Bible verses about "idolaters" | Matthew

Romans 1:1-32

1 Paule the seruaunte of Iesus Christ called to be an Apostle, put aparte to preache the Gospel of God, 2 whiche he promised afore by hys Prophetes in the holye scriptures 3 that make mention of hys sonne, the whyche was begotten of the sede of Dauid (as perteininge to the fleshe) 4 and declared to be the sonne of God, wyth power of the holye ghoste that sanctifyeth, sence the tyme that Iesus Christ our Lorde rose againe from death, 5 by whom we haue receyued grace and Apostleshyp, to brynge all maner heathen people vnto the obedience of the fayth that is in his name: 6 of the whyche heathen are ye a parte also, whyche are Iesus Christes by vocation. 7 To all you at Rome beloued of God, and sainctes by callynge Grace be wyth you and peace from God our father, and from our Lorde Iesus Christ. 8 Fyrste verelye I thanke my God thorowe Iesus Christe for you all, because your fayth is publyshed throughout all the worlde. 9 For God is my wytnes, whom I serue wyth my spyryte in the Gospel of hys sonne, that wythout ceasinge I make mencion of you alwayes in my prayers, 10 besechinge that at one tyme or other, a prosperous iorneye (by the wyll of God) myghte fortune me, to come vnto you. 11 For I longe to se you that I myght bestowe amonge you some spyrytuall gyfte, to strength you wyth all, 12 that is that I might haue consolacion together wyth you through the common fayth, whiche both ye and I haue. 13 I woulde that ye shoulde knowe bretherne, howe that I haue often tymes purposed to come vnto you (but haue bene let hitherto) to haue some fruite amonge you, as I haue amonge other of the Gentyls. 14 For I am detter both to the Grekes and to them, whyche are no Grekes, vnto the learned and also vnto the vnlearned. 15 Lykewyse as much as in me is. I am redy to preache the Gospel to you of Rome also. 16 For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God vnto saluacion to all that beleue, namely to the Iewe and also to the gentyle. 17 For by it the rightuousnes, which commeth of God is opened from fayth to fayth. 18 As it is written: the iust shal liue by faith. For the wrath of God appeareth from heauen agaynste all vngodlynesse and vnryghtuousnes of men, whiche wythholde the trueth in vnryghtuousnes, 19 saiyng: what maye be knowen of God, that same is manifest amonge them. For God dyd shewe it vnto them. 20 So that his inuisible thinges, that is to saye, hys eternall power and Godhead, are vnderstand & sene by the workes from the creation of the worlde. So that they are wythout excuse, 21 in as muche as when they knewe God, they glorifyed him not as God, neither were thankful, but waxed full of vanities in theyr Imaginations, and their folishe hertes were blinded. 22 When they counted them selues wyse, they became foles, 23 and tourned the glorye of the immortall God, vnto the the similitude of the Image of mortall man, and of byrdes, and foure foted beastes, and of serpentes. 24 Wherfore God lykewyse gaue them vp vnto their hertes lustes vnto vncleanes, to defyle theyr owne bodies betwene them selues: 25 whyche turned hys truth vnto a lye, and worshipped and serued the creatures more then the maker, whyche is blessed for euer. Amen. 26 For this cause God gaue them vp vnto shamefull lustes. For euen theyr women dyd chandge the natural vse vnto the vnnaturall. 27 And lykewyse also the men lefte the naturall vse of the woman, and brent in theyr lustes one on another. And man with man wroughte fylthynes, and receiued in them selues the reward of theyr errour, as it was accordinge. 28 And as it semed not good vnto them to be a knowen of God, euen so God deliuered them vp vnto a leud minde, that they should do those thinges, whiche were not comly, 29 beyng ful of al vnryghtuous doing, of fornicacion, wickednes, couetousnes, maliciousnes, full of enuye, murther, debate, disceite, euyl condicioned, whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, doers of wronge, proude, bosters, bryngers vp of euyll thinges, disobedient to father and mother, 31 wythout vnderstandynge, couenaunt breakers, vnlouinge, truce breakers and mercyles. 32 Whyche men though they knewe the ryghtuousnes of God, howe that they which such thinges commit, are worthy of death, yet not onely do the same, but also haue pleasure in them that do them.

James 1:14-15

14 But euerye man is tempted, drawne awaye, & entysed of hys owne concupiscence. 15 Then when luste hath conceyued, she bringeth forth sinne, & sinne when it is fynyshed bryngeth forthe death.

1 Thessalonians 4:3-5

3 For this is the will of God, euen that ye shoulde be holy, and that ye shoulde abstayne from fornicacion, 4 that euerye one of you should know, howe to kepe his vessell in holynes and honoure, 5 and not in the luste of concupiscence, as do the heathen, which know not God,

Revelation 22:15

15 For without shal be dogges & inchaunters, & whoremongers, and murtherers & Idolaters and whosoeuer loueth or maketh leasynges.

Genesis 19:1-38

1 And there came .ij. angels to Sodome at euen. And Lot sat at the gate of the cyte. And Lot sawe them, & rose vp to mete them, & he bowed hym self to the ground with hys face. 2 And he sayde: Se Lordes, turne in I praye you in to youre seruauntes house and tary all nyghte and wash youre fete and ryse vp earlye and go on your wayes. And they sayde: nay, but we wyll byde in the streates all nyghte. 3 And he compelled them excedingly. And they turned in vnto him & entred in to hys house, and he made them a feaste & dyd bake swete cakes, and they ate. 4 But before they went to rest, the men of the cyte of Sodome compassed the house rounde about both olde and yonge, al the people from all quarters. 5 And they called vnto Lot & sayd vnto him: where are the men which came in to thy house to nyght? brynge them oute vnto vs that we maye do our lust with them. 6 And Lot went out at doores vnto them and shut the dore after hym 7 & sayd: nay for goddes sake brethren, do not so wickedly. 8 Behold I haue two doughters whych haue knowne no man, them wyll I brynge out vnto you: do wyth them as it semeth you good: Onlye vnto these men do nothyng, for therfore cam thei vnder the shadowe of my rose. 9 And they sayde: come hyther. And they sayde: camest thou not into soiourne, and wylt thou be nowe a iudge? we wyl suerly deale worse with the than wyth them. And as they preased sore vpon Lot and beganne to breake vp the doore, 10 the men put forth their handes and pulled Lot in to the house to them & shut to the doore. 11 And the men that were at the doore of the house, they smotte wyth blyndnesse both small and greate: so that they coulde not fynde the doore. 12 And the men sayde moreouer vnto Lot: If thou haue yet here any sonne in law or sonnes or doughters or what so euer thou haste in the cytie, brynge it out of thys place: 13 for we must destroy thys place, because the crye of them is great before the Lorde. Wherfore he hath sent vs to destroy it. 14 And Lot went out & spake vnto hys sonnes in lawe which shuld haue maryed his doughters, & sayde: stonde vp & get you out of thys place, for the Lord wyl destroy the cyte. But he semed as though he had mocked, vnto his sonnes in lawe. 15 And as the mornynge arose the angels caused Lot to spede him sayinge: Stonde vp, take thy wyfe & thy two doughters & that that is at hande, lest thou peryshe in the synne of the cyte. 16 And as he prolonged the tyme, the men caught both him, his wyfe & his two doughters by the handes, because the Lord was mercyfull vnto him, and they brought hym forth & sette hym wythout the cyte. 17 When they had brought them out, they sayde: Saue thy lyfe & loke not behynde the nether tary thou in any place of the countre, but saue thy selfe in the mountayn, lest thou perysshe. 18 Than sayde Lot vnto them: Oh naye my Lord: 19 behold, in as moch as thy seruaunt hath founde grace in thy syghte, nowe make thy mercy great, whyche thou shewest vnto me in sauing my lyfe. For I can not saue my selfe in the mountayns, lest some misfortune fall vpon me and I dye. 20 Beholde, here is a cite by, to flee vnto, and it is a lytle one: let me saue my selfe therin: is it not a lytle one, that my soule may lyue? 21 And he sayd to him: se, I haue receiued thy request as concerning thys thyng, that I wyl not ouerthrowe thys cytie for the which thou hast spoken. 22 Haste the, and saue thy selfe there, for I can do nothyng tyl thou be come in thyther. And therfore the name of the cyte is called Zoar. 23 And the sunne was vpon the erth when Lot was entred in to Zoar. 24 Than the Lorde rayned vpon Sodome and Gomorra, brymstone and fyre from the Lord out of heauen, 25 & ouerthrewe those cites and al the region, and all that dwelled in the cytes, and that that grewe vpon the erth. 26 And Lots wyfe loked behynde her, and was turned into a pyllar of salte. 27 Abraham rose vp early and got hym to the place where he stode before the Lorde, 28 and loked toward Sodome and Gomorra and towarde all the lande of that contre. And as he loked: behold the smoke of the countre arose as it had bene the smoke of a fornace. 29 But yet when God destroyed the cyties of the region, he thought vpon Abraham: & sent Lot out from the danger of the ouerthrowinge, when he ouerthrewe the cyties where Lot dwelled. 30 And Lot departed out of Zoar & dwelled in the mountayns & his .ij. doughters wt hym for he feared to tary in Zoar: he dwelled therfore in a caue, bothe he & his two doughters also. 31 Than sayd the elder vnto the yonger: our father is olde, and there are no moo men in the erth to come in vnto vs after the maner of al the worlde. 32 Come therfore, let vs geue our father wyne to dryncke, and let vs lye wt hym that we maye saue seed of oure father. 33 And they gaue their father wyne to drynke that same nyghte. And the elder doughter went and laye with her father. And he perceyued it not, nether when she lay doune, nether when she rose vp. 34 And on the morowe the elder sayd vnto the yonger: beholde yesternyght laye I with my father. Let vs geue him wyne to drynke this nyght also, and go thou and lye wyth hym, & let vs saue seed of oure father. 35 And they gaue their father wyne to dryncke that nyght also. And the yonger arose & laye with hym: and he perceyued it not: nether when she lay doune, nether when she rose vp. 36 Thus were both the doughters of Lot with chylde by their father. 37 And the elder bare a sonne, and called hym Moab, whych is the father of the Moabytes vnto thys daye. 38 And the yonger bare a sonne, & called hym Ben Ammi, whyche is the father of the chyldren of Ammon vnto thys daye.

Leviticus 18:22

22 Thou shalt not lye wyth makynde as wt womankynd, for that is abhominacion.

Galatians 5:19-21

19 The dedes of the flesh are manyfeste, which are these aduoutrye, fornicacyon, vncleannes, wantonnes, 20 Idolatrye wytchecrafte, hatred, varyaunce, zele, wrathe stryfe, sedityon, sectes, 21 enuiynge, murther, drounkennes, glottonye, and suche lyke: of the whiche I tell you before, as I haue tolde you in tymes past, that they whiche commytte suche thynges shall not enheryte the kingdome of God.

Colossians 3:5

5 Mortifie therfore, youre members whiche are on the earth, fornicacion, vnclenes, vnnatural, lust euil concupiscence, and couetousnesse, which is worshippinge of Idolles,

Jude 1:7

7 euen as Sodome and Gomor, and the cytyes about them (which in lyke maner defyled them selues with fornicacyon, and folowed straunge fleshe) are sette forth for an ensample, and suffer the vengeaunce of eternal fyre.

Revelation 21:8

8 But the fearful and vnbeleuing, & the abhominable, & murtherers, & whoremongers, & sorcerers, & ydolaters, & al lyars shall haue their parte in the lake which burneth wt fyre & brymstone, which is the seconde death.

Leviticus 20:13

13 If a man lye wyth mankynde after the maner as with woman kynde, they haue both commytted an abhominacion & shal dye for it. Their bloud be vpon their heades.

Romans 1:26-27

26 For this cause God gaue them vp vnto shamefull lustes. For euen theyr women dyd chandge the natural vse vnto the vnnaturall. 27 And lykewyse also the men lefte the naturall vse of the woman, and brent in theyr lustes one on another. And man with man wroughte fylthynes, and receiued in them selues the reward of theyr errour, as it was accordinge.

1 Corinthians 6:9-10

9 Do ye not remembre, howe that the vnrightuous shall not inheret the kyngdome of God? Be not deceyued. For neither fornicatours, neither worshipers of ymages, neither whormongers, neyther weaklinges, neither abusers of them selues wyth the mankynde, 10 neither theues, neythe couetous, neither dronkardes, neither cursed speakers, neither pyllars, shall inherete the kyngedome of God.

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