Bible verses about "giants" | Matthew

Deuteronomy 2:10

10 because I haue geuen Ar vnto the chyldren of loth to possesse. The Emims dwelt therin in tymes past, a people great, many & tall, as the Enakims:

Deuteronomy 2:20

20 because I haue geuen it vnto the chyldren of Loth to possesse. That also was taken for a land of geauntes & geauntes dwelt therin in old tyme, and the Ammonites called them Zanzumins

Psalms 3:6

6 I am not afrayed for thousandes of the people, that compasse me rounde aboute.

Deuteronomy 2:21

21 A people that was great, many & talle, as the Enakims. But the Lord destroyed them before the Ammonites, & they cast them out & they dwelt there in their steade:

Deuteronomy 2:11

11 which also were taken for geauntes as the Enakims: And the Moabites called them Emims.

2 Samuel 21:18

18 And there was yet after this battel with the Philistines at Nob, in whiche Sobochai the Husathite slew Saph of the sonnes of Haraphah.

Joshua 11:21

21 And that same ceason, Iosua wente and destroyed the Enakites oute of the mountaines, and out of Hebron, Dabir, and Auab, and oute of all the mountaines of Iuda, and oute of al the mountaynes of Israel. And Iosua destroyed them vtterlye wyth theyr cytyes.

Deuteronomy 3:11

11 For only Og king of Basan remayned of the remnaunt of the geauntes: behold, his yron bed is yet at Rabah among the children of Ammon .ix. cubytes longe & .iiij. cubites brode, of the cubites of a man.

Genesis 6:1-4

1 And it came to passe, whan men began to multyply vpon the erth, & had begat them daughters, 2 that sonnes of god saw the daughters of men that they were fayre, and toke vnto them wyues, which they best lyked among them all. 3 And the Lorde sayde: My spirite shall not alway striue wyth man, for they are flesh. Neuerthelesse I wyl geue them yet space, an .C. & .xx. yeres. 4 There were tyrantes in the world in those dayes. For after that the chyldren of god had gone in, vnto the daughters of men, & had begotten them chyldren, the same chyldren were the mightiest of the world, & men of renowne.

1 Samuel 17:1-58

1 The Philistines gathered theyr hoste to battel, and came together to Socoh in Iuda, and pitched betwene Socoh and Azekah, in the ende of Domim. 2 And Saul and the men of Israel came and pytched in Ockedale, and put them selues in araye, to fyght agaynst the Phylystines. 3 And the Philistynes stode on an hyll on the one syde, and Israel stode on a hyll on the other syde, and a valeye betwene them. 4 And then came a man and stode in the myddes, out of the tentes of the Philistines named Goliath of Geth syxe cubytes and an handbredeth longe, 5 and had an helmet of brasse vpon hys head, and a coote of mayle about hym. And the weyght of his coote of mayle was fyue thousande Cyckles of brasse. 6 And he had harnesse of brasse vpon hys legges, and a shilde of brasse vpon hys shoulders. 7 And the shaft of hys spere was like a weauers beame. And hys speare heade weyed syx hundred sykles of yron. And one bearynge a shylde went before hym. 8 And he stode and called vnto the hoste of Israel, and sayde vnto them: what neadeth that ye shoulde come out in araye to battell? am not I a Philistine, and you seruauntes to Saul, chose you a man, and let hym come doune to me, 9 yf he be able to fyght wyth me, and to beate me, then we wyll be youre seruauntes. But yf I can ouercome hym and beate hym, then ye shalbe oure seruauntes and serue vs. 10 And the Philistine said: I haue defyed the host of Israel thys daye geue me a man and let vs fyght together. 11 When Saul and all Israell hearde those wordes of the Philistine, they were discouraged & greatly afraied. 12 And this Dauid was the sonne of an Ephrathite of Bethlehem Iuda, named Isai, whyche Isai had eyght sonnes. And was an olde man in the daies of Saul among the people. 13 And the thre eldest sonnes of Isai went and folowed Saul to battell. And the names of his thre sonnes that went to battel were Eliab the eldest, and the next to hym Abinadab, and the thyrd Samah, 14 and Dauid was the youngest. And when the thre eldest were gone after Saul, 15 Dauid went and departed from Saul, to fede hys fathers shepe at Bethlehem. 16 And the Philistine came forth euery mornyng and euenyng, and contynued fourtye dayes. 17 And Isai sayde vnto Dauid hys sonne: take for thy brethren this Epha of parched corne, and these ten loues, and runne to the hoste, to thy brethren. 18 And carye these ten freshe cheses vnto the capitayne, and loke how thy brethren fare, and fet out their pledges. 19 And Saul and they and all the men of Israell were in ocke valey fyghtyuge wyth the Philistines. 20 And Dauid rose vp erlye in the mornynge and lefte the shepe wyth a keper, and toke and went, as Isai had commaunded hym, and came where the host laye. And the host was goying out in araye, and showted in the battell: 21 for Israel and the Philistines had put them selues in araye, the one agaynst the other. 22 Then Dauid put the panier from hym, vnto the handes of the keper of the vessels, and ranne into the hoste, and came and saluted hys brethren. 23 And as he talketh with them, beholde, there stode a man in the myddes, Goliath the Philistine by name, of Beth, whyche came out of the araye of the Philistines, and spake of the maner aboue rehersed, that Dauid hearde it. 24 And all the men of Israell, when they sawe the man, ranne awaye from hym, and were sore afrayed. 25 And euery man of Israel sayde: Se ye this man that is come forthe, euen to reuile Israel he is come. And to hym that beateth hym wyll the Kynge geue great ryches, and wyl geue hym hys daughter therto, ye and make hys fathers house fre in Israel. 26 Then spake Dauid to the men that stode by and sayde: What shalbe done to the man that beateth thys Philistine, and taketh awaye the shame from Israel? for what is this vncircumcysed Phylystyne, that he shoulde reuyle the hoste of the lyuynge God? 27 And the people answered as it is rehersed sayinge: so shal it be done to the man that beateth him. 28 And Eliab his eldest brother hearde when he spake vnto the men and was angry with Dauid and sayde: Why camest thou away and wyth whom hast thou lefte those fewe shepe in the wyldernesse? I knowe thy pryde and the malyce of thyne herte, that thou art come to se the battell. 29 And Dauid answered what haue I now done? is there any more saue a worde? 30 And departed from him into an other fronte, & spake of the same maner, and the people answered hym agayne as before. 31 And they that hearde the wordes whych Dauid spake, rehersed them before Saul, whyche caused hym to be fett. 32 And Dauid saide to Saul: Let no mannes hert fayle him because of hym. Thy seruaunt wyll go and fyght wyth this Philistine. 33 And Saul sayde to Dauid agayn, thou art not able to go vnto thys Philistine, to fyght wyth hym. For thou art but a ladd, and he hath bene a man of warre euen from hys youth. 34 Then sayde Dauid vnto Saul, as thy seruaunt kept his fathers shepe, there came a Lyon and lykewyse a Beare, and toke a shepe out of the flocke. 35 And I went out after hym and smote hym, and toke it out of hys mouth. And when he arose agaynst me, I caught hym by the bearde and smote hym and slue hym. 36 For bothe a Lyon and also a Beare hath thy seruaunt slayne. And this vncircumcysed Philistine shalbe as one of them, for hys railing on the hoste of the lyuyng God. 37 And Dauid spake moreouer, the Lorde that delyuered me out of the handes of the Lyon and out of the handes of the Beare, he shall delyuer me also oute of the handes of the Philistine. Then sayde Saul to Dauid: go, and the Lorde be wyth the. 38 And Saul put hys rayment vpon Dauid, and put an helmet of brasse vpon his head, and put a coote of mail vpon hym, 39 and gyrde Dauid with hys own swearde vpon hys rayment. And he assayed to go, for he neuer proued it. Then sayde Dauid vnto Saul: I can not go in these, for I haue not bene vsed therto, and put them of hym 40 and toke hys staffe in hys hande, and chose hym fyue smotestones out of a broke and put them in a shepardes bagge whyche he had, and in a pocke, and hys slyng in hys hande, and went to the Philistine. 41 And the Philistine came and drue nere to Dauid, wyth the man that bare a shylde before hym. 42 And when the Philistine loked and sawe Dauid, he disdayned hym, for he was but a ladd, roudye and goodly to loke vpon. 43 And the Philistine sayde vnto Dauid: am I a dogge, that thou comest to me with a staf? and he cursed Dauid in the name of hys Goddes. 44 And he sayde to Dauid: come to me & I wyll geue thy fleshe vnto the fowles of the ayre, and to the beastes of the felde? 45 Then sayd Dauid to the Philistine: thou camest to me with a swerde, a speare & shild, but I come to the in the name of the Lorde of hostes, the God of the hoste of Israell whom thou hast rayled vpon. 46 This day shal the Lorde delyuer the into my hande, and I shall smyte the and take thyne head from the, and I will geue the karcases of the hoste of the Philistines this day vnto the foules of the ayre and to the beastes of the earth, and al the worlde shal knowe, that there is a God in Israel. 47 And al this congregacyon shal know, that the Lorde saueth not wyth the swerde and speare. For the battel is the Lordes, and he shal geue you into oure handes. 48 And when the Philistine arose and came and drue nye vnto Dauid, Dauid hasted and ranne in araye euen againste the Philistyne. 49 And Dauid put hys hande in hys yoke and toke out a stone and slange it, and smote the Philystyne in hys forhead, that the stone soncke into hys forhead, and he felle groueling to the earth. 50 And so Dauid ouercame the Philistine wyth a slyng and a stone, & smote the Philistine and slue him. And because Dauid had no swerde in his hand, 51 he ranne and stode vpon the Philistine, and toke his swerd and drue it oute of his shethe, and slue hym & cut of his head therwyth. And when the Philistines sawe that theyr champyon was dead, they fleed. 52 And the men of Israel and of Iuda arose and showted and folowed after the Philistines, vntyl they came to the valey and vnto the gates of Akaron. And the Philistines fell doune dead by the waye, euen vnto Geth and Akaron. 53 And then the children of Israel returned from chasyng after the Phylistines and robbed theyr tentes. 54 And Dauid toke the head of the Philistine and brought it to Ierusalem: But he put his armoure in hys tente. 55 When Saul saw Dauid go forth agaynst the Philistine, he sayde vnto Abner the captayne of hys host: Abner, whose sonne is this lad? And Abner answered, as truely as thy soule lyueth, O kynge, I can not tell. 56 Then sayde the kynge: Enquere thou, whose sonne the youngelyng is: 57 And so when Dauid was returned from the slaughter of the Philystine, Abner toke him and brought him before Saul, wyth the head of the Philistine in hys hande. 58 And Saul said to him: whose sonne art thou, thou lad? And Dauid answered the sonne of thy seruaunt Isai the Bethlehemite.

Jude 1:6

6 The aungels also whiche kepte not theyr fyrste estate: but lefte theyr habytacyon, he hath reserued in euerlastyng chaynes vnder darkenes vnto the iudgement of the greate daye:

Deuteronomy 1:28

28 How shall we goo vp? Oure brethren haue discorraged oure hertes sayinge: the people is greater and taller then we, and the cyties are greate and walled euen vp to heauen, & moreouer we haue sene the sonnes of the Enakimes there.

Numbers 13:33

33 And there we sawe also gyauntes, the chyldren of Enack whych are of the gyauntes. And we semed in oure syght as it were greshoppers and so we dyd in their syght.

Genesis 6:1-22

1 And it came to passe, whan men began to multyply vpon the erth, & had begat them daughters, 2 that sonnes of god saw the daughters of men that they were fayre, and toke vnto them wyues, which they best lyked among them all. 3 And the Lorde sayde: My spirite shall not alway striue wyth man, for they are flesh. Neuerthelesse I wyl geue them yet space, an .C. & .xx. yeres. 4 There were tyrantes in the world in those dayes. For after that the chyldren of god had gone in, vnto the daughters of men, & had begotten them chyldren, the same chyldren were the mightiest of the world, & men of renowne. 5 And whan the Lord saw that the wekednesse of man was encreased vpon the erth, & that al the ymaginacion & thoughtes of his hert was only euell contynually, 6 he repented that he had made man vpon the erth, and sorowed in his hert. 7 And sayd: I wyl destroy mankynde whych I haue made, from of the face of the erth: both man, beast, worme and foule of the ayre, for it repenteth me that I haue made them. 8 But yet Noe founde grace in the syght of the Lord. 9 These are the generacions of Noe. Noe was a ryghteous man & vncorrupte in hys tyme, & walked wt God. 10 And Noe begat .iij. sonnes: Sem, Ham, & Iapheth. 11 And the erth was corrupt in the syght of God, & was full of mischefe. 12 And God loked vpon the erth, & lo it was corrupte: for all flesh had corrupte hys way vpon the erth. 13 Than sayde God to Noe: the ende of all flesh is come before me, for the erth is full of their myschefe. And lo, I wyl destroye them with the erth. 14 Make the an arcke of pyne tree, and make chaumbers in the arcke, and pitch it wythin & without wyth pytch. 15 And of this facyon shalt thou make it. The length of the arcke shall be .iij. hundred cubytes, & the bredth of it .l. cubytes, & the hyeth of it .xxx. cubytes. 16 A wyndow shalt thou make aboue in the arcke. And within a cubyte compasse shalt thou fynysh it. And the dore of the arcke shalt thou sette in the syde of it: & thou shalt make it with .iij. loftes one aboue another. 17 For behold, I wyll bryng in a floud of water vpon the erth to destroye al flesh from vnder heauen, wherin breth of lyf is: so that all that is in the erth shal perysh. 18 But I wyl make myne apoyntement wt the, that both thou shalt come into the arcke and thy sonnes, thy wyfe & thy sonnes wyues wt the. 19 And of all that lyueth what so euer flesh it be, shalt thou brynge into the arcke, of euery thyng a payre, to kepe them a lyue wyth the. And male & female se that they be, 20 of byrdes in their kynde, & of beastes in theyr kynde, & of all maner of wormes of the erth in theyr kynde: a payre of euery thynge shal come vnto the to kepe them a lyue. 21 And take vnto the of all maner of meate that may be eaten and laye it vp in stoore by the, that it maye be meate bothe for the and for them: 22 and Noe dyd acordyng to all that God commaunded him.

Genesis 6:4

4 There were tyrantes in the world in those dayes. For after that the chyldren of god had gone in, vnto the daughters of men, & had begotten them chyldren, the same chyldren were the mightiest of the world, & men of renowne.

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