Bible verses about "growth" | Matthew

Matthew 6:33

33 But rather seke ye first the kyngdome of heauen and the rightuousnes therof, & all these thynge shalbe ministred vnto you.

1 Samuel 3:19-20

19 And Samuel grewe, and the Lorde was with hym, and left none of hys wordes vnparformed. 20 And all Israel from Dan to Bersabe wist that Samuel was trulye made the Lordes Prophete.

Ruth 3:1-4:22

1 Then Noemi her mother in law sayd vnto her: my doughter I wil seke reast for the, that thou maieste be in better case. 2 For now this Booz oure kynsman with whose maydens thou waste, wenoweth his barley to nyght in the thresshinge floure, 3 washe thy selfe therfore & anoynte the, & put thy rayment vpon the, and get the to the tresshinge floure. But let not the man beware of the, vntil he haue left eatyng and drinckyng. 4 And when he goeth to slepe, marcke the place where he layeth him doune, and then go and lyfte vp the clothes that are on his fete, and laye the doune, and so shall he tell the what thou shalt do. 5 And she answered her: al that thou byddest me I wyl do. 6 And she went vnto the floure, and dyd accordynge to al that her mother in lawe bade her. 7 And when Booz had eaten and droncken, and made hym merye, he went and lay doune by the syde of the heape. And she came softlye, and lyfte vp the clothes of hys fete, and layde her doune. 8 And at mydnyght the man was afrayd and groped. And beholde, a woman laye at his fete. 9 Then he sayde: what art thou? and she answered, I am Ruth thyne handmayde, sprede thy mantell ouer thyne handmayde, for thou art the next of the kynne. 10 And then he sayde: blessed be thou in the Lorde my doughter, for thou haste shewed more goodnesse in the later end, then at the beginning, in as much as thou folowedeste not young men, whether they were poore or riche. 11 And now my doughter, feare not, I wyl do to the al that thou requireste, for al the gates of my people knowe that thou art a woman of vertue. 12 And is true that I am of thy nexte kynne: how be it, there is one nyer then I. 13 Tary al nyght. And when mornynge is come yf he wyll marye the: it is good, so let hym do. But and yf he wyl not haue the as sure as the Lord liueth, I wil haue the, lye still vntyll the morning. And so she laye at his fete vntil the morninge. 14 And she arose vp before one could knowe another. And he said: let no man beware, that there came any woman into the thresshing floure. 15 And he sayd: bring thy mantel that thou hast vpon the & behold it vp. And she helde it vp. And he mette in syxe measures of Barleye and laied it on her. And she gat her into the cytye: 16 & she came into her mother in lawe, which sayde: what tidinges my doughter? And she tolde her all that the man had done to her. 17 And saide therto, these syxe measures of barlye gaue he me and sayde: thou shalt not go emptye vnto thy mother in law. 18 Then sayde she: my doughter syt still, vntyll thou knowe howe the matter wyll chaunse. For the man wil not be in reast vntil he haue fynished the matter this same daye.

Ruth 4:1-22

1 Then went Booz vnto the gate and sat him doune there: and beholde, the kinsman of which Booz spake, came by. Vnto whom he sayde: come and sytte doune here, and called him by his name. And he turned in and sat doune. 2 Then he toke ten men of the elders of the cyty and said, syt ye doune here. And they sat doune. 3 Then he sayde vnto the kynsman: Noemi that is come againe out of the countreye of Moab, will selle a parcell of lande, which was oure brother Elimelecs. 4 And I thought to do the to wete and bidde the bye it before the enhabitoures and elders of my people, yf thou be disposed to calenge it: but and yf thou wilt not purchase it, then tell me that I maye wete it. For there is none to calenge it saue thou, and I nexte the. And the other answered, I wyl purchase it. 5 Then sayde Booz, what daye thou byeste the feld of the hand of Noemi, thou must take also Ruth the Moabyte the wyfe of the death to stere vp the name of the deed vpon his enheritaunce. 6 Then sayde the kynsman: I can not purchase it for marring of myne own enheritaunce: take thou my ryghte to the, for I cannot purchase it. 7 Now this was the maner of olde tyme in Israell concerninge purches and chaunging, for to stablyshe al thing: that a man must plucke of his showe and geue it hys neyghboure, and thys was a wytnesse in Israel. 8 And the kinsman saide to Booz, bye it thou: and so drue of his showe. 9 Then sayd Booz vnto the elders, and vnto all the people: ye are witnesses this day, that I haue bought al that was Elimelecs, and al that was Chilions & Mahelons, of the hand of Noemi. 10 And moreouer Ruth the Moabite the wyfe of Mahelon, do I take vnto me to wife, to stere vp the name of the deed vpon his enheritaunce, that his name be not put out from amonge his brethren, and from the gate of hys cytye: ye are wytnesses this daye. 11 And al the people that were in the gate, & the elders said: we are witnesses: the Lorde make the woman that is come into thine house lyke Rahel & Lea, which twayne dyd builde the house of Israel: that she maye do vertuously in Ephrathah, & be famouse in Bethlehem, 12 and that thyne house be like the house of Pharez, whom Thamar bare vnto Iuda, euen of the seed, which the Lorde shall geue the of this young woman. 13 And so Booz toke Ruth, and she was his wyfe. And he went in vnto her, and the Lord gaue that she conceyued and bare a sonne. 14 And the wemen saide vnto Noemi: blessed be the Lorde, the which hath not lefte the wythout an heyre this day that shal haue a name in Israel, 15 and that shal bring thy lyfe agayne and cherishe thine olde age. For thy doughter in law, which loueth the, hath borne him that is better to the then seuen sonnes. 16 And Noemi toke the childe and layed it in her lappe, & became nourse vnto it. 17 And her neyghbours gaue it a name sayinge: there is a childe borne to Noemi, and called it Obed: he is the father of Isai, the father of Dauid. 18 This is the generacyon of Pharez, Pharez begat Hezron, 19 Hezron begat Ram, Ram begat Aminadab, 20 Aminadab begat Nahason, Nahason begat Salmon, 21 Salmon begat Booz, Booz begat Obed, 22 Obed begat Isai, Isai begat Dauid.

Job 8:7

7 In so moch, that where in soeuer thou haddest lytle afore, thou shuldest now haue greate aboundaunce.

2 Corinthians 9:10

10 He that fyndeth the sower seed, shall minister breade for fode, and shall multyplye your seede and increace the frutes of youre ryghtuousnes that on all partyes,

2 Corinthians 13:5-7

5 Proue youre selues whether you be in the fayth or not. Examen your owne selues: know ye not your owne selues, howe that Iesha Christe is in you, except ye be casteawayes? 6 I truste that ye shall knowe that we be not cast awayes. 7 I desyre before God that ye do none euyll, not that we shoulde seme commendale, but that ye shoulde do that which is honest: and let vs be counted as leude persons.

Philippians 1:9

9 And this I praye, that youre loue maye increase more and more in knowledge, and in al fealinge,

Romans 5:2-6

2 by whom we haue a waye in thorowe fayeth vnto thys grace where in we stande & reioye in hope of the prayse that shalbe geuen of God. 3 Nether do we so only: but also we reioice in tribulacion. For we know that tribulation bryngeth pacience, 4 pacience bringeth experience, experience bringeth hope. 5 And hope maketh not ashamed, for the loue of God is sheed abroade in our hertes by the holye ghost, which he is geuen vnto vs. 6 For when we were yet weake accordyng to the tyme: Christ died for vs whiche were vngodly.

Hebrews 6:1

1 Wherfore let vs loue the doctrine pertaininge to the beginninge of a Christen man, & let vs go vnto perfeccion, & nowe no more lay the foundacion of repentaunce from deade workes, and of faythe towarde God,

Hebrews 5:12-14

12 For when as concerneinge the tyme, ye oughte to be teachers, yet haue ye nede agayne, that we teache you the fyrst prynciples of the word of God, and are become such as haue nede of milk and not of stronge meate: 13 For euerye man that is fed wyth mylke, is inexperte in the word of rightuousnes. For he is but a babe. 14 But stronge meate belongeth to them that are perfecte, which thorow custome haue theyr wittes exercised to iudge both good and euil also.

1 Timothy 4:15

15 These thynges exercyse, and geue thy selfe vnto them, that it maye be sene howe thou profytest in all thynges.

2 Peter 3:18

18 but grow in grace, and in the knowledge of oure Lorde and Sauiour Iesus Christe. To whom be glorye both nowe and foreuer. Amen.

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