Bible verses about "vengeance" | KJV_Strongs

Exodus 21:24-25

  24 H5869 Eye H5869 for eye H8127 , tooth H8127 for tooth H3027 , hand H3027 for hand H7272 , foot H7272 for foot,
  25 H3555 Burning H3555 for burning H6482 , wound H6482 for wound H2250 , stripe H2250 for stripe.

Deuteronomy 32:35

  35 H5359 To me belongeth vengeance H8005 , and recompence H7272 ; their foot H4131 shall slide [H8799]   H6256 in due time H3117 : for the day H343 of their calamity H7138 is at hand H6264 , and the things that shall come H2363 upon them make haste [H8804]  .

1 Samuel 24:12

  12 H3068 The LORD H8199 judge [H8799]   H3068 between me and thee, and the LORD H5358 avenge [H8804]   H3027 me of thee: but mine hand shall not be upon thee.

Psalms 94:1

  1 H3068 O LORD H410 God H5360 , to whom vengeance H410 belongeth; O God H5360 , to whom vengeance H3313 belongeth, shew [H8685]   thyself.

Matthew 26:52-54

  52 G5119 Then G3004 said [G5719]   G2424 Jesus G846 unto him G654 , Put up again [G5657]   G4675 thy G3162 sword G1519 into G846 his G5117 place G1063 : for G3956 all they G2983 that take [G5631]   G3162 the sword G622 shall perish [G5698]   G1722 with G3162 the sword.
  53 G2228   G1380 Thinkest thou [G5719]   G3754 that G3756 I cannot G1410   [G5736]   G737 now G3870 pray [G5658]   G3450 to my G3962 Father G2532 , and G3936 he shall presently give [G5692]   G3427 me G4119 more G2228 than G1427 twelve G3003 legions G32 of angels?
  54 G4459 But how G3767 then G1124 shall the scriptures G4137 be fulfilled [G5686]   G3754 , that G3779 thus G1163 it must [G5748]   G1096 be [G5635]  ?

1 Thessalonians 5:15

  15 G3708 See [G5720]   G3361 that none G5100   G591 render [G5632]   G2556 evil G473 for G2556 evil G5100 unto any G235 man; but G3842 ever G1377 follow [G5720]   G3588 that which G18 is good G2532 , both G1519 among G240 yourselves G2532 , and G1519 to G3956 all men .

1 Timothy 5:8

  8 G1161 But G1536 if any G4306 provide [G5719]   G3756 not G2398 for his own G2532 , and G3122 specially G3609 for those of his own house G720 , he hath denied [G5763]   G4102 the faith G2532 , and G2076 is [G5748]   G5501 worse than G571 an infidel.

Leviticus 19:18

  18 H5358 Thou shalt not avenge [H8799]   H5201 , nor bear any grudge [H8799]   H1121 against the children H5971 of thy people H157 , but thou shalt love [H8804]   H7453 thy neighbour H3644 as thyself H3068 : I am the LORD.

Romans 13:4

  4 G1063 For G2076 he is [G5748]   G1249 the minister G2316 of God G4671 to thee G1519 for G18 good G1161 . But G1437 if G4160 thou do [G5725]   G2556 that which is evil G5399 , be afraid [G5737]   G1063 ; for G5409 he beareth [G5719]   G3756 not G3162 the sword G1500 in vain G1063 : for G2076 he is [G5748]   G1249 the minister G2316 of God G1558 , a revenger G3709 to execute wrath G1519 upon G4238 him that doeth [G5723]   G2556 evil.

Revelation 21:8

  8 G1161 But G1169 the fearful G2532 , and G571 unbelieving G2532 , and G948 the abominable [G5772]   G2532 , and G5406 murderers G2532 , and G4205 whoremongers G2532 , and G5332 sorcerers G2532 , and G1496 idolaters G2532 , and G3956 all G5571 liars G846 , shall have their G3313 part G1722 in G3041 the lake G3588 which G2545 burneth [G5746]   G4442 with fire G2532 and G2303 brimstone G3603 : which is [G5748]   G1208 the second G2288 death.

Hebrews 10:30

  30 G1063 For G1492 we know [G5758]   G2036 him that hath said [G5631]   G1557 , Vengeance G1698 belongeth unto me G1473 , I G467 will recompense [G5692]   G3004 , saith [G5719]   G2962 the Lord G2532 . And G3825 again G2962 , The Lord G2919 shall judge [G5692]   [G5719]   G846 his G2992 people.

Ezekiel 25:17

  17 H6213 And I will execute [H8804]   H1419 great H5360 vengeance H2534 upon them with furious H8433 rebukes H3045 ; and they shall know [H8804]   H3068 that I am the LORD H5414 , when I shall lay [H8800]   H5360 my vengeance upon them.

Ephesians 4:26-27

  26 G3710 Be ye angry [G5744]   G2532 , and G264 sin [G5720]   G3361 not G1931 : let G3361 not G2246 the sun G1931 go down [G5720]   G1909 upon G5216 your G3950 wrath:
  27 G3383 Neither G1325 give [G5720]   G5117 place G1228 to the devil.

2 Thessalonians 1:6

  6 G1512 Seeing G1342 it is a righteous thing G3844 with G2316 God G467 to recompense [G5629]   G2347 tribulation G2346 to them that trouble [G5723]   G5209 you;

Matthew 5:38-39

  38 G191 Ye have heard [G5656]   G3754 that G4483 it hath been said [G5681]   G3788 , An eye G473 for G3788 an eye G2532 , and G3599 a tooth G473 for G3599 a tooth:
  39 G1161 But G1473 I G3004 say [G5719]   G5213 unto you G436 , That ye resist [G5629]   G3361 not G4190 evil G235 : but G3748 whosoever G4474 shall smite [G5692]   G4571 thee G1909 on G4675 thy G1188 right G4600 cheek G4762 , turn [G5657]   G846 to him G243 the other G2532 also.

Romans 12:19

  19 G27 Dearly beloved G1556 , avenge [G5723]   G3361 not G1438 yourselves G235 , but G1325 rather give [G5628]   G5117 place G3709 unto wrath G1063 : for G1125 it is written [G5769]   G1557 , Vengeance G1698 is mine G1473 ; I G467 will repay [G5692]   G3004 , saith [G5719]   G2962 the Lord.

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