And Laban sayd come in thou blessed of the Lord. Wherefore standest thou wythout? I haue dressed the house, & made rowme for the camels. 32 And then the man came into the house: & he vnbrideled the camels: & brought litter & prauender for the camels, & water to washe hys fete & their fete that were wt hym, 33 & ther was meate sette before hym to eate. But he sayed: I wyll not eate, vntyll I haue sayed myne earande. And he sayd: saye on. 34 And he sayed: I am Abrahams seruant, 35 and the Lorde hath blessed my master out of measure, that he is become greate, & hath geuen hym shepe oxen, siluer & golde, men seruantes maydeseruantes, camels and asses. 36 And Sara my masters wife bare him a sonne, when she was olde: & vnto hym hath he geuen al that he hath. 37 And my master made me swere saying: thou shalt not take a wife to my sonne amonge the doughters of the Cananites in whose lande I dwell. 38 But thou shalt go vnto my fathers house: & to my kynred, and ther take a wyfe vnto my sonne. 39 And I said vnto my master: what if the wyfe wyll not folow me? 40 And he sayed vnto me: The Lorde before whome I walke wyll send hys angell wyth the, and prospere thy iorney that thou shalte take a wife for my sonne, of my kinred, & of my fathers house. 41 But & if (when thou commest vnto my kynred) they wyl not giue the one, then shalt thou bear no peryll of myne oth. 42 And I came this day vnto the wel & said: O Lorde, the God of my master Abraham, if it be so that thou makest my iorney which I go, prosperous: 43 beholde I stand by thys wel of water, and when a virgin commeth forth to drawe water, & I say to hyr: geue me a lyttle water of thy pytcher to dryncke, 44 and she say agayne to me: dryncke thou, and I wyll also draw water for thy camels: that same is the wyfe whom the Lord hath prepared for my maisters sonne. 45 And before I had made an ende of speakinge in myne herte: beholde Rebecca came forth, & hir pitcher on hir shoulder, & she went downe vnto the wel & drew. And I sayd vnto hir: giue me drincke. 46 And she made hast, & toke downe hir pytcher from of hyr & sayed: drincke, & I wyll giue thy camels drinke also. 47 And I dranke, & she gaue the camels drynke also. And I asked hyr saying: whose daughter art thou? And she answered: the doughter of Bathuel Nahors sonne, whom Milca bare vnto him. And I put the earing vpon hir face & the bracelets vpon hir handes. 48 And I bowed my selfe. & worshypped the Lorde, & blessed the Lorde God of my master Abraham which had brought me the ryght waye, to take my masters brothers doughter vnto hys sonne. 49 Now therfore if ye wyll deale mercifully and truly wyth my master, tel me, and if not tell me also: that I maye turne me to the, right hand or to the lyft, 50 Then answered Laban & Bethuel saying: The thing is proceaded euen out of the Lord, we can not therfore say vnto the, either good or bad: 51 behold Rebecca before thy face, take hyr & go, and let hyr be thy maisters sonnes wyfe, euen as the Lord hath sayed. 52 And when Abrahams seruaunt hearde theyr wordes, he bowed him selfe vnto the Lorde, flatte vpon the earth. 53 And the seruaunt toke forthe iewels of siluer, & iewels of golde, & rayment, & gaue them to Rebecca: but vnto hyr brother, & to hir mother he gaue spyces. 54 And then they ate and dranke both he & the men that were wt him, and taried al nyght and rose vp in the mornyng. And he sayed: let me depart vnto my master. 55 But hir brother and hir mother sayed: let the damsel abyde with vs a whyle, & it be but euen ten dayes, and then go the wayes. 56 And he sayed vnto them: hinder me not for the Lord hath prospered my iorney. Sende me awaye that I may go vnto my master. 57 And they sayd: let vs call the damsell, & witt what she saith to the matter. 58 And they called forth Rebecca, and said vnto hyr: wilte thou go wyth this man? And she sayed: yea. 59 So they let Rebecca theyr syster go wyth hir nurse & Abrahams seruaunte, & the men that were wyth him. 60 And they blessed Rebecca, & sayd vnto hyr: Thou art oure syster growe into thousande thousandes, and thy seed possesse the gates of theyr enemies. 61 And Rebecca arose & hir damsels, & sat them vp vpon the camels, & went theyr way after the man. And the seruaunt toke Rebecca, & went his way. 62 And Isaac was a commynge from the wel of the lyuynge & seynge, for he dwelt in the south contrey, 63 & was gone out to walke in his meditations before the euen tide. And he lift vp his eyes & loked, and beholde the camels were comming. 64 And Rebecca lyft vp hir eyes & when she sawe Isaac, she lighted of the camel, 65 & sayd vnto the seruaunt: what man is this that cometh against vs in the feld? And the seruaunt sayd: it is my master. And then she toke hyr mantil, & put it about hyr. 66 And the seruaunt tolde Isaac all that he had done. 67 Then Isaac broughte hir into hys mother Saras tente, and toke Rebecca, and she became hys wyfe. & he loued hir: & so was Isaac comforted ouer hys mother.

Matthew 1:2

2 Abraham begat Isaac: Isaac begat Iacob: Iacob begat Iudas and hys bretherne:

Hebrews 11:11

11 Thorow fayth Sara also receyued strength to be with chyld, and was delyuered of a child when she was past age, because she iudged hym faythfull which had promysed.

Joshua 24:3

3 But I toke youre father Abraham from the other syde of the floude, and brought hym into the lande of Canaan, & multyplyed hys seede, and gaue hym Isaac

Genesis 26:12-14

12 And Isaac sowed in that lande, & found in that same yere an .C. bushels: for the Lorde blessed hym, 13 & the man waxed myghty, and went forth and grewe tyll he was exceading greate, 14 that he had possession of shepe, of oxen, and a mighty housholde: so that the Philistians had enuye at hym:

Genesis 49:31

31 There they buryed Abraham and Sara his wyfe, there they buryed Isaac & Rebecca his wyfe. And there I buried Lea

Genesis 17:15-19

15 And God sayde vnto Abraham. Sarai thy wyfe shal no more be called Sarai: but Sara shall her name be. 16 For I wyl blesse her and geue the a sonne of her & wyl blesse her: so that people, yea & kynges of people shal sprynge of her. 17 And Abraham fel vpon his face & laught, & sayd in his harte: shal a chylde be borne vnto hym that is an hundred yere olde, and shal Sara that is nynetie yere olde, bere: 18 And Abraham sayde vnto God. O that Ismael myghte lyue in thy syghte. 19 Then sayd God: Sara thy wyfe shal bere the a sonne in dede & thou shalt cal his name Isaac. And I wyll make my bond with him, that it shalbe an euerlasting bond vnto hys seed after him.

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