Bible verses about "cooperation" | Matthew

Genesis 11:1-4

1 And all the worlde was of one tonge and one language. 2 And as they came from the Easte, they found a playne in the lande of Sinear, and ther they dwelled, 3 and they sayed one to an other: come on, lette vs make brycke and burne it with fire. So brycke was theyr stone, and slyme was theyr morter. 4 And they sayed come on, let vs builde a citye & a tower, that the toppe may reach vnto heuen. And let vs make vs a name for peraduenture we shall be scatered abrod ouer al the erth.

Exodus 17:12

12 When Moses handes were weery, they toke a stone & put it vnder hym, and he satte downe thereon. And Aaron and Hur stayed vp hys handes, the one on the one syde, and the other on the other syde. And hys handes were steady vntill the sunne was downe.

Mark 2:3

3 And there came vnto hym that brought one sicke of the palsie, borne of foure men.

Mark 6:7

7 And he called the .xij. and began to sende them, two and two, and gaue them power ouer vncleane spirites.

Acts 1:12-14

12 Then returned they vnto Hierusalem from mounte Oliuete, whiche is nie to Hierusalem counteynynge a saboth dayes iorney. 13 And when they were come in, they went vp into a parler where abode bothe Peter, and Iames, Iohn and Andrew, Philip & Thomas, Bartlemew and Matthewe, Iames the sonne of Alpheus and Simon zelotes, and Iudas Iames sonne. 14 These all continued wyth one accorde in prayer and supplicacion with the women and Mary the mother of Iesu, and with hys brethren.

Acts 15:1-41

1 Then came certayne from Iewrye, and taughte the brethren: excepte ye be circumcised after the maner of Moyses, ye can not be saued. 2 And when there was rysen dissention and disputyng not a lytle vnto Paul and Barnabas against them. They determyned that Paule and Barnabas, and certayne other of them, should ascende to Hierusalem vnto the Apostles and elders about this question. 3 And after they were brought on theyr waye by the congregacyon, they passed ouer Phenices and Samaria declarynge the conuersyon of the Gentyls, and they brought great ioye vnto all the brethren. 4 And when they were come to Ierusalem, they were receyued of the congregacyon, and of the Apostles and elders. And they declared what thynges God had done by them. 5 Then arose there vp certayne that were of the secte of the Pharises which dyd beleue, saying, that it was nedefull, to circumcyse them and to enioyne them to kepe the lawe of Moyses. 6 And the Apostles and elders came together to reason of thys matter. 7 And when there was muche disputynge, Peter rose vp, and sayde vnto them: Ye men and brethren ye knowe howe that a good whyle a go, God chose amonge vs that the gentils by my mouth shoulde heare the worde of the Gospell, and beleue. 8 And God which knoweth the herte bare them wytnes, and gaue vnto them the holy ghost, euen as he dyd vnto vs: 9 and he put no difference betwene them and vs, but with fayth purified theyr hertes. 10 Now therfore why tempte ye God, that ye woulde put a yoke on the disciples neckes, which neyther our fathers nor we were able to beare. 11 But we beleue that through the grace of the Lorde Iesu Christ, we shalbe saued, as they do. 12 Then all the multitude was peased, and gaue audience to Barnabas and Paul which told what sygnes and wondres God had shewed among the gentyls by them. 13 And when they helde theyr peace, Iames aunswered, saiynge: Men and brethren herken vnto me. 14 Simon told, how God at the beginnynge dyd visite the gentyls, and receyued of them people vnto hys name. 15 And to this agreeth the wordes of the Prophetes, as it is wryten. 16 After thys I wyll returne, and wyll buyld agayne the tabernacle of Dauid which is fallen doune, and that whiche is fallen in dekeye of it, wyll I buylde agayne, & I wyll set it vp, 17 that the resydue of men myghte seke after the Lorde, and also the gentyls vpon whome my name is named (sayth the Lorde) which doth all these thynges: 18 knowen vnto God are all hys workes from the beginning of the worlde. 19 Wherfore my sentence is that we trouble not them whiche from among the gentyls are turned to God, 20 but that we write vnto them, that they abstayne them selues from fylthynes of ymages, from fornicacyon, from stranglyde and from bloude. 21 For Moses of olde tyme hath in euerye cytie that preache hym, and he is reade in the synagoges euerye saboth daye. 22 Then pleased it the Apostles and elders with the whole congregacion, to sende chosen men of theyr owne companye to Antioche wt Paule and Barnabas. They sent Iudas called also Barsabas and Sylas, whiche were chiefe men among the brethren, 23 and gaue them letters in theyr handes after thys maner. The Apostles, elders, and brethren sende gretynges vnto the brethren whiche are of the gentyls in Antioche, Syria, and Celicia. 24 For as muche as we haue hearde that certayne whiche departe from vs, haue troubled you with wordes, and combred your myndes, saiynge: Ye must be circumcysed, and kepe the lawe, to whom we gaue no suche commaundement. 25 It semed therfore to vs a good thynge, when we were come together with one accord to sende chosen men vnto you, with our beloued Barnabas and Paule, 26 men that haue ieoperded theyr lyues for the name of our Lorde Iesu Christ. 27 We haue sent therfore Iudas & Sylas, whiche shall also tell you, the same thinges by mouth. 28 For it semed good to the holye ghost & to vs, to put no greuous thyng to you more then these necessarye thynges, 29 that is to saye that ye abstayne from thynges offered to ymages, from bloude, from strangled and fornicacion. From which yf ye kepe your selues ye shall do well. So fare ye well. 30 When they were departed, they came to Antioche, and gathered the multitude together, and delyuered the Epistle. 31 When they had reade it, they reioysed of that consolacion. 32 And Iudas and Sylas beynge prophetes, exhorted the brethren with muche preachyng, and strengthed them. 33 And after they had taryed there a space they were let go in peace of the brethren vnto the Apostles. 34 Notwithstandynge it pleased Sylas to abyde there styll. 35 Paule and Barnabas contynued in Antioche teachynge and preachynge the worde of the Lorde with other manye. 36 But after a certayne space, Paule sayd vnto Barnabas: Let vs go agayn and visite our brethren in euery citie where we haue shewed the worde of the Lorde, and se howe they do. 37 And Barnabas gaue counsell to take with them: Iohn called also Marke. 38 But Paule thoughte it not mete to take hym vnto theyr companye whiche departed from them at Pamphilia, and went not with them to the worke. 39 And the dissencyon was so sharpe betwene them, that they departed a sunder one from the other, so that Barnabas toke Marke and sayled vnto Cypers. 40 And Paule chose Sylas and departed, delyuered of the brethren vnto the grace of God. 41 And he went throughe al Ciria and Cilicia, stablyshynge the congregacions, commaundyng to kepe the preceptes of the Apostles and elders.

Romans 1:1-32

1 Paule the seruaunte of Iesus Christ called to be an Apostle, put aparte to preache the Gospel of God, 2 whiche he promised afore by hys Prophetes in the holye scriptures 3 that make mention of hys sonne, the whyche was begotten of the sede of Dauid (as perteininge to the fleshe) 4 and declared to be the sonne of God, wyth power of the holye ghoste that sanctifyeth, sence the tyme that Iesus Christ our Lorde rose againe from death, 5 by whom we haue receyued grace and Apostleshyp, to brynge all maner heathen people vnto the obedience of the fayth that is in his name: 6 of the whyche heathen are ye a parte also, whyche are Iesus Christes by vocation. 7 To all you at Rome beloued of God, and sainctes by callynge Grace be wyth you and peace from God our father, and from our Lorde Iesus Christ. 8 Fyrste verelye I thanke my God thorowe Iesus Christe for you all, because your fayth is publyshed throughout all the worlde. 9 For God is my wytnes, whom I serue wyth my spyryte in the Gospel of hys sonne, that wythout ceasinge I make mencion of you alwayes in my prayers, 10 besechinge that at one tyme or other, a prosperous iorneye (by the wyll of God) myghte fortune me, to come vnto you. 11 For I longe to se you that I myght bestowe amonge you some spyrytuall gyfte, to strength you wyth all, 12 that is that I might haue consolacion together wyth you through the common fayth, whiche both ye and I haue. 13 I woulde that ye shoulde knowe bretherne, howe that I haue often tymes purposed to come vnto you (but haue bene let hitherto) to haue some fruite amonge you, as I haue amonge other of the Gentyls. 14 For I am detter both to the Grekes and to them, whyche are no Grekes, vnto the learned and also vnto the vnlearned. 15 Lykewyse as much as in me is. I am redy to preache the Gospel to you of Rome also. 16 For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ, because it is the power of God vnto saluacion to all that beleue, namely to the Iewe and also to the gentyle. 17 For by it the rightuousnes, which commeth of God is opened from fayth to fayth. 18 As it is written: the iust shal liue by faith. For the wrath of God appeareth from heauen agaynste all vngodlynesse and vnryghtuousnes of men, whiche wythholde the trueth in vnryghtuousnes, 19 saiyng: what maye be knowen of God, that same is manifest amonge them. For God dyd shewe it vnto them. 20 So that his inuisible thinges, that is to saye, hys eternall power and Godhead, are vnderstand & sene by the workes from the creation of the worlde. So that they are wythout excuse, 21 in as muche as when they knewe God, they glorifyed him not as God, neither were thankful, but waxed full of vanities in theyr Imaginations, and their folishe hertes were blinded. 22 When they counted them selues wyse, they became foles, 23 and tourned the glorye of the immortall God, vnto the the similitude of the Image of mortall man, and of byrdes, and foure foted beastes, and of serpentes. 24 Wherfore God lykewyse gaue them vp vnto their hertes lustes vnto vncleanes, to defyle theyr owne bodies betwene them selues: 25 whyche turned hys truth vnto a lye, and worshipped and serued the creatures more then the maker, whyche is blessed for euer. Amen. 26 For this cause God gaue them vp vnto shamefull lustes. For euen theyr women dyd chandge the natural vse vnto the vnnaturall. 27 And lykewyse also the men lefte the naturall vse of the woman, and brent in theyr lustes one on another. And man with man wroughte fylthynes, and receiued in them selues the reward of theyr errour, as it was accordinge. 28 And as it semed not good vnto them to be a knowen of God, euen so God deliuered them vp vnto a leud minde, that they should do those thinges, whiche were not comly, 29 beyng ful of al vnryghtuous doing, of fornicacion, wickednes, couetousnes, maliciousnes, full of enuye, murther, debate, disceite, euyl condicioned, whisperers, 30 backbiters, haters of God, doers of wronge, proude, bosters, bryngers vp of euyll thinges, disobedient to father and mother, 31 wythout vnderstandynge, couenaunt breakers, vnlouinge, truce breakers and mercyles. 32 Whyche men though they knewe the ryghtuousnes of God, howe that they which such thinges commit, are worthy of death, yet not onely do the same, but also haue pleasure in them that do them.

John 17:20-21

20 I praye not for them alone: but for them also which shall beleue on me through theyr preachyng 21 that they all maye be one, as thou father art in me, and I in the that they maye be also one in vs, that the worlde maye beleue that thou haste sent me.

Ecclesiastes 4:8-12

8 There is one man, no mo but him self alone, hauing neither childe nor brother: yet is there no ende of his carefull trauayle, hys eyes can not be satysfied with ryches, (yet doth he not remembre him selfe, & saye:) For whome do I take such trauayle? For whose pleasure do I thus consume away my lyfe? This is also a vayne & miserable thynge. 9 Therfore two are better then one, for they may well enioy the profyt of their labour. 10 If one of them fall, hys companion helpeth hym vp agayn: But wo is hym that is alone, for if he fall, he hathe not another to helpe hym vp. 11 Agayn, when two slepe together, they are warme: but how can a body be warme alone? 12 One maye be ouercome, but two may make resistaunce: A three folde cable is not lightly broken.

1 Corinthians 14:40

40 And let al thynges be done honestlye and iu ordre.

Psalms 133:1

1 The song of the steares of Dauyd. Behold, how good and ioyfull a thinge it is, brethren to dwel together in vnitie.

Ephesians 4:3

3 and that ye be diligente to kepe the vnitie of the spirite in the bounde of peace,

Nehemiah 4:6

6 Yet buylded we the wall, and ioyned it whole together, vnto the halfe heyght. And the people were well mynded to laboure.

Amos 3:3

3 Maye twayne walke together, excepte they be agreed amonge them selues?

Philippians 2:1-30

1 If there be amonge you anye consolation in Christ, yf there be anye comfortable loue, yf there be anye feloweshyp of spirite, yf there be any compassion or mercye, 2 fulfyll my ioye that ye drawe one waye hauinge one loue, being of one accorde, and of one minde, 3 that nothing be done thorowe stryfe or vaine glorye, but that in mekenes of mynde euerye man esteme other better then him selfe, 4 & that no man considere his owne, but what is meate for other. 5 Let the same mynde be in you that was in Christ Iesu: 6 Whiche beinge in the shap of God, and thought it not robbery to be equal wt God. 7 Neuerthelesse he made hym selfe of no reputation, & toke on him the shap of a seruaunt, and became lyke vnto men, 8 and was founde in hys aparell as a man. He humbled hym selfe, and became obediente vnto the death euen the death of the crosse. 9 Wherfore God hath exalted hym, and geuen hym a name aboue al names, 10 that in the name of Iesus should euerye knee bowe, both of thinges in heauen and thinges in earth, and thinges vnder the earth, 11 and that al tounges should confesse that Iesus Christ is the Lorde vnto the prayse of God the father. 12 Wherfore my dearlye beloued, as ye haue alwayes obeyed, not when I was presente onelye, but nowe much more in myne absence euen so worke out your owne saluacion wt feare and trembling. 13 For it is God, whyche worketh in you, both the wyll and also the dede, euen of good wyl. 14 Do al thinge wythout murmuringe and disputynge, 15 that ye maye be fauteles & pure, the sonnes of God wythout rebuke, in the middes of a croked and a peruerse nacyon, amonge whiche se that ye shine as lightes in the worlde, 16 holding fast the worde of life, vnto my reioysing in the daye of Christe, that I haue not runne in vayne, neyther haue laboured in vaine. 17 Yea, and though I be offered vp vpon the offeringe and sacrifyce of youre fayth: I reioyce, and reioyce wyth you al. 18 For the same cause also, reioyce ye, and reioyce ye wyth me. 19 I truste in the Lord Iesus for to sende Timotheus shortely vnto you, that I also maye be of good comforte, when I knowe what case ye stand in. 20 For I haue noman that is so lyke mynded to me, whiche with so pure affeccion careth for youre matters. 21 For al other seke theyr owne, and not that whiche is Iesus Christes. 22 Ye knowe the profe of hym, howe that as a sonne with the father, so with me bestowed he his laboure vpon the Gospel 23 Hym I hope to send assone as I knowe, howe it wyl go with me. 24 I truste in the Lord I also my selfe shal come shortly. 25 I supposed it necessarye to sende brother Epaphroditus vnto you, my companion in laboure and felow souldier, youre Apostle & my minister at my nedes. 26 For he lounged after you, and was full of heauines, because that ye had hearde saye, that he shoulde be sycke. 27 And no dout he was sicke, and that nye vnto death. But God had mercye on hym not on hym onely, but on me also, lest I should haue had sorowe vpon sorowe. 28 I sent him therfore the diligentliar, that when ye shoulde se hym, ye might reioyce againe, and I myght be the lesse sorowfull. 29 Receiue him therfore in the Lorde wyth al gladnes, and make muche of suche: 30 because that for the worke of Christ he went so farre, that he was nye vnto death, and regarded not hys lyfe, to fulfyll that seruice, whiche was lackinge on your part towarde me.

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