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Psalms 146:3-10

  3 H982 Put not your trust [H8799]   H5081 in princes H1121 , nor in the son H120 of man H8668 , in whom there is no help.
  4 H7307 His breath H3318 goeth forth [H8799]   H7725 , he returneth [H8799]   H127 to his earth H3117 ; in that very day H6250 his thoughts H6 perish [H8804]  .
  5 H835 Happy H410 is he that hath the God H3290 of Jacob H5828 for his help H7664 , whose hope H3068 is in the LORD H430 his God:
  6 H6213 Which made [H8802]   H8064 heaven H776 , and earth H3220 , the sea H8104 , and all that therein is : which keepeth [H8802]   H571 truth H5769 for ever:
  7 H6213 Which executeth [H8802]   H4941 judgment H6231 for the oppressed [H8803]   H5414 : which giveth [H8802]   H3899 food H7457 to the hungry H3068 . The LORD H5425 looseth [H8688]   H631 the prisoners [H8803]  :
  8 H3068 The LORD H6491 openeth [H8802]   H5787 the eyes of the blind H3068 : the LORD H2210 raiseth [H8802]   H3721 them that are bowed down [H8803]   H3068 : the LORD H157 loveth [H8802]   H6662 the righteous:
  9 H3068 The LORD H8104 preserveth [H8802]   H1616 the strangers H5749 ; he relieveth [H8766]   H3490 the fatherless H490 and widow H1870 : but the way H7563 of the wicked H5791 he turneth upside down [H8762]  .
  10 H3068 The LORD H4427 shall reign [H8799]   H5769 for ever H430 , even thy God H6726 , O Zion H1755 , unto all H1755 generations H1984 . Praise [H8761]   H3050 ye the LORD.

Daniel 2:21

  21 H8133 And he changeth [H8683]   H5732 the times H2166 and the seasons H5709 : he removeth [H8683]   H4430 kings H6966 , and setteth up [H8683]   H4430 kings H3052 : he giveth [H8751]   H2452 wisdom H2445 unto the wise H4486 , and knowledge H3046 to them that know [H8751]   H999 understanding:

1 Timothy 2:1-2

  1 G3870 I exhort [G5719]   G3767 therefore G4412 , that, first G3956 of all G1162 , supplications G4335 , prayers G1783 , intercessions G2169 , and giving of thanks G4160 , be made [G5745]   G5228 for G3956 all G444 men;
  2 G5228 For G935 kings G2532 , and G3956 for all G5607 that are [G5752]   G1722 in G5247 authority G2443 ; that G1236 we may lead [G5725]   G2263 a quiet G2532 and G2272 peaceable G979 life G1722 in G3956 all G2150 godliness G2532 and G4587 honesty.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20

  14 H935 When thou art come [H8799]   H776 unto the land H3068 which the LORD H430 thy God H5414 giveth [H8802]   H3423 thee, and shalt possess [H8804]   H3427 it, and shalt dwell [H8804]   H559 therein, and shalt say [H8804]   H7760 , I will set [H8799]   H4428 a king H1471 over me, like as all the nations H5439 that are about me;
  15 H7760 Thou shalt in any wise [H8800]   H7760 set [H8799]   H4428 him king H3068 over thee, whom the LORD H430 thy God H977 shall choose [H8799]   H7130 : one from among H251 thy brethren H7760 shalt thou set [H8799]   H4428 king H3201 over thee: thou mayest [H8799]   H5414 not set [H8800]   H5237 a stranger H376   H251 over thee, which is not thy brother.
  16 H7235 But he shall not multiply [H8686]   H5483 horses H5971 to himself, nor cause the people H7725 to return [H8686]   H4714 to Egypt H7235 , to the end that he should multiply [H8687]   H5483 horses H3068 : forasmuch as the LORD H559 hath said [H8804]   H3254 unto you, Ye shall henceforth [H8686]   H7725 return [H8800]   H1870 no more that way.
  17 H7235 Neither shall he multiply [H8686]   H802 wives H3824 to himself, that his heart H5493 turn [H8799]   H3966 not away: neither shall he greatly H7235 multiply [H8686]   H3701 to himself silver H2091 and gold.
  18 H3427 And it shall be, when he sitteth [H8800]   H3678 upon the throne H4467 of his kingdom H3789 , that he shall write [H8804]   H4932 him a copy H8451 of this law H5612 in a book H6440 out of that which is before H3548 the priests H3881 the Levites:
  19 H7121 And it shall be with him, and he shall read [H8804]   H3117 therein all the days H2416 of his life H3925 : that he may learn [H8799]   H3372 to fear [H8800]   H3068 the LORD H430 his God H8104 , to keep [H8800]   H1697 all the words H8451 of this law H2706 and these statutes H6213 , to do [H8800]   them:
  20 H3824 That his heart H7311 be not lifted up [H8800]   H251 above his brethren H5493 , and that he turn not aside [H8800]   H4687 from the commandment H3225 , to the right hand H8040 , or to the left H748 : to the end that he may prolong [H8686]   H3117 his days H4467 in his kingdom H1121 , he, and his children H7130 , in the midst H3478 of Israel.

Proverbs 29:2

  2 H6662 When the righteous H7235 are in authority [H8800]   H5971 , the people H8055 rejoice [H8799]   H7563 : but when the wicked H4910 beareth rule [H8800]   H5971 , the people H584 mourn [H8735]  .

Exodus 18:17-21

  17 H4872 And Moses H2859 ' father in law [H8802]   H559 said [H8799]   H1697 unto him, The thing H6213 that thou doest [H8802]   H2896 is not good.
  18 H5034 Thou wilt surely [H8800]   H5034 wear away [H8799]   H5971 , both thou, and this people H1697 that is with thee: for this thing H3515 is too heavy H3201 for thee; thou art not able [H8799]   H6213 to perform [H8800]   it thyself alone.
  19 H8085 Hearken [H8798]   H6963 now unto my voice H3289 , I will give thee counsel [H8799]   H430 , and God H1961 shall be [H8798]   H5971 with thee: Be thou for the people H4136 to God-ward H430   H935 , that thou mayest bring [H8689]   H1697 the causes H430 unto God:
  20 H2094 And thou shalt teach [H8689]   H853   H2706 them ordinances H8451 and laws H3045 , and shalt shew [H8689]   H1870 them the way H3212 wherein they must walk [H8799]   H4639 , and the work H6213 that they must do [H8799]  .
  21 H2372 Moreover thou shalt provide [H8799]   H5971 out of all the people H2428 able H582 men H3373 , such as fear H430 God H582 , men H571 of truth H8130 , hating [H8802]   H1215 covetousness H7760 ; and place [H8804]   H8269 such over them, to be rulers H505 of thousands H8269 , and rulers H3967 of hundreds H8269 , rulers H2572 of fifties H8269 , and rulers H6235 of tens:

Ecclesiastes 10:2

  2 H2450 A wise man's H3820 heart H3225 is at his right hand H3684 ; but a fool's H3820 heart H8040 at his left.

Romans 13:1

  1 G3956 Let every G5590 soul G5293 be subject [G5732]   G5242 unto the higher [G5723]   G1849 powers G1063 . For G2076 there is [G5748]   G3756 no G1849 power G1508 but G575 of G2316 God G1161 : G1849 the powers G5607 that be [G5752]   G1526 are [G5748]   G5021 ordained [G5772]   G5259 of G2316 God.

Titus 3:1-11

  1 G5279 Put G846 them G5279 in mind [G5720]   G5293 to be subject [G5733]   G746 to principalities G2532 and G1849 powers G3980 , to obey magistrates [G5721]   G1511 , to be [G5750]   G2092 ready G4314 to G3956 every G18 good G2041 work,
  2 G987 To speak evil of [G5721]   G3367 no man G1511 , to be [G5750]   G269 no brawlers G1933 , but gentle G1731 , shewing [G5734]   G3956 all G4236 meekness G4314 unto G3956 all G444 men.
  3 G1063 For G2249 we ourselves G2532 also G2258 were [G5713]   G453   G4218 sometimes G453 foolish G545 , disobedient G4105 , deceived [G5746]   G1398 , serving [G5723]   G4164 divers G1939 lusts G2532 and G2237 pleasures G1236 , living [G5723]   G1722 in G2549 malice G2532 and G5355 envy G4767 , hateful G3404 , and hating [G5723]   G240 one another.
  4 G1161 But G3753 after G5544 that the kindness G2532 and G5363 love G2316 of God G2257 our G4990 Saviour G5363 toward man G2014 appeared [G5648]  ,
  5 G3756 Not G1537 by G2041 works G1722 of G1343 righteousness G3739 which G2249 we G4160 have done [G5656]   G235 , but G2596 according to G846 his G1656 mercy G4982 he saved [G5656]   G2248 us G1223 , by G3067 the washing G3824 of regeneration G2532 , and G342 renewing G40 of the Holy G4151 Ghost;
  6 G3739 Which G1632 he shed [G5656]   G1909 on G2248 us G4146 abundantly G1223 through G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2257 our G4990 Saviour;
  7 G2443 That G1344 being justified by [G5685]   G1565 his G5485 grace G1096 , we should be made [G5638]   G2818 heirs G2596 according to G1680 the hope G166 of eternal G2222 life.
  8 G4103 This is a faithful G3056 saying G2532 , and G4012 these things G5130   G1014 I will [G5736]   G4571 that thou G1226 affirm constantly [G5738]   G2443 , that G4100 they which have believed [G5761]   G2316 in God G5431 might be careful [G5725]   G4291 to maintain [G5733]   G2570 good G2041 works G5023 . These things G2076 are [G5748]   G2570 good G2532 and [G5624] profitable G444 unto men.
  9 G1161 But G4026 avoid [G5732]   G3474 foolish G2214 questions G2532 , and G1076 genealogies G2532 , and G2054 contentions G2532 , and G3163 strivings about G3544 the law G1063 ; for G1526 they are [G5748]   G512 unprofitable G2532 and G3152 vain.
  10 G444 A man G141 that is an heretick G3326 after G3391 the first G2532 and G1208 second G3559 admonition G3868 reject [G5737]  ;
  11 G1492 Knowing [G5761]   G3754 that G5108 he that is such G1612 is subverted [G5769]   G2532 , and G264 sinneth [G5719]   G5607 , being [G5752]   G843 condemned of himself.

Romans 13:1-14

  1 G3956 Let every G5590 soul G5293 be subject [G5732]   G5242 unto the higher [G5723]   G1849 powers G1063 . For G2076 there is [G5748]   G3756 no G1849 power G1508 but G575 of G2316 God G1161 : G1849 the powers G5607 that be [G5752]   G1526 are [G5748]   G5021 ordained [G5772]   G5259 of G2316 God.
  2 G5620 Whosoever therefore G498 resisteth [G5734]   G1849 the power G436 , resisteth [G5758]   G1296 the ordinance G2316 of God G1161 : and G436 they that resist [G5761]   G2983 shall receive [G5695]   G1438 to themselves G2917 damnation.
  3 G1063 For G758 rulers G1526 are [G5748]   G3756 not G5401 a terror G18 to good G2041 works G235 , but G2556 to the evil G2309 . Wilt thou [G5719]   G1161 then G3361 not G5399 be afraid [G5738]   G1849 of the power G4160 ? do [G5720]   G18 that which is good G2532 , and G2192 thou shalt have [G5692]   G1868 praise G1537 of G846 the same:
  4 G1063 For G2076 he is [G5748]   G1249 the minister G2316 of God G4671 to thee G1519 for G18 good G1161 . But G1437 if G4160 thou do [G5725]   G2556 that which is evil G5399 , be afraid [G5737]   G1063 ; for G5409 he beareth [G5719]   G3756 not G3162 the sword G1500 in vain G1063 : for G2076 he is [G5748]   G1249 the minister G2316 of God G1558 , a revenger G3709 to execute wrath G1519 upon G4238 him that doeth [G5723]   G2556 evil.
  5 G1352 Wherefore G318 ye must needs G5293 be subject [G5733]   G3756 , not G3440 only G1223 for G3709 wrath G235 , but G2532 also G4893 for conscience G1223 sake.
  6 G1063 For G1223 for G5124 this G1223 cause G5055 pay ye [G5719]   G5411 tribute G2532 also G1063 : for G1526 they are [G5748]   G2316 God's G3011 ministers G4342 , attending continually [G5723]   G1519 upon G5124 this G846 very thing.
  7 G591 Render [G5628]   G3767 therefore G3956 to all G3782 their dues G5411 : tribute G3588 to whom G5411 tribute G5056 is due; custom G3588 to whom G5056 custom G5401 ; fear G3588 to whom G5401 fear G5092 ; honour G3588 to whom G5092 honour.
  8 G3784 Owe [G5720]   G3367 no man G3367 any thing G1508 , but G25 to love [G5721]   G240 one another G1063 : for G25 he that loveth [G5723]   G2087 another G4137 hath fulfilled [G5758]   G3551 the law.
  9 G1063 For G3431 this, Thou shalt G3756 not G3431 commit adultery [G5692]   G5407 , Thou shalt G3756 not G5407 kill [G5692]   G2813 , Thou shalt G3756 not G2813 steal [G5692]   G5576 , Thou shalt G3756 not G5576 bear false witness [G5692]   G1937 , Thou shalt G3756 not G1937 covet [G5692]   G2532 ; and G1536 if there be any G2087 other G1785 commandment G346 , it is briefly comprehended [G5743]   G1722 in G5129 this G3056 saying G1722 , namely G25 , Thou shalt love [G5692]   G4675 thy G4139 neighbour G5613 as G1438 thyself.
  10 G26 Love G2038 worketh [G5736]   G3756 no G2556 ill G4139 to his neighbour G3767 : therefore G26 love G4138 is the fulfilling G3551 of the law.
  11 G2532 And G5124 that G1492 , knowing [G5761]   G2540 the time G3754 , that G2235 now G5610 it is high time G2248 to awake G1453   [G5683]   G1537 out of G5258 sleep G1063 : for G3568 now G2257 is our G4991 salvation G1452 nearer G2228 than G3753 when G4100 we believed [G5656]  .
  12 G3571 The night G4298 is far spent [G5656]   G1161 , G2250 the day G1448 is at hand [G5758]   G659 : let us G3767 therefore G659 cast off [G5643]   G2041 the works G4655 of darkness G2532 , and G1746 let us put on [G5672]   G3696 the armour G5457 of light.
  13 G4043 Let us walk [G5661]   G2156 honestly G5613 , as G1722 in G2250 the day G3361 ; not G2970 in rioting G2532 and G3178 drunkenness G3361 , not G2845 in chambering G2532 and G766 wantonness G3361 , not G2054 in strife G2532 and G2205 envying.
  14 G235 But G1746 put ye on [G5669]   G2962 the Lord G2424 Jesus G5547 Christ G2532 , and G4160 make [G5732]   G3361 not G4307 provision G1519 for G4561 the flesh G1939 , to fulfil the lusts thereof .

Deuteronomy 1:13

  13 H3051 Take [H8798]   H2450 you wise H582 men H995 , and understanding [H8737]   H3045 , and known [H8803]   H7626 among your tribes H7760 , and I will make [H8799]   H7218 them rulers over you.

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